High School

Chapter Eight

The group walked to where the kids were supposed to meet to participate in the preliminaries for the Junior Tournament. Chichi knelt next to the twins who were smiling at her. "Now you two be careful not to hurt the other kids too much, okay? Your dad and I can't wait to see you fight. Oh! I can't believe I missed four years of my babies' lives!"

They smiled twin Son Smiles. "It's okay, Mommy!" they assured her before giving her a hug.

"We'll come see you guys before the quarterfinals start okay?" Goku gave them a Son Smile of his own. "Come on, Chi, we'll be late." He reached down and ruffled their hair before leaving with the others to go use the punch-o-matic. The twins glared after him while they messed with their hair.

"Come on, Terrors, we have to get in there before they start without us. I sure hope we don't get put up against each other before the real thing starts."

Gosen grinned. "We won't." Gohan looked down at her to ask her how she knew that but remembered that she had trained with Piccolo and Chiaotzu a lot and Piccolo had told him she was pretty good with telepathic skills and that was about the best compliment anyone ever got from the Namek.

"Only to make sure we're not against each other," he ordered.

"I know, Nii-chan!"

With the Adults:

They walked toward the area that had been cleared for adults. When they approached, a large group of reporters swarmed them. "Are you the real Cell Games fighters?"

"Yes, we —"

"Did you really think you could beat Cell?"

"Did you not have faith in Mr. Satan?"

"Where did you two get those amazing headpieces?"

"These aren't headpieces," Goku answered, confused. "Their halos, you get them when you die. See—"

"Kakarott!" Vegeta snapped.


"Why did you all go to the Cell Games?"

"Why did you send The Delivery Boy out to fight Cell?"


"SHUT THE HELL UP!" Vegeta thundered in a very Vegeta like voice. "We went to the damn Cell Games because Hercule Satan in an incompetent idiot and couldn't be trusted to deal with Cell."

"But he did beat Cell! What do you have to say to that?"

"That fool didn't beat Cell, Kakarott's brat did. Now shut the hell up and get out of my way before I blast you all to hell!" The reporters immediately dove out of the way and the gang walked through.

"You didn't have to be so mean, Ve —Prince."

"Yes I did, Kakarott. I learned that from the past few years with the woman," he growled as they stopped in the area where they were to use the punch-o-matic. Everyone stayed away from them as the aura Vegeta and Piccolo radiated was terrifying. They stood calmly beside the machine as they waited for the monks to announce they were to start.
"Okay!" the monk in charge shouted. "First, to get an idea of the calibration of the machine, welcome Hercule Satan!" Mr. Satan strode out and gave victory poses as he walked down to the punch-o-matic. He made a big show of hitting the machine. "Wow! Mr. Satan has gotten a whopping 135!" Several cheers sounded from the Hercule Lovers of the group.

Vegeta laughed. "Ha! That oaf can only score that high!" He continued to laugh.

"Well, let's see how you do..."

"Prince. I'll gladly show you how superior I am." He strode in front of the machine.

"Wait! Prince, if you destroy it now we won't get a chance to use it and we might miss the twins' fights!" Chichi objected.

"How about we all go and then you can show everyone how much more powerful you are than them," Krillin suggested, hoping to avoid a fight.

Vegeta smirked. "Sure, Baldie."

"I'll go first. Are you okay with that?" he asked the monk in charge. "If we go first?"

"Uh...I guess so?" his statement sounded more like a question.

Krillin smiled. "Good, so I'm first. Uh...how about we go Eighteen, Jackie, Harpy, Midget, Triclops, Bandit, Kakarott, Majunior, and Prince?"

"Sounds good, Kr —Baldie."

"Kakarott, you know the point of aliases is so as to not let people know our real names, right?" Vegeta asked him.

"I'm trying, V —Prince!" Vegeta only glared at him.

"Okay, I guess I'll start." Krillin walked in front of the machine.

"Hey kid! You know you're supposed to be with the junior competitors, right?" someone shouted.

"I AM NOT A KID! I AM 36 YEARS OLD!" he shouted before turning around and punching the machine lightly...well, it was lightly for him.

"578!" someone shouted in astonishment.

"It can't have uncalibrated so fast." A monk sated in confusion.

"Can you hit again, sir?" Krillin did as he was asked. The screen read '592'. "Um, Mr. Satan, would you mind hitting the machine again as well?"


"What gives you the right to call me a phoney?" Hercule asked him.

