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Chapter 13: greatest surprise and strange mood!

Jewel woke up earlier than blu and was feeling a little bit tired and heavy. She didn't have the slightest idea why she was feeling this. She looked at blu and the memory of their bonding flashed on her eyes and she blushed madly.

Jewel saw blu stirred and decided to wake him up. She nudged him but he didn't even open his eyes or anything; he just gave out a small snore but suppressed it. "Makarov…will…pay…for what he…has done…to…our…parents." Mumbled blu. Jewel heard him and thought he was just dreaming of his past about revenge. She nudged him again and he opens his eyes slowly and looks at the one who woke him. He saw a blue blurry face and when his vision came to focus, he saw jewels face smiling at him.

"Good morning, my love." Said blu as he kissed her in the cheeks. "Good morning sleepy head." Said jewel as she returned the kiss. Blu rose to his full height and decided to get breakfast. "What would you want for breakfast, dear?" asks blu. "Mango, please." Said jewel. "Mango it is. Be right back." said blu as he went to get breakfast for them.

Three minutes later, blu returned with two mangoes in his talons. He placed one in front of jewel and ate his. Jewel started munching at the mango so fast that she caught blu`s attention. "Wow jewel! Quite the appetite you have today. Better save some for lunch." Joked blu.

Blu was expecting her to laugh at his joke, but she did the other way; she went like a time bomb and gave him a death glare in which he flinched. "Are you calling me fat?" asks jewel full of rage. "What! No, I…I was only saying slow down a bit. You might choke if you eat too fast. That's all." Said blu nervously.

Jewel noticed her expression changed from happy to full of hate. Blu didn't know what was with her; even she didn't have the slightest idea why she went off like that at him. She looked at her feet and was expecting blu to shout at her why she went like that at him; but he just picked her wings and pulled her in a hug and looked at her turquoise eyes with "I'm not angry" look on his face.

Is everything alright?" asks blu concerned. "Yeah. I'm sorry if I went off like that." Said jewel sadly before crying. "There, there. There`s no need to cry. I don't know why you went off like that, but all I can tell you is that I will never be angry at you." Said blu.

Jewel wiped her tears away and smile at him lovingly. "Thanks. You always keep me happy." Said jewel before kissing him on the beak. Blu kissed back and said. "Hey, it's my job. It's to keep you smiling everyday of your life." Said blu after separating from the kiss.

They continued eating but jewel asked blu to get her one more and so he did. He returned a minute later with another mango and gave it to her. Jewel started munching her second mango faster and finished faster than usual. Blu was about to say one more joke when he remembered what would jewel say if he did. He was even more scared of what she would do than say to him if he say one more joke about here appetite.

After eating her second mango, she felt a sharp pain on her stomach and placed her wing to it to suppress it but to no avail, it just got worse. She fell to her knees and blu quickly rushed to her aid and asked what was happening. "Are you alright?" he asks. "Do I look alright?" asks jewel angrily and in pain. "Well technically no. sorry for asking." Said blu.

"That's alright. It`s gone now. It must be something I ate." said jewel. "So you're saying that I got you a bad fruit?" asks blu kinda hurt. "What? No, no! It must be my stomach being tired with mangoes." said jewel. Blu smiled at her because he got her in one of his jokes. "Nah, it`s alright. I was just joking." Said blu as he forgot not to joke at her.

Jewel took it as an insult again and slapped blu on the face hard. "Hey, what was that for?" asks blu rubbing the impact spot. "That's for saying a bad joke." Said jewel. Blu looked at her at disbelief and saw she was holding her laughter. Jewel couldn't hold her laughter anymore and burst to laughter. "Oh you should have seen the look on your face." Laughed jewel.

Blu smiled at her sight laughing. He pulled jewel for a kiss and said. "You know something." Said blu. "Yeah?" asks jewel. "You don't hit like a girl should hit." Joked blu. Jewel found the joke funny and laughed. "That's for saying bad jokes." She said. "Yeah, ouch by the way." Said blu. Jewel laughed harder at his joke.

