I'm not crazy!

Summary: what if it was never Mona? What if Mona wasn't the one who fell off the cliff? What if was opposite? What if the whole time, it was Spencer?

Watching their faces I drove away was…perfect. They looked hurt and betrayed. Just like we planned.

"I did everything you told me too". I looked up at her."I even took all the blame". I looked back up at her.

"You didn't expose me that am all that matters". She said smiling evilly. "ARE MAKING THEM BELIEVE IM CRAZY. IM NOT CRAZY I TELL YOU! I AM NOT CRAZY!"


Hanna, aria, and Emily walked in quietly. I continued looking to through the corner of my eye. Not smiling or nothing.

"Hey, Spence." Aria says calmly and pulls a chair over. I turn and look at her. I had that blank expression. Emily couldn't say anything and considering I hit Hanna with a car, she's defiantly pissed. I relieved Toby was with them. Toby walked over and said "say something". I'm quite for a few more minutes but it was hard, I mean its Toby.

"Say something". He repeats. "I can't say anything". I snap. Everyone looks at me. As they talked to me I ignored them. Hanna at some point ended up throwing a chair and they had to leave. I made it look like I still hadn't said a word. I was left alone in this prison. My hair is completely frizzed out, like karmin (Amy) in the video I told you so, and I white uniform thing. I had nothing but my thoughts.

I over think too much. We all know that. I think….. I heard a knock again and this time it was just Toby.

"Hey Spencer". He said calmly. I could tell his phone was on and someone was lessoning. "Hi". I barely mumble. "Talk to me Spencer…please?"

"Why should I?"

"We need answers". Toby says calmly

"What makes you think I'm going to tell u?"

"You made your friends life's a living hell!"

"There not my friends and they never were!"

"Do you know who killed her"? Toby questioned her.

"Yes". I say shyly.

"Who?" he holds both my hands.

"She killed herself". I say.

"Wha-?" he couldn't finish the sentence

"You didn't let me finish!" I practically shouted

"You'd think that because there no proff that anyone killed her."

" .her." Toby started sounding frustrated.

I come close a whisper. "I did and someone else".

His jaw dropped. "If you do something for me, I'll tell you who helped me". I whispered in his ear again.

"If you can find Alison body, I will tell you who helped me. Hint freezer".

After that I shut down practically again.

Toby pov.

I knew Spencer wasn't crazy, just she wasn't in the right mind. I know she didn't kill Alison. It would've been too easy. As I got up to leave I felt cold hands grab my arm. "freezer." Spencer repeated. I didn't know what freezer meant at first. Say I continued I figured it out. "It's in a freezer". I ran toward Emily house. When I knocked. "It's in a freezer". Emily looked at me confused "Spencer said her body was in a freezer and if found out who has it, she'd tell me who killed Alison". The words escaped my mouth without a second thought. "Do you really believe her?"Emily asked in disbelief. "I know Spencer very well. I know she maybe in a mental hospital, she may even really be crazy, but I know she wouldn't lie to anyone". I wanna believe her, I really do. "She already did lie. About everything. Spencer is not who we thought she was." I couldn't lesson to her talk about Spencer like that anymore.

I turned around and walked off. All of a sudden a memory popped in my head.

"The freezer in basement has weird things in it; I think Melissa puts like bodies down there or something." Spencer said well questioning it. "I'm sure threes nothing there."

I turned around and went toward the mental hospital.

As I enter I say "Spencer Hastings". I say when the blond lady asked me who I was here to visit. "Here is your tag Mr. Hastings". I didn't use my last name because they said only family could see her. I walk in slowly.

She looks up at me and still looks kind of crazed. "It's in the freezer in your basement isn't it?" she looked down and took a deep breath. "No but I'm gonna tell you who killed her anyways." She looked me dead in the eye. "Emily." She finally says. "It was Emily." I saw her take another deep breath. "She visited me and made me take all the blame. I was mad and tried to through her off the cliff." She pauses again. "Emily disserved it". I was speechless and she could tell I was. That's why Emily was trying to convince me Spencer was liar and crazy. "Where's the body". I asked her again. "Jason's basement in the freezer".

The end!

It's a one shot so ya. I know the beginning was annoying but other than that I hope you enjoyed it (: