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I made a list of songs, that I got from my iPod, shuffled, and wrote them down. 25 songs. I put each one in a small piece of paper, and put them in a bag, chose one, and that will be the song I'll use for a story. After I finish the story, I choose another. Same on the seasons. You know, season 1, and so on. Raffle. I use the song in 3 different ways, I either, use it in the story, use the lyrics, or the tone, (I think that's the word) like if it sounds scary, and the lyrics are not, I'll ignore the lyrics, and use the music as inspiration.

First song, and story. I'll use this song in the story.

Inspiration:Love Gun

By Cee-Lo Green Ft. Lauren Bennett

Season 3

It took literally 2 hours. They have been going on and on. Fighting over nothing, both to proud to lose over a single (and LONG) conversation. The worst thing about it, it's still going on. The kids covered their ears, Niles used some earplugs, and Maxwell closed the door to his office. Though, none of these worked, as Fran's voice traveled afar. And to their surprise, C.C had a loud voice as well, obviously trying to overpower Fran's. The only people who know why they're fight are the two of them.

"Look, If I choose to change my appearance I'll call you, but right now—like in NEVER— I won't!"

"Ms. Babcock!" Fran Whined.

"Do you think men will respect you for you? Hm?"

"Do YA think men will find ya attracted with those clothes! Hm?" She mocked her.

"Oh, GOD your annoying! Li-sten-to-me! How many boyfriends have you had?"

"Too many ta count?"

"And how many of them asked you about your life?" C.C lifted her eyebrows

"Well... none." Fran frowned.

"Well then that just proves it!" C.C walks away, and the whole household smiled at the finally finished conversation...until Fran walked toward C.C and opened her mouth yet again. They frowned.

"How bout ya, Ms. Babcock? How many have ya had, Huh?" Fran crossed her arms, as C.C turned around to face her. She thought for awhile.


"Did they evah tell ya, how sexy ya look?"

C.C thought, and sighed. She rolled her eyes, and crossed her arms as well.

"No. But at least they're going for me, because of me. Not because of the sluttish style you have there!"

Fran gasped. Her face turned bright red, and if it was not C.C Babcock, they would be terrified. Instead, she smiled, with one eyebrow in the air.

"Well, at least I don't dress likah grandmothah near retirement!"

"Yeah well, good luck selling yourself in the streets! I heard your almost out of the job. What, you weren't good enough for the clients!"

"Ugh! Ya know Babzy Babes, that's probably one thing we got in common. But hey, at least men don't want me because I'm damn expensive, you on the othah hand, are free, and still, men won't touch ya!"

Fran was walking away, trying for the office door, C.C followed. As soon as they entered, Maxwell lost his mind.

"Expensive?" C.C laughed.

"Nanny Fine, you are worth less than a penny! In fact, less than half a penny!"

"That's enough tah say, I'm worth more than ya!"


Both of them jumped, scared, and ran as fast as they could to the couch. Both have never seen Maxwell this angry before. Stunned at his reaction to their performance.

"IF..." Maxwell stop for a bit, trying to calm himself down.

"If you two ever say another word like that again, I'll replace you both."

Niles of course, being Niles, listened in. Watching the girls. He knew Fran was scared, her face expression says it all, but C.C was just surprised, and a little angry. Probably because Maxwell was yelling at both of them. He knew she hated getting in trouble. She would always blame the person next to her. In this case, Fran. Niles smiled a bit and laughed to himself.

"Now I know the two of you aren't the best of friends, but can you's at least be friendly to each other? C.C I know your a bit sad that you lost your stallion, and you have been crying about it, for the past week, but did you have to take it out on Ms. Fine?"

"Yes," She mumbled, and thank god Maxwell missed this, otherwise he would have killed her, by the look of his eyes, she can tell.

"And Ms. Fine, just because you don't have a date on Saturday, doesn't mean you have to bother C.C. She was just fine here. You just had to ask her, no, demand her to go with you to the mall."

Fran turned her head away from him, and away from C.C

"Val was to busy," she whispered.

"Look, since you two are acting like teenagers, I'll treat you's like one. For this week, starting tomorrow, for seven full days, you two will be alone in this house, I'm taking the children to a small vacation before Maggie's sweet sixteen, to celebrate. Niles I'll need you to come and help me with the children."

He turned to Niles, who was nodding,

"Yes sir,"

"What!" The two women shouted.

"Maxwell you can't seriously think I'll spend my week with this insane woman. She's a huge distraction to my work!"

"Mistah Sheffield, she scares meh! She might kill me!"

"Might?" C.C said. Just to scare her a little. It worked, by the look of her face.

"If I hear any whining again, it will be two weeks!"

