"What do you think it is?" Frodo studied the strange lump, sitting on a plate amongst the rest of the party fare.

Bilbo shrugged. "I'm not sure. I think I recognise Elwen's hand."

"Ahhh. That explains it. But what is it?"

Bilbo studied the strange dark brown lump, with it's sparse drizzle of even darker brown topping. "Perhaps it's supposed to be a chocolate cake."

"Oh. Maybe it tastes better than it looks. I'll try a piece. It would only be polite after all." Frodo reached for the smallest wedge he could find but Bilbo stayed his hand.

"I wouldn't lad. Not if you value your teeth. Try some of Bell Gamgee's apple pie instead. Elwen will never know." He paused to consider a moment. "In fact, Elwen will probably be relieved."