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Chapter 2

The Expedition – Missing months

About 2 months ago…

Dr. Wier stood in front of General O'Neill. Explaining the basic wishes of her expedition which included a one week leave to see family, and that their families would be taken care of… Which he was fine with, and instead of the government screwing the families - he wanted to screw the government some and make sure the families got proper compensation.

"Permission granted." He said.

"Thank you sir," She said, saluting him, and then walking out of the office. She found her expedition crew waiting for her outside not so discretely listening in, and not so quietly celebrating. Within three hours the crew was gone to one place or another…


Rebecca and Sarah Coltin got off their plane at the Seattle Airport and walked outside the building after gathering their bags. Rebecca being five years older, at the age of twenty five, was the more serious of the two, she had orangey red hair and blue eyes; Sarah was far less serious – being only twenty, she was grinning, as her blonde hair – put up in pigtails – was swinging and her brown eyes were mostly hidden as she squinted against the bright sun. They rented a car and loaded their bags in. Sarah made for the driver's seat.

"Oh no; ever since that incident with the golf cart inside the base I no longer want you to drive me anywhere." Rebecca said, getting into the driver's seat while her sister pouted and got into the passenger seat.

"But it's like three hours to drive to mom and dad's house. THEN we have to fit all our supplies in here, plus find boxes big enough for everything."

"Well, Isaac and Andrew already have their boxes ready. And mom and dad should have some bins sitting around from moving up here."



By the next afternoon Rebecca and Sarah had left their parents' house and were headed to Logan, Utah to meet Isaac and Andrew… Plus hit every single game/gaming-equipment/rechargeable-battery-selling store on the way. They had decided to rent a semi-truck with a ten foot flat trailer. They were only worried about one thing… How comfortable the truck would be once they picked up the boys…

Rebecca had relinquished her hold on driving all the way when they figured they'd be two days late if they didn't drive all night. So she'd handed the driver's seat to Sarah. They continued driving almost non-stop, only barring the time they'd spent at McDonald's, stores, and for getting gas until they finally made it to Logan.

Once there they stopped at the hotel the two were waiting for them in. They'd had the giant boxes shipped to the hotel and had left them in the parking lot at the price of 50 dollars a day. The boxes contained certain things they wanted to take to the Pegasus galaxy with them; their 'single' personal items; giant boxes.

Rebecca got out and loaded the boxes onto the flat trailer with a forklift, and strapped them down. Once they were strapped and set to go they all piled into the cab of the truck; Andrew took first driving shift, while Isaac would take the next, while Rebecca and Sarah were in the back of the cab sleeping in the bunk beds.

Andrew and Isaac switched sometime around eleven in the evening, Andrew taking the lower bunk and Sarah sitting on the upper bunk to read in the light of two of the laptops they had, while Rebecca was sitting in front – the next on 'driving-duty' as they called it.

"Hey, Rebecca, guess what I'm writing!" Sarah said a couple hours later, giggling madly before Rebecca got back on the road – they'd just stopped to switch drivers and so Sarah had taken the passenger seat. Rebecca looked at her questioningly and Sarah continued giggling. "Poor, poor, Genis; first his sister is a terrible cook, and then she gets married and his brother-in-law is a horrible cook!"

"And who did Raine marry?"


"…" Rebecca face-palmed.

"Somehow, even after more than 5000 years he still hasn't mastered the great and delicate art of cooking!"

There was a face-palm from the back of the truck as Andrew – who was obviously now awake – face-palmed as well.

"Hey, Sarah where's my laptop?"

"It should be in the net pouch beside you, with the pillows and chips."

"Ah, there we go. I'm going to continue Down Loading fanfiction; Isaac hacked into the Wi-Fi being transmitted by the SGC satellite. Hopefully I should have everything we want downloaded… I hope no one had any cliffhangers waiting for updates."

"Oops, I almost always do cliffhangers… Aww man, and all the stories I read usually do them too!"

"You'll probably have one heck of a backlog of chapters to post once we have internet again." Andrew said as he downloaded another chapter, making his computer fan kick on. The next few hours passed with talk from the three, and music playing in the cabin. Though finally Rebecca needed a break and Isaac was woken up, so Andrew took the front passenger seat, while Sarah drove and Isaac continued downloading fanfiction. Rebecca took the lower bunk and slept.

3 days before the expedition…

Sarah sat in the truck still downloading fanfiction, and now using another three laptops to get the digital copies of movies onto another of the large terabyte hard drives. The third one was already full of movies, software, and fanfiction. Andrew and Simeon had made them during their stay in Logan, and had called them ASD's or Alien-ware storage devices because they were partly based on designs made by the Ancients and the Asguard.

Rebecca, Isaac, and Andrew had gone into Subway to get some lunch. They would stay in Cheyenne – which was just north of the border of Colorado – for Sunday. And then tomorrow they'd head for Colorado springs non-stop, they would get back to the SGC the day of the expedition, having to get to the gate room by 1600 hours.

The door opened and a sandwich was tossed in her lap on a plate. They sat around the truck, working round the clock to finish the downloads; one person downloading TV shows, another doing movies, someone else doing fanfiction, and the last person holding the satellite in orbit above them.

Back at the SGC at that very same moment…

"What the heck is wrong with the internet?!"

Walter had been checking how much bandwidth was being used and found it being basically all eaten up by downloads from , , and various other sites, all downloading something or another. General O'Neill had become infuriated when he waited almost half an hour for one measly page to load on his computer and had ordered Walter to - "Figure out where the heck the bandwidth is going!"

"Sir; it seems all the bandwidth is gone." Walter said.

"Yes. I already know that; I want to know where it's going."

Walter was sweating as Jack glared him down. "Uh right… Well… It seems someone from an outside source has hacked our satellite; keeping it in orbit above them, and using all our bandwidth to download… TV… And online stories…"

"Kick. Them. Off!"

"I tried."

"What do you mean you 'tried'?"

"I mean I tried to kick them off, but they only put up a bunch of firewalls and kept me from getting to them. I have Sam working on it."

Back in the truck…

Isaac was typing furiously as he not only kept the satellite in orbit, but fought off none other than Samantha Carter; he was trying to keep his grip on the internet because they needed to finish their downloads.

"H-how did she…"

Suddenly, everyone stopped what they were doing as all downloading stopped in the truck. WELL, Isaac wasn't going down THAT easily! No way! He started typing again; five minutes later it was a war between him and Sam as they both fought for dominance over the internet, while everyone else, both in the truck, and the SGC were trying to get their downloads done in the brief periods of good internet.

This war raged for nearly eight hours until Isaac finally fended Samantha off for the time being. He sighed in relief as the downloads in their truck finally hit full speed, going twice as fast as when they were in the Wi-Fi Hackers War. They continued downloading for nearly an hour before finally the second drive was full of movies and TV shows and everyone – except Isaac of course, worked on fanfiction, Isaac adding the power of the local Wi-Fi to make it faster.

Sarah whooped as her portion of downloads finished, and at that very moment Jack did so as well, because an entire episode of NCIS had finally loaded after nearly a day of waiting. He needed his TV fix. Rebecca and Andrew's Wi-Fi connections shot up and their downloads sped up as well. Soon Andrew's load of fanfiction was downloaded and Rebecca only had a few chapters to download; within ten minutes she was done and they were all ready to sleep. The girls were planning on sleeping in the hotel, and the boys were to take shifts and guard the boxes once they managed to get the Hard Drives in.


When they got to the base they went to check in with the general; he was grumpier than usual as they heard commercials playing quietly on his computer. They had laughed when they'd heard that after being deprived of his single episode a day for almost three days he'd gone on a rampage through his favorite show, watching for three hours strait once he finally had his internet back. Once he'd checked their names off the list he waved them out and they left to get some food and finish getting ready for their departure this afternoon. It was 0-1000 in the morning, so they had about six hours.

1600 hours

Dr. Elizabeth Weir entered the gate room from the hallway outside of it, she raised her voice and called, "Can I have everyone's attention please!" Once she'd finished her walk to the end of the walkway to the Stargate it went completely silent as all attention was turned to her. "Alright, here we go. We are about to try to make a connection. We've been unable to predict exactly how much power this is going to take, and we may only get the one chance at this. So, if we're able to achieve a stable wormhole, we're not going to risk shutting the gate down. We'll send in the MALP robot probe, check the viability and go - Everything in one shot." Elizabeth stopped for a moment and took a good long look at all the faces in front of her, and noticed Daniel and Jack in the control room watching her.

