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Chapter 5


Lydia watched her boss as he stormed about his office. He went back to his desk before he slammed his fist onto it. His Persian ran and cowered in the corner, sensing her master's anger. Giovanni was known for his tempers, but she'd never seen him quite like this before.

The woman was quiet. She didn't know what to say. Eventually he calmed down and slumped into his chair.

"This is the second time he's done this now. I've no chance of getting the funding I required."

Lydia cleared her throat. She knew she would need to tread with caution.

"Can I ask what exactly the funding is for, sir?"

Giovanni gave her a sharp look. "The building where Mewtwo's quarters was built is quite old, I am sure you've noticed. It's beginning to fall apart. In place of it I wanted to extend my research facilities. The equipment I purchased a few months ago sits stowed away in there considering there is not enough space left to set it up. With the building renovated, I would be able to expand my facilities and set up the equipment, which is completely vital for my research and expanding Team Rocket's resourcing."

He clenched his fists. "I presented that Salford woman some design blueprints. She approved them, but wanted good reason for funding me. She is aware of my gym and it's reputation, so she wanted to see it for herself, however with Mewtwo recently under-performing, it's deterred her view. I thought I would meet her standards with him being my most powerful Pokemon."

Lydia nodded.

"Mewtwo... told me something interesting."

Giovanni looked closely at her, folding his hands beneath his chin and leaning forward on his desk.

"Go on."

"He said that you two were brothers."

Giovanni just stared at her at that. She wasn't sure if he was going to answer her, before he sighed.

"The term 'brother' is not one I would use personally, but Mewtwo has adapted to it. However, since it pleases him in some sense, I have not had an issue with him using it."

He paused for a moment, staring at a picture on his desk before continuing. "When I commissioned him, the project came to a halt for a month or so. His creator, Yamata Fujimoto, informed me a link was missing. Without this specific link, the Pokemon's DNA pattern could not be achieved nor created. There was not enough of Mew's DNA and the other Pokemon's DNA simply would not bond without something else to stabilise it and keep the structure together. There was no other DNA that could be used as it was incompatible. It was a complicated situation, and Fujimoto was stressed to the point he nearly quit on me. It took some serious convincing to get him to continue the project, so I told him I'd give him the funding to work on a project of his own alongside the project he was doing for me."


Giovanni nodded. "Because of that, it motivated him to continue. He eventually figured out what the missing link was."

Lydia was more than surprised by this. "Human DNA?" she guessed, although it was fairly obvious.

"Correct. I donated."

The woman was in disbelief. It certainly explained that strange feeling that had come over her when she'd seen Mewtwo's features for the first time. She had felt as though she'd been looking at another person, not a Pokemon.

"A half human Pokemon..." she mused. She'd never knew such a thing could exist.

"Keep this information to yourself, Viper. The others are aware of Mewtwo referring to me as his brother however they have no idea that he actually is half human and biologically related to me. They think he is just a sentient being due to his psychic powers and Mew's DNA, as well as the fact that I raised him like a close friend of mine and it prompted him to use the term."

Lydia tilted her head slightly.

"Why... so secretive about it sir, if you don't mind my asking."

Giovanni sighed through his nose and looked off to the side.

"It is simply due to the unwanted attention Mewtwo would receive. It would not only disrupt his schedule but his lifestyle in general. His creation itself took place on a faraway island I purchased, well out of sight and out of mind. I did so on purpose; the authorities were unaware of it and that was how it stayed. I am well aware how unethical his birth was, but I do not regret what I did in order to bring him into the world. The last thing we need is the media hounding us and if this got out it could potentially shut down Team Rocket's operations due to misconduct."

Lydia stared at him. "Why trust me with this information?" she asked quietly.

He stared back at her.

"While it is likely that you would have learned eventually, I trust you Viper. I have known your father for a long long time. He is a good man and has served me well over the years. I have no doubt you will do the same."

"Do... do you see Mewtwo as a brother?" Lydia hesitantly asked.

He raised his hand and flicked it in a so-so gesture before he picked up some paperwork and seemed more intent on reading that.

Lydia thought about their kinship.

