Abused then Loved

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(Warning: This chapter has physical abuse and sexual abuse mentioned in details.)

A young teen around the age of sixteen was lying on his bed in the fetal position crying. His uncle had just beaten him for something that Dudley had done. Dudley had been upset that one of his favorite shows had been canceled and punched the t.v. Harry had been upstairs working on his chores. His uncle had come home and saw that the t.v was broken. He demanded Dudley to tell him what had happened. Instead of telling the truth Dudley told his father that he was watching t.v and Harry had come down stairs and punched the t.v. Vernon's face had turned a violent shade of purple.

He walked up stairs to see that Harry was cleaning the bathroom. He grabbed his nephew by his neck and dragged him to his room. A frightened Harry was wondering what he had done wrong. When they reached his room he threw Harry in.

"What did you think that you were doing punching my t.v, Freak?" His uncle hissed.

"I-i didn't p-p-punch the t.v." Harry stuttered.

"Are you calling Dudley a liar, boy?" He asked angrily.

Without waiting for a response he punched Harry in the face. The teen landed on the floor with a loud thud. He bit back a whimper of pain.

"Pull off your shirt." Vernon commanded.

Harry did as he was told. He knew what would happen if he didn't. His uncle stared at his scared body. He drank in everything knowing he was the one to cause it. He licked his lips and wished he had time to play.

"Now turn around." He told Harry as he started to take off his belt.

Harry turned around and braced himself for the pain. His uncle whipped his back until the metal from the buckle cut him enough to make him bleed. Harry didn't scream knowing that he would get a longer beating. His uncle then took out a pocket knife and reopened the word FREAK on his abused back. He walked out of Harry's room.

(Two weeks later on Harry's birthday)

It was midnight and Harry was awake.

"Happy Birthday to me." Harry whispered softly to himself.

He was now seventeen and he was still a puppet to Dumblefuck, still a prisoner to his uncle and he wanted to be free. Suddenly a blinding pain engulfed Harry. A green light filled the room. Harry felt as if white hot pokers were stabbing every inch of his body. He bit his lip to keep himself from screaming and ended up making it bleed. After what seemed like forever the pain stopped and Harry fell unconscious.

"Boy get up those freaks are here to pick you up." A nasal voice from downstairs said.

Harry slowly walked down the stairs. He saw that it was Bill, Remus, and Sirius. He smiled when he saw them.

"Hey Harry." Bill said and hugged Harry.

All three frowned when Harry flinched.

"Go get your things cub." Remus said while trying to figure out what was wrong with Harry.

Soon Harry was downstairs with his trunk and ready to go. Bill shrunk his trunk and put it into his pocket.

"Hold on to me Harry." Sirius said.

Harry did and when Sirius put his arm around his waist he once more flinched. That caused Sirius to frown and look at his godson in concern. The raven haired teen suddenly felt as if he was sucked through a straw. It was a good thing that he was holding on to Sirius or he would have fallen. Harry was suddenly hugged by two twin bodies. He flinched and the twins noticed.

"Harry our..."

"dear brother..."

"it is..."

"wonderful to..."

"see you."

Harry laughed at their antics. They walked into Remus's house. He was pulled into the kitchen and was forced to sit down. He flinched as he saw five people look at him.

"What?" Harry asked.

Sirius kneeled down next to Harry and gently took his chin and forced Harry to look at him. "Harry why do you keep flinching when we touch you?" He asked.

"I don't flinch." He denied.

"Harry please tell us." His godfather begged and it made Harry start to cry as he closed his eyes.

"Harry will you let me look into your memories?" Sirius asked.

Harry just nodded. He couldn't speak as he was too choked up. Sirius lifted his wand.


(Just wanted to warn that down below contains various descriptions of abuse.)

{Age 4:

A four year old child was making breakfast for two fat whales and a woman that looked like a horse. Harry was standing on a stool making sure the eggs didn't burn and forgot about the bacon. When the bacon started to burn his uncle stood up and walked over to the four year old.

"You burned our food you ungrateful freak." He hissed.

"S-sorry Uncle Vernon." The four year old said.

His uncle took his hand and put it in the flame. Young Harry cried and started to twist and turn trying to get away from the flames.

"This will teach you to burn my food freak." The man sneered at him.

Age 6:

Six year old Harry was cowering away from his uncle. His uncle grabbed a hold of his arm and wrote the word FREAK. Next he started to punch and kick Harry. Sometime later he tore off Harry's shirt and turned him around. He took off his belt and started to whip him. Harry was screaming and that just made him whip the child longer. After Harry started to bleed he carved FREAK into his back and threw him in his cupboard.

