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High School

Chapter One

Gohan and Mirai sat inhaling their breakfast as Bulma gave them a lecture. If you want to know, Goten and Trunks were off reeking havoc somewhere in the building, Gosen was headed toward the kitchen for food, and Vegeta was, as usual, in the GR.

"Whatever you do, don't show off your powers! And pay attention to your studies, and don't pick fights."

"We know, Mom," Mirai stated. "You told us all this last night."

"We'll be fine, Bulma." Gohan assured her.

"I know, I know. But still."

Gohan checked his watch. "Mirai, we better get going. We have to go to school like normal humans. Bye Bulma."

"I love you, Mom, bye."

The boys left in the direction of the school. They walked on for a few minutes, talking and laughing. Neither boy had been to a high school before. They were discussing what they thought it would be like when they heard gunfire.

Both boys immediately ran into a nearby alley and transformed. They sped off toward where the sound originated, a bank. The police had created a blockade with their cars and seemed to be waiting for something. Not stopping to find out what, the boys charged into the building. A few minutes later, they emerged carrying the unconscious would-be robbers and were followed out by the slightly shaken up hostages.

The boys dropped the robbers in front of the cops and took off toward the nearest alley. "Mirai! We're going to be late for school!"

"Crap, looks like powering down isn't an option."

They then proceeded toward Orange Star High School. They stopped at an alley close to the school and powered down. They ran at human speed the rest of the way, walking through the front door just in time to hear the first bell ring.

The two cried out in slight pain and flinched, their saiyan ears picking up the sound a lot easier than anyone else's. This earned a curious glance or two as students hurried off to homeroom.

"Hey!" Trunks called to a passing student.

The boy stopped and looked a little irritated. He had long blonde hair and wore a black muscle shirt that showed off slightly tone muscles. "What?"

"Where's the main office?"

He pointed to the hall behind him. "Down that hall. First door on the right."

"Thanks!" the two called as they headed off in the direction the boy pointed.

"Dorks," the boy scoffed and continued to homeroom.

Mirai and Trunks stopped at the door the boy had told them was the main office. Sure enough, there was a sign over the door that said clearly 'Main Office.'The two half saiyans walked in.

"Hello, Ma'am," Gohan's voice was calm and polite. "We're new here. We were told to come pick up our schedules. My name is Gohan Son and this is Mirai Briefs."

The receptionist smiled politely. She picked up two pieces of paper that sat on her desk in front of them. She held the papers out, one to each of them. "Here are your schedules, your student guide should be here any minute. She seems to have been held up."

"Thank you," the boys returned the smile she was giving them. They looked down at their identical schedules.






English A.P.

K. Davis




Y. Lancer



History A.P.

E. Johnson







Geometry A.P.

P. Colons



Biology A.P.

T. Rogers



Spanish A.P.

J. Jacobson


A minute later, a girl walked in. She seemed to be mad about something. She had black hair that was pulled into pigtails and wore a long, white shirt and black pants. She glared at the two new students.

"Sorry, Videl, but you had all the same classes as both of them."

"It's okay."

Gohan smiled pleasantly. "Hello, I'm Gohan, this is Mirai." He extended a hand. "It's nice to meet you." She shook his hand with a slightly suspicious look.

"Ditto," Mirai also held out his hand.

That's weird. They don't seem to know who I am.Videl's thoughts were interrupted by Mirai.

"Uh, shouldn't we get to class?"

"Yes, it's this way." She turned sharply and stalked out of the room.

The teenagers exchanged a look before following the obviously annoyed Videl.

Videl led them to a classroom and took a seat beside a pretty blonde girl and the boy the two had stopped earlier.

"Class!" the teacher called. "Meet our two new students. This is Gohan Son and Mirai Briefs. They both received perfect scores on their entrance exams. I hope you all learn from their example." The class began whispering amongst themselves. "Boys, there are two empty seats in front of Videl and Erasa. You can sit there."

The boys smiled and walked over to the seats. Erasa leaned forward, "Hi! I'm Erasa! This is Sharpner and Videl. It's nice to meet you!" Her voice was high pitched and it bothered the demi-saiyan's ears.

"Gohan," he smiled at the bubbly blonde.

"Mirai." Mirai turned to the front of the classroom.

"So," Erasa said, leaning forward a bit to talk to the new kids, "do you know who Videl's daddy is?"

"No," the teens replied together. Mirai didn't turn.

"Hercule Satan!" The two gave her twin blank looks.

"Who?" they asked.

Gohan frowned. "Mirai, why does that name sound familiar?"He asked over a telepathic link.

