Author's Note: I have revised this story as of August 2018 and posted it on Archive of Our Own. I am keeping this version as an archive to show my improvement. Warning: the latest version is more graphic than the original… which is graphic, in case you didn't read the warnings.

Original Note: Posting this revision of the story I wrote more than a year ago is something that makes me both wary and proud. I feel that this piece is more complete and impacting now, but that it is also more disturbing and adult. I know that this is not my usual work and some of my primary readers here will not enjoy this due to how dark and sensitive it gets. I partially blame this story for the recent drop in reviews from this community. Still, I cannot let my comfort zone control me, nor deprive those who will see this piece as something good in my archive, and so I give you my first (and presently only) rated-M fanfiction.

This first chapter is more of the uncomfortable and painful end of the piece, but is a complete revision of the original. I have a note for part two as well.

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Gentle Kisses

Part I

It was a very cold December evening in the little town of Greenville–the kind that would make even the most devout worker head for home and dive into warm blankets. After a long day of trying to find another job, and not succeeding, Seymour Krelborn returned to his little tract house to do just that. His wife Audrey was waiting for him, with identical intentions.

Audrey giggled as she played with her husband's hair. Her heart was doing flips in her chest as she climbed onto the bed with him, wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and planted a long kiss on his lips. Everything was perfect. The little tract house was kept a toasty temperature from the outside winter air (though there was certainly room for more warmth), the moon was emerging in the night sky, and radio continued its soft marathon of love songs from the living room.

"Are ya' sure?" Seymour asked quietly, as if they were two high school kids screwing around for the first time in the back of a car and not a married couple in a completely normal moment of affection.

The blonde shook her head, wondering why he even had to ask. "Yes, Seymour, I'm sure." She chuckled as she remembered that, even after all they'd been through together, her husband was still quite shy about intimacy.

They shared another kiss before Audrey began to toy with Seymour's sweater vest. Then there was another, longer kiss before she pulled him down on top of her. That kiss didn't really stop, but rather renewed itself over and over as they eased out of garments. Seymour did stop briefly to untie the sash around her waist, which made it so he could slide her dress over her soft, delicate form. He did that, but not before she helped him with the button on his pants.

Blankets replaced their clothes before long, but the one thing that didn't change were the kisses. Heaven help the botanist and the blonde, they never wanted those to stop.

Seymour gave Audrey a silly grin he often gave her during these times, then hesitated–something he also did during these times. His wife wouldn't allow it though. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders again and pulled him in for a deep kiss, trying to reassure him that everything would be fine.

Seymour was not expecting the embrace though. Audrey's lips and soft skin felt so good against his, but he realized that it was all pulling him too close to his edge too soon. He shook before backing up a little, trying to regain control.

"Take it easy, Audrey," he near gasped.
Audrey smiled. She could tell by both Seymour's words and his arousal that he was ready to start what she had been wanting after hours of being in their tract house all alone. But she could relax for him. She could take it easy…

It was then that she thought of something–no, someone, not as sweet as Seymour, nor their moment together.

"W-what did you say?" she asked.

"I said take it easy, Audrey," Seymour answered before re-bracing himself and gently kissing her along her jaw line. He let his lips travel down her neck and continue kissing onward. Every inch of her felt like heaven to him.

Audrey, however, wasn't so inclined to the idea of lovemaking after that. Seymour's words had made her think back to a night not so long before. It was a time and place strikingly different from the warm, safe little tract house on Sunshine Street, yet some words and actions had been familiar…

"Take it easy," the dentist whispered in her ear as she breathed in and out the thick nitrous oxide. He had given her a free late night appointment after explaining to her that he never offered gas to patients. She didn't know whether that meant he thought her teeth were such a mess that she needed the gas or if he saw the gas as some kind of privilege she had earned.

Between listening to her own heartbeat and trying to feel her fingertips as the gas coursed through her system, Audrey waited for the drill to start screaming or for Orin to pull out some horrific dental tool and begin working. Whatever horror was about to begin she wasn't sure, but it had to be something bad. When Orin's receptionist had seen them walking into the office at the end of the night, she gave Audrey a surprisingly sad look before leaving. Orin must have had something truly specialin mind for her…

The dentist kept peeking out his office door–like he was checking to make sure no one would hear whatever hell he was about to put her through. She internally begged for him to get started before he quickly locked the door. That was strange. He never locked out the other curious patients from observing their imminent fate in the chair.

"O-Orin?" she asked groggily before she took the tube off her nose. Under the gas, the whole room seemed an off color. Still, she could tell that something had changed quite suddenly in her boyfriend. Something was different–more desperate and hungry than usual–about him.

Orin did not answer with words, but instead turned around before leaning over and slamming his lips onto hers. When she didn't kiss him back, he grabbed the back of her head and forced her to. After he finally let go of her, he asked, "Ya' ready?"

"F-for what?" Audrey asked before Orin climbed onto the dentist chair. He sometimes did this to get a good angle with his antiquated tools, but when he leaned in deep, smothering her with his body, she knew that neither drilling nor tooth extraction was on his mind. Audrey could barely struggle under the dentist as she realized, horrified, what he had brought her here for.

"No-no, Orin! I don't want to!" she squealed.

Orin sat up a bit, grabbed her shoulders and shoved her against the chair, hard. The pain wasn't so intense under the nitrous, but a tear still escaped her eye, mostly because she knew she couldn't escape.

