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A/N: Wow, I haven't posted anything for a really long time. My bad. But I've broken my policy of not posting anything until it's done, so here's another one. Based off of the manga Osewa Shimasu! by Minami Haruka-sama.

Warnings: Lemon, smexiness, somewhat random Japanese, overuse of names and time-skips, explicit descriptions, yadda yadda...

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Pit hesitated for a moment, then pushed the talk button. He fidgeted as the dial tone sounded, and with each boop, his confidence dropped a little. Inversely, his breathing rate increased, and he was millimeters away from pushing the end button when a bored voice asked, "This is XXX Training and Escort Service. How may we help you?"

Too late to back out now. "H-Hi," he stammered. "I-I'm looking for, uh," he glanced down at the paper in his other hand, "R-Roy?"

"That's me," the voice answered, suddenly sounding much more interested. "Who recommended you?"

Pit blinked. Why did it matter who recommended him? "M-My friend, Marth. He said you'd be able to help me."

In the background, Pit could hear, "Marthie, I knew you loved me!" He sweatdropped, and Roy chirped, "You got that right! If anyone can help you, it's us. So, name?"

"Oh, I'm Pit Icarus."



"Dude, I know the perfect guy for you. I'm guessing you're kinda small, effinime...effemenimene...girly, and cute, right?" Pit flushed. How could someone tell that over the phone?! "It's all in the voice, bro. It's all in the voice. Anyway, where do you want to meet?"

"Umm," he glanced at the paper again, "At the Hotel Roost, Room 307, i-is that alright?"

"Sure. We'll meet you Monday at 7:00 PM. Anyway, I have some more questions..."

"Actually," Pit interrupted and immediately felt flustered after for doing so, "I'd like to request someone..."

Pit fidgeted. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately, but he couldn't help it! A man was coming to train his a-anus for s-s-sex, and he, Pit, had requested him! He'd saved his first few paychecks to do this; that's how desperate he was. Damn wet dreams, giving him morning wood almost every morning...What was he, a teenager?!

But what if he didn't want to help him after he saw what Pit looked like? He took his glasses off (they were more reading glasses than prescription anyways), slipped them into his pocket, and looked over his business suit. After all, no one else had wanted to know him. What if he didn't come? He was in the process of freaking out when there was a knock at the door. That had to be the trainer. Walking timidly to the door, he gathered his courage and pulled it open.

Kuro grumbled to himself. Why was he always stuck with the lousy jobs? He read over the horrible description Roy had given him. Pit Icarus: 22, 1st year businessman, blue eyes but glasses, brunet, short. Why do my jobs always end up being pricks and whores? he lamented. Ah well. Might as well make the most of it. After all, he was being paid to shove vibrators up another man's ass and/or fuck them. Then again, the redhead had been unusually gleeful when assigning him the job. Kuro had brushed it off as ginger weirdness.

Reading the room numbers, he soon came to the one listed and knocked on the door. He waited a few moments and was about to leave when the door cracked open. The crack widened as the occupant of the room stepped back to open it fully, and Kuro heard any complaining thoughts get proverbially defenestrated.

The man wasn't that short. The top of his messy, chocolate-lock head reached Kuro's nose, and as his customer looked up, he caught a pair of sky blue eyes with his own dark ones. Angular cheekbones formed a childish face, making him look like an angel. A faint flicker of recognition tickled the back of his mind, but the rest of him was too busy appreciating the man in front of him to care. His hands reached out all by themselves, one sliding around a slim waist while the other caressed a cheek using the back of the hand. He heard a small gasp as his client was pulled flush against his body, all the while never losing eye contact, and asked, "Are you Pit Icarus?"

A light blush adorning his face, Pit nodded, his eyes dazed. Kuro smirked and let a hand travel lower to squeeze a very perfect ass. Pit let out a squeak and flushed, jumping back out of his embrace, finally breaking eye contact. Kuro stepped into the room and shut the door without looking. The shorter man peeked up at him as he approached, losing himself in Kuro's smoldering darker purple orbs. "My name's Kuro, Pitto-san. Don't worry, I'll take very good care of you."

Pit tried to cover himself. Being naked around a stranger was not something he was used to, albeit a very hot stranger. He felt Kuro's eyes flicker over his back and blushed even redder. Pit peeked out of the corner of his eye. What was even more flustering was Kuro himself; his strong jaw, ruffled dark brown-black hair, broad chest—wait, he was stripping too?!