"Now, every one of you volunteered for this mission, and you represent over a dozen countries. You are the world's best, and brightest, and in light of the adventure we are about to embark on… You're also the bravest. I hope we all return one day having discovered a whole new realm for humanity to explore – but as all of you know, we may never be able to return home… I'd like to offer you all one last chance to withdraw your participation…" It was completely silent as everyone looked at her solemnly; obviously no one was going to back out, it was sure to be a true statement to say they'd all made their peace with never returning home even if they did hope to.

Elizabeth looked up at the control room, "Begin the dialing sequence." She walked out of the gate room and up to the control room to stand by Jack and watch the gate dial.

"Nice." Jack said, glancing at her slightly.

"Thank you." She replied, still watching the computer screen vigilantly. The fifth symbol had just encoded when Rodney came to stand beside her and watch the gate as well. Finally approximately a minute later the gate locked, and cheers erupted from the expedition team below.

Elizabeth stared for a few seconds before ordering the MALP through.

"There's oxygen, and no measurable amount of toxins."

Jack kept looking at the screen, "Dr. Weir, you better get down there."

She smiled. "Thank you sir,"

Rodney sighed, "Looks like we're not getting out of this are we?" he said; following Elizabeth, as in the gate room there was suddenly a large amount of shuffling as people re-adjusted their packs, and got ready to go through.

Colonel Sumner grabbed his gun and walked up the ramp a bit, ordering two security teams through first. Elizabeth entered and grabbed her pack, "Hold it colonel, we go together."

Sumner thought on it for a mere second before nodding. "That's fair." Colonel Sumner and Elizabeth went through side by side with a security team, while the rest of the expedition waited anxiously.


Jack leaned down to a microphone and pressed a button. "Atlantis Expedition, you have a go."

Daniel looked at Jack, practically bouncing up and down, "Jack, it's not too late for me to-"


"I could just grab my-"


"'Kay…" He mumbled.

"Hey Daniel… What're those giant boxes?" Jack asked, pointing to the four giant boxes – one of which was being pushed by three people and pulled by non-other than Doctor Beckett, while the woman beside him carried his bag and cases – all much lighter than the box. The Carson took it through and one of the three people got another one while the other two pushed it from behind, the woman pulling it passed the event horizon, and finally the box went with her. Next the tall and skinny man that had been pushing took a box, while the other man also tall, but with a bit more weight pushed. Then the other man took the last big box.

Daniel took a second to watch before answering. "That's strange… I don't THINK that those were on the list, I mean, I saw nothing about giant boxes of materials…. But who knows… I mean Dr. Weir did have her own fund, who knows what she took. For all we know that's their food supplies."

"Yea… Maybe…"

"Jack, there's still just enough time-"

"Daniel; no means no – NO you cannot go with them!" Jack yelled.

The archeologist's shoulders slumped and he put his head down dejectedly. "Fine…"

Sam came up behind them to see the last of the expedition leave. She saw Daniel and patted him awkwardly on the back. "Daniel… It's just because he wants you to stay here… Plus I would want to go if he let you go." She turned to Jack, who was grabbing a champagne bottle and getting ready to head to the gate. "Oh, and you know Sir-"

"NO! You can't go either!"

"Ok, Jack…"

Jack entered the gate room and walked directly up to the event horizon. He took the bottle and rolled it perfectly straight through the gate.

After a few words into a radio, he turned to the control room, "Shut it down!"


Colonel Sumner shouted orders, "Find an empty spot and park it over there!" And was perfectly fine being in charge until a giant box came and ruined his day. He not only got whacked by it on its way out, but his foot also got run over by the wheels it was perched on – Carson though didn't notice as Sarah took her own medical supplies from through the gate and they put their combined pile to the side.

Colonel Sumner walked over, his toes aching. "What the heck is that?"

Sarah grinned. "My personal item,"

"You were only allowed one…" He said, narrowing his eyes.

"I sleep in it." She said creepily. "Got a problem with that?"

Colonel Sumner finally backed off as three more had come through, not only blocking his view, but also posing the threat of running his toes over up to six times. They were followed by a flood of other people who'd been waiting for them to pass and a few even found themselves walking into the last box. The boxes were moved out of the way; two to each side, and sat beside all the other equipment and supplies. Dr. Weir stepped forward past all of them and towards the gate, with a radio in her hand.

"Stargate Command, this is the Atlantis expedition. We offer you greetings from the Pegasus Galaxy."

Jack's voice echoed through the room from the radio. "Good luck. I sent you a housewarming gift." Jack said, just as a bottle of champagne rolled through.

"Thank you. Shut it down."

The gate turned off and it was suddenly very dark in the room. Security teams took orders and set off to be sure they were alone – or to know if they were otherwise. John, it seemed was activating the city - probably the Ancient gene. Once the first areas were cleared the scientists began moving some of their stuff – McKay, Zelenka, and Picket especially were all loaded down as they moved many loads of equipment into another room, and the four boxes were left in a different room. The security teams swept through the city in teams of three or four, and found hundreds of rooms. Rodney, John and Isaac in the meantime were exploring the main control room, Isaac was nearly drooling at all the technology sitting around. It was uncovered, and quickly activated.

Rodney found a panel and looked at it happily, almost about to cry as his relief showed. "I found the dialing device."

Elizabeth walked over and took a look at it. "That's great Rodney."

Rodney yelped as Isaac pushed the other scientist out of the way. He looked at the display happily, nearly jumping up and down in happiness; Radek entered and looked around the room. And John looked at him like he was a crazy person, which - in John's mind - he probably was.

"Are you… Crying?"

"It's so beautiful…"

John just gave him a look something along the lines of 'Weirdest weirdo I've ever met.' Elizabeth's radio suddenly received a message from someone and she left with a nod – John following her.


Rebecca in the meantime was with a security team, checking the eastern perimeter of the floor. She looked in another room and finally sighed after once again finding nothing.

"Guys I don't think we're going to find any aliens or anything."

Sargent Stackhouse – one of the people with her stopped as well, letting out a sigh to match. "Yea, I think you're right."

"So then, what'cha say we split up finish our search and get to what we actually want to be doing? Because I need to make sure my box wasn't damaged."

The other men nodded, and they split with an agreement to call for help if anything happened.


Andrew walked around, looking excitedly at the technology around him. He looked in a room and found some sort of equipment with a round piece of metal about the size of his fist. He looked closer and noticed a small screen; he picked it up and was surprised to find a timer start. At that moment he put it down and jumped out of the room. One giant flash of light – but not much of an explosion - later and he realized that he'd activated a type of stun grenade, only it was stronger than he was used to. He stood up a little dazed and left the lab alone for a while, heading up towards the gate room again.


Rodney was with one of his underlings as he looked at the pod like ships. He was grinning from ear to hear as he hugged one and left the room back to the control room. He found Dr. Weir, Dr. Picket, and Dr. Grant, and Dr. Grodin. Grodin was looking in a case; the other two scientists were jumping around like little kids at Christmas come early and a hundred days in a row, while Elizabeth simply looked amused as she also took a look around the panels.

"Dr. Weir, could you come down here? I'm about three floors down." Colonel Sumner's voice echoed slightly through the large control room.

Elizabeth took her Radio out and answered. "Yes Colonel. I'll be right there." With one last glance at the excited scientists - all four now calmed and starting to sift through all the data they could get their hands on - she turned on her heel and left to the stairs; once there she walked across the floor and finally located Sumner. She saw what he had called her about and slowed her pace walking up to the window gingerly. Now she stood in front of the giant window with Colonel Sumner, as they looked at the city around them with awe. The moment was ruined as Rodney and Sarah came up behind them. Sarah was nearly bouncing along, while Rodney strode towards them with a happy smile.

Suddenly the near bounce stopped as Sarah stared.

"Holy Carpets and Genies; we really are under water! Oh, Dr. Weir, Carson and I found something that you might be interested in."

