I know I said it was a one shot but I thought I would continue it for laughs and giggles (:

3 weeks later

Spencer P.O.V

Toby started moving in his chair uncomfortably. "You told them. She's gone". I say grabbing his hand and smiling. My smile starts to fade. "But. There's more than just me and her so". I stumble to say the next part. "It's the end. It never will be". Toby looks at me with questionable eyes.

"Ask me anything. I'll answer as honest as I can." I say in almost a whisper.

"Why". Toby said looking down. "Why did you do this?"

I laugh a little. "They never cared. As you can tell, defiantly Emily. Ali…" I pause. He gives me a look then says "continue".

"She was never who she said she was. She was worst". I say then go mute.

"What does Aria and Hanna have to do with this?" Toby asks concerned.

"There just the pieces of the puzzle that aren't needed but…without them there's a gaping hole." I shrug. I watch Toby as he started to play with hand a little.

"I think it's time to go home". Toby whispers. He turns around and looks back at her with a pair of skinny jeans and a plain t-shirt. "But not without you." He says holding his hands out. I smile and take the clothing. I watch as he steps out. I grin evilly as I change.

"He believed you". I say looking at my reflection.

I walked out of the room and shut the door slightly behind me.

"I'm ready". I nod. He grabs me by the hand pulls me along. I set in the passenger seat of the car.

"Is there no rest?'' I question him. He gives me a strange look.

"I'll always be that psychopath that tried to kill her 'Friend'". Which I guess I was because we all know Emily was innocent. She wouldn't hurt a fly.

"All that matters." Toby begins and outs his arm around my neck. "Is I know you're not". He gently kisses me. I smile. I did truly miss him. He puts the car in drive and pulls out.

The car ride was long and we didn't talk much. Once we pulled into my driveway I started playing with my bottom lip.

"Please tell me there not here." I whisper then take a deep breath. "Just cause you don't want to see them doesn't mean they don't wanna see you". Toby said and left it at that as he got out of the car. I sat there for a minute to make it look like I was having trouble when really; it was all falling into place.

Toby P.O.V

I wait for Spencer to get out of the car. Once she got out she smiled weakly. "You'll be okay". I say holding her to my side. I open the door and Aria and Hanna were right there.

"We know you were framed". Hanna says before even saying 'Hi, how are you'. Spencer gave her a confused look. "Em told us." Aria said quieter. "So…" I say trying to break the silence.

"Nice shirt but you should know". Spencer says to Hanna. Next, she whispers something in her ear. I watch Spencer go upstairs and put a finger on her lips."Shh".

I stand there for a minute trying to figure out what she said. Whatever was said seemed to have scared Hanna.

"What did she say?" Aria asks Hanna. She looks as if about to tell. "Nothing". Hanna laughs. I walk to her. "Hanna. Are you sure?" I look at her caringly. She shakes her head yes.

Hanna P.O.V

I want to tell them what Spencer told me. They deserve to know. Everything. Not even two seconds later my phone went off

'Cause two can keep a secret if ONE of them is DEAD