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Saturday, April 27, 2002

Draco and Astoria spent nearly two weeks discovering some of the secrets of being Lord and Lady Black. Their honeymoon took them to the old Black Manor in Wales, then they learned of a villa outside of Rome, as well as another home in French Alps. Their two weeks did not give the enough time to explore any of the other six homes that the family owned around the world, including a small house located somewhere in the Caribbean. They had not been to Grimmauld Place, as Harry had warned them not to travel there, although its location in London would make it very easy for Draco to get to work as his office was based out of the Ministry of Magic.

It was late on Saturday morning that the newlyweds arrived at Greengrass Manor. Stepping out of the floo one after the other they walked into busy house. Harry and Daphne were passing through the parlour as the new Lord and Lady Black were brushing the soot off of their robes. Draco raised an inquisitive eyebrow at all that was going on.

Daphne responded with a simple laugh, "How quickly do you forget? We told you we were planning to have some friends over today."

Astoria was standing next to Draco now with her hand around his waist, "This looks like more than just a few friends."

Daphne greeted her sister with a hug and a kiss on her cheek, "Some guests will be arriving for lunch, some will be arriving a little later and I think most will be staying through dinner." With that she spun around and headed back to where she was going with Harry, who had barely managed to shake Draco's hand and give Astoria a hug when he was unceremoniously dragged off by Daphne.

Draco stared blankly as his friend was dragged away by his sister-in-law. "Well, that seemed a little odd," he commented dryly staring after them.

Astoria watched the scene as well and then turned to Draco. "Well, they do have a number of guests still to arrive, I would assume that she just wants Harry to help get everything in order."

As Astoria wondered if that was all that was going on, she heard a chime announcing the arrival of someone at the front door. Draco raised an eyebrow, but his wife rolled her eyes. "Not everyone is keyed into our floo, you know that. Ever since the war papa has kept the floo quite secure. I'm sure most people will be arriving the way you did for your first trip here to talk with papa about the contract, apparating to the road, and walking down the lane past the gate."

Draco nodded as he remembered that day. Then they went to see who was waiting at the door.

Neville Longbottom and Hannah Abbott had arrived first of the guests. Draco and Neville shook hands as Astoria and Hannah hugged warmly.

"It seems like so long ago that we were at the island in Greece," said Hannah.

"Yeah, it does," agreed Astoria.

"And now look at you two, all married and everything!" exclaimed Hannah.

Astoria leaned into Draco and gave him a slight squeeze, "So, when are you two going to make it official?"

Neville blushed slightly as Hannah held out her hand to show her engagement ring. Then he added, "My grandmother feels that a June wedding is most appropriate, and that it is best to wait until after the school year is out at any rate, so we'll have to bed our time until then."

The chime sounded before Hannah could add her own comments, and Astoria turned an opened the door and welcomed in Hermione and Flynn. Flynn seemed a little out of sorts, and Hermione quickly explained, "He's still not used to this side along apparition thing, leaves him all twisted up in side."

Flynn, who did look a little pale, just nodded in agreement. Astoria then lead the way for the group to head out to the back garden and have a seat and relax. As the small group sat around the patio, Draco stayed standing behind his wife. He remained unusually silent as the group began to converse about plans for the upcoming summer. After a short while, the chime sounded again and Astoria took Draco by the hand.

"Lets go see who is here," she said as she pulled him away from the group. On their way to the front door Astoria spoke quietly but sternly. "What the bloody hell is wrong with you today?" she demanded. "You're so uninvolved in the conversation out there that it is rude. I thought you liked Neville and Hannah."

"I have no issues with either Longbottom or Abbott, you know that, we all had a good time together last summer," Draco answered stiffly.

Astoria looked at him closely, then she spoke accusingly, "It's Hermione's boyfriend, isn't it? You don't like him because he's…"

Draco cut her off and finished her sentence, "Because he's a muggle. It's not that I don't like him, I've never really had to deal with muggles. I'm just not comfortable around muggles. What about the statue of secrecy and all that? I'm not sure what to make of it all."