"Alright, well, I'll come and take a look."


"…In the hope of spreading new life to a galaxy where there appeared to be non, soon the new life grew, prospered, here-"

Carson turned from the bright image of the woman in front of them, and towards the group of people who'd just entered. "It's a hologram, the recording loops. This is my second time through."

Sumner looked at it. "What've we missed?"

"Not much." Sarah said, and Sumner gave her a very slight glare from the corner of his eye before turning back to the hologram.

"…Exchange knowledge, and friendship. In time a thousand worlds bore the fruit of life in this form. Then one day our people set foot upon a dark world where a terrible enemy slept, never before had we encountered beings with power that rivaled our own.

"In our overconfidence we were unprepared, and outnumbered. The enemy fed upon the defenseless human worlds with a great scourge until finally – only Atlantis remained. This city's great shield was powerful enough to withstand their terrible weapons. But here we were besieged for many years. In an effort to save the last of our kind we submerged our great city into the ocean.

"The Atlantis Stargate was the one and only link back to earth from this galaxy. And those who remained used it to return to that world that was once home. There, the last survivors of Atlantis lived out the remainder of their lives; this city was left to slumber in the hope that our kind would one day return…"

Carson stepped off and they talked for a minute; then he stepped back on to replay the entire message for them. Quite suddenly though everything turned into chaos as Dr. Grodin told Rodney something and Carson was stopped.


Once they'd all gathered back into the control room

"Look, there are three Zed-P-M's powering the city, they were working just fine until we came and started turning everything on! The shield is shrinking." Rodney ranted; frustration, annoyance, and panic bubbling through his voice. He pointed to two sections of the city map, "This area, and this area are already flooded, it's not for sure they recently did – it could have happened years ago."

Elizabeth seemed to be considering something until she turned to the Colonel. "Colonel Sumner, I want you to recall all of your security teams. And I want all Personnel back in the gate room."

"That's not going to cut it. Like I said, we need new Zed-P-M's – at least one."

"Can't we just dial outta here to home?" John asked, leaning on a panel. Rodney swatted his hand away and gave him a look.

"There's nowhere near enough power. And even if we had just enough we'd all drown before making it through."

"What about an address in this galaxy?" Sumner asked.

"Yes, that would work. Be quite easy actually. I-I found a-a sort of, gate log. I could make a list of addresses and then we could go from there. I mean there's bound to be a place out there with a Zed-P-M."

"Good. Get on it Rodney, but in the mean time I want everyone back here in the gate room. Conserve power."

Andrew looked up from his laptop. "Actually, maybe it would be better to confine them to small areas as small groups. Save on power, but not get too crowded?"

"Good idea. I want teams of three for protection. We can't actually tell if there's anything in the city with us. Colonel, get it sorted out while we find an address; then I want you with that team."

"Yes, Ma'am," He said, making his way out of the control room and to his teams – which had by now all assembled in the gate room with the rest of the expedition. "Coltin, Stackhouse, Smith, Lorne; get over here!" Five people came over, Rebecca and Sarah not sure who he meant. But Sarah moved away after a moment and Sumner turned.

"I need Security teams 1, 2, and 5 ready for gate travel; everyone else divide into 4 groups!" Once he was done giving orders to the rest of the team he turned back to the four he'd called over. I need you all to pick 2 more military personnel, and take a group. Stay in one place, and stay together unless ordered otherwise. Take some supplies, mostly some rations and sleeping bags. Now go!"

"Yes sir!" They chorused, saluting and moving away to find their teams. Rebecca went and found her Sister figuring some explosives – which said sister was obsessed with and more than likely had at least one her - could do the job in a pinch, and Lt. Lou Miller, a military member. Stackhouse found the rest of his team, and picked Yamato, and then searched out the girl he'd wanted to ask on a date for nearly three months - Sgt. Dusty Mehra – one of Teldy's team members.

Smith and Lorne were neither picky nor slow in their choices. They found men with guns, figured out how good of an aim they were and took the best they found. Once that was all settled they picked their groups. It seemed that the two main groups had clumped into two separate groups with the odd others mixed in, then split in half. Most of the medical team was in one group though, and Sarah – in fact being mainly a doctor herself – had somehow convinced her sister to take that group despite the nagging voice in her head that told her going with a bunch of doctors wasn't a good idea because she might eventually strangle one. And, none of them knew how to shoot a gun or anything. Not even Sarah had managed to figure it out. And she'd been trying to learn since she became a part of the Stargate Program, almost three years now. Suddenly the gate began lighting up and the team that was to go through stood ready.

The gate whooshed out and the team left, John taking a quick look around before going after them. Once the gate closed they all set off with their supplies. Rations for approximately three days, and sleeping bags for everyone, though a few people took books so they wouldn't be bored – that was mostly the security, and military guys - the scientists would be too busy with their… Scientist stuff… And the Doctors only had medical books – which they read on their laptops mostly. Within the first hour or so though, one of the reasons Rebecca hadn't wanted to take the doctors finally came up.

"Major Coltin; come in please."

Rebecca lifted her radio and answered, "What's going on Stackhouse?"

"One of the scientists tripped and hurt his ankle. And since we have none of the medical personal with us we'd appreciate it if you'd bring a doctor."

There were whimpering, and crying sounds on the other end of the radio from the scientist and Rebecca realized that even though she had to walk the doctors around as people managed to hurt themselves she got to the good group because the scientists were often times ten times whiner and more likely to injure themselves, since doctors at the very least kept themselves in good physical condition. She hadn't seen a single of the doctors stumble or trip, or get hurt at all – thank you very much. Though neither group was any good with guns – if they ever had to fight for the city, it would be the last day for everyone left alive, because misaimed fire would probably kill them all as they laid there helplessly.

She sighed and answered back. "Alright, I'll come with a doctor…"

"Who here is willing to go and take care of an injured ankle?" Most of the doctors and nurses raised their hands, barring a few who were sleeping, or didn't feel like dealing with a whiny scientist. Or the few who were versed in higher level education jobs, like one of the surgeons.

"Who's willing to deal with a whining scientist?" Now several of the hands fell, and no one could blame them, how would want someone to whine at every move you made? "Alright… Let's see; you, and you three, and them." She said, pointing out about six doctors of about ten of them. "Get a couple nurses, and you'll all stay with that group, they have no doctors right now, and a lot of clumsy scientists."

Sarah chuckled, "All scientists seem to have some sort of Colettitis." She said. There were a few chuckles from the other people who got that and they could easily agree. The group, consisting of six doctors and four nurses – which included Carson – left the room and headed out. Rebecca planned to leave three doctors and two nurses at both the eastern group and the northern group because unfortunately neither one had any medical personal at all. It was a poorly thought out group plan; they probably should have been grouped by the group leaders. Well too late now. She thought.


Isaac sighed and sat back in his sleeping bag. He was tired, and had been living on disgusting military rations, since the cooks had no-where to really cook, cook anything. He sighed and closed his eyes as the sound of typing came from the other people around him. Quite suddenly though he was rudely dragged from his near sleep as a person across the room tripped and started whining loudly, and pathetically.

He groaned and sighed, sitting up and rolling his sleeping bag again.

He groaned again, and took his computer out, and then shortly began typing on it. They waited in silence – aside from the scientist, whose name happened to be Dr. Abrams. Isaac would be putting him in his black book. Which also happened to be a word document full of names for Andrew and Sarah to prank – he put the name in bold, signifying that the man was to be severely punished for his crimes.


When they got to the eastern group within ten minutes of walking; they found a scientist sitting on the ground with one leg out, he was moaning, and groaning, and grumbling. Carson and two other doctors, plus two of the nurses joined the group while Rebecca bid Stackhouse farewell, and headed to the next group with the last five medical personnel.

They got there and found them in good shape. Just as she was about to head back she felt a sort of explosion rock the city as she was nearly knocked off her feet. She wondered briefly if her sister had been playing with her explosives, and then decided the motion had come from the wrong direction. Once the city stopped moving and the floor beneath her feet was still again she walked over to the nearest window and looked out. There was a giant Air Bubble breaking at the surface of the water. Apparently another section of the city had flooded.