"I don't know, Gohan."

The boys frowned in thought. "Hercule Satan..." Gohan muttered.

"Wait! Isn't he that idiot that tried to fight Cell before we did? You know, the one masquerading as the strongest man on Earth?"Mirai asked him telepathically.

"Yeah, I think that's it!"

The trio seemed to finally recover. "The world champ, Mr. Satan! You have to know who he is."

The boys blinked. "Yes, we know who he is. We also knowwhathe is."

"What is my dad?" Videl asked, letting her anger color her voice.

The boys smirked and turned around, pretending to pay attention to the teacher. Erasa wasn't quite done talking though.

"So, have you two heard about the Gold Fighters?"

"The Gold Fighters?" Mirai asked without turning around. They figured it would be better to attempt to ignore them to make sure nothing else slipped out, but Mirai couldn't help himself.

"The two Gold Fighters that stopped the bank robbery this morning."

Both boys turned around sharply, shock and slight fear on their faces, "What?"

Erasa laughed. "Yeah, I know. It was amazing! They just went into the bank and came out seconds later with the robbers then took off."

The boys turned around and leaned closer for a consultation.

"We so shouldn't have done that!" Mirai hissed.

"I know, Bulma's going to kill us. Not to mention what she'll have your dad do." Both boys shuddered at the thought.

"We can't do that again."

"What if we just get disguises? Do you think your mom will go for that?"

"Maybe, but we'll have to ask at just the right moment in just the right way."

"What are you two nerds talking about?"

"Nothing important to a tough guy like you." Luckily, Sharpner didn't notice Mirai's sarcasm on the words 'tough guy,' luckily for Sharpner that is.

"So, nerds, where do you go next?"

"Why? Trying to make sure you avoid us? Can't be hard considering that you're the type to focus on being big and tough but ignore any kind of studies."

He snorted. "And how would you know? I could—"

"Sharpner! Since you seem to already know all this stuff, why don't you answer number three?"

Sharpner looked down at the book. "What are we doing?"

"Three Sharpner. He just told you that," Mirai told him with a grin.

"Oh, right. Uh..." He stared uncomprehendingly at the page. "I don't know, Mr. Davis."

"And why don't you know?"

"I wasn't paying attention."

"Okay then, I want an one-page essay about paying attention in class on my desk by tomorrow. Gohan, would you or Mirai care to answer number three?"

Gohan glanced at the page. "The verb is ran and the noun is Kate."

"Really? Nouns and verbs? I thought this was high school."

"Sadly, Mirai, it is. I looked through the book, it doesn't get much better. I could do this stuff before I was five."

"Not everyone's a nerd like you, Gohan."

"How did you get in this class anyway, Sharpner. This is the advanced course if I'm not mistaken," Mirai inserted. He was having fun with the 'Sharpner is dumb' jokes.

"What makes you think I'm not smart enough to be in here?"

"Oh, based on the expectations this book gave me, I'm not all that surprised."

"Oh, it's not that bad Mirai. At least there isn't an explo—" BOOM!"Mirai, did Bulma sign the Three Terrors up for school too?"

"Y-yeah." They turned to each other.

"One, two, three," they called together, getting into a paper, rock, scissors war. "Tie go again. One, two, three..."

"No," Mirai whined. "Didn't I go last time?"

"You lost fair and square."

"What are you two going on about?" Videl asked.

They looked at each other, then at Videl. "Nothing!"

They turned back toward the front. "Their teacher can sort it out," Mirai stated.

"Let's just hope that wasn't Trunks's idea of an escape plan." They both shuddered at the mental image of Trunks and Goten attacking their teachers...and them getting punished for it because they 'set a bad example.'

"What's your next class?" Sharpner asked again.

"Their next class will probably be P.E. with us, Sharpner. I'm their student guide, remember?"

"CLASS!" The teacher had to yell to be heard over the class. Silence slowly fell in the room. "I just received a wonderful message from the principal. He just got off the phone with the head of Capsule Corp and she has finally agreed to take a class on a tour of the facility."

"NO!" The demi-saiyans yelled without thinking. They slid down in their seats.

"How could Bulma do that to us?"

"What's your problem, boys? Scared of meeting somereal scientists?" Sharpner asked.

Gohan looked up helplessly at him. "No, we're scared of the school going to Capsule Corp."

"Why would that scare you? Are you afraid the whole school is going to embarrass you or something?"

"Gohan, why are you on first name basis with the head of Capsule Corp.?" Videl asked, picking up on his word choice.

