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"The little ones'll be coming with me."

~Subject Omega.

Proud Papa

Steel boots clanked across the halls of Rapture; a great shadow loomed across the walls. Splicers fled from it, this horrid, hulking form as it stomped toward its destination. Camera light tracked across its frame leaving their alarms silent before this foul creature; a man, and yet not a man at all. A Big Daddy. Classified as Subject Omega. Unlike most daddies, there was no little sister to accompany this one. He walked alone, the great hollow thud-thud-thud of his boots preceding him as he trudged across the sodden floor.

Subject Omega was one of the newer Big Daddies, recently stolen from the surface world. More recently released into the decaying city known as Rapture. One of the few Lancer-Class Daddies to be found outside of the now sealed-off Minerva's den, he was taller than a Rosie, and slimmer than one of the deadly Rumblers, but by no means less deadly. Armed with an Ion Laser and his trusty drill, he was a force to be reckoned with. He was dangerous. Frightening. Fearsome.


Because Omega had a secret. Two secrets, actually. His mind was his own. As was his tongue. His scarred vocal cords had long since healed, and, were one to warrant a gaze at his innards, they'd be quited startled the like of which they'd never seen. The hideous scar tissue was gone repaired by the second occupant of his suit. A creature so cruel, so cunning, not even the brilliant minds of Rapture had been able to suss it out. Omega owed his life, nay, his very existence to this eerie entity. Without it, he would be another golem of Rapture; another tin man walking the halls of his hollow city, blissful in his ignorance and furious in his rage. And at the same time, Omega wanted nothing more than to part with the beast that had spared him from this hellish existence.

This creature had been with him since the night his birth, long before the Big Sister dragged him from his home in the village and into the sea. It was his gift; and it was his curse. It was with him even now; whispering, urging him onward. Mocking him.

"What good can you do down here?" Its voice grated like nails in his ears. "You, who failed to protect anyone on the surface! Just look at you! You're pathetic! Clinging the remnants of a life long since forgotten! Just go crawl in a corner and die already!"

Omega refused to honour him with a response. He would not be riled by his tenant's taunting. Not today.

"Oho, giving me the silent treatment?" It would not be so easily silenced, however. "Big Daddy. Bah!" It snorted. "You're nothing more than a hollow man wandering the halls! And you'd be much worse off if it weren't for me! Really, Naruto, you ought to-

'Shut. Up.'

Its voice ended in an indignant sqwuak as ADAM coursed through Omega's veins. The genetic goop silenced the creature. Nine tails thrashed against the bars of its cage, but to no avail. It could not have the control the like sought. Not today. Not so long as Omega drew breath. So long as Uzumaki Naruto drew breath.


It loomed there before him in the dark, damning him. His name. The name of a boy. Of a life above the waves, a time long since past. Conjuring up memories of his old life. He remembered precious little of it, now, but a name held power. It invoked feelings he'd never felt before. Love. Longing. Despair. He beat them back into oblivion. He had no need of those feelings now. Those memories, they only slowed him down. Left him slow and sloppy, not his usual self.

A sharp tongue coupled with a fearsome intellect. A most potent pair of weapon indeed. Omega rarely made use of either, however, instead preferring the blind bloodlust of most daddies. But not today. Today he would need his mind. His intellect. Perhaps both, as he scoured the broken corridors of Rapture, searching for something. Or rather, a certain someone. He plodded along slowly, paying no attention to the debris encumbering his stride; the occasional trickle of water that pinged off his helmet.

And there, at last, he found what he sought. Rummaging through a filing cabinet, he came up with a small, handheld device. A radio. He thumbed it on...and was rewarded with a harsh bleat of static. Behind the helmet Omega grit his teeth in frustration and drew out his trusty hacking tool. This would take some time...

(Hours Later)

It took what felt like an eternity of fiddling with his hacking tool before Omega was finally able to get the handheld radio to work, setting it to the frequency used by his longtine ally. There was a sharp, keening burst of static, before he heard the first sorrowful tones of the heavily accented voice.

"Hello? Who is on this channel?"

Omega growled. He was not in the mood for this. Thankfully, Brigid Tenenbaum seemed to remember it well.

"Herr Omega? Is that you? Give me a moment."

A few second and a burst of static later, her voice materialized over his suit's radio, much of the grainy element gone. He quickly turned off the handheld he had been using, stowing it in waterproof pockets for later use if the need demanded.

