Anyway, I started this fanfic almost a year ago. Apparently my best friend Hyperfangirl57 thought of the journal idea and said I could write about it. I, however, do not recall this event. I know of it only because of my previous author's note, which no longer qualifies and therefore has been deleted. Anyway, sorry for my strange speech pattern. I was just doing philosophy homework.

Well, on to the story!


I don't really want to write this, since it's just a waste of time, but he asked me to, so I am. And like hell I'm writing "Dear Journal" or anything, because that's what girls write in their diaries. Anyway, in the past few months, my life has taken a turn for the worst. Or, that's what I would have called it a few months ago. Now, I'm dating Jo-I mean, the Mutt-I don't want any records of me calling him that on paper.

We aren't telling anyone about our relationship. He said something about his dad being angry, and I can only imagine how other people would react, especially that freak that created duel monsters. Mokuba knows, though. He seemed happy about it. And, for once, the chaos isn't a hocus pocus mind trick. It's really... strange. Like it shouldn't be happening. And since I don't believe in all that destiny crap, I won't say it was meant to be. That would just be idiotic.

I have nothing to write about- nothing but Joey, anyway. Seriously. I did start another tournament, and changed my duel disk, but really, there's nothing else. Everything is still the same, for the most part. Actually, that's a lie. Everything non-Joey is still the same, which basically means nothing is the same. And shoot, I'm calling him that.


I have to go now. I'll write more later. Maybe.

As Seto put his notebook down, Joey yelled, "Hey, Seto, whattaya want for dinner?"

"Doesn't matter. And I told you before; the chef will make something. You don't have to." Seto leaned against the back of the couch and closed his eyes.

"You know I like to cook for you, so just let it go." Joey appeared in the family room. "And you always say it doesn't matter. Can you just tell me for once?"


"Why?" The blonde put his hands on his hips.

Seto put an arm over his forehead. "Fine. But only if you answer a question first."

"Okay," Joey agreed.

"What do you want for dinner?" The taller man opened his eyes to look at his boyfriend.

Joey stood, thinking for a moment. He was always happy with anything, and he knew this game, so he decided on something Seto liked. "Hmm… chicken and rice and broccoli sounds good right now. And rolls, too."

The brunette closed his eyes again. "Then I want chicken, rice, broccoli, and rolls."

"Cheater," Joey played along.


"You replied, so you're childish, too."


"Hmph." Joey crossed his arms and turned around.

Seto opened his eyes again and got up quietly, then walked up to his boyfriend. He put his arms around Joey's waist, pulling the blonde towards him. Joey leaned his head back on Seto's chest, looking up. As soon as blue met hazel, blue disappeared, replaced by eyelids as Seto leaned down, pressing a light kiss on his lover's forehead.

"Seto," Joey said.


"Do we have plans tonight?"

"Only if you're staying over."

Joey frowned. "But my dad's gonna be pissed if I don't go home."

"Then we'll see."

"'Kay." Then Joey turned around in Seto's arms and kissed the brunette passionately.


No way, Joey outsmarted Seto! Guess that makes him a genius in hiding! Only the real geniuses can be hidden geniuses. Well, that's my opinion, anyway.