"What did you call me?" he growled as he forced her into position, spreading her legs apart and pushing the hem of her dress up where he wanted it.

"Docta'! Sorry, docta'!" she yelped. "But I…but…" He then slammed his knee into her stomach, probably to shut her up as well as make himself happy. Instead she started screaming out, "No! No, please no!"

He put a hand over her mouth, muffling any sounds she made. She knew it was useless to fight back as both of their clothes came off, mostly by his effort. He was so much stronger than her, and if she kept quiet, there might not be too much pain involved. His free hand squeezing the life out of her arm and the dark look in his eyes weren't good signs of that. Shaking, high from nitrous, half crushed under his brutal form, and muted by one strong hand, Audrey only waited for what was to come with tears forming in her eyes.

"You scatterbrained slut," he slurred before he rammed into her.

Audrey winced, trying hard not to make the slightest peep despite the pain of his entrance and the rest of his body crushing her. He would beat her badly if she made him angry during this. Those were the only things worse than the bruises and injuries left from a night of "fun"–the bruises left by a night of disappointment.

Orin held that same, too rough rhythm, all the while she let out the occasional whimper, not in any kind of pleasure but in absolute fear and misery. He at last began to slow down, and she breathed a slight sigh of relief just before he finished. They both heaved in and out their breath in that horrendous chair, but for different reasons.

When at last he pulled himself out of her, Orin gave her that angry look as though he could spit in her eye. Not good–he was mad.

"Why d'you never get it right?" he growled. "Stupid woman!"

Audrey winced again, knowing that the slap in the face was coming. She lied and said, "I love you" a few times that night, trying to appease Orin in some way, even though she knew that there was nothing she could do. She was just a mouse, caught by a sadistic cat.

"Audrey, are ya' ready?" Seymour asked as she snapped back to reality. She sucked in a frightened breath as Seymour bucked his hips so that their bodies were mere inches apart.

"Ya' ready?" Orin's voice echoed in her mind.

"I-I…" Audrey started before Seymour kissed her again, this time pressing his lips onto hers more firmly. His arms, though gentle, were holding her down as he braced himself to begin. Their tight hold brought her back to that night in the office, and countless other painful nights, too much then. She could almost feel the bruises and the pain ripping through her lower body. Seymour was just about to enter when she realized that she couldn't ignore her internal terror any longer.

She practically screamed, "Stop! Stop! Please!" and struggled to push him off her.

Seymour had been caught up in the echoes of, "Can't Help Falling in Love" and his desires, and so he almost couldn't comprehend his wife's outburst. Despite his confusion, he didn't need to be told twice, no matter how much he wanted to continue. The feeling of elation left him as he quickly sat up.

"Audrey, what's wrong?" he asked, still confused. After she said nothing, his eyes widened. "Oh god… I didn't hurt you, did I?"

Audrey began to cry, but didn't answer. It was naive of him to ask. They hadn't even started.

Still Seymour apologized, believing he had somehow caused her pain. "Oh no… I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you! I'd never–"
"Stop it!" Audrey whimpered, tears falling on the sheets. "It has nothin' to do with you, Seymour." She then got out of bed and wrapped a bathrobe around her trembling body. Her hands cupped her face as she walked all the way out to the couch.

Seymour put his pajamas on and followed her, trying to piece it all together. One minute she had been more eager to make love than he had, and the next she was begging to stop with a look of terror in her emerald eyes. It was a look she had given him when she was got onto the motorcycle with… It took a few moments before it all made sense.

"It made you think about Orin, didn't it?" he asked hesitantly.

Audrey looked up, squeaked something unintelligible, and then continued to cry.

Seymour slowly approached the couch before sitting next to her. She had cried a few times around him, telling him everything she could bare to speak of from her life before, but he had only seen her this fragile–this broken–once. That was when Orin "disappeared" thanks to his plant. Then and now, she needed someone to keep her safe from danger, even if that danger was only in her mind. He wrapped his arms around her as she cried some more, soaking his sleeve with hot, pained tears.

At last she stopped crying for a moment and muttered, "Seymour?"

"Yeah?" he choked, feeling helpless.

"I-I'm sorry. I really wanted to, but I..." She stopped and took a moment to compose herself. "–Please don't make me do that now. I can't."

"Audrey…I–I couldn't. You're so scared–of course you don't want to. Y-You shouldn't." She sobbed again and he tightened his hold around her as she shook in his embrace. He had already told her what he was about to say several times, but he couldn't help but say, "I'll never, ever hurt you."

Audrey tried to smile, but any trace of happiness just wouldn't come. "I know. I'm just-" she started, but never finished as she choked up again.

Seymour moved his head and gently kissed her cheek to comfort her, hoping that it wasn't too soon for that. He didn't want to kiss her out of lust, just to tell her that he was there.

Audrey realized she needed that and let Seymour kiss her cheek a few more times, feeling a little less afraid and more secure with each one.

The Krelborns stayed on the couch for a little while longer, not saying a word, before Audrey decided she needed to sleep. Seymour stayed awake long after his angel fell asleep. He would be there if her fears came back in nightmares or if she fell into sadness again.

Thankfully Audrey slept soundly that night, with Seymour's gentle kisses to comfort her in her dreams.