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This is the re-write of my story "You've Got to be Kidding Me" which has been deleted due to the fact that it was in second person. I rewrote all the chapters I had written in FIRST PERSON.


And that was my bit of gloating…I nearly cried when I got the PM to delete the story. I was just going to take it down and not even repost it somewhere else. But the support of my lovely reviewers (you know who you are, you fantastic people) has convinced me to rewrite and repost.

To those of you who read "You've Got to be Kidding Me": the beginning is slightly different, but essentially the same. I had to change it a bit so the I thing would work...kinda... The chapters and the Doctor/OC dialogue might be different as well.

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Chapter 1

I stared with great satisfaction at the computer screen. I had just posted the last chapter of the Doctor Who fanfiction I had been writing and other characters were already pulsing through my mind, begging for my attention.

I reached out and grabbed my sketchpad. It was late and I really should wait to do this till tomorrow after I get home, but I knew that the voices of the possible characters wouldn't stop till I sorted them out.

I began to draw another character for a possible Doctor Who story. I didn't really look at her till I was done drawing and I smiled at my creation when I did. She was tall, about 5'9, with unusually bright violet eyes and waist length curly fire colored hair. When I say fire colored, I mean her hair was a gorgeous combination of reds, oranges, golds, and a few strands of pink. She wore dark denim skinny jeans with purple converse. Her black and white plaid three quarter length shirt was covered by an army green, thigh-length trench coat.

The young woman I had drawn was a far cry from myself, with my short black hair, brown eyes and 5'6 height, but she still needed a name. I mused with several "A" names like Allie, or Abbey, or Amanda. But nothing I came up with seemed to fit her. So my mind decided to reveal to me that her hair looked like a Phoenix's wing and that was it. There was her name: No middle, no last. Phoenix would just appear in the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS as it crashed.

I gave a happy smile as I jotted notes in the corners of the page I'd drawn her on, mentally drawing the outline for the first chapter. I glanced up to see the time, only for my mouth drop open in horror. I snatched my sketch pad off the table and scrambled away from the wall in front of my desk in my New York home.

"There is no freaking way is this happening…" I muttered as I stared at the Crack from season five, which had magically sprouted on my wall.

The crack stretched open wider and bean to reach out with willowy tendrils of light. I tried to scramble away from them, but there were too many of them coming too fast. One wrapped around my ankle and I screeched. I tried to pull my ankle away from it, but the action just made it tug harder in return, fully pulling me into the Crack.

I screamed as I fell. It felt like someone was dousing me in lava and dunking me into the Arctic ocean at the same time. When the painful hot/cold sensations ended I realized I was lying on a cold metal floor. I flinched when I heard a miniature explosion and felt a shower of sparks tickle my skin.

"Who the hell are you?" a horribly familiar voice cried.

"Oh you have got to be joking!" I shouted jumping up. My head was heavier and I inspected my new fiery red hair. I noticed that I was taller and my clothes were exactly like the ones I had drawn for my character Phoenix.

"How'd you get in here?" the familiar voice called again, pulling me from my thoughts which were basically:

Holy freaking crap! I just got pulled into another dimension by the Crack and it turned me into my newly created fanfiction character! THIS IS SO FREAKING COOL! It's also terrifying of course and if it feels hot/cold when/if I get back to my own dimension I'm going to scream bloody murder. I wonder if that's what regeneration feels like…

"I'm Phoenix!" I shouted back to the Doctor over the explosions, choosing to ignore the how question.

"I'm the Doctor and I think we're about to-" his yelling was cut off when he was flung out the TARDIS doors.

Using the handrails, I maneuvered my way over to him just in time to see Big Ben coming towards us.

"Big Ben straight ahead!" I screeched while attempting to pull the Doctor inside the TARDIS. I managed it and he ran to the console. He flipped a switch and I shut the doors.

I leaned against them for a moment, a grin on my face as the TARDIS stilled for a moment. Then she shook again, tossing the Doctor and I down a hallway. I couldn't help but laugh as we were thrown around the hallways. We tumbled through an open door, eventually, and almost immediately we were submerged in water.

I felt my feet touch the ground and I pushed up, grinning widely as I hauled myself onto the edge of the pool. I was wringing out my hair when the Doctor emerged.

He grinned at me. "Are you alright?" he questioned.

"I'm fantastic at the moment. And you?" I responded with a grin. I decided that I'd just call myself Phoenix. I did look like her, after all, and who I used to be didn't matter as much anymore. It wasn't like I had anyone to miss me.

"Meh, I've had worse," he replied with a smile. "But what I'm really curious about," he said peering at me closely, "Is how you got inside my TARDIS and why you didn't look to surprised to be here."

"I'm really not one hundred percent sure how I got here, but I think I have a fairly good guess…" I mumbled trailing off. He just kept staring at me, before suddenly pouting.

