Author's Rant Space: Yeah. I'm playing around with the punctuation. Enjoy and write something nice, or mean, about this one-shot.

There was nothing else for here for him. He turned back to look at his friends, his brothers and...uncertainty stole over him as he gazed at the surly man. Right now he wore an expression that betrayed how much he cared for those boys, Bobby had lost his hat when he'd thrown him into the table. Where was his father right now? He kept his gaze on Bobby, truth be told he'd never felt anything strong for that man. But... he winced as the Leviathan made him continue walking towards the lake... who is Bobby to them? He's probably their father, but they are only minimally aware of it. Grimly, he tried to fight off the beasts but they dragged him forward. They gripped him tight and threw their weight against his will. The Thousand Hordes of Life; chaotic, unrestrained life, brought him to the edge of a lake, with a whimper he felt his last bit of strength snatched up in some unnamed thing's maw. There was nothing left of him now. Not true... A soft voice wedged itself between him and the Thousand Horde... with a jolt the angel realized who was speaking to him. Jimmy! The guilt that was carving its way from his stomach to his throat doubled in intensity, he was almost blinded by the shadowy pain. He'd completely forgotten about Jimmy. He intertwined his thoughts with Jimmy to offer comfort and shield him from most of the pain. The water was now at his neck, and before it covered his head the angel soothed Jimmy's bruised and battered soul, "There will be release for you Jimmy. Once this body has ceased to exist, you will Go On. Onto peaceful and calm pastures. Soon Jimmy. I'm so sorry to have disappointed you." Jimmy reached out to Castiel and tried to comfort him, this made Castiel feel worse but Jimmy's forgiveness was a balm as the water slipped over his head.