It was the night of Bill and Fleur's wedding and the ceremony had just ended

"I can't believe Hermione is dancing with that bloke" muttered Ron.

"Since when do you care if she's dancing with someone?" asked Harry suspiciously staring at Ron.

Ron blushed "I don't it's just that Krum is sort of a…a…" Ron was lost for words.

Harry smiled as he poured them both a glass of fire whiskey "so I see you fancy Hermione then" said Harry finally.

Ron sighed "It's like here I am face to face with a situation I never thought I'd ever face. It's strange how a dress can take a mess and make her nothing less beautiful to me. It seems like my eyes have been transfigured, somthing deep inside has changed".

"Wow, Ron I never knew that's how you felt about 'Mionie" said Harry taking a sip of his drink.

"Yeah" muttered Ron sheepishly, "Oh shits she's coming now!"

Sure enough Hermione was walking up to them in her lilac colored dress. "Hi guys!" she said brightly "Ron are you alright?"

Harry turned to look at Ron who looked like he was about to be sick.

"I'm fine" he stammered "you look great today Hermione!"

Hermione looked taken aback but pleased "why thank you Ron, you don't look too bad yourself" and with that she walked off to talk to Luna and Ginny.

"Come on mate you could have done better than that, tell her how you really feel" said Harry. "What is she feels the same way?"

"You never tell a girl you like her it just makes you look like an idiot" Ron shot back.

"Alright, fine do as you please" said Harry raising his hands in mock surrender.

"Someday she'll be mine" said Ron "someday she'll love me like I love her". Ron sighed and took another sip of fire whiskey.

Harry pated Ron on the back "I know mate, I know she will."