"W-W-Wait, d-do you h-have to be n-naked too?" Pit sputtered, inwardly freaking out.

Kuro cocked an eyebrow and let his button-up shirt fall to the floor next to his jacket. "How else am I going to bathe you? I'll keep my pants on if it makes you uncomfortable."

Pit looked down and shuffled his feet, his heart pounding. "W-Well..." Wait, bathing?!

A large hand attached itself to his hip, cradling him to Kuro's chest as the man came up behind him. His other hand curved around his neck gently as a chuckle reverberated through his shoulder. Pit shuddered at the warmth and proximity of the other man, warmth pooling in his stomach as Kuro kissed his ear. "Don't worry, hun. Relax." His lips left burning trails as they traveled down his ear lobe. "Give yourself to me." Pit trembled as Kuro licked up the side of his ear and was shocked to find himself hard. How was he hard just from kisses on his ear?

Kuro's hand slid down to cup his erection. "Don't be shy." Pit's gaze was drawn to Kuro, whose eyes were watching Pit's reactions down south. "Show me more." He shivered from the husky tone and cried out as Kuro slid his foreskin up and down the head with the pads of his fingers. "More. I want to watch as you burn for me. So beautiful, so erotic..."

Pit could feel some of his self-consciousness gradually evaporating under Kuro's ministrations, and reached up a shaking hand to clutch the other man's shoulder. "K...Kuro-san, I –ahh- p-please -nnn- be gentle -pant- don't..." He pushed his hips into the fingertip that slid over the tip of his erection, and Kuro turned to be fully behind him so he could put both hands to work, still only stroking lightly.

"But of course," Kuro whispered seductively. He smirked as Pit shook, slender hands fluttering around unsurely. He kissed Pit's shoulder-neck junction and continued, "With someone as petite and cute as you, Pitto-san, I'm quite pleased with this assignment..." He rubbed the fleshy part of his thumb over the head and greedily drank in the sudden tensing of Pit's body as well as his countenance as the smaller man tried to keep his voice down. His other hand crept down behind to poke at his bud. This time Pit couldn't hold in his gasp and grabbed at Kuro's biceps.

"Don't worry, babe." Pit was sure his blush was permanent by now. All of a sudden, the warmth surrounding him was gone, and Pit's knees gave out on him. Kuro stood in front of him with an outstretched hand, smirking. "To the bath?"

(A/N: Yes, I'm skipping the bath. Fill in the juicy details yourselves, but no, they don't do anything naughty. Yet. XD)

Pit crawled onto the bed, almost sparkling clean, still wet, and trying not to spontaneously combust from the heat in his face and neck. Uwaah, that pervert washed me everywhere, even my privates! He said I was cute before, but...Ah!

Kuro had snuck up on his unsuspecting client and pressed a kiss to his buttcheek. He smirked as Pit jumped a little at the contact and purred, "Let's begin." Pit's cock twitched at his tone and began to rise as Kuro prodded around his entrance with his tongue. Pit jerked and quivered as the wet organ licked over his sphincter, a broken stream of moans escaping through his lips. "Your anus is so rosy and appealing...makes me want to eat it right up."

Pit resisted the urge to let his eyes roll back into his head at the pleasure such a simple act could induce and struggled to keep upright. Now I know why he fondled the place in the's so...ah... The heat in his gut rose so sharply as Kuro probed inside that Pit had to cry, "W-wait, I can't...ah..."
Kuro drew back, predatory grin on his face. "So sensitive, aren't you." A tingle ran up Pit's spine at the caress of the word. "Absolutely adorable. Very pleasing. But, that's going to make it hard to train." He stood up and turned Pit around to lie back on the bed. The shorter man's mouth went dry at the sexy sight his trainer made in an unbuttoned shirt and open pants. "Therefore, I'm going to apply some of" The glint in his eye made Pit gulp, whether in anticipation or trepidation he didn't know.