"What?" I asked him with a smirk, since I would wager that it had something to do with my hair.

"You're ginger. You are the gingerest ginger ever," he stated in an almost whine, "Am I ginger?"

I cracked up. "I knew it!" I gasped, "I knew you were going whine about that!"

Now he just looked confused, "How did you know? And who are you?"

"You were staring at my hair and pouting," I pointed out, "and I already told you. I'm Phoenix."

"Humans generally have a first name and a last name. You are human, aren't you?" he asked.

"Should be, unless something changed my genetic code which, with the day I'm having, wouldn't be all that surprising ," I trailed off for a moment, my eyes looking around the giant room before snapping back to him. "My name is really just Phoenix. If I have a last name, I'd be surprised," I told him truthfully. Is it really truthful though, since in my head I know my actual name and not my character's name? Well, I am my character now, so it might not count…

"A supposed human with no last name and bright red hair appears on my TARDIS while she's crashing, apparently keeping secrets from me…where are you going?" he asked. While he was "summing me up" I had stood and started to walk towards the library doors.

"I'm going to go outside," I told him and I stepped out of the library. A groan of frustration left my mouth.

"Oh no," the Doctor mumbled from where he was at my side, "This is going to be difficult."

"No shit, Sherlock," I muttered as I observed the hallway. It was like someone had taken the hallway and turned it on its side. That meant that what used to be the wall was now the floor and what used to be the floor of a long corridor had now become the wall…but the console room was still in the same direction, which meant we needed to climb up the walls.

"This is just freaking lovely," I muttered. Sighing, I grabbed the handrail used it like a ladder.

"Coming?" I called while glancing down at the Doctor, who was standing there with his mouth agape.

"The TARDIS must've been damaged pretty badly if the gravity regulators stopped working…" he mumbled before starting to climb up. He obviously hadn't expected the TARDIS to be so badly damaged. I smirked. If he only knew just how badly damaged she was. She needs to rebuild herself... I thought.

We eventually reached the console room after much cursing on my part and much scolding for said cursing from the Doctor.

"Are you American?" the Doctor questioned while eyeing me oddly.

"As a matter of fact, I am," I responded before frowning at the impossible distance to the doors. "Do you have a grappling hook and some rope, maybe?"

"As a matter of fact, I do!" he responded brightly, maneuvering around the wreckage that was the console room till he found the hook.

He came up next and he tossed the hook out of the open doors. After a moment he tugged the rope firmly and motioned for me to go first.

I took a deep breath and climbed the rope. Thankfully, I had always been good at rope climbing. Not the best, but good enough that I was able to climb the rope and throw my legs over the edge of the TARDIS.

"Whoa!" I shouted, "Would you look at that?" The view from the edge of the TARDIS is amazing, and more than slightly terrifying. My mind started to swirl dizzily.

"Get down!" the Doctor called up to me. I quickly swung my legs over the side and hopped down in front of a very befuddled, ginger haired little girl.

"Alright let's move so he doesn't run into us, okay?" I said to the thoroughly confused little girl and pulled her out of the way and stood next to her as the Doctor suddenly threw himself from the depths of the TARDIS.

He looked at me and then at little Amelia Pond and grinned.

"Can I have an apple? All I can think about: apples. I love apples! Maybe I'm having a craving! That's new never had cravings before," he exclaimed with a cheerful grin and I couldn't help but laugh quietly at him.

"Are you two okay?" asked Amelia hesitantly, still confused.

"Just had a fall. All the way down there, right to the library. Hell of a climb back up," he said as he jumped down from the TARDIS.

"You're both soaking wet." She stated bluntly.

"We were in the swimming pool." I interjected. Might as well steal some lines since while I'm here.

"You said you were in the library." She responded, looking utterly lost.

"So is the swimming pool." I remarked patiently.

"Are you police officers?" she asked, giving up on asking about the library/swimming pool.

"Why? Did you call police officers?" the Doctor questioned in response, leaning forward to get a better look at Amelia.

I sighed quietly and decide to hurry it up. "No we aren't, but we came about the crack in your wall."

"What cra-"is all the Doctor managed to get out before he jerks violently and falls to the ground.

Amelia looked even more confused and concerned about the glowing light coming off the Doctor, but I just stood there with a small half-smile on my face. He always acted funny after regeneration…

"Are you all right, mister?"Amelia sounded very concerned. I kept smiling. I knew that he wasn't going to go into a post-regeneration coma again, but what in God's name would I do if he did? I started frowning as I thought about it.

"No, I'm fine, it's ok, this is all perfectly norma-" at that moment a little cloud of golden vapor left his mouth in a gasp, and his hands started to glow softly. My frown was replaced with a grin and the Doctor frowned at me instead, probably confused as to why I wasn't even a little bit surprised that he was shimmering with golden energy.

"Who are you?" Amelia asked warily, her gaze flickering between the two of us.

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