She went to the doorway, and walked through. Once there she wandered through the rooms until she found the western group, they were shaken, but full of doctors so they were fine, there was a bloody nose – which was basically the worst of it. She then decided to check on her group again and then take a doctor and check on Dr. Picket, Dr. Weir, Dr. Zelenka, and Dr. McKay. She wanted to make sure they were ok. So she went back to the doctors and grabbed her sister. The two of them went in towards the middle of the city and soon found them discussing ways to save the city. They seemed unhurt but the two continued anyways.


Andrew sat typing at his computer as him and Zelenka tried to figure out exactly why and how the city was staying on the ocean floor. There obviously had to be something there that was holding it. And if it was mechanical – which it probably was – they might be able to release the city from it anchor and float right to the surface. There was another explosion like wave of rocking – as they presumed – another section of the city flooded, and the air bubbled to the surface. He noticed his two teammates first and gave them a wave before going back to his computer. This caused the others to notice them as well.

"What's going on? I thought everyone was supposed to stay in their groups until notified otherwise." Rodney said.

"Yes, but we wanted to make sure everyone was okay up here." Rebecca said.

"Mm hm. Unfortunately most of you are scientists and the city has been shaking a lot, so we wanted to make sure there were no sprained ankles, or broken noses, or nausea, or a cold from shaking someone's hand." Sarah said, looking pointedly at Rodney for the last one.

Rodney looked annoyed. "Hey – you'd just come from another world, I didn't know what germs you might have had!"

"I came from off world! Not some kind of germ farm! JERK!"

"Well. No one's been hurt yet so far as I know." Elizabeth said – before the argument could progress further.

"Alright; well, Sarah will be staying here in case anyone does hurt themselves, and I need to go back."

"See you Becca!" Rebecca merely saluted Elizabeth, shook her head at her sister, poked Andrew on her way past, and walked away. Sarah sat down beside Andrew and looked at his computer. "What'cha doing?" Sarah asked annoyingly.

"Figuring out if there's a way to raise the city manually," Andrew replied, completely used to her attempts at annoying people.

"Ohhh! Do I get to go swimming! Or take some kind of shippy thingie out and shoot whatever's holding us down?!" She asked, and then gasped as she got an even better idea. "Can it blow it up?!"

"No!" Everyone else said. Not liking the idea of blowing up parts of the city, or parts under the city.

"Awww…" Sarah stood up and pulled a book out of the bag she'd taken with her, then sat down in a corner and read it. The title suggested it was about some sort of advanced surgery that she was apparently learning about.

Elizabeth went back to the diagram/map of the city that was showing on the screen. Rodney was looking over it as everyone else did their own thing. They waited in the control room, Rodney never far from the dialing device – always ready when the last of the shield fell. Sarah continued reading, hiding her slowly building panic as she read the same line over and over, unable to focus enough to continue. The tension in the room was thick enough that the occupants swore they could touch it.


They waited, Rodney now keeping a more than close eye on the power levels in the city, finally Elizabeth sighed and lifted her radio.

"Coltin, Stackhouse, Smith, and Lorne, I need you and your groups all up here, we don't have any more time now. Please report to the gate."

Only a few seconds after she said that there was a sound and the gate activated for the fifth time in the last 36 hours; the puddle 'wooshed' out and John ran through, with a large mass of people following after him. He guided them, and once everyone was in the city he ran up the first set of stairs to meet Elizabeth.

"John what are you doing?! We were just going to leave!"

"Look, their planet was attacked by these bad guys, Wraith. We had to get them out of there, so I told them we could give refuge in the city. I can't just lead them somewhere else now! Besides, we've only been here for 25 hours, how could the scientists break it that fast?"

"We all 'broke it'; and yes, you can. We're leaving; clear an area around the gate." She turned towards the control room. "Rodney, dial an address!"

Rodney ran to the dialing device, as the four groups of the expedition trickled into the gate room, blending into the crowd of Athosians. The doctors were all in the group when they realized there were hurt people there. Sarah was even dashing down the stairs and into the gate room now that she'd learned it.

"There's not enough power!" Rodney yelled.

"The shield is failing!" Zelenka called, jumping up and trying to use another computer to try and muster just enough to dial. But he didn't have to do much a second later – or couldn't – as he was knocked over and they all felt the sensation of Rising. Everyone else got to the ground as they felt the city rapidly float towards the top, and finally break through the surface of the water – causing the entirety of the base to become lightened.

Rodney, Andrew, and Radek were all discussing (*Cough* Arguing *Cough*) about what might have happened, and finally concluded on the same option – which to the dismay, but reluctant acceptance of the others – was Rodney's first and only idea. In the meantime People were starting to go to the balconies that were now easy to find since the city was in full sunlight; though it seemed to be around sunset since the light entering the windows was a rich orange color.

"Well, that was just a bit anti-climactic." Isaac said.

"Not quite," John turned back. "Elizabeth we have a bigger issue now; Sumner, and some of the villagers, including their leader – Teyla – were taken by the Wraith. I'm asking permission to mount a rescue mission."

"Permission denied." She said.


He was silenced by Dr. Weir lifting her head to talk to the rest of her people. "I want the security teams to continue scouting out the city; I want all doctors to tend to the wounded. Grant, McKay! I want you and a team of scientists working on making those Naquada Generators to power the city!" She turned and went towards the room she'd chosen to be her office – mostly since it had already been equipped with a desk and chair, and led him there.

She sat down at her desk and made to looked up at John. He stood in front of her and started his argument.

"We can't just leave a man behind. And we certainly can't leave their leader behind either!" John shouted.

"And I can't risk the lives of more people just to save a few!"

"So what? You're just going to let them die?" John asked.

"It's too risky, these Wraiths… They defeated the Ancients. We have no idea what will happen if we engage them."

"You didn't answer my question…. Are you just going to let them die?"

"No. But I won't send any people in there unless I know there's a chance of getting them all out of there." Dr. Weir said firmly.

John said nothing and walked away to check on how Rodney was doing on the gate address.


Rodney took the gate symbols, and began patching them together to try and make the gate connect. As he did so, John was working on making a team to save the people. Within a few hours finally, the gate connected, and a MALP was prepared.

Rodney held the controller as he guided the MALP through, "Alright, receiving telemetry… Now," The screen in front of them lit up and they – meaning Elizabeth, Rodney, John, Andrew, Radek, and Sarah – found themselves looking at a spinning image of stars. "My gosh, the gate is in space."

"But we can't go into space." Sarah said, getting a couple 'Captain Obvious' looks from others.

"No, we can't normally…"

"What do you mean McKay?" John asked.

"I mean… I might have a ship that you might be able to use.

"Seriously…?" John, Andrew, and Sarah asked; all looking to either hunt one down, or jump up and down like a kid in a candy store.

"Yes, very seriously, do you honestly think I would be joking about this?"

"Well, actually-"

"Come with me Major," Rodney said, turning and walking away. They left and went up the grated stairs, and then entered a large room, there were stairs leading up to row after row of large, semi-round, tube like ships.

Rodney led him to what was presumed to be the back of the ship, and opened it manually, then sent John in, it lit up as he went, and what seemed to be an entire panel of lights came on as he entered what could only be the cockpit.

"Think you can fly it?" Rodney asked.


Half an hour later the ship had a team of marines, and John, Lt. Ford, and Dr. Coltin in the cockpit, since Sarah had refused to sit in the back with all the smelly men. John sat back, and there was a bit of a strange feeling as the ship moved up from off the ground.

Ford reached forward and spoke into his radio. "This is Gateship one ready to go."

"'Gateship one?' For a little puddle-jumper like this?" John asked.

"It's a ship. It goes through the gate. Gateship One."

"Oh, no no no. That's all wrong." John disagreed.

"Doctor McKay thought it was cool."

"Oh, okay. Well, it's official: You don't get to name anything. Ever."

"I second that!" Sarah said, jumping up from her seat momentarily.

"Flight, this is... Puddle Jumper!"

"This is Flight, I thought we were going with Gateship?"

"Negative, Flight."

"Stand by." The radio was left on and the occupants of Puddle Jumper/Gateship one were trying to cover their laughter. "It's a ship, it goes through the gate. I thought..." They could almost imagine Elziabeth's look – bewildered with a hint of questioning annoyance. "Fine. Puddle Jumper, you are clear to go."