"Herr Omega, I am using the camera in your helmet. Please, what has happened? The Little Ones have told me many things, and they tell me now you are nearing the Adonis Resorts." Omega grunted. True enough. He was indeed nearing the once infamous resort. But she didn't need to know why. Not yet.

"Is there problem?"

Omega shook his head. No. There was no problem at present.

"I see." There was a silence. "Herr Omega, I think you should be knowing...the plasmid I have created to cure the little ones is nearly finished." Naruto blinked at that one. He'd no idea Tenenbaum was that far along. It meant he would soon have to make a his tenuous life here would be forever changed. Until now, he'd managed to squeak by without alerting anyone to his newfound intelligence. All that would change once if he started liberating the dozens upon dozens of Little Sisters throughout the city of Rapture. They would know. The splicers, the security bots, all of them.

Ryan would know.

"You are concerned, yes?" Tenenbaum's voice asked.

Naruto rolled his padded shoulders in a shrug. He'd deal with it when the time came. Until then, he'd continue on, just as he always had. Just as he always would, until Rapture came crashing down around his ears. This was his home, for now, until Tenenbaum found some way back to the surface. He was tempted to tell her just that, but he dare not.

"I wish you luck then, Herr Sigma." the radio crackled once more and fell silent.

Nodding, Omega plodded onward toward the nearest Securis door. It creaked open with a raspy hiss, presenting him with the waterlogged halls of Adonis Resorts.

He cared precious little for the schemes of Andrew Ryan or Sofia Lamb. Thought it could be said it was the latter's fault that he ended up like this. But the doctor, she was friend. Ally to him in this dank, dark hell he'd come to call home. She'd restored his sanity after Suchong's procedure, at great personal risk to herself. Many months later, his tenant had healed the worst of his scars, restoring his voice to him. Now, he was all but invincible in his metal suit; nothing could kill him, save another Big Daddy, or...

...or a Big Sister.

Suppose Tenenbaum's plasmid worked? Suppose there was a way to cure the Little Sisters? The Big Sister's wouldn't take kindly to that. They'd come after him in droves. He could only be thankful that Lamb and Ryan were at each other's throats; Big Daddy or no, he didn't stand a chance if they ever presented a united front against him.

Shuddering, Omega resumed his course, his path taking him down a dim alley. Puddles and a few intrepid vermin, descendants of bathysphere stowaways, occupied the path before them. He continued onwards until the echoes of malicious laughter reached his ears. With one arm he hefted the Ion Laser atop his back, with the other he pulled out the drill. Redoubling his pace, Omega thundered down the alley, emerging in a dark, dank space between buildings, a gritty bit of Rapture never meant to be seen by its well-to-do upper class.

A woman's corpse lay slumped against a fuel barrel, her dress stained with water, grease, and blood. In the dead center of the gloom was the crumpled form of a bouncer, its Sister crouched atop it, tears streaming down her face as blood oozed from a thin on her arm. Three men encircled her, grinning wolfishly, their crude weapons held high and threatening before them.

"Aww...ain't she sweet? Gatherin' like a good little girl."

"Now now, dearie, just give us a tiny bit o' yer Adam...

"We just wanna get 'dat icky thing outta your tummy!"

"No!" The girl wailed. Loud, heaving sobs and fat tears poured out from her face as her tormentors stepped forward. "Mr. Bubbles!" Frantically, she shook her protector, desperately she begged for him to rise. The once mighty rumbler twitched once, and fell silent. The Little Sister screamed, a heartrending cry that set the heart aflame.

"Don't die, Mr. Bubbles!"

Don't die.

Memories flickered through Omega's mind. He saw red. Great, unholy red.

Don't die!

Omega roared. The men turned, their smiles fading. The nearest Splicer pulled out a pistol, a single shot ringing out before pinging off Omega's armored suit. The Big Daddy roared and charged, the drill whirring to life in his hand. The left crackled with electricty, great fat bolts of lightning spurting forth from his fingertips. Moments later, the alley was splattered in blood, the corpses of the men scattered all around. He ripped the drill from the corpse of the last splicer; he felt content. The Little Sister, now bereft of her once mighty guardian, looked up at him, and he hazarded a glance down at her. She stood and stared back at him, starry eyed and mournful.

"Daddy," she whimpered softly.

Omega was about to turn away when a squeal of static interrupted his retreat.