"Come up and get your permission slips, the trip will be Wednesday." The boys groaned.

"Well, Gohan?"

"You'll see," Gohan answered with a morbid tone.

Videl, Sharpner, and Erasa went to the front to get their permission slips. "Aren't you two going to get permission slips?" Erasa gushed.

"No," they replied.

"We won't need them," Mirai stated in a tortured voice.

"You'll see why on Wednesday," Gohan put his head down in defeat.

Before Videl could question them further, the bell rang. The boys let out slight cries of pain and covered their ears.

"Perk up boys, gym won't be that bad!" Erasa told them, poking their sides. The boys looked up.

"That's not it, Erasa." Gohan groaned, standing up. "But it isn't helping either."

The two new students followed Videl and company to the gym. They were in for a bit of a surprise. When they entered the gym, the group immediately separated. The boys went to the boys' locker room and the girls to the girls' locker room.

Mirai and Gohan pulled out the gym clothes Bulma had given them. Mirai's was a dark blue gi with a white undershirt and belt. Gohan's was an orange gi with a dark blue undershirt and belt, just like his father's. The boys changed quickly into their gym clothes and walked back out into the gym.

They stood awkwardly as everyone stared at their well-toned arms. Just then, the gym teacher walked in. "Okay everyone! Time for roll!" Shock crossed the demi-saiyans' faces as the recognized the voice and the chi that went with it. The gym teacher, who had been looking down at the clipboard in his hand, stopped. He looked up toward where he sensed two powerful and familiar chis. "Impossible."

His eyes landed on Gohan and Mirai, "That's what we're thinking Krillin. Since when are you a gym teacher?"

Krillin gaped at them for a moment before recovering. "Since 18 decided I needed a job. Since when have you two gone to high school?"

"Since today," Mirai responded.

"Well, I suppose you two at least will enjoy the next month."


"It's all martial arts, all month."

"Well, that will be both fun and horrible at the same time, won't it Gohan?"

Gohan only sighed in response. "Krillin—"

"Sorry, Gohan, but it's Mr. Lancer at school."

"Okay then, Mr. Lancer, shouldn't you be calling roll?"

"Oh, right okay then." Krillin proceeded to call roll while Videl glared at the two new students.

I don't get it! How do they know Mr. Lancer? And what did he mean by 'fun and horrible at the same time'? I'm going to figure those two out. Videl's thoughts were interrupted by her name being called. "Here!" she called before returning to her thoughts. And how come they look so strong? I thought they were supposed to be nerds.

"Okay, class!" Mr. Lancer called, pulling Videl out of her revery, again. "This month is the Martial Arts Unit. Now, let me see hands, who knows martial arts?" Videl, Sharpner, Mirai, and Gohan rose their hands. "So few? Oh, well, I need a volunteer. Who wants to spar to let the class see their technique?" Mirai, Gohan, and Sharpner's hands immediately dropped. "Okay then, Videl, choose one of the other three that raised their hands to spar with you."

Videl's eyes looked between Mirai and Gohan. "I pick, Gohan."

Gohan groaned slightly and made his way toward the ring painted in the center of the gym. He stepped into the ring and Videl stood facing him.

"Ready? Begin!" Krillin called.

Both teens dropped into fighting stances. That's impossible! I can't see a single opening in his stance!

Wow! Only one opening! That's pretty impressive for someone who hasn't had any good training. Gohan smirked, "Whenever you're ready Videl."

Videl glared. He's cocky, giving me the first move? Idiot. Whatever, it's his funeral. Videl shot forward.

Gohan shook his head. He dropped down and swung his foot out and tripped her. She fell on her side, hard. "Don't leave your feet unguarded, Videl." She pushed herself to her feet and glared at her opponent. He sighed, thinking he should figure out how she fought so he didn't hurt her. He lowered into his stance. "Okay, Videl, let's try again. Whenever you're ready."

Videl ran at him and threw a right uppercut at him. He blocked it easily. She followed it with a left punch, attempting to hit his face. Again, he blocked it effortlessly. Her face contorted in anger.

"Careful, getting angry like that can be dangerous in a fight," he informed her.

She threw a knee into his gut but he stopped it with his hand. Then, he bounced backward. Videl followed.

"She's got a pretty good technique," Krillin commented absently to Mirai.

"Yeah, but she's not thinking clearly enough. She needs to learn how to control her emotions in a fight."

Krillin nodded, still watching the fight.

Back in the ring, Gohan had figure out Videl's rhythm and style. He moved close to the edge of the ring. Videl threw a right punch at his face, but Gohan moved out of the way, to his left. He put his hands together and hit her as lightly as he could on the back, knocking her down. She landed just outside the ring.