"If you had been listening," countered Astoria, "you would know that Flynn learned about magic before he ever met Hermione. His job involves searching for magical objects, even if he is a muggle. Besides, Hermione is our friend, and you should be happy that she has found someone who makes her happy."

Draco nodded silently in acceptance of her comments. The door chime rang again, and they heard Daphne call down from the upstairs, "Isn't someone going to answer the door?"

Astoria called back, "We're right on it!" Then she turned to Draco, "Where did she disappear to?"

Draco raised an eyebrow as he headed toward the front door, "How should I know where your sister is?"

Draco opened the front door to find a small group waiting at the door.

"I was wondering if we had the wrong house," said Seamus Finnegan.

"Or maybe the wrong day," added Dean Thomas.

"Really, boys," scolded Lavender Brown who was there with them, "you need to be more patient." Lavender stepped through the door immediately followed by Susan Bones and Luna Lovegood.

Susan merely rolled her eyes at the two former Gryffindor young men as she greeted Astoria with a kiss on her cheek and Draco with a slight handshake. Luna made an offhanded comment about nargles and the two young men as she skipped into the house and said to no one in particular, "I wonder if Harry planned to serve pudding today?"

Draco then turned to Susan and Lavender, who were waiting on Seamus and Dean to step into the foyer, and asked them if he could fetch them anything to drink.

Lavender turned to Astoria as she stated "You have him trained so well, and in such a short time. And to think he used to be an insensitive stuck up git. Good work girl!"

Susan laughed briefly at Lavender's comment as she answered for them both, "Sure, we could both use a butter beer."

Seamus and Dean echoed the sentiment, asking for the same.

Draco looked back at the two and smirked. "No one offered you two anything, but you can come with me and we can bring drinks out to everyone, Granger and her companion encyclopaedia are outback with Long…I mean Neville and Hannah."

Lavender gave Seamus a quick kiss on his cheek, "Great idea, you guys run along with Draco and we'll see you out back when you come with the drinks."

Draco raised an eyebrow at Finnegan after observing the interaction, and Seamus simply grinned and then commented, "We've been dating for several months now."

"I didn't ask," rebuffed Draco, "and I really do not want any details. Not about you, not about Miss Brown. We all saw way too much of her and the Weasel being way too open, way too often, back in school."

Several minutes later Draco, Seamus and Dean had provided butter beers for everyone who had gathered out on the patio. Susan had wondered aloud where Daphne was, and as Luna was about to offer her own explanation for the absence of their hostess, Harry stepped out and greeted everyone warmly. Before Susan's question could be redirected at Harry, he had disappeared back into the house dragging Draco with him.

The door chime rang again, and shortly Astoria returned with George Weasley and Angelina Johnson. George greeted everyone cheerfully and Hermione promptly introduced them both to Flynn.

"I thought you said he was a libertarian," commented George as he shook Flynn's hand. "He doesn't look that much like Madame Pince. His nose is not pointed enough, the eyes are not piercing enough. How could he possibly ever intimidate the students in the library?"

Before Hermione could defend her boyfriend, Flynn responded. "I think you misunderstood," he sad calmly, "I don't work for a school library, I work for the Library." Flynn noted the blank look from George, and then he continued to try and explain. "The Metropolitan Public Library. It's in New York. It's quite famous." His comments were interrupted with short pauses but he still elicited no response from George. Finally he added, "It's more like a magical museum where we collect and store some of the rarest and most powerful items, mythical items."

George winked at him and quietly said, "You keep telling yourself that, but as long as you like books, you'll be just fine with our dear Hermione."

Hermione rolled her eyes at the teasing that George was giving to Flynn. George noted this and slid up next to her, engulfing her in a one armed hug. He leaned towards her and spoke quietly in her ear, "Hey, it's all good, I know this guy must be better for you than my git of a brother, we all know that."