Age 10:

Harry was forced into the shower and told to be quick. His uncle stood across the shower watching Harry with a hungry look. He stripped and went into the shower shocking Harry.

"Touch me or I will beat you within an inch of your life." Harry looked up confused.

Seeing his nephews confusion he grinned and grabbed Harry's hand. Vernon placed his hand on his erection He started moving his hands up and down his penis. Suddenly he grabbed Harry's head and forced him down until his head was level with his penis.

"Suck" He commanded and started to thrust into Harry's mouth.

Harry gave a muffled cry at the pain. It was ignored. His uncle came after a couple more thrusts.

"Swallow." Harry swallowed the white cum. "Good freak."

Age 14:

Harry woke up naked and tied to the bed by a belt with his stomach on the mattress. His uncle was in view but seeing that his nephew was awake he smiled. He walked out of sight.

"Well freak I finally have a good use for you." Harry felt the dip of the bed.

His uncle suddenly thrusted into him. Harry felt as if he was splitting into two. He felt as if his bum was on fire. After what seemed like forever his uncle finally came inside him. His uncle took a knife from the nightstand and carved SLUT under where he had carved FREAK and WHORE under where he had carved SLUT. He looked at his work.

"Seems perfect for you slut. Now clean up this mess you made."}

(The warning has ended here.)

"Oh Harry." Sirius said while tears flowed silently down his cheek.

He swept Harry up into a hug. Harry buried himself in Sirius's chest while sobbing hard. He eventually cried himself to sleep. All their hearts broke for him. Sirius picked up Harry and walked him upstairs into his room. When he came back down the others were looking at him. Sirius sat down.

"Harry was mentally, physically, and sexually abused." He said so quietly the others strained to hear it.

They all gasped. "Merlin no wonder he was flinching." Bill said as he sat down.

"That is it we are adopting him and going to America where your cousin lives Sirius." Remus was pissed.

No one and he means no one harms his cub. The twins were pale and looked sick. They ran upstairs to Harry's room and snuggled into him on either side. Their arms were thrown protectively around him.

(Next day)

Harry woke up warm. He opened his eyes and saw Fred. He looked over his shoulder and saw George. Fred noticed that Harry was awake.

"Morning little brother." He greeted.

"Morning Fred. Um Sirius told you didn't he?" He looked ashamed.

"Yes." He wasn't going to lie to him.

"You don't hate me?" George had woken up and answered when he heard what Harry asked Fred.

"No Harry we don't hate you. We will never hate you. You could not fight your uncle. We saw him and we both know that you couldn't." Harry started to cry and the twins wrapped their arms around him. They spoke after he had calmed down.

"Come on..."

"little brother..."

"let's go..."

"down to..."

"breakfast." They said the last part together getting a laugh out of Harry.

They went downstairs and sat down. Remus placed a plate down in front of each of them. No one spoke as they ate. Soon Harry finished his breakfast.


"Yes Remy."

"You do know that I am in a relationship with both Siri and Bill right?" He asked.


"Well we were wondering if all three of us could adopt you?" He asked.

"Really, you want to adopt me? Why?" It was Bill who knelt down next to Harry.

"Of course we would want to adopt you. You are a great person Harry." Bill told him. Sirius and Remus stood behind him, nodding in agreement.

"Yes I want you to adopt me." He hugged them.

Remus gave Harry the papers. Since Harry was legally an adult in the wizarding world he had to sign the papers. Harry read it over before signing them. Then Bill, Sirius, and finally Remus signed the papers. Once it was all signed it glowed gold before disappearing. The gold glow meant that the adoption had gone through.

"You are now Harrison James Alexander Orion John Potter-Lupin-Weasley-Black. Wow that was a mouth full." Harry giggled at that. "Harry James Black for short." Sirius said breathlessly.

"Harry, we are moving to America in a place called Forks, Washington. Sirius' cousin Billy lives there." Remus said.

"Forks? Is there a place called knife or spoon?" Harry asked, causing Remus to crack a smile and the twins to fall to the floor laughing. Bill chuckled next to Sirius.

"No." Sirius snorted in amusement.

"So we are moving away? No more Dumbles, Granger, Ronald or Ginvera?" Harry asked.

"That's correct." Sirius confirmed.

"Yes." He said in relief." When do we leave?"

"In a few hours after we heal you." Remus answered.