Moments later, Carlos and Clara flew inside their hollow with large grins intact on their faces. "what`s with the smile?" asks blu as he realized their expression. Carlos and Clara`s smile got larger from his question. "Congratulation for now being mates." Chorused Carlos and Clara happily. "Thanks dude and dudette." Said blu. Jewel thanked them too and talked for a while.

"Hey guys. Sorry to break our fun talk, but I need to take jewel to tulio for check up." Interrupted blu. "sure." Said Clara. "Yeah, but why?" asks Carlos. "She had a stomach ache earlier before you two came and I and azule don't have any medicines in our storage." Said blu.

"Blu, I don't need tulio. It was just a small pain. That's all." Said jewel trying to get away from meeting tulio again. "that`s a-ight. It`s just a checkup jewel. If anything happens because of blu, he will have to deal with Clara." Said Carlos in his pure American accent. Clara gave blu a "keep your mate safe" look and with a death glare. "Cool. So see ya later?" asks blu. "Yeah, see ya dudes." Said Carlos. He and Clara left and went back to get their kids from boom and his annoying twits.

Blu looked at jewel again and saw puppy dog eyes. "That ain`t working this time." Said blu. jewel made her eyes larger and more adorable and blu said. "What is it?" "Don't take me to tulio." Said jewel trying to hypnotize her husband. "He-he, nice try, honey. But we`re going." Said blu as he pulled jewel out in the entrance.

Jewel tried squirming her wings off blu but he had a very strong grip on her. "Is this your pay back for slapping you?" asks jewel while trying to break free. "You can say that." Said blu as he let jewel go. She thought it was done until he suddenly held her in his talons and flew to the aviary. "Oh brother!" she thought with a sigh.

Blu reached the aviary in an estimated time of ten minutes if it wasn't for jewel`s forceful movement of getting away from tulio. Blu warned her not to move or she will fall and not have enough time to slow the fall. Blu and jewel saw their siblings in tulio`s table eating some of Linda's delicious hot chocolates and cookie. "what`s cookin`?" asks blu as he place jewel down next to him. "Well, sapphire and M.J has some stomach aches and we brought them here." Said azule as he rubbed his wing on sapphire`s back.

Sapphire loved it when azule does it; it makes her feel safe and loved. M.J was eating just like jewel and sapphire, their mates didn't have the slightest idea about their situation. France pulled his brothers away from their mates for a while. "Sapphire, jewel…you don't mind I burrow my brothers for a while? I give them back as quickly as possible." Said France. "Sure." Said both sapphire and jewel.

France pulled his brothers in the far corner in the left of the table and said. "a-ight, who has a slightest idea why they act a little aggressive, today?" asks France. "Dunno." Shrugged blu. "I heard and read this situation before but I forgot where and what." Said azule. "alright, at least tulio will determine what`s there situation for us." Said France as he gave blu and azule back to their mates.

Moments later, tulio came in and saw his favorite patients, in which they didn't like him a lot. Tulio walked to them with smiling face and went eye-to-eye level with them. "What seems to be the urge for you six to be here?" asks tulio as Linda entered the room. Linda went them and took the dishes and cups that was on the table and went the kitchen. Blu made some signals but tulio only saw blu making a fool of himself. So, he went to get a piece of paper and pen for him to write.

A minute later, he returned with the things he needed and gave him it. Blu took the paper and pen and wrote the reason why they were there. "There seems to be a situation about jewel and her sisters." Said the note as he passed it to tulio. "About what?" he asks as he gave the note back for him to write. "They seem to be acting a little aggressive and have an urge for different kinds of food." It said again as he passed it for the second time.

Tulio looked at jewel and her sisters and saw them smile at him; he didn't want to be rude and gave them a friendly smile. He looked at the note and turned his head to blu and the note again and the girls. After some time looking at the things and birds in front of him, he went to the girls and picked them up with care. After picking them all up carefully, he quickly went to the lab and did some non-instrumental checkups (no injection or needles).

Blu and his brother waited patiently for ten minutes and tulio finally came back. He set the girls on the table with more and extra cautiousness. Jewel and her sisters had a large grin on their faces. Blu and his brothers gave them a nervous smile and went to them. "So, any answers to your situations yet?" asks blu. Jewel and her sisters' grin became larger and said excitedly.

"We`re pregnant!"

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