"Roger that. Dial it up, lieutenant." John said as they descended slowly into the gate room.

"Yes sir." He said, giving a small salute before beginning to dial the gate.

He finished as they came to a complete stop and the puddle jumped out towards them before receding.

"Good luck Major." Elizabeth said.

"Thanks, we'll be back soon." John replied, before thinking it, and moving the ship through the gate. When they got out of the event horizon they found themselves in space, looking out into the deep black abyss with ten billon stars shining at them, give or take a few trillion.

"Wow… Look at all those stars…" Sarah said, looking in awe at them. She had a hobby of astronomy, though she'd never seen this many stars in her entire lifetime combined. She got up and leaned between the chairs of John and Ford.

"You know, any pilot would kill to have this ship." John said suddenly. "It's like it reads my mind."

Lt. Ford looked at him. "Cool." Suddenly a display showed up on the windshield.

Sarah leaned forward. "Whoa! Did you do that?!"

"I was just wondering where the enemy ship was…" Another panel opened. And a small device was within the hole. "Then I was wondering how we'd find our people once we got down there…"

"Can you get us a turkey sandwich?"

"I'll try…" John looked like he was thinking hard.

"No, I want pudding."

They looked around expectantly but nothing moved.

Sarah and Aiden shrugged. "Worth a try," They continued heading for the planet's surface, flying down, and finally touching the ground as there was a small bump. The back opened at the same time as the doors behind them and John got up and left, Sarah and Aiden behind him while the rest of the marines started to exit the jumper.

"Alright, I want teams of twos and threes to secure the perimeter; I want this place wired with explosives so I can blow it up if I have too!" He turned to the doctor beside him, "You, go get a bullet-proof vest, you're coming with the Lt. and I in case someone is injured."

Sarah went into the jumper and looked in the box there was one vest in her size and she put it on, zipping it up securely before exiting the jumper again. John handed a gun to her and she clumsily held in a position where if she had to raise it to fire she might be able to hit something.

"Use this if you have to; but only in the most desperate situation. We don't want to piss these guys off if we can help it."

"Yes sir!"


"Let's move!"

The three walked, following the 'directions' the device gave them. Aiden had attempted to name it, but they'd decided to wait until later to name it. Maybe they could do that in the jumper…

"So, are we there yet?" They gave the woman a 'Seriously?' look, and she shrugged. "Just asking,"

They quickly located the large ship and stopped outside.

Sarah looked at the ship and noticed the engines, the perfect place to drop some C-4… "Hey, can I blow this place sky high?"

"No. Don't want to piss them off remember?"


Sarah, John, and Aiden jogged forwards, a second life signs detector thingy in her hand as they went for the mass of life-signs John had put his away so he could easily use his gun if needed. She stopped and Aiden bumped into her.

"Why did you-" He was cut off as her hand flew to his mouth and she dragged him and the major behind a wall. A few seconds later there was the sound of footsteps and they waited for about a minute after they were gone before going again. They continued through the ship, heading for the prisoners, and finally found the cell about ten minutes later.

There was a shushing sound from several people as several other people tried to talk. Sarah and Aiden took a look at the panel and managed to get it open, allowing the prisoners to escape the cell. Teyla stepped forwards.

"Colonel Sumner and Toran have been taken by the wraith; I would assume they are being interrogated."

John took a second to mull this over before turning to the Dr. and Lt. "Alright, Lieutenant, you and the doctor here go that way," John said pointing to the left. "Plant C-4 on your way out and take the others with you. We finish our jobs and head straight to the jumper… Let's see. Do any of you have the gene?"

"I do." Sarah said.

John looked at his watch. "Good, if you have to, I want you to just get the heck out of here; get to the jumper and wait until 1410 hours, and after that I want you to leave and get everyone else out of here."

Sarah looked hesitant. She'd only tried the gene a couple times and it was hard to use… Sure she could easily work with a life detector thingy, and was only about 10th on the rankings of ability… But a Jumper was an entirely different matter; she wasn't sure she could pilot one. "I'll… Do my best."

"Alright, let's move it!" They all went in their respective directions.

They walked through, Sarah finding the best places to put C-4, and then securing the sticks before moving on; they made it out of the ship five minutes later with 15 to spare. There was the sound of a gun shooting and Lt. Ford turned back, sending them onwards. Sarah tossed him the detonator and set off with everyone else towards the jumper. They continued on, hearing the explosion of the ship a couple minutes later. They got to the jumper just as there was the sound of a Wraith dart flying overhead. The Athosians pushed everyone within their reach to the side and down. Once the dart's beam passed by them – luckily without catching anyone – they all scrambled back up.

Once everyone had broken into the clearing Sarah rushed through, calling everyone into the jumper. They all crammed in and Sarah directed some basic first aid as she sat in the pilot's seat and waited, hoping against hope she wouldn't have to drive this thing. John and Aiden ran into the clearing with only two minutes to spare and ran up into the jumper not long after.

"There's a lotta wraith on our tail! Get going!" John called managing to squeeze into the jumper, but not get through everyone else. There simply wasn't enough room unless he wanted to step on people, or wait until they managed to move enough. Sarah sighed and focused really hard on cloaking the ship, once that was done about ten seconds later she lifted shakily off the ground and rose up as fast as she safely could. Though once she got out into space things got a bit easier. The ride was smoother as they headed for the gate. John finally stumbled into the cabin right around the time the wraith darts around the gate came into view.

"Alright, my head hurts so I think it'd be safer if you continued piloting, I'll dial the gate at the right time; you just see if this thing has any weapons and get rid of as many of those ships as possible."

"W-What; I have to pilot us home?!"

"Yes, do it!"

"Y-y-yes sir!" She found a panel on the side of the ship opening and revealing a set of drones. They fired and flew through the mass of ships, taking out two or three. The other side opened and she destroyed a few more.

"Alright, I want you to fly towards them, drop the cloak half way there, and lead them away, I'll dial the gate on the pass, and you just go around and go through the gate. Ok?"

Sarah looked horrified at the prospect of piloting so dangerously, and so she merely nodded; not quite trusting her voice. She piloted towards the last five enemy ships, de-cloaking halfway there like John had instructed and with a small amount of difficulty making a pinpoint turn just as the gate finished dialing. She flew forwards, the ships continuing to chase them; finally she made something like a backflip and turned towards the gate. They raced through the gate, stopping with some difficulty, but only making a slight dent in the metal panel in front of them.

"Raise the shield!" John called. There were three loud thumping noises as they heard the Wraith Darts hit the barrier.

Sarah sat there in silence… She'd actually piloted this thing… Fairly easily too; and not only that but they were still alive…

"We lived…" She muttered after nearly five minutes of sitting in the jumper. She reengaged the thrusters and rose into the ceiling and landed back in the jumper bay where Rodney, Elizabeth, and a few other people waited. The jumper door opened and the people inside were crowded. John put a hand on her shoulder as he left.

"You did good Dr."

"Th-thanks…" She muttered weakly.

"Maybe you should practice. Who know when we'll need another pilot who can really control these things well."

"Can you give me some lessons maybe…?" She asked; suddenly feeling exhausted. She figured the adrenaline that had been keeping her running through all the flying had finally worn off.

"Sure, I'll do that sometime."

"Ok… Thank-" Finally the stress caught up with her and she fainted.


There was a party on the balconies, most everyone was there, and Sarah, against the medical advice of Dr. Carson, the nurses, and herself was also there. Rebecca, Sarah, Andrew, and Isaac were all chatting together. Carson and Rodney were talking together. And Dr. Weir was talking with Major Sheppard.

"You made the right choice."


"Just know that what you did was right; by shooting the Colonel, you saved him from suffering any longer than he already had. I can't imagine how much pain he could have been in. And just remember, you're the ranking military officer now, which means that everyone, including me, will need your abilities, and guidance. You are now my second in command."

"You know I'll probably get us into loads of trouble right?"


"And that we have a bunch of life sucking wraith that know we're somewhere out here. Like I said before, we're target practice."

"Yes, that may be true."

"And I have this thing about making friends, somehow it seems to blow up in my face, so I'll probably get us a load more enemies."

"Probably at some point,"

"And you still want me for second in command?"


"Major, I believe you did the right thing; and while you have made some enemies, you have also made friends, my people are grateful to you and will help in any way we can."


Andrew, Isaac, Rebecca, and Sarah were sitting on some crates that had been emptied; they had been found to work excellently as seats. The stars started to appear as the sun fell behind the seemingly never ending expanse of water.

Sarah leaned back on her crate and stared up. "Wow guys look at the stars; even while the sun is still setting they're so bright!" She said, pointing to the five or six stars that had become visible.

Everyone else looked up and they too saw the stars that she was so excited about. Somewhere out there, among those stars, was a great enemy… An enemy that would stop at nothing until they had what they wanted… The location of earth – their newest feeding ground…


The next morning the base was bustling as things were unpacked, and the rooms were assigned. For now they would be bunking in temporary rooms together; three rooms for the female population, and about four for the male populous.

They had found a place to use as their permanent medical bay. The doctors had spent the entirety of the first three days sleeping, eating, and setting up 'their' space. They were adamant that only patients entered the bay until it was finished. Not even Dr. Weir was allowed to go past the main doorway.

The scientists in the meantime had been leading security teams and claimed six entire floors for their labs, and Rodney had said that wasn't even enough! They'd been doing the same as the doctors, except that no one except the scientists were allowed on those floors, if you were passing through the six floors, you kept on running up those stairs or they'd be upon you at once, sending you up the stairs and not letting you back on the stairs at all until they were finished.

The military people had found their own space as well. Overall going from top to bottom of the main tower (The only place they could actually go without getting wet from leftover water), it went Jumper bay, Gate room, the next three floors below with the military men, the floor below that was half used by the infirmary, and the next two floors were for the scientists, three floors for sleeping, two more scientist floors, three floors for the Athosians – whom Dr. Weir had been sure were the first to get settled – then after that the last of the floors for the scientists. The rest were either still partially flooded, or being aired out from being flooded, or partially flooded. Overall so far they'd taken up only a small fraction of the full 150 floors worth of space.

The floors were quickly being explored and for a lot of them, windows opened and air breezing through to dry it out as quickly as possible. Hopefully they wouldn't end up with a bunch of Mildew to scrub away; the biggest motivation for the security teams was that they knew that if they didn't run through the city fast, then they would be the ones to be cleaning up all the mold and mildew, because the scientist would do squat!

"Rebecca, can we be done already…?" Sarah groaned, dragging her feet as she followed her sister through one of the floors helping open all the windows and doors they could find.

"No, Sarah. You doctors have been shutting yourselves in that 'infirmary' for days! No one's even come out of there for food or sleep."

"Well… Those emergency rations are starting to taste pretty bad…"

"See! Come to a real lunch with me after this!"

"Alright," Sarah agreed, "But then I have to get back to the infirmary! Lessons in flying the Puddle Jumpers take a lot of my spare time already!"

Rebecca smiled as they opened another window. "Agreed,"


At the end of the second week the main tower was completely aired out and so they had living quarters as the people moved into their rooms. And for a certain group of people that meant setting up their personal 'item's, they decided to use Rebecca's room to set it all up. And when they finished it was gonna be awesome! They finished sometime around noon; and started it up for the first time…

"Alright, Andrew, we need power." Isaac said.

Andrew took one of the crates that had been in his giant boxes an opened it. He pulled out something that looked a bit like a Naquada generator, except it was new and improved. He set the generator in the corner, knowing that it would quite easily power the entire array of game systems and projectors. He activated it and the power flipped on, everything coming to life via sounds, movement, lights, or any combination of the three.

They high fived and tried the first game console, the Wii. Once they were sure it was working they moved on to the Play stations2, 3, and 4, the Xbox, 2 GBA's, the 20 USB sticks full of music, and the terabyte drives. Then they split to different kinds of games and made sure all of them still worked properly.

Out of the cords, 4 Wii sensor bars, 4 DS chargers, and 8 3DS chargers, only one Wii power cord, and a 3DS charger had broken. Out of the actual systems they'd brought only a PS3 had to be switched out with one of the two spares. The giant battery charger that Isaac had made was also in workable shape, it was made to charge 48 batteries at one time. All the controllers survived which included 4 Wii remotes, 4 GameCube controllers, 4 Nunchuks, 4 Classic controllers, 4 Xbox 360 Controllers, 4 controllers for each the PS2, 3, and 4, All of which, barring the Classic controllers, were wireless – they'd also brought four spares for each type of controller.

They had six projectors, eight screens, 150 rechargeable batteries, and 70 memory cards for each game system. As for the games to name a fraction, for the GBA they'd brought Fire Emblem, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones, Golden Sun 1 and 2, Zelda Minish Cap, Tales of Phantasia, Final Fantasy 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6, and Pokémon FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

They also had Tales of Vesperia, Elder Scrolls, and Soul Caliber for the Xbox. For the DS, Golden Sun Dark Dawn, More Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Radiant Historia, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, Soul Silver, Black 1 and 2, White 1 and 2, and Kirby games.

For the Wii they had – The legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, WiiFit, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Mario Kart, More fire emblem, The entirety of the virtual console, Mario Party 8 and 9, Xenoblade, Okami, Zumba, The Last Story, and more Kirby.

The GameCube, More Zelda, Soul Calibor 2, Fire Emblem, Baten Kaitos 1 and 2, Pokemon Stadium, Tales of Symphonia, and Harvest Moon.

The PlayStation had Final Fantasy, Tales, Kindgdom Hearts, Grandia III, and Star Ocean. And that was only naming a small fraction of the games that they'd brought.

They had also brought a load of movies and TV shows, Independence Day, Volcano, 2012, Pompeii, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Day After Tomorrow, Dante's Peak, Jurassic park 1, 2, 3, and 4, Psych, Star Wars, Star Trek – the show and movies, the Tinkerbell movies, The Disney Vault, The DreamWorks Vault, and Digimon to name a few.

They flicked off the power five hours later and went to go get dinner.


The next day they all started to get ready for the mission they were heading out on. They were to explore a planet, and do recon on the things/people living on it. They were allowed to use a jumper though, so it was all good.

"Puddle Jumper you are a go for-"

There was a screeching noise as the microphone was taken from the guy on the other end and John's voice sounded a second or two later.

"Sarah, just remember all those lessons and you'll be fine. Oh and make sure your thought are perfectly clear you want the cloak not the self-destruct."

"Yes sir." Sarah said, embarrassed that she'd confused the Puddle Jumpers like that so many times.

"Are you safe to fly with…?" Isaac asked.

"Of course I'm safe to fly with!"

"Puddle Jumper, you are a go for gate travel."

"Thanks flight, we'll check in every four hours." She focused on moving the ship forwards and after three or so seconds they slid forwards into the gate.


When they came out the other side they found the gate in a clearing where yellow, dry weeds and grass grew, there were a few trees and bushes, but not a very notable amount. Sarah steered upwards and they flew about 50 feet off the ground, they flew in circles around the gate, each circle moving out about 50 feet each round until they finally found a sign that there at least was a type of civilization on the planet, though it was pretty empty.

"Hey guys, is it just me or does that look a lot like the main building from Jurassic Park…?"

Andrew stood up and walked to the front of the ship, Isaac not far behind him. They all looked out the window and agreed; yes it did look a lot like the building from Jurassic Park.

"Let's go explore." Andrew said.

"No! No way! Do you know what dinosaurs do to people?!"

"That was just a movie, for all we know this planet is devoid of all life."

"No planet with a gate is completely devoid of life."

"If you're so scared then you can stay in the jumper, I'll cloak it before we leave." Sarah bargained.

"Fine; just don't blow us up."

Sarah was again reminded of her biggest issue with the jumpers. "I won't." She grumbled. They landed just outside of the old building and Sarah cloaked the jumper, having a small panic attack when it did actually try and blow up, but she got it back under control. Then Isaac, Andrew, and Sarah left the jumper. They figured it was better to have Rebecca in the jumper anyways; she could shoot anything that looked dangerous that might try and get into the jumper and raid it, or worse ambush them when they got back. Besides Andrew was basically the only scientist with decent aim, so if they needed protection he could always use a gun.