Mewtwo had seemed so proud when he'd first informed her of his genetic status with Giovanni. She'd definitely heard a ring of pride in his telepathic voice. Giovanni however, it was like he didn't seem to care about it too much. She didn't sense any pride from him and in fact, he almost spoke in disdain about it. She didn't think too much of it for the time being, however. Instead, she brought up Mewtwo's current status, prompting Giovanni to sit up.

"Oh yes. About that Viper, I wanted to ask you if anything happened during the time you were accompanying him to cause him to under-perform as bad as he did today."

Lydia froze. She couldn't read his stoic expression, but she knew he was pissed just from the tone of his voice.

"No sir. We didn't exactly get along so to say, but I do not believe it was enough to cause him to under-perform on you."

"I see. I will be speaking to him shortly about this and reviewing CCTV footage."

Lydia wondered what he was going to say. The footage analysis didn't bother her as she spoke the truth. She remembered something.

"Um, sir?"

He eyed her, so she continued.

"I saw something on his schedule which I'm curious about. ESP consolidation? Or something like that?"

Giovanni stared at her. He eventually nodded.

"My team runs tests on him to measure the capabilities of his powers. I supervise this, of course, however recently I have not been able to."

Lydia thought back to the scared look she'd seen on the cat's face.

"What... exactly do those tests comprise of sir?"

"Just the basics, Viper. Brain wave functions, heart rate, fluid checks to name a few. We monitor his health closely."

"So... you don't actually make him do anything? Just check his vitals?"

Giovanni shook his head. "Not exactly, although some tests we have him demonstrate his psychic powers to measure how strong he is currently. Since he's a powerhouse, we use the armour to restrict his powers to a certain level. He's still learning to control them. He has the potential to blow up this building if he truly wanted to and kill all of us in it, as well as tear a man apart with just with a simple glimpse," he paused. "Some of my staff know that from experience."

Lydia almost shuddered at hearing that. "He's that powerful?"

Giovanni stared at her, expression mirroring that of the cat's so accurately she thought for a moment she was looking at Mewtwo. The only difference was that Mewtwo didn't have hair.

"He is, Viper. Which is why he must not remove the armour on grounds."

"Then how does he sleep? I'd imagine that would be uncomfortable."

"It would be. While he is confined to his quarters, he wears one of these."

Giovanni opened up the top drawer of his desk and searched through the contents for a moment before holding what looked like a collar up to her.

"What is it?"

"An inhibitor collar. I've had a small chip implanted into the mutation at the back of his skull. When the collar is on, it limits his power. He can use his powers, but not at full capacity."

"But... couldn't he simply just not wear it?"

"Precisely why I implanted the chip, Viper. Once he removes the armour entirely, he has 43 seconds to locate the collar and put it on otherwise the chip will completely paralyse him."

Lydia's face contorted at that. This Pokemon considered this man a brother?

"What if he needs to shower or something?"

"It's waterproof. Bulletproof. Fireproof... whatever you want to name it. But most importantly, Mewtwo proof."

"Couldn't Mewtwo just like... vaporise it or something? The chip I mean."

"That would trigger a kill-switch connected to his heart. If he does that, the device will restrict his heart from beating."

This man. Lydia stared at him in disbelief, unable to comprehend he was this much of an evil bastard. Then again, he was a powerful mafia boss. Lydia was cold, but not to the extent of her boss.

She only killed those that deserved to die.

"Has Mewtwo ever, y' know. Rebelled?"

"Against others, yes. That was a messy day." He seemed a little lost as he recalled something, but Lydia didn't want to press it.

"And you?"

"No. He trusts me. Not to mention, I control his very life."

Lydia was very surprised to hear that. The man must have brainwashed him.

"Anyway, the reason I called you here today was to explain to you why I cannot run the gym and provide Mewtwo's training as of current. I have been called interstate to work on a major project. This project is vital to Team Rocket's expansion overseas. So, three days a week I will be over there, working on this project. This will go on for the next seven months. I will not have time to dedicate to Mewtwo considering I will be busy working here during the days I am not interstate."

Lydia nodded.

"So. If you prove to me you can handle Mewtwo and fulfil my orders, once you are finished after the seven months, then I will determine if you will be moved up to a higher rank. This will include pay benefits and overseas missions."