In the time it took to blink a few times, Pit's wrists were cuffed to his ankles using wide, belt-like cuffs, his legs pulled apart with a length of cloth wrapped around his thighs near his knees and attached to the cuffs, revealing all of his lower half to Kuro's scrutiny. Pit vaguely wondered how his face hadn't been reduced to ashes yet from the heat in his cheeks and tried to cover himself in vain as Kuro languidly trailed his eyes over Pit's privates, lingering on his entrance. To his embarrassment and shame, Pit felt himself leak at the heat in those dark pools and turned his head away.
Kuro frowned. He wanted to watch those expressive eyes darken with lust as he worked the lower opening, wanted to see Pit's face as he came for the first time from anal pleasure. "Pitto-san, there's nothing to be ashamed of." When the brunet didn't respond, Kuro gently took his chin and tugged. "Pitto-san, please, look at me." Pit couldn't resist that pleading tone of voice and let his head be pulled back towards Kuro. The raven noted, with some shock, the slight tears in those sky blue eyes, and whispered, "Pit, is this your first time doing this kind of stuff?" It couldn't be; the man was 22. He must have had at least one lover before, or at least masturbated!

The lack of suffix flew right over his head as the smaller man began trembling. "O-Of course I've masturbated, but my b-body's being all weird and hot and there's just so much feeling and...and..." He shut his eyes, trying to keep the tears at bay, but opened them in shock when his hands and legs were set free. "What..."

Kuro took his face into his hands and looked him in the eyes. Pit could almost feel himself turning into a puddle of goo at the soft, reassuring look. "I won't pressure you into doing too much, Pit. Trust me. We'll go slowly, alright? Just tell me and I'll stop."

Pit felt a warm fluttery feeling in his chest replace the slight panic and fear from before and nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Dare he…? Slowly, he wound his arms around his trainer's neck and pressed a chaste kiss to his lips.

Kuro froze. He could hear his heart beating in his ears. Th-Thump. Th-Thump. All too soon, it was over as Pit pulled away. A part of him missed that warmth, that scent, those soft lips on his, that feeling...Bzzt...initiate inhibition shutdown. He leaned forward, capturing Pit's mouth again, and licked the other man's lips. The shorter man gasped, allowing Kuro to slip his tongue in, tasting and rubbing everywhere. Pit moaned as the appendage slid against his, teasing yet so sexually charged it made him push back.

Kuro groaned deep in his chest when Pit started kissing back, albeit sloppily. He tasted so good, like honey and cinnamon and something so deliciously indescribably addicting that Kuro wanted more...more...He broke off that thought. That was going into dangerous territory. Abruptly he ended the kiss, eyes locked on dazed blue ones. Both were breathing raggedly from the unexpected intensity of the kiss, and Kuro swallowed before saying, "Pitto-san, I promise I'll never do anything to hurt you, ever. Trust me?"

Pit smiled and murmured, "I do."

The dark flame in Kuro's eyes sparked to life. "Then let's begin." He moved back, getting off the bed. "First thing: because I won't be using cuffs, you have to keep your legs open at all times, no matter what. Understand? No covering here" he touched a finger to the head of Pit's renewed erection, which had flagged in his fear, and slid it down over his balls to his ass, "or here either, okay?"

Pit shuddered at the touch and shakily pulled his thighs into an M position, just to be sure. "H-hai..."

Kuro smirked. "Good." The word came out a satisfied rumble. "Now let's take a look at what we have here..." Pit squeaked as he knelt down and licked up the side of his cock. He kissed the tip, taking with him the bead of pre-cum gathered there. "You look so fuckable, holding your legs open for me like this." Unbidden, images of Kuro above him thrusting deep and hard, glistening with sweat, expression twisted in ecstasy, invaded Pit's mind, and he whimpered at the stab of desire that shot straight down south. Said object of fantasy slid down farther and sucked on his balls for a little before laving his bud with saliva, admiring the way it shone under the lights.

Pit squirmed under such attentions and cried, "Aah! Please, stop, nnn!-no more, I-I can't-" What is this feeling? My insides are twisting around, so hot...
All of a sudden, the warm wetness disappeared, and Pit blearily opened his eyes, wondering what happened. Kuro locked eyes with him, a playful, lustful glint in his eyes. He tsked, "Ah ah ah, can't let you wear yourself out just yet, though such reactions are...mmm." He licked his lips almost hungrily, and Pit's eyes followed the action, helpless. He heard a click, and the raven brought a flip-cap bottle up into his vision. "This is warming lotion. It acts as lubricant, okay?" The trainer dripped the lotion from the base of his cock to his entrance, and Pit twitched at the slick, warm feeling. He found he rather liked the sensation of the lotion sliding down his skin.