The three walked out of the jumper while Rebecca took a gun and checked it out before sitting by the door of the jumper with the gun. If anything made so much as a move to go into the jumper she'd probably shoot it. They walked away and into the giant concrete structure. There was rubble all over the ground, what seemed to have been the ceiling, considering the giant holes it had. They went to the first door and cautiously opened it, there was as bit of dust that fell from the movement, but as far as they could tell that was all the reaction they got.

"This is so familiar. Now all we're missing is screaming people, running idiots, and Dinosaurs to trigger it all." Sarah said.

They continued through to the next room and found a giant partially collapsed table with a ton of dishes and silverware that had slid down to the floor. The one side was a kitchen; to the other was a medium sized hole.

"Does anyone else feel like we're being…Watched…?" Isaac asked.

"I feel it too." Andrew agreed.

Sarah looked around trying to figure out why she also felt like being watched. "Yep, we're defiantly being watched. Think it's something that wants to eat us?"

"Probably," The boys said.

Andrew turned and started slowly towards the entrance, leading the other two. "Let's just get out of here; I don't think anyone's home."

"Other than the man eating dinosaurs," Sarah added.

"Come on we aren't even sure they are dinosaurs, let's just get back to the jumper, and get out of here." Isaac said.

They inched towards the door, not wanting whatever was watching them to realize exactly what they were up to. They got out of the room, and finally made a break for it, slamming the door shut, and running forwards as they heard the door open behind them and running feet… Clawed feet… They were now certain there were dinosaurs. There was a single shot fired off from the direction of the Jumper and the feet stopped for a few seconds as a sort of cry sounded. They kept running and finally made it back to the jumper. Rebecca nearly shot them all until she realized it was actually them. They found a dead reptilian dinosaur on the ramp to the jumper; it's feet only a few inches from stepping into the jumper. Obviously it had snuck up on their team leader.

The boys pushed the dinosaur off the ramp, and Rebecca shot another before the jumper door shut. They all sat down and Sarah dropped the cloak and took off.

They rose steadily into the air for a few seconds until there was a jerking and the ship fell back to the earth, or more the ship was smashed back into the ground by something. The middle of the ship dented in, and there were a few screams that, should they all get out of this alive, could be used as blackmail later. There was a deafening roar as something pushed the Jumper, and it rolled over a few times. Coming to a halt a few seconds later; something moved outside and they looked up, which was now the right wall, and saw it. There was a T-Rex standing menacingly over the Jumper, looking at them with giant glaring eyes.

"T-T-T-T-Rex…" Sarah stuttered, feeling like she was going to faint again, but she didn't allow herself, not yet anyways.

"That's a big boy…" Andrew said.

"Actually it may be a girl…" Isaac said.

Sarah took in a breath and let it out again before speaking. "Rebecca, for the record, we should have listened to you."

"I-I told you so. Do you think you could right the ship and get us out of here?"

"Not right now, I already have enough trouble flying. Whoa!"

There were further exclamations of fright and surprise as the Jumper was rolled over again, and again, and again, causing them to tumble about the small cabin. They were rolling almost out of control now as a flash of blue, the weightless sensation of falling, and a gigantic splash told them they had most likely been rolled off a cliff and into a river. Wonderful

Once the jumper stopped on the river bank everyone stopped holding for dear life. "Is everyone alright?" Rebecca asked.

"I'm good." Isaac said.

"Fine thanks." Andrew said.

"A little faint, and I think I have a sprained ankle, but I'll be ok," They found themselves sitting upright at least, which meant that if the ship was still in any sort of shape to fly then they could hopefully get off this dinosaur infested world, it had a better chance of making it.

"Think you can fly it now that there's no dinosaur to try and kill us?"


"Alright, come on, I doubt that Andrew or I could fly this very well." Rebecca said, pulling her sister up to her feet.


Sarah hobbled over to the control chair with a little help from Rebecca, and sat down heavily, she managed to muster enough power to at least cloak the ship. Which was a start, next she opened the engine pods, and attempted a takeoff, but they got about three feet into the air before one side dipped and they plopped back to the ground.

"This thing isn't getting off the ground anytime soon." Sarah said.

"Hey Andrew, Isaac, you think you can fix the jumper?"

Isaac took a look at his computer screen, which was hooked up to the Jumper somewhere in the back.

"I honestly don't know, we really don't understand much of how Ancient technology works."

"Right…" Rebecca sighed in resignation. "Then, how far are we from the gate?"

"About 10 kilometers,"

Rebecca sighed again, but her mind was solid on the decision. "We're walking back. At the very least out there we can run, but in here we're sitting ducks for anything that tries to break into here. For all we know that T-Rex is out there looking for us. Grab what supplies you can and we head out in ten minutes."


When they set out towards the gate they had all the Jumper supplies, the food, water, survival kits, and medical supplies. Sarah had wrapped her ankle, and then taken care of the other little twists and sprains; though if anyone whined about bruises she just tapped the bruise hard enough to make them whine louder and they stopped.

They trekked up the river, walking for hours, and finally paused when they reached the mouth of the stream. They stopped and took a break for about ten minutes before setting off again; they'd made it out of the ravine in those six hours, which considering they had a sprained limbs, and more bruises than one would think to be humanly possible, they still made it about a mile and a half before they had to find a place to set up camp.

They stopped in at a tree which was a good 100 feet tall, and would hide them from the T-Rex, and most other predators that might find them tasty. Rebecca was the only one without too many pains so she climbed up first with her supplies and a gun, and then used a rope to help the others get up, along with their packs.

Once they were all safely sitting in the tree they took shifts through the night making sure no one fell out and died, and no dinosaur attacked them. The next morning they descended the tree again, and got back on the move. They continued going through the wooded area and only stopped for a quick snack, before heading off towards the gate again. They walked through the seemingly endless foliage for hours… Until they reacquainted themselves with the T-Rex…

"Are we there yet?" Sarah asked - again…

Isaac looked at his computer again. "About a mile away,"

"Are we there yet?"


Andrew stopped. "Does anyone else notice the ground shaking?"

The other three stopped as well, and stood as still as possible... Rebecca swallowed.

"Y-yea… I feel it now…"

"You don't think that might be something a little less carnivorous than our good friend Rexy…?"

"I don't think so." Isaac said.


Rebecca shook her head. "No, we're injured, that mountain over there, if we can get high enough it'll be harder for the T-Rex to catch us if we're high up."

After a few arguments, that were quickly forgotten as the shaking got more noticeable they started up the nearly vertical cliff. Once again Rebecca went first, and assisted them with getting up. They got Sarah, then Isaac, and then Andrew. The T-Rex broke through the foliage just as Andrew was almost up.

Rexy found it was still possible to grab a snack before it got away, and snapped at a leg. There was a yell, and Rexy started shaking his head, attempting to pull his new dinner off the side of the cliff. But there was a rip and Andrew was pulled up onto the cliff and they backed as far away as they could, forgetting their rope. Rexy tried to get them, but he couldn't get up onto the terrace enough.

There was blood streaking the rocks and sand as more pumped from Andrew's leg. He'd started to go incoherent from blood loss, and Sarah was dragging out her big medical kit, elevating the leg and staunching the blood flow with a tourniquet. Once most of the flow had stopped she cleaned the wound and stitched a couple of bigger tooth…Holes. Once she was sure he was stable they all took off their jackets and took a couple large sticks to make a stretcher and they put him on it. Isaac and Rebecca took Andrew while Sarah went behind them with makeshift pair of crutches. They went along being just within half a mile of the gate when they felt the vibrations again… Rexy was back… And angry… They went faster, making another quarter mile before they started to hear the footsteps; they dodged to the side and hid in the foliage. Then made a break for it when Rexy ran past; they ran towards the gate. They ran, Sarah limping ahead to dial the gate and entering her IDC. They rushed into the base and nearly collapsed when they appeared there.

"Raise the shield!" Rebecca yelled, and no sooner than she said it had the shield been raised and a thud resounded through the gate room.

A random guy who looked paler than them walked up; in fact – they noticed, all the people from the base were looking a little bit paler than usual.

"What happened to you guys?" Sarah asked.

The random soldier looked them over, "What happened to us? What to you guys?"