"Really? Sweet!"

Giovanni nodded. "I've always had faith in you, Viper. As long as you do not let me down, I am happy for you to work in my company. You'll do your father proud."

Lydia smiled slightly at that.

"However, you have a long way to go. For now, stick to the routine I have provided for you and ensure Mewtwo is trained. I will be monitoring your progress, so do not slack off."

Lydia nodded. Though one question still bugged her. Giovanni eyed her as she stood there, waiting for her to move.


"If Mewtwo has your DNA, and the other scientists run tests on him... then wouldn't they know you're related?"

Giovanni paused before answering. "They are forbidden to do any blood-work on him, only basic tests such as what I mentioned before. I have a separate team for that I call upon when necessary who are aware and partook in his creation," he explained. "Now go. I have things to attend to."

The woman gave a slight bow, before turning to leave. Just as she was about to open the door, she remembered what she had witnessed in the stadium. Giovanni hadn't seen it as he'd left to follow the bird. She turned back to him.


He sighed, looking irritated. "What is it, Viper? I have things to do."

She stared at him. "I...um. Never mind."

"Then leave. Now. You can have a rest while Mewtwo is being attended to as I still need to see him about his performance myself."

"Yes sir."

Lydia turned quickly and opened the door, leaving his office. She was going to bring up Mewtwo's beating but had changed her mind at the last second. Perhaps it was just a one-off thing and Davies was really just that pissed Giovanni didn't get the funding. She decided then, however, that she was going to keep an eye on it. It seemed far too harsh, even for her taste and this was coming from a woman that had killed grown men with families without remorse. She didn't like Mewtwo but she didn't want to see a Pokemon simply being used for the man's benefit to suffer.

She turned and headed for Mewtwo's quarters, guessing it was her room now too considering Giovanni had never assigned her one of her own.

Lydia had been busy hunting for an extra bed when her pager buzzed. She knew there had to be one in there somewhere and eventually had found an ancient fold down bed in the closet of the quarters. She sat upon it, nearly making contact with the floor as the old bed sagged beneath her weight, before looking at the device.

Mewtwo is finished with me. Come and get him, my office.

Lydia stared at the message, before huffing and looking around the messy room. She hoped the cat wouldn't give her shit about sort of pulling apart his quarters in search of an extra blanket.

The woman pulled on her jacket and headed out to Giovanni's office.

As she approached the facility where his office was, she noticed Davies and two scientists walking away from there. Davies was laughing about something. Her eyes narrowed.

That man was such an asshole. She was tempted to go up to his unsuspecting backside and kick it into another dimension, but she just grit her teeth angrily instead.

She approached Giovanni's office door and was about to knock when she heard his voice. She looked up for a camera and upon not seeing one, she put her ear to the door, curious. It sounded like he was talking to himself but she quickly realised he was talking to Mewtwo.

"...don't do that again. You've put me in this situation now and it's vital that it doesn't happen again. What do you expect me to do?"

Mewtwo must have answered something to him because he was quiet before speaking again.

"I don't believe you. I am this close to cutting it off."

'Cutting it off?' Lydia frowned.

There was silence again and she heard Giovanni sigh.

"You bet I will!"

Lydia bit her lip and stood back, before knocking on the door. After a few moments it opened to reveal Giovanni. She peered inside and noticed Mewtwo sitting in there with his back to her. She was surprised for a moment or so when she realised he wasn't in the armour, but instead had that collar around his neck.

"Viper. Good. Mewtwo and I were just finishing up our discussion."

Lydia stepped into the office slightly and Giovanni stepped aside, allowing her to see him wholly. There was a patch over his left eye and a bandage around his upper right arm. She couldn't help but stare at his human-like structure until Giovanni cleared his throat and she pulled her gaze away.

"W-what happened?" she asked. Mewtwo wouldn't look at her.

"Just some tests. He is fine. Now, please, take him away as I have work to do. I've allowed him the rest of the day off and dismissed his performance as being due to mild fatigue."

For some reason, Lydia didn't believe him, but regardless, she gestured to the cat with her head and he stood up and followed her to leave the office. She noticed him and Giovanni look at each other briefly, before he arched his tail into a curve behind him and stepped out the door. Lydia was right behind him.