"I was at the Cell Games, weakling. I saw Kakarott's brat kill the damned bug." Everyone stared at him in disbelief, except Hercule whose face had paled.

"But that kid would have had to be eleven at the time!" one of the monks shouted.

"He is a saiyan warrior! It is expected of them to be stronger than you weaklings that call yourselves human."

"What's a saiyan?" Vegeta gave a full out death glare to the man that asked that. The man jumped back.

"If it will make you weaklings shut up, then by all means let the head weakling punch the machine again." Hercule swallowed before doing a victory pose and punching the machine again. The screen read 135 once again. "See, I told you. Now get out of the way and let the warriors punch the machine." Everyone stared in shock as Eighteen scored a '600', Roshi scored a '200', Chichi scored a '547', Chiaotzu scored a '445', Tien scored a '586', Yamcha scored a '454', Goku scored a '722', and Piccolo scored a '674'.

"My turn." Vegeta announced as he stepped in front of the machine.

"You guys do have a spare, right?" Goku asked, trying to be considerate as always.

"Yes, why?" He found out a second later when the machine shot backward and busted into several very small pieces when it hit the concrete wall. "Oh," the monk's eyes widened.

"We're going to watch the brats. We will see you when they win." He turned and led the Z Warriors (and Chichi) to the stadium. They stood at the top but were able to see everything perfectly thanks to their saiyan eyesight.

The blonde announcer that had seen so many spectacular fights jumped onstage. He had just heard about the actual Cell Games fighters being part of the tournament and was ecstatic. It'll be just like old times! Back when little Goku entered. Oh, I bet he's one of those fighters, especially after I saw those kids with tails. They must be his kids. Oh, I can't wait! "Hello everyone and welcome to the Junior Tournament of the 26th World Martial Arts Tournament! We have some amazing young fighters competing today! I have been told that two of them were at the Cell Games with the mysterious fighters, one of which being the young Delivery Boy that battled against Cell himself! Three more are their siblings! Not to mention the young Videl Satan who is nearly as good as her father!" The announcer's voice boomed through the speakers. "First to take the stage is one of the Cell Games fighters, Hero, and Miss Videl Satan!"

The two teens stepped into the stage and turned to face one another. "I know that you're either Gohan and Mirai, so which is it?"

"I have no idea who you're talking about."

"You have to be Mirai, then. Gohan isn't so good at flat out lying." They turned to face each other. "Be sure to let Gohan know I'm going to be holding him to his promise."

"BEGIN!" Videl took advantage of Mirai's apparent confusion but the half-saiyan side-stepped her punch.

"Ready to lose, Videl?"

"I'm not the one that's going to lose."

"Would you like it embarrassing or would you rather I let you show off a bit?"

"You're not going to beat me!" Videl spun around and sent a right toward Mirai's face.

"Embarrassing it is then." He grabbed her arm and flipped her over his shoulder. When she passed the edge of the ring, Mirai turned away because he assumed she'd just fall. Videl didn't fall, however, thanks to Gohan. She floated in the air just past the edge of the stage and brought herself back. She turned around to see Mirai's back to her and her vision gained a red tint to it.

"THIS ISN'T OVER YET, HERO!" she shouted, stopping herself at the last second from calling him 'Mirai'. He turned around and was shocked to find her just behind him. She punched him squarely in the jaw an the sound of cracking bones could be heard if you were close enough or had saiyan or namekian hearing. Videl jumped back, cradling her hand and muttering a long string of curses. Mirai lifted her and tossed her out of the ring. She tried to stop herself but realized she couldn't fight with a broken hand.

Gohan strode out of the building the competitors were waiting in and shot Mirai a glare before handing Videl a Sensu Bean. "Eat it," he ordered and turned around, not waiting to see if his order was obeyed. Knowing it was Gohan, Videl put the bean in her mouth and swallowed. Her eyes widened. The pain was gone.

She clenched her hand into a fist and then released it as she walked back into the building behind the other two. "It's healed," she whispered. When she walked in, she looked over to see both Gohan and Mirai watching her. Gohan lifted a hand and motioned for her to come to him.

He waited until she was right beside him to speak. "So, Hero here told me you figured us out. I sure hope you don't tell because you're world is going to be turned upside down by the end of this tournament. I just want to apologize now. We've decided to reveal your father's big secret and it's going to very nearly destroy your life as well."

"I'm still not sure about you knowing who we are but Delivery Boy here seems to think its inevitable. He also thinks you can be trusted with the information. You had better not prove him wrong." Mirai pushed off the wall and went over to congratulate Goten on his quick win and to wish Gosen and Maron luck in their fight.