Hermione looked up at George and gave him a small smile as she whispered "Thanks."

As Draco was asking Angelina if she would like anything to drink, there was a slight commotion at the fireplace as several people stepped out of the floo at once. Minister for Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt stepped out and was immediately flanked by two Aurors. The group of young adults stared at the scene silently and then Jonathan Greengrass stepped forward to welcome him.

After shaking Lord Greengrass' hand, the minister turned to the two Aurors with a smile and spoke in his deep baritone voice, "I told you two that everything would be fine. You can choose to stay and relax or you can leave and take care of some real work."

The two red-faced Aurors nodded silently and then they both left through the floo form which they had entered. The minister turned back to his host, "My apologies, Jonathan," he said in his jovial tone, "the head of the DMLE absolutely insisted that I have an escort. I assured him that I should have nothing to fear while I am here this afternoon."

Harry came up to greet his good friend. Kingsley gave Harry a brief hug and then he pulled an envelope out of his breast pocket from inside his robes and handed it to Harry. "The Headmistress asked me to give this to you, as she could not make it herself. She is busy with her duties at Hogwarts."

Harry quickly opened the envelope and read the short note from his former head of house. He frowned slightly as he read her apology that stated that while a get together with former students sounded like such a fun idea, the sort of thing she had never had the opportunity to participate in before, but her duties this weekend would not allow her to get away from the school. She concluded her note thanking Harry for the invitation and letting him know that she felt honoured that he would invite her to a personal family gathering.

By now the group of friends who had been joined by the minister were all gathered in the back garden. Isabella and Jonathan came out and welcomed everyone to their home, encouraging everyone to be sure to enjoy themselves for the afternoon. Then they returned into the house almost as quickly as they had come to greet everyone. Neville raised an eyebrow as he watched the couple leave the small party as he wondered what might be going on.

Draco had started a conversation with the Minister for Magic when Harry joined them. Harry spoke softly as he interrupted. "Can I have a word with you, Draco, in private," he said. Then turning to the minister he added, "My apologies Kingsley, I do not mean to be rude, but I need a few minutes with Draco." Shack gave a silent nod, indicating that all was fine as Draco then followed Harry towards the pond out back.

"What's going on, Scarhead?" asked a confused Draco.

As the two approached the edge of the pond, a disillusioned gazebo shimmered and appeared in front of the two young men. "Bloody hell, what's going on?" demanded Draco as he stared at his still silent friend.

With a large smile, Harry quietly answered, "In about ten minutes I need you and Astoria to walk down here together. The gazebo will not become visible to anyone until the two of you stand in the middle. At this point, the minister will approach and join you on the gazebo."

Draco sneered at Harry. "You invited us all here for a party and it's really going to be…"

Harry cut him off. "Yes, it is. And you're going to be my best man. And I expect that once the gazebo appears everyone will head down here to see what is going on. Then I will come out of the house. And after I arrive at the gazebo with all of you, then Daphne will come out with her parents."

Draco mouthed a silent curse at Harry. "You could have given us a little warning, you green-eyed git," he sneered, and then turned his face into a friendly smile.

"You know I really do hate publicity, despite what you and Snape claimed throughout our years at Hogwarts," added Harry. "Let's head back up to the house. 5 minutes after I head into the house, you find Astoria and head to the gazebo. Shack already knows to follow you. Then the fun will begin."

Draco shook his head as they headed back to the Greengrass Manor. "Always have to do things differently Potter," he muttered, sure that Harry heard him.

Harry patted Draco on the back as he then walked into the house. Neville's eyes followed him and looked back at Draco and then over to the pond, noticing a slight glimmer. "Oh no, I knew something was definitely going on today," he muttered.

Hannah turned to Neville and asked what he was going on about. Neville spoke quietly, "Just you wait and see, my dear, just you wait and see," as a large grin swept over his face.