Everyone stared in amazement. "Well, done!" Krillin called, walking over to them.

Gohan smiled down at her. "That was a pretty good fight." He extended a hand to help her up.

Videl glared and pushed herself to her feet, ignoring his hand. "That was amazing, Videl!" Krillin told her with a proud smile. "There aren't many martial artists that can keep up that well with a Son."

She glared. "Yeah, yeah. You're only saying that because I lost." She frowned. "I was hoping to enter the World Martial Arts Tournament but I guess I'm not ready yet."

"No, you're more than ready to face the competition of the Tournament."

"I couldn't even beat Gohan!"

"Videl, I am a much better martial artist than almost any other person on this planet, and I couldn't lay a finger on Gohan unless he let me. Trust me, all you need is a little Kame style training and you'll amaze even yourself in that tournament. Now, everyone! That's all the time we have today! Get dressed!"

Everyone went to the locker rooms to change back into their school clothes. The rest of the day went on without a hitch.

Gohan and Mirai sat staring at the clock in their Spanish class. "Come on, come on," Gohan muttered. It was one minute until three and they were anxious to leave.

"Don't forget we have to pick up the Terrors after school."

Gohan groaned, not taking his eyes of the clock. "Wonderful, that means we'll probably get to hear about whatever mischief they caused today."

Mirai sighed. "Ten more seconds..." The bell rang. The two demi-saiyans were out of their seats and out the door before the rest of the class had stood up.

"Come on, Erasa! Let's go see where they're going." Videl stood and quickly followed the new students with Erasa on her heels.

Erasa chased Videl until she stopped outside. "Videl, I have to pick my little brother up!"

Videl was looking around, trying to find Mirai and Gohan. She finally spotted them heading off in the direction of Orange Star Elementary. "It's okay, Erasa. They're walking toward the elementary."

"Okay," the bubbly blonde agreed. The two girls headed off behind Mirai and Gohan, keeping a safe distance. Even though this kept them from getting caught, they also couldn't hear the conversation of the two teenagers in front of her.

The elementary school wasn't far, just around the block. The girls walked up just in time to see a little girl squeal "Gohan!" loudly and run at the mysterious youth. The little girl was really short, probably in kindergarten or pre-k, she had long, black hair and pretty black eyes (she looks just like Chichi in Dragonball but a little shorter). She jumped up off the ground right into Gohan's arms, knocking him backward a step. Gohan laughed. Videl and Erasa were now close enough to hear the conversation.

"Hey there, Squirt," Gohan laughed. "How was your day?"

The girl immediately started into a story of how her day had been, but she was talking so fast that neither Videl nor Erasa could understand a word. Suddenly, another kid noticed Gohan and another squeal of "Gohan!" sounded. A little boy with spiky black hair and black eyes ran up. He looked the same age as the girl. He ran and jumped into Gohan's arms beside the girl.

"Whoa!" Gohan yelped, almost falling down. The girl was still telling Gohan about her day. "Hey, Gosen, have you two had sugar today?"

She slowed her speech. "No," the girl, Gosen, told her brother with wide, innocent eyes.

Mirai, groaned. "Wonderful, the Three Terrors on a sugar high."

Then, a little boy, a little older than the two that had jumped on Gohan, ran up. He had lavender hair, just like Mirai. In fact, the two looked exactly a like except for the age difference. He stopped in front of the boy that was obviously his brother. "Hey, Mirai."

"Hey, Trunks. Are you guys ready to go?"

"Yes!" Goten, Gosen, and Trunks replied quickly.

The boys raised their eyebrows. That was when Videl and Erasa decided to walk up.

"Hey Gohan, Mirai." The two girls greeted them with smiles.

Gohan and Mirai turned at the sound of their names. "Oh, hey Videl, Erasa," Gohan said with a smile.

"Who are they?" She asked, referring to the kids in his arms.

"Oh, these are my little brother and sister, Gosen and Goten."

"Hi, I'm Gosen!" the little girl said cheerfully.

"I'm Goten!" the boy spoke with as much cheer as his sister.

"Yeah, Gohan just said that," the little lavender haired boy said whilst rolling his eyes.

"And that would be Trunks, my little brother," Mirai said blandly.

"Nice to meet you all. How old are you?"

"Four!" Goten and Gosen called together.

Again, Trunks rolled his eyes at his friends. "Five."

The group heard a slight cough from Gohan's left. They turned to see two very worn-out looking teachers. "Are you Goten and Gosen's brother?" asked one.