The girls walked out to the ring happily. They took their places facing each other and could hear people calling this tournament a set up because their teenaged kids hadn't made it but these two children had. "Hey, what do you say we give the audience something to look at? Keep it slow enough they can see."

Maron grinned, she understood her friend's desire to show off and she herself wanted to do the same. "Sounds fun. I say we show those parents just who they're dealing with."

"BEGIN!" the announcer shouted after he had gotten off the stage. He just knew this would be a fight to remember.

Both girls dropped into their fighting stances, Maron's was reminiscent of her father's obviously turtle style stance and Gosen's was a slightly altered version of the one Gohan used when he was her age. Grins appeared on their faces just before they shot forward at an extremely fast but human speed. The spectators that had been calling the tournament a hoax watched in awe along with everyone else as they realized that most of the adult fighters wouldn't have stood a chance against their speed and skill.

Gosen threw a right punch toward Maron's face but the other girl caught it with her left hand before throwing her own right punch at Gosen who mimicked her friend's movement and caught the girl's hand. Gosen brought her left leg up and kneed Maron hard in the stomach causing the girl to release her hand and double over slightly. Taking advantage of Maron's moment of weakness, Gosen swung her around, trying to throw her out of the ring.

Maron, however, wasn't planning on losing so easily. She put her hands on the tile floor of the ring and pushed herself straight up, flipping over as she did so. Gosen didn't plan on allowing the other girl to land smoothly however and sent masenko blast at the falling youth. Maron flew out of the way of the blast but didn't recover in time to block the hard blow Gosen delivered to the back of her head.

She hit the ground hard and watched as Gosen landed not far away, smirking. She glared at the other girl before jumping to her feet and charging. They began exchanging blows, none really connecting when Gosen got an idea. It was a cool trick her brother had taught her though she had no doubt Maron knew it as well. She grinned maliciously at the thought of how she could use it, her saiyan instincts showing themselves in her expression.

Maron noticed her friend's expression and it made her uneasy, Gosen obviously had a new trick up her sleeve, the question was, what? Maron pushed aside the thought as her punch made it through the other girl's defenses but went right through her. Confusion only crossed Maron's mind for a second before she realized it was the use of the afterimage technique.

She jerked her head around and sent out her senses, trying to locate Gosen by sensing her chi or seeing her. The only problem was that the other girl was hiding her chi and Maron could see four Gosens behind her in four different, but vaguely familiar, poses. She tried to put a name on the technique her friend was planning on using when the announcer's voice broke through her concentration.

"And young Terror 2 has just shown expert knowledge of the afterimage technique! This could spell trouble for Terror 4 as it appears Terror 2 is preparing a Kamehameha Wave!" Terror 2 is preparing a Kamehameha Wave...the words repeated themselves in Maron's mind and she immediately began moving, trying to be a hard target for her friend whom she still had not found.

Several feet in the air, Gosen smirked. She made sure to move out of Maron's sight range the second the other girl turned her head. She was glad the announcer had shouted about the poses being that of the Kamehameha Wave because it had appeared her friend hadn't been able to identify them, much like being unable to identify the face of someone you haven't seen in a long time. Gosen was satisfied about the technique being identified because she was not performing a Kamehameha Wave and had been depending on panic from her friend for her next plan to work smoothly. She knew panic always disrupted Maron's battle instincts and that was exactly what she wanted.

Gosen grinned broadly as Maron finally got just a little too close to the edge of the ring, the opening she had been waiting for. She phased just in front of the girl, whose back faced outside the ring, and used her shock to send a masenko blast at point blank range just powerful enough to knock Maron out of the ring hard enough that she would hit the ground before she could recover. Gosen, Goku, Chichi, Gohan, and Mirai all beamed with pride as the announcer shouted Gosen's victory; Piccolo and Vegeta were also proud that their student's victory with the use of strategy and power but neither would ever admit it to witnesses.

Gohan smiled at his sister as she stepped inside with Maron right beside her, both talking about their mistakes and things the other could work on. He smiled as he stepped out the door and walked down the path beside Trunks, his opponent. "No chi blasts, Trunks. Bulma would kill us if we hurt the weaklings watching...I've been spending too much time with your father."

Up With the Z Warriors (and Chichi):

Vegeta smirked. "It seems I have taught the boy something about how to act saiyan." He sent a glare to Goku. "If you screw that up Kakarott, I'll kick your ass." Goku laughed nervously and scratched the back of his head.

