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Inspiration: Date Night

"What's horrible?" Niles asked again.

"Uh...Nuthin," Fran smiled innocently. C.C rolled her eyes.

"Look, we don't have time to explain,"

"Uh, yeah. Well, I think we should take this tawk upstairs. Don't you think so Babs?"

"Yeah," and they run to Fran's room.

When they arrived to he room, they closed the door. Remembering the chicken, they realized it wasn't there.

"What the! Where the hell is the chicken?" C.C said, while she was looking under the bed.

"Oh no! The door was open, maybe it went out!"

"What! Why did you leave the door open?" she said, freaking out.

"I didn't mean to, the door doesn't close right, I forgot the door knob didn't work."

"What if—," Then they hear a scream. They both ran down the stairs, and find the chicken in the middle of the living with Maggie on top of the table still screaming. Everyone came in and faced Fran and C.C. They smiled innocently.

"Ms. Fine! C.C! What is this doing in here?"

"Uh, Well you see Mistah Sheffield..." Fran struggled, and looked at C.C for help.

"Uh. Well Maxwell, Nanny fine and I felt like eating chicken, so uh, we decided to go out in a restaurant and we realized they still had a chicken to kill, and we felt bad, so Nanny fine had a great idea, we saved it, and we decided to be the parents of this chicken." C.C smiled proud of herself for thinking this up in under a minute.

Fran, surprised, whispered to her, 'Nice save,'

"The truth!"

The girls gave up and decided to tell the truth.

"Ugh. Look, the truth is, we don't exactly know where the chicken came from." Cracked C.C

"What do you mean you don't know?" Asked Niles.

"We woke up in the living room, and it was a complete mess. We found the chicken under a pile of clothes. Then we found...uh," trying to leave out the painting, C.C continued.

"uh. A card that will lead us to Val, who we thought wasn't with us at the time, then we found out she was is kidnapped. And apparently they want the chicken, and if we give them back the chicken, they give us Val."

Fran decided to finish,

"We seriously don't know what happened, all we're doin is piece'n togethah the clues."

"What are the clues?" Asked Maxwell,

"Well the chicken obviously, then the business card, which is a strip joint. Don't ask. And Fran's camera, which is dead right now. So I think we should take that out for now, until we see them. That's all we got."

Niles and Maxwell tried to take all what the girls said, and couldn't think of words to say. Luckily Brighton and Maggie grew tired, mostly because of the trip, and went to bed.

"What do they want with the chicken?" Asked Maxwell, all three rolled their eyes, on the obvious question.

C.C then remembered of something Fran said,

"Wait! Nanny Fine, remember when you said that now a day, they use chickens to send messages?"

"Yeah, and? Wait yeah!" Fran took another look at the chicken, and realized it was wearing a collar.

"It's gotta collar," she pointed,

It took 2 minutes to get the chicken in one place, and it took almost 5 minutes to take the collar off.

"It's a flash drive," C.C said

"a what?" both Maxwell and Fran asked, C.C and Niles rolled their eyes.

"A flash drive, Maxwell we need your laptop. We need to see what's in this thing."

"Why can't we just open it?" Asked Maxwell,

C.C ignored him and charged to the office to retrieve the laptop, and brought it to the living room.

Maxwell was fascinated to what the Flash drive can do. What they found was evidence of a crime.

"What is it?" Asked Fran,

"It seems to be evidence of what this group did. Robbery, murder, and other things. Obviously, they don't want this to end up in the hands of a cop. But I think we should have a plan to have these people in cuffs, and have Val back," Said C.C, which had surprised everyone in the room.

"Ms. Babcock? What are you actually thinking? This is serious, they can kill us."

"Niles, as I know this will surprise you, I do have a heart, and this is something I have to tell to the police. Whoever lost a family member because of these people, then wouldn't they want justice? I want them in jaail so they won't harm anyone else. Yeah they are dangerous, but isn't it better for a couple of people sacrifice themselves to protect thousands of people, then the other way around?"

"I guess she's right, we have to do this, instead of just letting it slide."

"Wait, old man, are you actually siding with C.C? Ms. Fine what are you thinking,"

"I think I'm goin with Babs here."

"Fine, then. C.C what is the plan."

"So you too will help us?" asked C.C

"Yes," the men said.

"Ok, well. I have the address, and the time we should go. He said we have to be there at 8."

"I think I got an idea." Fran said. And continued.