Hermione thought that it was odd that so many of Harry's friends had shown up, and then the Minister for Magic had arrived. She walked over to Neville and commented on the gathering to him, "Harry and Daphne seemed to have gathered most of their friends from school." Neville nodded in agreement. "And then the Minister shows up," she added.

Neville nodded, and tried to hide his smile and then he replied, "So, what's your point?" he asked trying not to sound rude, but just curious.

"I think Harry is up to something," she stated firmly.

"Harry is always up to something," acknowledged Neville.

"Yes, but somethings not quite right here," she continued. "How come there are no Hogwarts' professors, when he has invited the Minister?"

Neville's jaw dropped. "What am I? A bubotuber? I've been teaching there."

Hermione gently squeezed Neville's shoulder, "That's not what I meant, and no I did not mean to insult you. I mean, where are Harry's favourite teachers? McGonagall? Hagrid? If Harry is planning something, then where are they?"

Neville raised an eyebrow briefly and then he calmly answered her questions. "I do believe that the headmistress is busy with her duties today, and Hagrid left last week to bring Grawp back to his homeland, wherever that is."

Hermione looked up at Neville wondering how he knew this information. Reading the questioning look on his face he replied, "Hey, I just reminded you, I work there. I actually do pay attention to things going on around me." With that he turned and walked over to chat with Hannah who had wondered over to visit with Susan. Neville noted that Harry had disappeared for a few minutes and he started to scan the crowd of friends, holding his butter beer and nodding along as he listened in on Hannah and Susan's conversation. His eyes caught Draco and Astoria walking together towards the glimmering area next tot he pond.

"Looks like whatever Harry has planned is about to unfold," he said quietly and then he took another sip from his bottle.

Hannah and Susan were about to asks what he was talking about but then turned to follow the direction of his gaze. They silently watched as Draco and Astoria approached the pond, and then a large white gazebo seemed to appear out of nowhere. Susan and Hannah both gasped. Neville chuckled as he quietly stated, "You have got to love magic!"

The group of friends then watched as Kingsley Shacklebolt walked over to the structure which had just appeared in front of them. The Minister for Magic then walked up and stood in the middle of the gazebo. Curiosity caused the group of friends to start to head over and check out the gazebo, and then they noted Harry walking out of the manor house, now dressed in fancy dress robes as he strode purposefully to take a position up on the gazebo. A few people made some comments about Harry's attire, and a couple of others openly asked what was happening. Then Hermione shrieked and covered her mouth with her hand. The other women present all turned and looked back at the house.

Walking in between her parents, Daphne Greengrass was wearing a flowing white wedding gown. The dress seemed to sparkle in the spring sun.

A hush fell over the group of friends as they realised the real reason for the get together today. Everyone paid rapt attention as the beautiful blonde young woman was escorted up on to the gazebo. Then the Minister for Magic began the wedding ceremony. In what was only a matter of minutes but seemed like an eternity to Harry and Daphne as they had been anticipating the moment, they found themselves in a passionate kiss that was finalising the ceremony.

Kingsley Shacklebolt then spoke loudly to the gathering of friends and family, "May I present to you, the Lord and Lady Potter!"

A receiving line was quickly established on the gazebo as the friends all came up to congratulate the couple.

Neville was grinning from ear to ear as he hugged Harry, "You know mate, I started to figure something was up today a little while ago. I wish you would have told us, Hannah and I would have brought a present for you."

"No worries mate," answered Harry with an equally large grin. "What matters is that you were here to be with us for this day."

George Weasley had a look of amazement on his face as he greeted Harry and Daphne. "Once again, you have proven to be a master prankster. Son of Prongs, I am honoured to have you as my business partner. I think mum might kill you for not inviting her to your wedding though."

Harry's smile turned to a frown at that comment. "I'm really not sure how well that would have worked, having your mum here. You know how much I love your family, but with everything from the past year." His voice trailed off as he finished the sentence.

