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Tony groaned and threw a hand over his face as he felt himself slowly rise into wakefulness. He threw his mind back to what he could last remember, attempting to predict how his day would proceed. He groaned again as he realized what he could remember clearly. He had awoken in a stranger's house, owned by some guy name Loki, possibly the Loki of Norse mythology. He had found an 'arc reactor' buried inside his chest and completely freaked out, falling into a panic attack and crying pathetically on Loki.

Tony felt his cheeks flush as he recalled what he had done. He had collapsed onto the man, crying and sobbing pitiably, refusing to let go of the man's shirt. He was Anthony Stark, future owner of all things Stark! He never cuddled, or cried, or completely fell apart like he had! He wasn't a spoiled child, he was Tony Stark! Home of the greatest mind in, like, ever! He did not cry on strange men!

Tony immediately put the incident out of his mind, shoving it into the corner of his brain delegated to contain weak and unpleasant thoughts. Tony refused to remember any weakness on his part, and instead contemplated what he had learned. He had said far too much to the man, but it had granted him with additional data to use. Tony decided that he would operate as if the man were the Norse god Loki, just in case. If the man was the Norse god- unlikely, practically impossible, but still an option- it would be unwise to anger him. If the man was delusional or humoring his guess, it would still be unwise to anger him. Tony paused for a moment, trying to decide if he could reign in his behavior and not annoy the man. …Probably not. Tony shrugged to himself, deciding to save further contemplation for later.

Instead, Tony at up and examined the room he was within. The walls and ceiling were just as weird as he remembered, but now that he had thought (and cried, and panicked, and snuggled, and slept) through his panic, he could appreciate the furniture as well. The bed he was lying on was a queen sized bed; smaller than he was acclimated to sleeping on, yet still very spacious and comfortable. The lamp he had noticed earlier was standing on a small bedside table, within am arm's length of the bed. It wasn't a lamp as he knew it, but it was a very intricately decorated light source of some sort. Near it was a large and foreign-seeming book with a small pad of paper and pencil on top of it. On the other side of the room was a bookcase filled to the brim with various books, a desk with neat stacks of papers, and a comfortable-seeming armchair that was rather throne-like in appearance. Tony frowned as he continued looking around, seeing nothing else but more books. Where was the light coming from, if the lamp-thing was the only light source and it was extinguished?

Tony ignored the urge to smack himself in the head at his lack of thought. He had gone through that song and dance yesterday, being confused and panicking at seeing the light shining from his chest. Biting his lip –and then promptly releasing it, as that was not a Starkly thing to do- he cautiously looked back down at his chest. The light was glowing steadily, a bright blue casting his scarred chest into further detail- wait, scarred?

Tony paused and looked closer at his torso, trying to ignore the strange lighting effects. I don't remember having these scars…I suppose this is from the shrapnel Loki mentioned. There's still some obvious wounds as well…and those bruises do not look nice in blue lighting. Tony blew out a frustrated breath.

Right. New light source, check. I now have a pretty blue Arc Reactor shining out from a metal hole in my chest. I don't even know what an arc reactor is…though it does sound somewhat familiar. Tony blew out another drawn out breath of frustration. Well, this is going to be fun getting used to.

Tony decided that he had admired himself for long enough already, and his curiosity was begging him to go outside the room and look around, maybe cause some mayhem. Tony slowly swung his legs over the side of the bed, being especially careful not to jostle his chest or the metal contained within. He gently maneuvered himself onto his feet, swaying slightly as he stood, but managing to stay upright. He took a cautious step forward, and then another when he didn't feel the need to faint, and then several more until he reached the closed door. He cautiously turned the doorknob and gingerly pulled it back, unsure of what would greet his eyes once the door was opened.

Tony was almost disappointed when the portal produced only an average hallway, unremarkable save for the bookcases lining the walls. The shelves were filled with books of all shapes and sizes, just like the ones in the bedroom, but various trinkets littered the shelves as well. Tony cautiously stepped over to the nearest bookcase and reached out to poke one of the glowing objects and-

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

At the sound of the low voice, Tony jumped and span around, beginning to hide his hands behind his back instinctively but he managed to simply rest his hand by his side. Tony was careful not to seem too innocent or abashed as he looked into the face of the speaker, and fully took in the face of Loki for the first time. His face was drawn and wan, pale and dark with shadows. His eyes were hooded and dark shadows hung beneath them, but they still managed to remain a brilliant emerald green color. His stance was strong and commanding, the pose of someone accustomed to power and obedience.