"The guys get Val, and Babs and I will have to distract the men. We should go before 8, because they won't be expecting us at 8."

"Very good Nanny Fine. But how do you suppose we do th—Oh no! You are not thinking of...I'm not going to dress up like those strippers and dance my ass off just so we can get Val! There has to be another way,"

"Ms. Babcock! We have to, it's the only way, women are the distraction to men. It said so a magazine."

"I hope your right."

"well, uh I guess we have our plan," Maxwell said,

"Ok, but we still don't know why we stole the chicken in the first place."

"And why we went to a strip club. Or did we? Do ya remember anythin Ms. Babcock?"

"I think I do remember one thing?"


"I don't think we actually went to the strip club. I think a man gave you the card, that's what I remember, right after we left the party we went when we were sober. I also remember eating brownie, and that what the last I remember."

"Wait, that's right. We ate the brownies, and then that's it,"

"So let me get this straight you met the man after you ate the brownies?"

"Yes exactly."

"What else do ya remember?"

"Nothing else. What about you?" Fran shook her head.

"It was then the brownies. Remember before we ate them, this guy was acting like if he was doin something wrong?"

"Yes, and when we took a bite, he smiled. Maybe we were drugged?"

"If so, then wouldn't we be the ones kidnapped?"

"I don't know,"

As soon as Maxwell went to bed, Fran decided to go to sleep as well. C.C and Niles were left alone. Maxwell decided to have C.C for the rest of the week living with them in the mansion.

"Do you know what your feelings are?" He asked, to break the silence.

"Niles, can we talk about this tomorrow? I'm kind of tired. But I will tell you this, my feelings are strong for you. That's all I know." She walked towards the stairs to her room.

"Wait!" He said, and ran to her,


"Tomorrow, be careful."

"I will. I hope you will too." She smiled and then left. Niles stood there, and watched her leave.

The next day.

5:45 pm.

Place: $trip it Down

The place was big, and the walls where bricked, and yet to their surprise, it looked clean. The clan were hiding behind the car to see how they could get in without getting noticed. Luckily, Fran decided to have a plan to dress up a little to blend in, so as their disguises, C.C and Fran were dressed with short mini skirts they borrowed from Grace, C.C had the black, and Fran had the forest green. They both wore tight shirts that revealed enough for a man to dream a little, with short sleeves and v necks. And black stilettos, that were 2 inches.

Maxwell and Niles wore dress pants, a white shirt with matching black jackets, and sunglasses, with some 'bling' they borrowed from Brighton. And some fancy shoes to go with them.

Maxwell and Niles couldn't stop their eyes from going up and down to Fran and C.C. And Vice Versa.

As soon as they were about to enter, a security guard stopped them.

"Woah, where are you all going?"

"Uh, we're the new girls." Spoke Fran

"And who are they?" He pointed to the men.

"They're our pimps," Answered C.C

The man nodded, and let them in.

"Well that was easy," Fran said,

"Ok, you two go find the dressing room, and put on a show for them, while we find Ms. Toriello,"

"Ok good plan Niles. Let's go Babs,"

"Wait Nanny Fine. What if they recognize us? We don't even know what they look like!"

"It's alright, we're gonna get into more disguise. Wigs and makeup can make you look like a different person, trust me. We'll look out in the crowd before we get out there, and hopefully we'll know. Now do you remember our little dance we made up?"

"we practiced all day. Of course I do."

"Ok so first we do our little duet, then we go our separate ways, do your own thing. Then we jump back up to another dance we do together, and then we do our thing again. Remember there are poles there. So be creative. Do you know how to shake your hips?"

"Well I took belly dancing for ten years, does that count," Fran Gasped,

"Yeah, try a lot of that when yah dancin!"


They decided to change into sexy police women, which included the shorts, that were one inch shorter than their mini skirts, and bra like shirts with long sleeves, and a badge, and hat included. They decided to use boots that were black sexy over the knee boots.

"Wow, they actually got the shiny boots!" Said an excited Fran. C.C rolled her eyes.

After they put on all their things, theu decided to look in the mirror, to see it it was ok.

"Wow! We look HOT! H-O-T! HOT!" Fran said,

"Oh god. This is horrible."

"Ok all we need is hair and make up. Hey grab that blonde wig. I think you should stay blonde, it looks sexy on ya."

"But I'm already blonde,"

"yeah with short hair. This wig is long and gives ya volume,"

"Ugh ok fine." Fran helped C.C with the wig, and then chose one for herself.