George nodded, trying to hide his own sadness at the implied reference to his late sister. "You are probably right, my friend, but remember, I am truly happy for you."

"Such a serious sentiment from you?" questioned Harry returning to a more jovial tone.

"Don't let that word get out now, Harrikins," smiled George.

"He does have a reputation to uphold," added Angelina with a smile. She then turned to Daphne and gave her a big hug and a kiss, "Absolutely amazing," she said, "you really do look amazing."

Daphne blushed slightly, "Thanks, Angelina."

Before she could say anything more, Hermione had stepped forward and embraced Daphne in a hug. "I was wondering why you had decided to have so many of us over today."

"We're just surprised you hadn't figured it all out before," said Harry as he received his big from his best friend.

"So, Harry, all of this for a little lunch and a wedding?" she asked.

"No, the lunch was nothing," Harry answered with a grin. "The real party hasn't even started yet. More food, more drink, dancing and everything!"

As everyone finished their greetings to the newlyweds, they headed back to the house to find that a tent had already been erected, with tables for a sit down meal and a dance floor. The party lasted well into the evening as everyone had a marvellous time.

Finally as the reception was nearing the end, there was a dazzling light display that lit up the entire back gardens of the Greengrass Manor. A shadow briefly covered the light from the shining moon, and then a dragon alit in the middle of the clearing near the tent.

The gathered friends were all speechless at this sight. Harry then stood and spoke to the guests. "With the arrival of Saevus, our friend, it is now time for us to leave you all this evening. To each and every one of you, please know how much it means to Daphne and I that you were today to be with us for this wonderful occasion. Better friends and family cannot be found."

With those final words, Harry lead his wife over to Saevus, and the two slid onto his back. Saevus lifted his head and shot a tower of flames into the sky. Then he effortlessly leapt into the sky and flew off, whisking Harry and Daphne away to begin their life together.

The crowd all stared after the dragon as it flew off into the night sky.

"Leave it to Potter," drawled Draco, "to make an exit unlike any we have ever seen."

Monday, April 29, 2002

Monday morning Harry was sitting at the breakfast table at Potter Manor with his wife as he opened the latest edition of the Daily Prophet. He raised an eyebrow as he looked at the headlines.

Daphne noted his reaction and then queried him as to the cause of the face he was making at the paper.

Handing over the Daily Prophet he stated simply, "It appears that word got out about the events of two days ago much quicker than I had expected."

Daphne took the paper and looked at the headline:

Magical Wedding of the Century!

The Boy-Who-Wed, by Rita Skeeter.

Harry Potter marries Daphne Greengrass in secret ceremony on private estate.

Daphne then read aloud the opening section of the article:

Dear readers, I am proud to be able to share with you all the amazing news of a secret wedding that occurred just two days ago. The Boy-Who-Lived is now the Boy-Who-Wed, and Magical England's most eligible bachelor is off the market.

Rumours indicate they were accompanied by all sorts of magical creatures, that the bride arrived on a unicorn, they had a meal served to them by nymphs and satyrs, and the they flew away on a dragon.

"At least they got something right," laughed Harry.

Daphne sighed, "I see now how much you had to put up with back in school. This article is ridiculous!"

"Oh, but it is so entertaining," Harry added with a smile. "Do read me more…"

Daphne shook her head and then turned back to the paper.

"Hermione Granger, one of the original Golden Trio of Gryffindor, was obviously distraught that her one time beau from the time of the Tri-Wizard Tournament had finally completed his rejection of her, and most degrading was that The Chosen One had actually hooked up with a gold digger from the rival house of Slytherin."

Daphne screamed her frustration. "Poor Hermione, how is she going to react to this? This is so unfair!"

Harry reached out to calm his wife. "Poor Hermione? What about poor me? I didn't realise I was hooking up with a gold digger."

Daphne slapped his arm in a friendly manner as she glared at his comment. "You prat!"