"Oh Rexy just really liked Andrew."

"I don't…Want to know, do I?"


The medical team, which had been on lock down from the threat were now finally swarming the team as they treated wounds and checked for others.


Andrew was talking with his team when a very stern faced Elizabeth walked in with John behind her. The expedition leader took them in, they looked fine for the most part, Sarah was on crutches for a couple weeks, Issac had to have a few stiches for some cuts, Rebecca was fine, and Andrew still had two legs, and was alive, plus a blood transfusion had helped a lot.

"That mission must've been hard on you."

"Yea, but it could've been worse." Rebecca said.

"Yes perhaps it could have been… While you were gone there was a type of attack on the base, a black cloud that ate energy. We shut down power to try and make it weaker, but strangely it went for your room Major Coltin."

Oh crap! We forgot to turn off the generator… Ooops… Oh well everyone was supposed to find out about that later anyways.

John grinned, "You also missed seeing Rodney getting pushed over a balcony."

Sarah looked at him... "You pushed Rodney over a balcony…?" She looked like she was torn between kissing him and killing him.

"Yep; and before that I shot him." John said smugly. Sarah gave him the same look as Elizabeth had. "Hey, in the leg,"

"Anyways, I was wondering what all that equipment is."

"We brought entertainment, for winding down and stuff. We were going to tell you a little later once we had all the kinks out, but I guess now's fine. Do you mind if we find another room to put it in though?"

"I still haven't approved it."

"But you should, there's TV, Movies, Games. Everyone could use it to wind down, especially after stressful missions. We even brought over 200 memory cards so that everyone can use the equipment."

Elizabeth seemed interested, but still hadn't approved, she turned on her heel. "Come with me, and we'll talk."

"Yes ma'am."


A few days later Andrew was released from the infirmary and the new game room was just opening for use with a movie night. Everyone on the base had arrived, which made them lucky that the room was so huge.

"I want something disastrous. Like, The Day After Tomorrow or something?" Sarah asked.

The large group of people conversed, trying to figure out a movie, several R rated ones came up, but none of them were there. In fact…

"There are no R rated movies on our drives so stop asking now." Rebecca stated.

"WHAT?!" Someone shouted – that in fact was the general exclamation as they all ticked anywhere from 2 – 15 movies off their mental lists.

Some random soldier put his hand in the air, and it was like kindergarten all over again. "OH! I know! Let's watch Jurassic Park!"

Four pairs of eyes widened in horror, "NOO!"


A couple hours later they finished them movie they'd decided on, Volcano. It was late so the people who were leaving for missions in the morning left to bed along with a few people who just didn't want to stay up that late. A handful of people were left – Which included John, and Sarah, who were playing Mario Kart together with a small gathering of people cheering them on. Though they were both particularly good so it was quite possible they wouldn't finish till morning.

"Come on sir; don't let a girl beat you." Ford said as he had a bad ranking.

"I am a woman, and I don't need you shredding his ego further, I'm already winning." She said – arm looping over his head and pulling it down a bit. But the next race started and she let go allowing him to sit back up strait and not in a position of pain as his nose had almost been touching the floor.


The next few weeks passed smoothly, John and his team had several encounters with the wraith, but they always made it out, and they'd gotten stuck in a gate once, which kept anyone from dialing in, including Major Coltin's team. But other than that things had gone quite smoothly… Until now. (7 weeks into the expedition and just past episode 4)


Yuan sat with the sage siblings deciding to have some of the food they offered him. He quickly was happy with that decision since it was particularly good; they sat and ate quietly then went to bed. The next morning Colette arrived and Raine went directly to the ruins with her, leaving Yuan and Genis alone in the Inn, Yuan was up first, his mind being automatically set to wake up at 10 if no one woke him earlier (Usually by pulling on his ears…), and Genis was up not long after.

Both did their various morning routines, for Genis is it was getting dressed, brushing his hair and teeth then going to make some breakfast. For Yuan it was get up, get dressed, shampoo and condition his hair quickly before brushing it, and doing whatever he was supposed to that day. He didn't really have much of an idea what to do so he went downstairs and found Genis, and then he proceeded to watch how Genis cooked.

He had an issue of the fact that despite thousands of years of practice he was still only a novice cook, and burned half the things he did manage to cook. Martel and Kratos had been the real cooks back during the Kharlan war for a reason… Mithos usually just poisoned them all, so when he'd been the one cooking they made sure to pour in panacea bottles and turn off their sense of taste.

"Where is Raine?" Yuan finally asked.

"Oh probably out at the ruins… Again…"

"Oh it so MARVLOUS! WONDERFUL WORK COLETTE!" Rain said loudly as the two entered the kitchen.

"Th-thank you professor…" Somehow Colette made it to a seat without tripping, and sat down, Raine was babbling about the ruins excitedly, and Yuan wasn't exactly surprised… But he still wasn't used to it like Colette and Genis.

"Does she do this often?" He asked. The two students looked at each other, and then nodded vigorously.



Back at the SGC…

(A few hours after the expedition leaves)

Teal'c walked into the cafeteria to see Daniel and Sam.

"Daniel Jackson, Colonel Carter."

"Hi Teal'c…" They muttered in unison, barely glancing up.

"What is the problem?"


"Jack wouldn't let us go with them…"

Teal'c cocked his head, but got no further explanation. He ate his lunch and when the two still hadn't moved left to see Jack.


Jack just sat at his desk doing paperwork as he waited for the next meeting. He stopped though when there was a knock on the door and Teal'c entered.

"General O'Neill, there is something wrong with Daniel Jackson, and Colonel Carter."

"Oh, they're just sulking give 'em a few days, they'll realize that it's for the better."

"What happened?"

"I wouldn't let them go on the expedition."

Teal'c nodded his head slightly and left.

"Man, what is it with scientists?" Jack muttered to himself. He looked back at the paperwork… Then stood up and ran out of his office. "Hey Teal'c, buddy! Let's go gate golfing!" Ah, the perks of being the General…


OHHHH MYYYY GOOOOOSSSSSHHHHHHH! This turned out to be 27 pages, and 14,395 words long! WOW! I'm so proud, and so SCARED. How can I keep up with that EVERY chapter?! Oh well, a lotta stuff is going on! Though they might just cap at 10,000 words a chapter… Heh heh… Oh something funny (I was talking with my friend about coming up on the dino world mission and what I might do)!

I skyped him and said: "Because it's coming up right after the 3rd episode 'Hide and seek' or maybe during:

They (Major Coltin's team) get back and all go like "Huh? What happened to you guys?"

Random person (Who looks very disheveled): What happened to us? What happened to you? There's blood all over!

Sarah: Oh Rexy just really liked Isaac!"

(NOTE:: As you just read it was during, apparently he decided he liked Andrew more…)

BTW I couldn't (very easily) find the exact time when John becomes Lt. Colonel; so I'm promoting him later, although I'll fix it if anyone has the correct time. Also I'm guestimating the size of Atlantis. Though again if anyone has exact, or close to exact calculations then I'd be happy to have them!

Here are quick profiles of my OC's; they won't all have the same types of data; the only constants are name, profession, blood type, Ancient gene status, and hair.

Name: Andrew Pickett

Blood Type: O-

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Profession: Anthropologist/Linguist

Hobby: Tinkering with technology

Favorite Food: Mongolian

Ancient Gene: Yes

Note(s): Loves pranks and hates snooty scientists (AKA: Rodney)

Name: Isaac Grant

Blood Type: A+

Age: 24

Hair: Dark Brown – Nearly Black

Profession: Technologist

Ancient Gene: No

Name: Rebecca "Rini" Coltin

Age: 25

Blood Type: A-

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Profession: Leader/Field Medic/Sniper/Tactical Expert/Soldier

Hobby: Writing, Reading

Ancient Gene: Yes

Name: Sarah Coltin

Age: 20

Blood Type: O-

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Profession: Doctor/Surgeon/Explosives Expert

Hobby: Astronomy, Reading, Writing

Favorite Food: Pasta

Ancient Gene: Yes

Also, I put up a one-shot about John teaching Sarah how to fly the Jumpers! Intended to be humor, so don't be surprised if you find your funny bone broken by the end! It's called 'Flying Lesson(s)'