"Are you Trunks's brother?" asked the other.

"Yes," they responded with dread. "What did they do?"

"Well, Gosen and Goten destroyed my classroom."

"And Trunks broke another student's nose and arm."

Both teens sighed and looked at their siblings. "You do realize we have to tell Bulma and Vegeta right?"

"No, no, no! Please, please don't Gohan! We'll be good from now on we promise!" Goten whined.

"Sorry, Squirt, but they'll find out one way or another and it would be better for everyone if we just told them today," Gohan told them sympathetically.

Mirai looked at the teacher, "Well, it is your fault as much as it is theirs. I bet Mom warned you not to give them sugar but you did anyway." He shook his head.

Gosen let out a long, catlike yawn. "Lucky us, they're starting to crash." Goten yawned too and Trunks's eyes drooped a bit.

Mirai picked him up. "Come on, Trunks, let's go home." Goten and Gosen closed their eyes and yawned again.

"Night night, Gohan," Gosen yawned.

"Night, guys." Seconds later the twin half saiyans were asleep and Trunks was on the verge of it.

A little boy walked up to the group. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. "Hey, Erasa! Is it time to go?"

"Yes, Caleb, it's time to go. Bye, guys." Erasa took her little brother's hand and headed off toward home.

Gohan smiled and Mirai waved. Then they set off in the direction of Capsule Corp. They walked as quietly and smoothly as possible, they didn't want the Terrors to get woken up from their nap because they would be grumpy. Videl followed quietly behind, unnoticed by the two teenaged demi-saiyans.

It was twenty minutes before Capsule Corp. came into view. The boys smiled and picked up the pace a little, careful not to wake the sleeping children. As Gohan and Mirai walked up the drive of Capsule Corp., Videl's eyes widened in shock.

No way! They know the Briefs?Videl thought. Wait, his name is Mirai Briefs. So he's related to the Briefs family. I guess that explains why they seemed so upset about the trip to Capsule Corp. I wonder how he's related to Bulma Briefs. She turned and headed toward Satan Mansion.

Inside, Gohan and Trunks carried their siblings to their rooms and sat them on their beds. Then, they searched for Bulma's chi; she was in one of the labs. The boys headed off to tell her about their siblings adventures in elementary school.

"THEY DID WHAT?" Bulma screeched when they told her. "I AM GOING TO KILL THEM!"

The two boys swallowed hard. "Come on, Bulma. Let them sleep for now. Besides, they were on a sugar high and you know how they get." Gohan's voice was hesitant and slightly fearful.

"Fine!" she growled. "They can sleep for now, but when they wake up they will be in deep trouble! I think I might just let Vegeta give them a little extra training." There was a slightly evil glint in her eye.

The boys shared a slightly worried glance.

"So how was your day?"

"Horribly boring. Mom taught me all this stuff before I was Goten's age."

"I bet gym made it all the better," Mirai said sarcastically.

"What happened in gym? Did one of you show off your powers?" She sounded like she was on the verge of more anger.

"No, but Krillin's our teacher. And this month is the martial arts unit so Krillin thought a spar would be a good idea. So I had to fight the daughter of that phoney Hercule without showing how strong I was or hurting her."

"And of course the announcement about the field trip to Capsule Corp. this Wednesday didn't help." There was a glare on Mirai's face.

Bulma smiled. "I bet your class was excited about that. Orange Star has been trying to schedule that trip for a few years. I thought it would be helpful to let your new classmates see you at home."

"Are you forgetting Vegeta? And the Three Terrors? Are you trying to get everyone to hate us?"

"Vegeta has promised to behave and I'm sure you two will have the Terrors under close surveillance."


"WE HAVE TO CHANGE FIRST!" Mirai hollered back.


The boys took off full speed to their rooms and replaced their school clothes with their training gis. They ran straight to the gravity room, barely making Vegeta's time limit.

They entered the room to find Vegeta beside the controls with his arms crossed. "And the fun begins," Vegeta said with a smirk as he set the gravity to 500 and turned it on.

Three hours later, all three saiyans stumbled out looking beaten and bruised. They hobbled off toward the medical lab and began tending to their injuries. They weren't bad enough off to require the regeneration tank, but they were pretty bad.

When they finished with that, they headed off to the dining room for dinner. They sat down just as the cooking robot put the plates on the table. A new-found energy possessed the saiyans when they saw the food. They began eating at an inhuman rate, shoveling in food as fast as they could get their hands on it. After dinner, the boys decided to go to bed a bit early.