Both shut their mouths, mistrusting their mouths.

"So the rules are, you two have to be together. Like how friends are. If one wants to go on shopping, the other follows. If one wants to, what the kids say now, hang out at the bar, then the other follows."

Fran and C.C couldn't believe what came out of that british mouth. Mostly because he said 'hang out,' the thought of it made them giggle. Until they realized what he said next.

"If I, or anybody I know catch you two separate, then there will be consequences,"


"Whatever." C.C rolled her eyes.

"Oh, and C.C don't worry about her interrupting work, because you won' all."

"Huh? But Maxwell!"

"No buts, C.C. You will do as I say. Ms. Fine, if C.C touches or even goes in to this office, you better tell me,"

Fran smiled.


"C.C don't worry, I have one for Fran. If she ever goes to the mall by herself, you tell me,"

"Ha," C.C said. Fran stuck out her tongue.

"Enough! Now, C.C I suggest you start going home, and pack for the week, and have a good sleep, you'll come here at the usual time, and remember, no work."

"Yeah I know,"

"And I'll tell the rest to start packing, because we are going on a trip." He smiled.

"Oh and one more thing, if something happens to my painting, you two will be hanged."

The two turned to each other, and thought about the painting of Maxwell hanging out on the other side of the office wall, in the hall. He was of course in love with it, it's new, and it has his face in it. No one, not even Niles couldn't touch it, just to clean it. Maxwell claimed to have some expert on painting to be the cleaner.

"I'm expecting to have the painting cleaned in a couple of days, so when I come back, I expect it to be flawless."

The two nodded.

"Now, you two can go." as they left, Maxwell turned to Niles, realizing his face,

"You do know they'll kill each other, right?"

"Niles, old man, as long as I have some peace, I'm ok with it."

"Uh, ok. But sir, what if they do go off on their own?"

"Oh, Niles. That's not a problem. They have to listen to me, because if they don't, I'll notice."

"Mhmm," He doubts that.

"You see, this is how it works. If one decide to go on her own, the other will surely tell me, so the other gets in trouble."

"But what if they both agree to go on their own, and promise each other to never tell you?"

"Well— Shut up Niles!" He said, frustrated.

Niles walked away, hoping to find C.C in the kitchen, hoping she hadn't left yet. To his surprise, she was. And was alone. Possibly thinking about what just happened in the office. When she heard his footsteps, she looked up at him, and rolled her eyes.

"I'm just surprised it wasn't us,"

"What?" She asked, confused.

"We always fight, and yet he hasn't snapped like that at all."

"Ugh, well, it's probably because that voice of hers,"

It was silent for a bit. It had been like this for a week now, since it was just that, when the kiss happened. Drunk, yet they remembered everything. The touch, the feel of satisfaction, and the taste.

Although neither of them want to talk about it...that is until now.

"Ms. Babcock, what happened in the, uh living room—I"

"Look Niles, we were both drunk, maybe let's just leave it at that."

"But you felt...something, didn't you?"

C.C thought for a while.

"I-I don't know what I felt Niles,"

He believed her, because she did look lost in thought about it, he smiled.

"I just want you to know, that, I felt something. Ms—C.C," He stopped, couldn't find the words to say to the woman he loves.

"Niles, I-I have to go and pack. But when you come back, when all of this is over, you can tell me. And maybe then, I'll know what I felt that night. Ok?"

He smiled softly at her, and nodded. He watched her go, and sighed.

"That woman is something else."

C.C sat at home thinking about her conversation with Niles, and the memory of them kissing that night. It gave her chills just thinking about it. She longed for that moment, and just when it happened, they were drunk. Though, when Niles said he felt something, her heart jumped. That feeling, it came back to her, the same feeling she felt in the living room. It was there once again, and she was confused. Is it love? Or wanting? Longing for that one night stand?

She closed her eyes, and had Niles in her thoughts, all the things he did to her, the smile after an insult. She just couldn't stop thinking about him.

Oh but she did, when a certain yenta came on. After the talk with Maxwell, she ignored Fran, and Vice Versa. She had never seen Fran like that, because usually she's to afraid of her to say anything. Maybe it was just the confidence she gained from winning on jeopardy. She blames her brother for that. He knew she wouldn't back down from a bet.

She wondered if he was thinking about her. If he felt what she felt. If he loves her.

She felt like a teenager, the childish fights, the feeling of a love struck idiot, thinking if he's thinking about her. She shook her head, trying to knock it off. She took a look at the clock, and realized the time.

She got up from her couch, and started packing for what will be the worst week of her life.

If only she knew she was half right.


"Why did you decide to do this project?"

"Because I'm bored,"

"Well, that sounds reasonable."

"I know."

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