So I was bored and decided to write this. Warning there is a character death. Don't like, don't read. Inspired by a line that draco said and a humorous picture that Im putting a story too. And if I could, I'd put it as the story picture. This is just me ptitling around and being mean:P oh well enjoy.

Draco had been worrying about it all day. How was he going to say it? How would Potter feel about it? He had to get it off his chest.

He made a decision to invite Potter to a secluded area where he would confess his feelings. it had been far too long and what needed to be said would be spoken tonight! He would make sure of it.


"Harry?" Hermoine spoke." Why is Malfoy staring at you?"

"Don't know 'Mione. Maybe he's mad at me again."

The dark haired boy sighed.

Truth be told, Harry didn't really hate Draco as much as he would say. The others would look at him like he had gone mental if he ever dared spoke of what he really thought of Draco Malfoy, son of a death eater, prince of Slytherine, and all around hateful. Harry understood Draco's dilemma and hoped one day they could be friends.


Alright Draco, you can do this! He told himself. Your strong, confident!

He made his way around the halls muttering to himself untill he bumped into some thing, that turned out to be a some-one.

He rubbed his head and looked up, meeting a pair of all too familiar eyes.

"Watch where your going potter!" He hissed.

"Good night to you too, Malfoy." He replied lazily and began walking.

"Wait!" Draco stopped him." W-Would you accompany me to the Astronomy tower?"

Harry gave him a look and replied." What's the catch?"

"I must discuss something with you. Something important." he said looking away.

"Alright, let's be off."

Draco nodded and began heading to the tower with Harry behind him. Each step by step, his heart sped faster. He was really going to do this!

The two boys pushed open the heavy door and they're faces we're hit by the cold night air.

"Now what was so important?" Harry asked.

He followed Draco to the edge. something was bothering the blonde.

"Oh Merlin, how do I say this." Draco almost whispered. He glanced up to lock eyes with Harry.

"Potter..." He began, putting his hands on both of Harry's shoulders."...I Hate you!"

And he pushed Harry over the edge, laughing maniacally.

Draco shot up in his bed, a sheet of sweat coating his body. He groaned and let his head fall back on his pillow.

He felta hand snake around his waist.

"Draco, Darling. What is it?" came a voice.

It was Harry!

His head shot up from his desk as he screamed himself awake.

"Are you quite done, Mr. Malfoy?" Snape said boredly and irritated.

"Y-Yes professor." he tried to regain his composure but the whole class was staring.

Somebody please Avada Kadavera me right now! His head screamed.

Well there a go. Did you see that comin? Lol like I said I'm just being bored. So i don't care if you review or not.