Anna staggered out of the bar and fell onto her hands and knees. She was obviously drunk. She sighed, and looked up at the distant glow of death city. She got up, and she leaned on the light pole outside the restaurant, and thought about how much the night had sucked so far. She had already had four glasses of champagne before the bartender realized she was under 18, so she was thrown out. She then started to walk towards the illumination of death city, miles away on the horizon. She walked about half a mile, and then she reached a bus stop. It wasn't much, just a long bench with a metal overhead to protect from rain. She sighed, sat down, and waited for the bus. When the bus arrived 20 minutes later, she got on, but then the driver demanded some money, she reached inside her pockets and rummaged through her purse until she realized she spent all the money she brought with her on champagne.

She was then forced to get off the bus. She sat back down on the bench and watched the bus speed away. She pulled out her phone and dialed Jake. She tried to keep a straight voice as she asked to pick her up. She hung up before he could say anything, then she laid down on the bench and closed her eyes. Twenty minutes later, she heard a loud boom of thunder rock the ground, and she jolted up. She looked around, and saw it was pouring rain. A gust of wind blew by, and suddenly she was chilled. The temperature had dropped, so she lifted her feet up and cuddled herself. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

Twenty minutes later, she saw a faint light, coming towards her, a few minutes later; a motorcycle drove right in front of her and stopped. Jake got off the bike and lifted up his goggles. He sighed and walked over to her and sat down. "It's so cold" Anna said. Jake took off his trench coat and wrapped it around her. Its inside was so warm and soft. She managed a little smile as she snuggled against it. "So, what happened?" Jake asked, treading lightly. A single tear rolled down her cheek, but she rubbed it away. "I'd rather not talk about it right now" Anna said. Jake nodded, and they sat in silence for a few minutes. She rested her head on Jake's shoulder. "So, you ready to go?" Jake asked nervously. She nodded, and then they both got up and walked over to the motorcycle in the pouring rain. Jake put his goggles back on and he revved up the motorcycle and sped quickly, and then turned back in the direction of death city.

About ten minutes after we left, Anna asked "where'd you get the bike?" "I borrowed it from soul" Jake said. "We're going to have to drop it back off though." They hit a bump and Anna jolted upwards a little. She wrapped her arms around Jake's waist to keep herself from falling off. She placed her head on his back and closed her eyes for a few minutes until another bump jolted her up. They soon entered death city, and drove to soul's house, where he dropped off the bike. They then ran through the rain to the house. They entered soaking wet. They took off their shoes and collapsed on the couch. Anna then went to the kitchen to get some water, but after she poured the water, and in her mostly drunk state, she stumbled around a little, and bumped into the medicine cabinet. A box of benadryl fell out, and spilled some of its contents onto the counter. Anna quickly grabbed all of them up and put them in the box, but she didn't notice that some had fallen into their drinks. She picked up the water glasses and walked back to the living room, handed Jake his and sat down.

She had taken off the trench coat and wrapped herself in her favorite blanket. After a few minutes of awkward, painful stillness, where nothing was heard except the sound of the rain, Jake said, breaking the silence, "Anna." "What happened tonight?" tears instantly started to pour down her cheek, she didn't hold back anymore. She cried silently, and she buried her face in his shoulder. "Did you two break up?" Jake asked. Anna nodded her head, and continued to cry. Jake put his arm over her and started comforting her. "He wasn't right for you anyway" Jake said. Anna lifted her head up and wiped away her tears. Her eyes were red from crying. "I don't know why I ever like these jerks" she said. "They always seem so nice and sweet when i meet them but after a month of two they always think they own me now"

She stood up and said "Ugh, I'm all wet and stinky, I'm going to go take a shower." She brought her full glass of water with her. Jake suddenly felt very sleep and he went into his room, quickly took off his wet clothes and put on his pajamas. He came out and anna was still in the shower, but Jake had always been fast at changing clothes. He laid down on the couch and immeditaly fell asleep. He was asleep for about 20 minutes, but when he woke up; Anna came out of the bathroom wearing her pajamas and she walked over to the couch and sat down. She was wearing her white long sleeve undershirt with a crescent moon on it and long, silver sweat pants. Jake sat up immediately, as she sat down next to him. "You okay?" he said. She smiled and nodded her head a little. She took another long drink from her glass and set the glass down on the table. She rested her head on Jake's shoulder and they watched the TV for a few minutes. Then, Anna raised her head and looked at Jake. Their faces were only a few inches apart. "You've always been so nice to me, Jake" she said. Her breath smelled weird, like alcohol, but he didn't notice. She moved a strand of hair from his face. "Anna?" he said. "What are you-"he was cut short. Anna had clasped her hands on Jake's face, and leaned in, closed her eyes, and kissed him on the lips. Jake's eyes widened, as he placed his hands on Anna's and half-tried to lift them off, but he didn't have any strength to fight her, so he closed his eyes, and they both sank into the darknessā€¦..

The loud alarm clock went off, Jake instantly and instinctively reached out and hit the snooze button. Jake's eyes fluttered open but Anna was still sound asleep, her arms wrapped around Jake's neck and her head nestled on Jake's shoulder. Then he closed his eyes. "Let's have a little bit more of this, for just a bit longer" he thought, and he drifted back to sleep.