She decided to wear a short wig that was wrapped around her face, (Bobo hair?) that was a nice color of black.

"Short? I thought you said longer hair is sexier?"

"Both are sexy. And I thought we'd look even sexier if there was a blonde long haired girl and a dark haired short hair girl," Fran struggled a bit with her words.

"Ok...I guess."

"Well all we need is our makeup and we're done,"

Fran took out all her makeup from her purse, and started working.

Fran used Foundation and concealer for the both of them. Then after that she started on C.C first. C.C ended up with sexy red lips, which made her lips full and kissable. Fran decided to use a very strong blue eyeshadow to make her eyes pop out, and glitter on top to make it shine for the lights. She used eyeliner on the top and the bottom, drew on 'wings,' and added a bit of blush on her cheeks.

Fran had used the very same technique, except she use a lighter shade of red, and used gold eyeshadow, and a bit of brown to calm it down.

It was now 6:30, and it was time for them to put on a show.

When C.C and Fran were getting ready, the men had to look around to see where Val was, to make sure they know exactly where she is, so they can take her and run out. When they were done, they headed back to where the dressing room was, waiting for the girls to get out.

When they did, their eyes were as big as the moon, and their mouths wide open.

"OH MY GOD!" they both said, Fran and C.C smiled,

"Look, when we're on stage, wait until we get everyone's attention, that way it'll be a lot easier," Fran said.

"Uh-huh," they said, still with their dumb looks,"

"Oh for god-sake, it's just us with some makeup, wigs, and a uniform." C.C said.

"well, we gotta go and sign in."

When they got in, they were told to wait backstage, until they are called. C.C and Fran were both nervous.

"Well, it's too late to back down, huh Babs,"


The girls looked behind the curtains, to find familiar faces.

"Wait, he looks familiar."

"Then that must be him, because he looks familiar to me too!" C.C said.

"But it's good, they are in the audience. They are watching the show."

Then a man came up from behind, and told them that they will be up in 2 minutes.

"I'm Freakin out!"

"Well so am I Nanny Fine, but we have to do this, Maxwell and Niles are counting on us. Val is counting on you!"

"Ok...Ok. We can do this."

Then C.C spotted something that can be in handy.

"Hey look, confetti guns. This will be good with our costumes, and the song."

"Yeah, can you believe it took us one minute to choose one song!"


"Ok, I took a long time to choose a song. But hey, it had to be perfect. We had to choose one that fits with our dance moves."

"Yeah I guess,"

When they heard their stage names, they knew they had to get ready. So they grabbed their 'guns' and went for it.

"And next we have Blondie and Fransom, dancing for you's."

"You just had to choose Fransom didn't you," C.C whispered,

"I couldn't decide on my strippah name, so I just used whatevah," she whispered back, before they took they're places on stage."

As soon as the audience seen them, they cheered.

"Wow, and lucky for you, these are some babes," then the man left them the stage.

Music:Love Gun

When the music began, C.C and Fran moved with it, and walked to their poles, in a sexy way, and used them as their 'dancing partners' and danced the same moves as the other girl. Then they left their poles, and decided to take turns to have their solos, Fran went first and shook her butt, and did her thing.

The crowd chaired, and then it was C.C's turn.

Maxwell and Niles waited a bit and watched. They were amazing. And Niles couldn't wait to see C.C do her thing.

Then C.C had an idea,

"oh god, Niles is watching. I better make this something he won't forget."

So she went for the pole and climbed in a sexy way, and moved her hips, she held the pole and shook her hips slow, and when she did, she swung them down, heading for the floor, and got back up and made a spin around the pole. She got away from the pole, and went to the floor and crawled in a sexy way, and had that devilish smile, which got everyone's attention. She got to her knees, spread her legs, in order to get up, and then went to a surprised Fran to do their other dance they made. They danced together, and had gotten the whole room cheering, when they got closer.

Fran decided to use the pole this time, but just spun around, realizing that this was C.C's time to shine, she gave a wink to C.C, telling her to go,

Maxwell and Niles had already run out to fetch Val, and decided to disguise her. Took her to the car, and ran back in to see the rest of the show.

Fortunately, Niles made it just in time see C.C's next solo.

C.C then took her guns, and run them down her legs, and up her breasts and licked them. When the gun noise were heard from the song, she pulled the trigger, which confetti, and then did it again with the other, luckily they were still full, so she could use them again.