His host obviously expected Tony to take his advice, but that was a stupid thought as Tony rarely if ever listened to people in positions of power; especially when the power was focused solely on him. Tony weighed his options: listen to the man and don't touch the intriguing objects, or disobey the implied order and possibly incur the man's anger. Curiosity vs. self-preservation; Tony decided. Can I keep my curiosity in check until I know all the details of my situation? Tony let out a mental snort. Nah.

A moment had passed since Loki had spoken, and Tony decided that he had debated long enough. He tilted his head childishly to the right, playing up the innocent child act. "Why not?" Tony asked in his clear voice, hands already back to hovering over the object.

The man smirked at him, clearly having expected his disobedient response. Tony bristled imperceptibly under the somewhat smug expression, already resolving to defy the man's expectations. "Simply because you have no knowledge of the device, and are thus unable to accurately identify any danger it would present. I would suggest discovering information on the objects scattered throughout my domicile before attempting to physically interact with any."

Tony raised an eyebrow, before turning back to the object and dissecting it mentally. He almost pouted in disappointment when he realized that it was only a simple decorative piece with glowing features. He turned back to Loki with his pout still visible to be confronted with the man's amused face. Tony tried not to scowl and pout, but he didn't think he had been too successful when Loki openly smiled. He let out a sigh of annoyance, his negative feelings washing away with the carbon dioxide.

Tony decided that he could puzzle over the man's possessions later; right now, he was going to question the man himself. "So…" the six-year-old started. "You're name was Loki, right?" Loki nodded, his amused smile fading into a smug smirk. "What's your surname, then?" Loki's face darkened almost imperceptibly, so Tony continued on with a different question, unwilling to anger his host just yet. "Do you have a nickname? I already told you mine yesterday; I don't know if you remember, but its Tony. Don't call me Anthony, that's something only my father does. Have you contacted him yet? Does he know about the situation that placed me here? How long have I been here? How easily annoyed are you? Can I keep talking, because I have lots of questions-"

"You may wish to slow down," the man said with an amused quirk to his lips. Tony was internally relieved that the anger that had suddenly appeared had apparently dissipated just as swiftly, so he paused in his babble momentarily. When Loki didn't say anything, Tony just raised one of his eyebrows, cocking his head slightly and awaiting some answers.

Loki simply smirked, and the two faced off in a waiting game. Tony judged the chances of being patient long enough to win and whose stubbornness would win. He decided to let Loki win this one, and spoke up. "So, how long have I been here? It can't have been too long, because some of the abrasions on my chest are still nasty." Tony made a face. "I mean, seriously, gross. Have you ever seen red blood illuminated by blue light, and the nasty shade bruises turn when lit by an otherworldly glow? If not, you are so lucky, 'cause it is just weird." Tony nodded sagely.

Loki frowned slightly, and he stepped forward to get a closer look. "Are you wounds not healed? I had been under the impression...hmmm…show me your wounds."

Tony gave him an odd look. "You better not be a perv," he muttered under his breath as he pulled his shirt up, wincing as it dragged over the arc reactor imbedded in his chest. Some of the cuts were pulled at when Tony lifted his shirt, but the minor pain didn't really bother him. Loki's frown only grew, however, and Tony was starting to worry slightly. Loki was letting signs of some internal debate play over his face before he sighed and held a hand just above Tony's chest.

Tony was beginning to pull back when he realized that Loki's hand was glowing, the skin exuding a soft, green light. The hand was carefully traced over the wounds, almost brushing but not quite touching the injured skin. Tony watched in avid fascination as the skin knit itself back together, weaving to create a seamless skin and covering all of the cuts that had decorated his torso. "Wicked," Tony breathed. "What is that?" He looked into bright green eyes as the hand hesitated near his new chest decoration.

The face transformed into a superior smirk. "That, Tony, is magic. I have no wish to see you injured, and thus I have healed you with my magic. Thanks would normally be customary after such a service is performed."