"My son has become a delinquent!" Chichi shouted with tears in her eyes, then the tears disappeared and she turned on Vegeta. "AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!" The others were saved the rant that would have surely followed by the announcer calling for the fighters to begin.

Back With Gohan and Trunks:

The second the announcer had yelled "BEGIN!" Trunks had launched himself at Gohan who was guarding himself with obvious ease. This sent Trunks's brain into overdrive...what could he do that would at least give him a chance at winning this match? He considered using Gosen's strategy and trying to confuse the older half-saiyan with afterimages of himself but quickly discarded the idea, Gohan was far smarter and more experienced than Maron and so the same trick was highly unlikely to work on him. But he couldn't keep going like he was now, that wasn't working either. Then Trunks came up with a plan, and it was so farfetched it just might work...

He jumped back from Gohan and pulled his hand back "GALLIC GUN!" he shouted as he sent the attack toward Gohan who immediately countered with a masenko. Trunks masked his power level seconds before letting go of the attack and phasing behind Gohan. The older boy released his attack, not sure if he had accidentally hurt Trunks enough to cause the drastic drop in his power level or not...

That's when he felt like most of his power had been zapped from his body, not all of it but enough to give Trunks an advantage. Immediately knowing what Trunks had done, Gohan brought his left elbow back and smirked as he felt it connect with smooth flesh. The pressure being applied to his tail gone, Gohan felt his power rush back as he turned to face the wide-eyed Trunks who had obviously thought grabbing his tail would have taken all of Gohan's power like his father had told him was the case with most saiyans.

Trunks gulped when he saw the smirk on Gohan's face. "So you're done playing around?" he asked in a voice that reminded Trunks of his father's when Trunks had done something hereally shouldn't have during one of his training sessions. "Good, because I am too." Gohan's foot moved so fast that Trunks could barely see it, much less dodge. He went straight up in the air but he wasn't alone long. He felt Gohan's brutal attack hitting him from what felt like every direction at once before he was slammed resolutely into what Trunks hoped was the ground, he would gladly accept defeat if it meant the beating was over with.

"AND THE DELIVERY BOY WINS! WHAT AN AMAZING FIGHT, FOLKS! GIVE IT UP FOR LITTLE TERROR 1 WHO PUT UP ONE HECK OF A FIGHT AND THE WINNER THE DELIVERY BOY!" Cheers erupted from all over the stadium but, even with all that noise going on, Gohan could hear his mother.

"Oh, my baby's become a delinquent! Where did I go wrong?" He could hear tears in his mother's voice but braced himself because he knew it wouldn't last long. His assumption was confirmed when his mother's angry ranting started. "WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOUNG MAN YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THE DAY YOU WERE BORN! HONESTLY, TAKING ADVANTAGE OF POOR LITTLE TR—TERROR 1 LIKE THAT! HE'S TEN YEARS YOUNGER THAN YOU AND NO WHERE NEAR AS EXPERIENCED!" She stopped yelling but Gohan knew that the second he was standing in front of her, she would continue and accent each word with a blow from the all mighty Frying Pan of Doom.

He walked over to Trunks and helped the five year old up before taking him into the competitors' area and giving him a Sensu Bean along with some congratulations for putting up a good fight and a redundant warning that he would be wise to never touch his tail again. And then a small bit of praise for his resourcefulness in battle.

A/N: I realized after I posted the last chapter that I forgot to put the explanation about 18 already being a SS but not being any stronger so here it is:

Okay this is shaky logic at best and completely illogical at worst. Okay, so I decided that I didn't want 18 to be able to transform into a SS because of how much more powerful than everybody else that would make her and I'm quite set on making the strongest either be Gohan or Goku, I haven't quite decided which yet and I'm not going to completely spoil the tournament by saying which if I did have it figured out. And then I thought, 'what if she's already a SS, after all her power is somewhere between SS levels 1 and 2' (according to what I saw in the show, her power isn't quite level 2 but is most definitely higher than level 1) and then I thought about how her twin brother had black hair and wondered if there could possibly have been anything Dr. Gero could have done that would make her hair turn blonde while her brothers was black. So, I decided that, since that was possible, I would make it where 18 was already SS and more comfortable in that form. So, 18 can turn her hair black and make herself weaker...does that make any sense?

Also, if anyone has any good ideas about something I could do to give Gohan a little torture at a trip to Satan Mansion (for a different story) I realized how few ideas I had and how few people write about a trip to Satan Mansion after I had committed to it so any ideas would be welcome.