She lip synced 'Oh you shot me baby!' and threw her hat to the hungry crowd. And used her belly dancing technique, to move her hips like a skilled dancer.

She then saw Niles and Maxwell, and Maxwell gave her the sign that they have Val already.

She ran to a rope and jumped for it and swung herself, and climbed back down, and when the song finished she pulled the trigger off her guns, as the last gunshots where thrown in, in the song.

Leaving a perfect finish. The girls bowed, and the man had run to the stage to introduce them once again.

"Wow, that was something else! Give it up for Blondie and Fransome!" The Crowd shouted and whistled. And they all screamed for C.C

"BLONDIE! BLONDIE! BLONDIE!" they screamed, and C.C blew them kisses and ran off the stage with Fran behind her.

"WOW! Ms. Babcock that was AMAZIN'! What was that? Why didn't you tell me you were such a great dancah!"

C.C laughed, blushing.

"I don't know what came over me, I guess I got in the zone."

Fran smiled.

"Wow, I just still can't get over that. They love you! They were calling your name!" Fran laughed.

"Oh, I think we should go, Maxwell and Niles must be waiting for us.

When they found them, Niles and Maxwell congratulated on their performance,

"C.C I still can't believe you did that. We are proud of you,"

"Honestly Maxwell, It was all Fran," C.C winked at Fran , and Fran grew a smile when she realized C.C called her Fran.

"Well I can't take all the credit, C.C is the one who thought of it."

Maxwell smiled at the new friendship. Niles couldn't believe his eyes. This was the most interesting week he has ever had.

"Did you leave the chicken in the room Val was in?" Asked Fran,

"Yes. Come in, I think we should take Ms. Toriello home. I actually think she doesn't know she was kidnapped."

They all laughed, as they were walking back to the car.

When they arrived to the mansion, the girls went to Fran's room to change to their original outfits, but after they took pictures.

"So, at exactly 8 O'clcok, the police will surround the club and take in the bad guys. Right?"

"That's exactly right Fran,"

"Wait! What about the painting!"

"I took care of that, I called the man, and he said he can take care of it. He called me and said that it's back where it was, and looks just like it did before."

"Oh good."

"I'll say,"

"Uh, C.C?"

"Yes Fran,"

"Do you wanna see the pictures?"

"You mean!"

"Yeah, I just changed the batteries. So uh, do ya?"

"Oh God."

As soon as they were about to see the pictures, Maxwell called them to go downstairs, and that it was an emergency.

"ah great, come on Fran let's go," they ran down the stairs, and realized that the TV was on, and Niles, the kids and Maxwell were sitting on the couch watching the news.

"And in other news, two women who were said to be crazy, had been seen on camera, washing themselves in the central park fountain. Although the two were unidentified, there we cameras all over the streets. And here is one of the witnesses,"

"Yeah, uh they came in to my store, and they just ran around the whole store, they didn't even look at the clothes. Oh by the way, each shirt for $5. Here at—,"

"ok thank you sir. And here we have it."

They showed the videos of them running around,

Everyone in the room turned to Fran and C.C. And they all laughed together.

After everyone left, Niles and C.C were left alone once again.

"So, today was very interesting. I didn't know you danced,"

"Well, neither did I."

"So what did you do to the costume?"

"Oh, well I decided to save it, you know, for a special occasion," she winked,

Niles took a deep breath and swallowed hard.

"So do you know what that feeling now?"

"Yes Niles I do,"

Niles grew excited, and tried very hard to hide it.

"I Love you Niles," She said,

"I love you too, Ms. Babcock. Or is it Blondie?" He joked, she went to him, and kissed him,

"It's C.C to you,"

And this is what happened.

After Fran and C.C accidentally ate the brownies, that were special, they left the club and went to Val's house to pick her up. They took her from her bed, Val still sleeping, they left her in the back of C.C's car, and left the door open, when a man comes to them to give them a card, telling them they should try it out. C.C had a great idea, to steal the chicken the man had. While running away with the chicken, the man realized that they left the car open, with someone inside.

Fran and C.C then wanted to go home and did. They had a party of their own, and grabbed their clothes and used them as confetti playing with the chicken.

Fran then went to the office and grabbed a sharpie and told C.C her plan.

"I'ma draw a mustache," Fran laughed, after she drew the mustache, she gave the marker to C.C and and she drew a line between the eyebrows. They laughed at their art.

Then later, C.C woke up.