"Herr Omega," Tennenbaum's voice crackled through the receiver, startling him. "The little one thinks you are her big daddy."

He opened his mouth to protest, to deny such a thing. Stopped short.


"The little ones, all big daddies are the same to them." She explained. "She will never be knowing the difference, Herr Omega." Her voice dropped a few octaves as she became aware of Naruto's gaze, fixated upon the child at his feet. "What," she swallowed nervously, "What will you do with her?"

What to do with her indeed.

Omega frowned behind his helmet. In all his time in Rapture, he'd never once bonded to a Little Sister. Not a once. He protected them of course, kept them safe from splicers and other ilk. But bond? Never. Perhaps the like had something to do with the monstruous construct of chakra in his stomach. Maybe he was a loner. Nevertheless, his heart-what little remained of it after the procedure-went out to the girl. She did not deserve an end such as this. None of them did. Ghostly yellow eyes gazed back at him adoringly and a small smile wreathed her pale face. His mere presence had shaken her out of heart wrenching grief that only a second ago had consumed her very being. Could he really leave her like this? The answer was obvious.

He sighed, and with his free hand, reached out for the Little Sister.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed, her ghostly white face forming into a broad smile, tears ceasing to flow from her yellow eyes. She took his arm, giggling as one massive hand gently hefted her atop his shoulder. Omega gave it a moment before grunting and resuming his pace. A warm, fuzzy feeling began to spread across his chest as he walked, careful to keep his new passenger from falling off. It felt familiar. Nostalgic, even. Aaargh! Where had he felt this feeling before? When? The memory was painfully close, just out of reach. Pale eyes, the color of lavender. Dark hair, the raven-blue tresses falling across her face. Her skin, soft as satin, lips the color of velvet...what was her name? He was close! So very close now! Hi...Hi...na-

His radio buzzed with a new transmission, interrupting his reverie.

"Ach!" Tenenbaum crowed triumphantly, the sorrowful note in her voice welling up with pride. "I should expect no less from you, Herr Omega!" Naruto grunted his acqueiscment, but when he reached for the memory it was gone. The image had shattered, broken into a thousand pieces. He reached for her name, and it slipped through his fingers. Sorrow welled up within him. Try as he might, he could not remember. He nearly opened his mouth and uttered an oath; nearly gave himself away before he remembered his vow of silence.

Instead, a strangled snarl fled from his lips.

His massive fist struck the nearest thing within reach-the fuel barrel bending, breaking beneath the sudden and sullen assault. It was only when the red haze dimmed, only when the fog was lifted from his mind, that he heard the voice of doctor Brigid Tenenbaum, that he became aware of it, ringing inside his ears.

"Herr Omega?" Tenenbaum's concerned voice echoed inside his helmet. "What is wrong?"

Omega shook his head. He wouldn't be able to make her understand. He stood, glaring balefully at the battered and broken drum. His anger vented, he awaited Tenenbaum's response.

There was a moment of silence, longer than the last. Then, finally.

"Please...be taking good care of the little one."

Naruto grunted.

"He's nicer than other Daddies," the Little Sister chirruped happily from her perch, blissfully unaware of the one-side conversation taking place in Omega's helmet. He flashed the doctor a halfhearted thumbs up outside of his helmet and Tenenbaum's laughter rang through his ears. It was a welcome relief from the madness that subsumed him. He blinked upwards as the Sister atop his shoulder reached a dainty hand down to wipe the grime and blood from his porthole, clearing his vision. It was a god-send.

He reached up in turn, patting her head, eliciting a happy squeal. And for a painfully brief, he experienced the utter contentment of the other Big Daddies. He could see now, how they, mindless brutes though they were were content to watch over their Little Sisters and nothing else. Alternating between vigilant contentment and mindless rage. It was all the daddies, knew. But Omega knew better. His mind was his own, and as such he knew there was more to be done than protecting the little ones. Naruto knew better. Even in his sorry state, he still longed for a return to the surface, for a return to normalcy. He would find a way. He would reatain his humanity. His mind. His soul. He would escape from Rapture, bringing the little ones with him.

He would find a way.

"Take care, my friend." Tenenbaum said. "I will be letting you know when plasmid is ready." And then her voice was no more. Naruto nodded and set off at a brisk walk, dutifully keeping an eye out for splicers, hacked security bots, or any other threat that might bring harm to him or his little sister.

He had a job to do.

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