Original Note: This is the point where this piece takes on a new life with a new portion, and in my opinion, a conclusion. This conclusion is very sexual, something that I never would have been brave enough to post even a year ago, but like I said before, I feel that this is a powerful piece, even in the parts that are simply what they are. Your warning is this simple: Audrey and Seymour make love. If you can't handle that, you might not want to read on. Thank you.

*S. Snowflake.

Gentle Kisses

Part II

It had been another cold day. Both from the weather and Audrey's conviction, Seymour decided that his search for a job in Greenville could wait yet another day. He didn't mind staying around their little tract house and helping her out with things. He also didn't mind sitting on the couch or their bed, holding her close. Any moment of affection was affection, though he secretly wanted to share more intimate moments with her again. It had been a week since the incident–when she had a panic attack about Orin while they were making love–but nevertheless, he wouldn't dare ask her for anything more than embraces, at least for now.

The snow was falling again, covering the plants on the bedroom windowsill with a deadly layer of white. It made both the botanist and his wife rather sad to watch their flowers slowly dying, but that was what they got for buying a house in the end of the autumn. Besides, once the winter was through, everything would be green again.

"I'd sure hate to be out there," Seymour muttered as he and Audrey gazed out at the snowflakes.

She turned to him and kissed his lips. "I'm glad ya' not."

Seymour smiled and gave her a short kiss as well, which led to another, and another, and another, until he started to lose count. He felt her lips and tongue sort of searching–reaching out to him somehow. His heartbeat worked in tandem with something stronger stirring in his gut, but he controlled that as best as he could. Not now. Not yet…

"Honey?" Audrey murmured as she broke free of the kiss.

"W-What, Audrey?" he said. He tried not to stutter, but she was too damned intoxicating.

She grinned and kissed his lower jaw before whispering in his ear, "I wanna' try again."

Seymour had to remember to breath as she gripped his form tightly. "Y-You mean…"

"Yes," she answered and began to unbutton his shirt.

He laughed, feeling giddy as could be as he began to unbutton her dress top, but then stopped. "Audrey…you're sure?"

"'Course I'm sure! Come on, honey, I…"

"Wait," he said, looking at her seriously. He could feel that elation, the heat, wearing off a bit, but he had to say his next words. "I don't want ya' to be scared of me, Audrey. I–I hope you know I'd never hurt you, but last time I just…When y-you screamed I just thought for a minute I had, and–" He stopped, realizing that he was rambling. "–I love you, okay? And I only want to protect you, not hurt you."

Audrey stared at her husband, nearly wanting to cry. She knew he'd been keeping his distance because of last time, but she had no idea that he would tell her all this.

"Seymour…" she started and got him to look at her before hugging him tightly. "I love you too." She pulled him completely on top of her then, making his eyes widen a little. "–And that's why I want this."

"Really?" he asked, almost whispering.

He half expected her to reply with her usual "sure" but instead Seymour got a simple nod.

He kissed her and his body tingled with delight. Their lips met several times for passionate kisses as somewhere, between it all, they completely disrobed. Her warm, soft body now rested just barely underneath his eager, shaking form. Still, Seymour was hesitant. He didn't want to feel this connected to her only to have to let go again.

"Seymour," she said beneath him. Her eyes sparkled emerald green, practically begging. Her legs, positioned around him, echoed her plea.

Seymour took a deep breath as he truly positioned himself, and met her gaze. "Tell me if I hurt you," he said. And with those words, he eased into her.

Audrey's breath hitched at the sensation as a smile spread across her face. Seymour withdrew a bit, before pushing in deeper this time and letting out a small moan of pleasure. Keeping the rhythm gentle, he withdrew and thrust again, only driving a little deeper if he could each time.

Upon one slightly stronger thrust, she squeaked sharply. His concentration broke, as he didn't know what that sound meant.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Oh Seymour…" she said, moving herself in a way to kiss him while still holding their position. Her speech came out in short intervals between her breathing. "I feel…so good–but…" She took a deep breath. "Any chance…you can go…fasta'?"

Seymour withdrew almost completely this time, but arched his body once again. "I don't wanna hurt you…"

"You…said it ya'…self, darling. You'd neva' hurt me."

Seymour felt like his smile was going to stretch his face in two. His wife trusted him so completely after all she'd been though both recently and in her past that he couldn't help but grin. He collided with her again, causing both of them to gasp. Once he had regained oxygen in his lungs, he said, "All right, then."

Their lovemaking continued on, the pace quickening. Soon talking at all became nearly an impossible prospect as the throws of passion swept them up. The end of their beautiful moment was coming soon, but neither Seymour nor Audrey wanted to think about it.

Seymour (understandably) hadn't noticed it, but they had somehow through their tryst shifted toward the window, with the blinds still half open. It didn't matter. No neighbors could peep in on them over that hedge, and why would they anyway? But what caught his attention was the snow, continuing to fall down peacefully, like tears of relief from the sky. Unbeknownst to him, Audrey also shifted her gaze upward to the snow falling silently on the flowers. Both husband and wife felt suddenly very much at ease, in intimate splendor as well as peaceful release.

Almost immediately after this strange, beautiful state of mind, Audrey emitted a pleased cry and reached her edge. Seymour's own release followed after.

They caught their breath slowly. Still pressed together, they continued to gaze out the window, just as they had been before they had started. Both of them had about a million things on their mind as waves of leftover pleasure lapped through them, but they mutually were relieved that they could still make love without fear of nightmarish interruption.

"Oh Seymour," Audrey sighed, finally turning her head to look at her husband.

"Audrey…" he nearly wheezed, smiling as wide as he could.

She breathed deeply. "That was wonda'ful… I-I'm so glad, I–" she paused, both out of words and breath. "I sure would hate to neva' have that again."

Seymour breathed a sigh of joy and kissed her lips. "I'm glad we won't have to."