The cat kept up his pace steady as he turned and headed in the direction of his quarters and it was interesting to watch how he walked on two digitigrade feet, considering he'd been hovering before. Lydia jogged to keep up to him. He was quiet.

Once they reached his quarters, he stepped inside. Lydia bit her lip when he paused at seeing the mess.

"Uh... yeah. About that..." she put her hand behind her head and gave him a big grin when he finally turned to look at her.

Mewtwo just sighed and said nothing. He sat down and arched himself out across his bed, kicking off some of her clothes onto the floor.


(I suppose this is your room now too by the look of things.)

The woman jumped slightly as his voice boomed in her head. He sounded blunt.

(Not like I needed my privacy that much anyway I suppose.)

"Well, your brother didn't exactly provide me with a room of my own and I ended up finding this bed in here and kinda put two and two together."


She stared at him, but sat down on the fold-out bed. It squeaked loudly again beneath her weight.

"Are... " she hesitated. "Are you alright?"

He turned to look at her at that. (I am fine.)

"You sure as hell don't look 'fine', Mr. Cat," she quote-gestured with her fingers.

He glared at her. She arched an eyebrow at him and he just rolled away from her.

(I said I'm fine.)

Lydia stared at his back. She was nearly tempted to reach out and stroke his tail considering it was hitting her foot, but resisted. She knew she'd probably end up spending the night folded up inside in the closet bed on account of him.

She put her hand to her head and sighed.

"Look Mewtwo. I saw what happened in the gym today, okay?"

He was quiet.

"Does that normally happen?"

(What exactly do you refer to by that?) he rolled to face her, but looked as blank as ever. (The beating or my failure?)

"...The beating," she responded quietly.

His eyes narrowed. (It's normal if I fail. Don't worry about it. As I have said before, and for the third time now, I am fine.)

"That's normal?" Lydia didn't want to believe it. "Like hell that's normal! He socked you in the face!"

(My eye is covered due to one of the tests today.)

"Bullshit Mewtwo!"

He turned away from her and the woman was utterly appalled at how he was denying something so obvious.

"Then explain the bandage on your arm."


Lydia scoffed. "No. I would think it's because they only just fucking dragged you around the stadium or something, yeah?"

He didn't answer her.


(Leave me alone, human.)

She stood up and marched over to him, plomping herself down beside him on his bed. "You're a damn awful liar Mr. Cat, y'know that?"

(Get off my bed!) he growled. (And stop calling me that!)

"I think not."

He bared his teeth at her and went to sit up to push her off, but winced quietly. Lydia noticed him gently hold his arm.


He sighed. He tried belting her with his tail to get her off but Lydia just laughed and grabbed it, causing him to snarl at her. She smiled at him as she stroked it and felt him eventually give up, the limb going limp on her lap. She had expected him to fold her in the bed, but it was apparent he wasn't in too much of a mood to do anything. One thing she did notice however, was that his fur was very soft to the touch. She smirked, a vivid mental image entering her mind as she wondered if he sat there grooming himself with his tongue when nobody was watching.

"You're such a cat."

(No shit.)

"You might wanna watch that potty mouth of yours or no fish for you tonight, Mr. Cat."

(Shut up.)

Lydia laughed. He was too much. She let him go and went back to her squeaky bed. He just rolled onto his side again.

"...Come on Mewtwo. Even you didn't deserve that. That guy seems like a dick."

He was just quiet. Lydia sighed, knowing she wasn't going to get much out of him so she just sat on her phone for a while, kicking off her shoes in the process. She looked across to him after a while and noticed he'd fallen asleep. She stared at him.

There was no denying how obvious it was he was half human. His whole torso looked like a man's and his arms were identical to a humans save for how thin he was. Even though he had paws, the structure of his 3 fingered hands was all too human in appearance. But it was his facial features that stood out above all – he had a gaunt face; broad sharp features accompanied by a well-defined jawline. Front on he looked human enough, but looking at his face from the side she could see a muzzle. It was relatively short but it was just enough to give him the distinctive look of a cat. She swore he had whiskers but it was hard to tell. It was uncanny how much of Giovanni she could see in him. Not to mention he spoke to her more like a bratty teenager than a dignified Pokemon. Lydia could tell he was younger than her despite his intimidating stance and height. She only reached just below his chest.