"Any more juicy tidbits we missed about our wedding?" asked Harry trying to change the subject again.

"More rubbish of crazy ideas about why you had to marry me. Oh, here we go," added Daphne. "The Wedding of The Century was an amazing gala event. High ranking ministry officials did confess that they had never seen such a beautiful ceremony. One guest commented on how scared they all were when they were seemingly all about to be attacked by a savage dragon, but then the young Lord Potter tamed the beast with his wand, and rescued his terrified bride before jumping on the once savage beast and flying away together on their secret honeymoon."

"Wedding of the century?" questioned Harry. "We're only a couple of years into this century. It seems a bit premature to give such a grand description to the wedding. It's bound to change. What will they say when our children get married?"

Daphne leaned over and gave her husband a soft kiss. "When our children get married? Don't we need to work on having the children part first?" she questioned with a sparkle in her eyes.

Harry took the paper out of her hands and tossed it on the table. "I am all for that, my love," answered Harry as he then took her by the hand and led her out of the dining area and towards the stairs that lead up to their room.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002…

A young couple arrived at the gates of Greengrass Manor, and slowly pushed open the gates. The wards let them walk right up to the house. As they opened the front door to let themselves in, Isabella Greengrass was walking near the front of the house and heard the door closing gently. Investigating the cause of the noise, she quickly found herself face to face with her eldest daughter and her newest son-in-law.

"What about your honeymoon?" asked a surprised Isabella Greengrass.

"We will begin that soon, mum, and we will be travelling for at least a month. However, Harry has some important things to do before we leave, so we decided to deal with a few things locally before we leave." Daphne hugged her mother as she explained why they were still in England.

Harry and Daphne followed her mother into the dining area. As they sat down together, Isabella called for one of the house elves to fetch them some tea. "Well, I presume you have read the paper already then," she stated calmly but with a slight irritation that she could not hide from her daughter.

"Yes, we have," replied Harry, "it was quite the entertaining piece of fiction. The writer didn't seem to get much right beyond who was married and the day it happened."

Hearing a conversation was underway, the Lord Greengrass walked into the dining area, surprised to see his daughter and his newest son-in-law. "This is a pleasant surprise," he said as he walked up and shook Harry's hand before turning to hug Daphne. "I heard voices down here and I was curious as to what was going on. So, did the newlyweds get bored already?"

Daphne blushed and Harry laughed in response. "No, not bored at all," answered Harry with a grin. "Actually, as Daphne was saying when we arrived, there are a few things we need to take care of before we leave, so we decided we would spend part of the time visiting with you, Mum and Dad, before we depart for places unknown for the next month."

A tear came to Isabella's eye at hearing Harry call her Mum. She looked over at her husband who seemed surprised but pleased to hear Harry use those terms for him and his wife.

Harry noted the reaction and quickly offered an explanation. "I never really had anyone to call Mum or Dad," he began, "my parents died before I could remember anything about them. I have been able to see them in pensive memories, as well in a variety of unusual circumstances, such as coming out of Riddle's wand during the duel at the graveyard when he was resurrected, and on my way to face Riddle in the Forbidden Forest. So while I have learned about my parents, I still haven't had a mother or father. Mrs. Weasley thought she could be my mother, in her own bizarre way, but the support I have found in you two, the love and care I have seen you have given to your two daughters, it would make me proud to be able to call you Mum and Dad."

Isabella silently got up out of her chair and engulfed Harry in a hug. Wiping a tear from her eye she added, "I know I feel honoured that you would choose to call me Mum."

Jonathan stood by his wife's side as he too commented to Harry about his explanation for his use of the titles Mum and Dad. "You have been a trusting business partner, and honest young man, and noble in your actions towards our daughter. You have done so much for our family, I know I am honoured to call you son." Trying to forestall and further emotional outbursts, Jonathan reached our and shook Harry's hand and then he pulled him into a brief but tight hug.

