My first Harry Potter fic that is not a crossover! :D Blimey, i could just rant on forever how long i've loved the series, how amazing and magical and wonderful it is, but i'd rather let you read this story!

The normal words are the Sorting Hat, and theItalic words are the person getting Sorted.

Disclaimer- I OWN NOTHING. :)

Hello, Bill.

Hello, Hat.

Tell me, Bill- which house do you think you would do best in?

Well, Hat, it's not really my job to say.

Ah, very true. That was cunning of you- let's not rule out Slytherin yet.

Okay. Say, Hat, who's the pretty girl at the Ravenclaw table?

Focus, Bill. Let's make this easier for the pair of us.

Okay. Mum and dad were in Gryffindor, though, doesn't everyone usually end up with their families?

Ah yes, Molly and Arthur. Good people, they are. And no, Bill, it always differs. Some people end up in the same house as the rest of their families, others don't. There have been families with hundreds of generations going to this school and they were all in the same house, but there have also been families like that who all ended up in different houses. It depends on you, Bill, not your blood.

Doesn't it depend on your blood if you're a Slytherin, though?

No, Bill, it does not. Tom Riddle- or You-Know-Who, well, he was a Slytherin of half blood.

Blimey! I'm more of a pureblood than the You-Know-Who!

Bill, it's taken to my notice how often you get sidetracked. We've just had a whole conversation- I've been on your head for a whole minute and a half- and yet, we haven't even ruled out one house.

So, let's start then!

Okay, Bill. Let's start.

So? Did you get anything yet?

Well, yes. You are most definitely not a Hufflepuff, you are much too impatient. I'd say you aren't a Ravenclaw either- not that you don't have brains, just that you seem to multitask them far too much.

Multitask my brains?

Yes, Bill.

Oh. But-

You are not a Slytherin either- too curious.

But if I'm not a Hufflepuff, Slytherin, or Ravenclaw, that means I'm a-?


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