It was almost hard to believe he had the power to rip a human apart just by looking at them. She shuddered, hoping he'd never feel the need to do that to her.

He was so unusual. Lydia truly had never seen anything like him before and she found him quite intriguing, so to speak.

Eventually he stirred. Lydia must have dozed off herself because she found her phone on the ground beside her. She sat up and faced him as he yawned, giving her a good view of his mouth – a unique mixture of feline and human teeth. Those fangs looked sharp.

"Tired, huh?"

He stared at her. She stood up. "Well, since you have the the rest of the day off and all, perhaps I can cook up a good dinner or something. You got a TV?"

(Yes, an old one. I don't watch it very much as I prefer to read.)

"Ya like movies?"


She reeled back at that. She'd been heading into the small kitchen. "Don't tell me. You've never heard of a movie?"


"Wow..." she paused, suckling the tip of her finger slightly. "Well then. I'll have to teach you about them then, won't I?"

(If you want to.)


Lydia headed into the kitchen. She looked around for a few moments until she found what she was looking for and headed back into Mewtwo. She pulled up a chair and sat directly in front of him so that their knees were touching.

(Um... what in Arceus's name are you doing?)

She stared dumbfounded at his unusual response, blinking a few times before rolling her eyes.

"Well go on then. Let's see."

She gestured to his eye patch and his response was to sigh.

"Just do it, Mewtwo."


She watched as he unsheathed what appeared to be a deadly claw out of his orbed finger, making her flinch slightly, but he used it to pull back the patch.

"Oh... so they're not that useless after all."

(Excuse me?)

"Never mind... God damn..."

As the light hit behind the patch, she could see the damage to his eye. It was black, bruised and swollen shut. Stitches lined the area just above his eyebrow and she noticed a few cuts which had been sealed over with scabs.


He was quiet. She knew the glass from the visor had gone into his face. That man could have killed him if he didn't have the visor on, considering how frail his neck seemed. His head would have snapped right back. It was no wonder she saw him fall backwards when he was hit.

"Still gonna try convince me this was from a test?"

He just gave a sigh. (He punched me pretty hard. I guess I really angered him today.)

"Fucking. Dickweed."

He stared at her before a small smile appeared on his face. (….Dickweed?)

"Davies the DICKWEED." She was surprised to see that had made him smile.

(I know. I have never heard of such a term.)

"That's 'cuz I made it up when I was a kid, kitten-face."

He rolled his good eye, but let her gently attend to the wounds with the first aid kit she'd brought over. She did the same with his arm.

(Why are you doing this?) he asked her after a while. (You detested just being around me not too long ago. Something about an 'uppertyfuck psychic'. Did you have a change of mind?)

Lydia just stared at that. How did...?

He tapped a finger to his head. She rolled her eyes again. Of course he could read minds. Damn psychic. Regardless, she continued to tend to his wound.

"I'm training you, yeah? If I'm gonna be stuck with you for the rest of the year I can't have you all broken up on me. Ya bro's trustin on me big time. Besides..." she gazed into his good eye. "...Seeing what they did to you today really struck a nerve with me. Sure I can't stand ya very much right now, but I'll be damned if they're gonna treat ya that badly when all you've done is serve them."

He seemed to accept her answer, sitting quietly as she put some ointment onto him. He stared at it curiously.

(That's not from the kit...)

She shook her head. "No. It's mine, actually. My mom gave it to me before she died. It's a herbal ointment that's derived from the bark of a tree deep in the Guana Jungle. It's supposed to help heal wounds quicker."

Lydia noticed that he seemed to flinch at that in shock at that. "You okay catboy?"

(I am fine. Continue.)

She did. Eventually she put the bottle away and stood up.


He looked at her, but then bit his lower lip with his fangs in embarrassment when she heard his stomach growl.

"And I'll take that as a yes," she laughed. "So... ready for some fish?"

He just swat her away with his paw and Lydia walked into the kitchen laughing.