Chapter 1

As our story goes, it starts with the Empress of Xioalin. She was a beautiful woman with long golden dark hair, eyes of golden wood, skin of silver moonlight. A Beauty, unpainted by color nor word, it did no justice to her beauty. But she was old, while her body was young in appearance, her soul was quite old. She has taken ill, and it was said, that she did not have much time.

Around her neck she wore a necklace, always the same necklace, silver in metal, a sky blue gem as its center, surrounded by the sea of diamonds. But the center of the gem, when the light hit, just right, you could see a golden glimmer, that just kept getting bigger.

As our empress lay on her death bed, she mourning for the granddaughter so far away, the one she had not seen since the day of her 14th birthday. She turned to the man beside her bed, her most faithful and trusted servant, John.

"John, how delighted you could come." The Empress's frames was wrecked with coughs as she began to look older. "My time has come. The flame must be passed onto the new queen." As another Coughing Spasm occurred, John took her hand and held it tightly.

"My queen, rest, do not push yourself so." John begged. The Empress chuckled as she hair slowly turned silver, and wrinkles slowly appeared.

"OH john, my faithful servant. As soon as the last breath leaves my body," Cough, "Take my necklace to my granddaughter. It must be to her before the sun has lapsed again. She must wear it every day. I fear, it will be my final gift to her, a gift for her 19th birth day." Another Coughing fit took over her body.

"Please, rest my queen." John Begged, kissing her hand. "Take some of my life force, I beg of you."

"Never. I need you to teach my granddaughter, the curse which is passed on to her, but the gift, the wonderful gift and power that comes with it, but the responsibility, it bares. Protect her as you would me, John. This is my last command of you. And," more coughing, as her voice lost it's smooth honeyed tone of young, to gain the rough croak of the old, "Let her know her history. And John, she is yours. Protect our granddaughter."

"Our? But I thought…"

"Kiki was your daughter. Your life force is longer than mine. Protect and teach her. And I must forewarn you, there is not much time until He comes, seeking the jewel. On my last breath, you must take it! Take it to her!" The now old woman hissed on her final words, before turning soft again. " I loved you. But I was a coward; I did not do as I should have. I should have named you my king, "Cough.

"MY queen, Dear, Dear, Sakura-chan. Do not fret, rest now. I will do as you wish. Upon your death, I shall take the jewel to her. And I will return to bury you. You shall be buried in the tomb of our rulers, under the old Sakura tree." John frowned, his British accent marred with sorrow as another coughing fit took over his queen.

"There is not long. I dare say, I have but a minute left. My soul to protect the Jewel. I will become a piece of it. As all of those before me have. I shall see you one day…"Her voice grew soft and faint. " One day… in… para…dice."

"I will see you there under the old Sakura Tree. Where the worlds are one." John whispered, kissing her forehead, as the Empress's eyes closed.

"I love you… I see… the old … sakura… tree… good bye…" And those final words, her final breath, was passed. But her soul and life were there long enough for a few final words from John.

"I loved you Sakura, always will. I will do as you wished, and see you one day, under that Sakura tree. Good Bye!" John whispered, tears rushing down his cheeks. A Gentle breeze tickled passed him and out the window, the fragrance of Sakura flowers dancing in the breeze, as the first blossom of the old Sakura tree, blossomed. John ever so gently took the necklace off her, kissing her forehead and both cheeks before bowing out of the room and closing the doors. He turned to a maid, who like him, was shedding tears.

"She is gone. I must take the Jewel to our new Empress. Prepare the ceremonies. We do not have long. Prepare the guard as well. He is coming."


Many hundreds of miles away, in the temple, lay Kimiko who was fitfully sleeping. Dreaming. A gentle breeze caressed her skin, the smell of sakura flowers tickled her nose, soothing her, so that she dreamed peacefully, and slept deeply.

A gentle glow filled her room becoming quite intense, slowly but surely as Master Fung and Dojo walked to the curtain of the room and peered in.

"So the flame has been passed on." Dojo exclaimed.

"Dear Sakura, has given a new light." Master Fung responded. " There is much to do. Their powers will grow."

"Indeed they will. My she is glowing quite bright." Dojo exclaimed. The light began to rapidly disappear, fading into a swirling tattoo around Kimiko's ankle which glowed bright gold before turning black as the swirls drew themselves down her foot into a beautiful design, the swirls growing right into a heart where the design stopped.

"The Deed is Done. Come Dojo, We must prepare, much is going to change.


In Kimiko's Dream

Clouds were everywhere, she was up in the sky, floating, dancing to a melody when a voice starts singing, harmonizing.

"Granma?" Kimiko called turning around to stop dancing as the silk that wrapped around her body floated in a breeze that was hardly there.

"My beautiful Granddaughter. I don't have long… But I have to tell you… I love you…" The voice said, as a breeze carrying petals of soft pink and white, and little sakura flowers wrapped around Kimiko before appearing to outline a person, where you could faintly see an old woman. "You have grown so much!"

Kimiko looked down at herself, seeing how much she had grown into a woman. Her hair long with gentle waves, her curves abundant, her skin so smooth and beautiful.

"You are a woman. Men will vie for your attention. My little Kimiko… You have much coming to you, I wish I could have taught you so much, but when your mother died, you Father whisked you away from me. He refused to let my destiny be yours." The voice whispered. Kimiko felt a kiss on her forehead. " Will grow still. Sweet Dreams my granddaughter."

Kimiko felt a slight burning sensation on her foot and ankle and looked down to watch a design slowly appear around her ankle and foot, growing as if someone took liquid sunshine and were painting the design on her foot with it, until it was complete, glow beautiful gold before turn as black as night. The breeze brushed another kiss onto Kimiko and started drift away.

"I will see you one day, my little Kimiko!" purred the voice as it grew faint.

"Granma! Wait!" Kimiko pleaded as the petals floated away. "GRANMA!" Kimiko sat up wide awake, reaching for something.

"Granma…" She whisphered, her hand floating back down to her blanket. A sudden glow brought her attention down to her foot as a golden light flitted around the design on her ankle. She stared for a few moment before shaking her head, believing she was still dreaming and going back to sleep.


"She has passed… The old crone is now dead." Chase said, sitting in his throne room. He rose, snapping his fingers. His cats came forward quite quickly. "Now is my chance to get my soul back."


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