Tony noted the heavily implied instructions and decided that was certainly impressive enough to warrant gratitude. "Thank you for the amazingly awesome speed-healing via super special magic powers, Loki!" Tony beamed at the Norse god before running his own hand across the planes of his chest, covering Loki's immobile hand when he crossed it. His skin had been smooth and unbroken, with shallow dents and slightly elevated skin spotting across his now-healed chest. He grasped the hand tightly as he looked up into the bemused god's face. "Was that really hard to do, or is healing easy? Can you destroy stuff too? I bet it's even easier than healing 'cause it's really easy to break stuff while it is exceedingly difficult to repair objects."

The pale face now held a slightly self-deprecating smile. "Oh, I can destroy entire worlds, little mortal. I can crush civilizations; tear them down from within while remaining innocent and unsuspected. Compared to those tasks, healing your fragile body was an easy feat."

Tony resisted the urge to bite his lip in nervousness again as he felt the truth of Loki's words. The god wasn't lying; he had destructive power that could only be imagined of by humans. The hand resting over his new body decoration was chilled under his smaller hand, and he could see the tightening in the god's posture. He was hitting all the sore spots, wasn't he? Well, at least he would discover if Loki could tolerate him very, very quickly. "That makes you strong, doesn't it? Being so powerful yet still being willing to heal me?" Tony carefully searched the man's face for a reaction, but he couldn't really understand what he was seeing. Both corners of his lips had lifted, but one remained far tighter than the other while it seemed to want to twitch into a smile.

Tony didn't really like the smile; it was far too twisted and confused. "How does your magic work, anyways? Obviously it isn't just whispering ritual words and producing an effect with no effort. You didn't say anything, but your breathing changed slightly and your hand glowed bright green. Is it something only Norse gods can do, or could I learn it to? How long did it take for you to learn this? Was healing one of the harder things after all? Did you have to practice for copious amounts of time before gaining any promising results, or were your prodigious in your magical skills?"

Loki's eyebrow twitched slightly, but the smile gracing his features was much more natural than the twisted smirk had been earlier. "I can clearly see why your enemies became annoyed with you so quickly. Luckily for you, I am not so easily irritated. Yes, Tony, it took effort and was more difficult than destroying your chest might have been. Magic is not something unique to just one race; most all sentient beings inhabiting the worlds on the branches of Yggdrasil have the ability to connect with magic in some fashion. You might even have the potential to wield this supposedly mystical force yourself, but it would likely take far longer than you would be willing to devote." Loki pulled his hand away from Tony's chest, but Tony refused to let go.

He held the hand within his own weak grasp, but refused to let the hand be pulled back more than halfway between them. "Try me," he said with an impudent an excited grin. "Just try to teach me, see if I'm unable to work your magic. I will defy any and every expectation you place before me until you realize just what I can do. Try me." His hand gripped the cold hand even tighter, refusing to back down or let Loki ignore his words.

The god was smirking at him now, superior and challenging but with a hint of respect. "Alright, then. We shall see what you can do with time, lessons, and practice." His smirk changed into a toothy grin. "Just be careful of what expectations you lead me to believe, little Tony. You have to exceed them all, now."

Tony returned the sharp smile full heartedly. "I look forward to it." A loud rumbling noise suddenly split the air, and he watched as Loki's face twisted in surprise as his own changed into a more normal smirk. "But first, breakfast."



Well. Here's the second chapter. Sorry it is not as well composed as the first. I don't really know how my portrayal of Tony worked for this chapter. I think he's a little bit freer with his words and questions, always trying to figure out the world around him.

Loki…I have new motivation for him and an explanation for why he is so blunt with Tony. He wants someone to accept him for who he truly is, monster and all. He will never truly believe Thor and nobody else accepts him. So, he is unintentionally looking for acceptance from this small Midgardian child that was once a respected enemy.

And don't worry, Loki wasn't the one to rough Tony up. He actually kinda-sorta rescued Tony and the rest of the Avengers are panicking because Tony is missing. I am so glad I didn't write the flashback before because I now have a marvelous scene for why Tony was injured and how he came to be kiddified in Loki's home.

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