"I'm going to use my fingers to get you used to the feeling, 'kay? Now relax, yes, that's it," Kuro murmured. He touched Pit's entrance with his lubed index finger, letting him know what he intended to do, and carefully pushed it in.

"Mmyah-aah! Hah...hah...hnnnph!" Pit bit his lip in an attempt to muffle the sounds coming from his throat. Was that even him? It didn't sound like it! Since when did his voice sound so...needy?!

Kuro chuckled and let his finger go a little faster, making wet squishes and schlups. "It's so warm inside you, Pitto-san, so warm and smooth." He felt the muscles clench around his finger as Pit shivered at the words. "Squeezing my finger like, someone's excited." Pit's legs slipped from his grasp as he grabbed for the bedsheets, dropping his hips and forcing Kuro's finger deeper into him. Kuro Jr. roared at the heat surrounding his finger, but the raven wrested his self-control back together and removed his appendage. Pit whimpered a bit and bucked, a silent plea to return.

"Pitto-kun." Oops. The brunet tried to catch his breath while scrambling to get his thoughts together. "Raise your hips, Pitto-kun." That commanding yet seductive tone...gods above and below, it was hot. "I want to see your face as you drown in carnal pleasure." Now the dirty talk?! Pit shuddered. He wasn't sure he could take much more of this. Swallowing, he tried to grab his legs, but his arms shook too much to put much strength into the act. "Can't keep them open? Well then, I'll have to use my tools again." This time, Kuro cuffed him tighter so that his legs couldn't close. "There. Now, as punishment, you have to obey all my commands. Understand?" Pit nodded shyly.

Kuro felt his lips slide into their customary smirk. "Good." He knelt down again, his head at perfect height to both see Pit's expressions and watch any lower action. For some reason, the image of his finger slipping in and out of that pink orifice turned him on immensely. "Now, I'm going to use this vibrator here," he reached into his pocket and held up a slim, rippled vibrator with a slightly wider smooth base for gripping, "to probe deeper into your anus. Seeing slight trepidation in Pit's eyes, he reassured, "It's only 18 millimeters wide. It won't hurt, I promise." His mildly sadistic side coming out, Kuro decided not to use the lotion and instead slid the object vertically up and down the jutting shaft in front of him, liberally coating it in Pit's pre-cum. Just to tease, he ran it over the tip as well, making sure to rub each groove against the slit.

Oh gods. Pit's mind was on overload. Being an inexperienced virgin really sucked when one was in the hands of a perverted man who had the power to do anything he wanted to one's body.

When Kuro noticed his client drawing closer to orgasm, he dropped the vibrator down to his hole and began slipping it in. His eyes followed the movements of the little pucker around the head and each little ridge as they slid past the rings of muscle, entranced. Almost unconsciously, he looked up at Pit's face and marveled at the look of desire, pleasure, and slight desperation he saw there. He started thrusting shallowly, vibrator only inserted halfway, and half-purred, "How does it feel, Pitto-san? Tell me; how does it feel?"

Panting, the brunet tried to make his vocal chords sound something other than moans. "Feels...hahn! feels g-good..." His cheeks lit up a shade redder as he voiced his thoughts.

Kuro bit back a groan at the way Pit's voice went breathy at the end and moved the dildo in deeper with each push, slowly but surely penetrating to the hilt. All of a sudden, Pit jerked, eyes flying open wide in shock at the flare that shot up his spine. Kuro paused, uncertain of the cause, and asked, "Pitto-san, is something wrong?"

Pit tried to catch his breath and look at Kuro, but as he did so, his hips shifted around the object inside of him, brushing against that spot again and making him give a sharp gasp. "Th-There's something…felt good…what was…?"

The raven smirked. Jackpot. "That, hun, is what is known as the prostate gland. Wondrous little thing, isn't it?" His desire spiking, he pulled the dildo out just to ram it back in, striking the nerves dead on. Pit almost screamed at the lance of pleasure, thrusting as much as he could to get more of that sensation. Kuro pumped it in almost ruthlessly, transfixed by the passion that shone from Pit's face, and suddenly reached out and fisted Pit's cock. Tears started in baby blue eyes at the almost painful pleasure, and Pit whimpered, "N-Need to…Please…I can't…"

Kuro couldn't help but groan and lunged, biting and sucking in an almost frenzied manner all over Pit's lower torso and chest. Pulling his teeth away from a collarbone, Kuro whispered raggedly into his ear, "Come for me."

Pit saw white, and then nothing.