After a moment of awkward silence, Jonathan spoke up again. "Well, I suppose this is not just a simple social call."

Harry nodded solemnly. "Actually, I do have some rather important business to discuss with you this morning…"

Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Ministry of Magic

It was early in the morning when Jonathan Greengrass was accompanying his son-in-law into the ministry building. As they passed through security the reaction was one of surprise by many to see the "Boy-Who-Lived" entering. His well tailored robes that clearly showed his house crest were not the give away, but the tell tale mop of unruly black hair and emerald green eyes separated by the legendary lightning bolt scar. It was always the scar that drew the unwanted attention to the young man, ever since he was eleven years old and first was introduced to the world of witches and wizards and entered the Leaky Cauldron with Hagrid. The staring still made Harry uncomfortable.

"Do you have a meeting today?" asked the man at the security desk.

Harry fidgeted on his feet, as he still felt uncomfortable every time he entered the Ministry of Magic. Too many unpleasant memories for him, be it his trial before his 5th year for underage use of magic, be it the end of his 5th year with the battle at the Department of Mysteries culminating with facing Riddle here in the main lobby, or during what would have been his 7th year when they used polyjuice potion to sneak in and recover the locket from Umbridge. Harry thought that he had not had any pleasant memories associated with coming to the Ministry of Magic.

Jonathan Greengrass answered with a stern rebuke, "I was not aware that the Ministry of Magic was now requiring all visitors to have an appointment." He paused as the wizard's jaw dropped slightly as he prepared a rebuttal, but Lord Greengrass did not give him the opportunity to respond. "Besides, as lords and seated members of the Wizengamot, I did not think we needed to give anyone an explanation for our coming to the ministry, least of all you."

The man quickly checked their wands and muttered silently to himself. As Harry and Jonathan were leaving the area, Jonathan turned back and quietly intoned, "Have a pleasant day," to the very flustered guard.

Jonathan then led Harry up to the office for the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot. As they walked into the waiting area, they were not surprised to see Daniel Mackenzie, Harry's solicitor waiting for them. The wizard lawyer quickly stood and greeted both Harry and Jonathan, and then they approached the desk for the secretary for the Chief Warlock. Before either Harry or Jonathan could say anything, the young witch quickly stated "I already explained to the solicitor that the Chief Warlock is not available and there is no way that you will be able to meet with him today." Her tone was cold. Then she looked up and noticed that one of the three men standing in front of her was Harry Potter. Her expression changed from terse to flirty as she blushed at recognising the hero of magical Britain.

Jonathan's voice drew her attention away from staring at Harry's scar. "I do believe that if you would just listen to what we have to say you would realise that we do not need the Chief Warlock. We merely need to register with his office formal proxies for any votes in the Wizengamot that may come up."

The woman slid her chair back slightly away from the intimidating glare of Lord Greengrass. "Oh," was all she managed to squeak out.

"My friend, Mr. Mackenzie, has all of the appropriate forms, completed and duly notarised," he continued as the solicitor removed several sheets of parchment from his briefcase.

The secretary promptly took the forms and started to look through them. After a minute she looked up at the men in front of her. "I will see that Mr. Diggory receives these as soon as possible," she stated, trying to regain her composure.

"I expect to receive notification from the Chief Warlock within two days' time that this request has been received and accepted," replied Lord Greengrass in a slightly friendlier tone.

The young woman scanned the forms once more and then replied, "Well, everything seems to be in order. Lord Potter has designated Lord Greengrass as his proxy in all matters before the Wizengamot when he cannot attend in person, his second proxy would be Lord Longbottom. The proxy for Lord Greengrass will be established first as Lord Potter, and second as Lord Black. Lord Black is requesting proxies of Lord Potter followed by Lord Greengrass if he is not available."

Jonathan smiled at the young witch. "Now, that wasn't too hard, now was it? Have a nice day miss."

With that, the three men left the office and went to have lunch together at a muggle pub down the street.

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