Name: Lily (Corvus) Ursa

Age: 11
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnic Group: Unknown

Rank: Advanced Witch
Animal – Raven
Job/Occupation: Ally of DWMA
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown

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Written Appearance: (I based this character off the girl in the picture that spirit showed kid in the anime during the episode with the ghost ship nidhogg) She has long, blonde hair that is in the shape of tail feathers. She has long arms; she has a basic body shape. She has white skin, and deep purple eyes.
Dress – She wears a black sundress with pink dots on it which used to be ankle length but is now tattered and knee length. She wears a black bandana cloth wrapped around her head. She also wears a purple bracelet on her right arm with lord death's symbol on it, and she has two large headphones around her neck with death's skull symbol on them.

Weight: 106.

Height: 5'3

Personality: She is a rather shy person. She is nervous around meister's and weapons she doesn't know very well. She is a person who loves to laugh and smile. She has a playful personality, and she is very loyal and very protective of her friends, using her magic as little as she can unless in a life or death situation. She is very mischievous, pulling pranks on people and getting people into trouble. She has a cheerful sense of humor, but also has a little of a witch's sadistic personality. She is very spiritual sense of mind, when she meditates, she floats in the air.
Likes: Meditating, playing cards, pulling pranks, laughing, dancing
dislikes: Frogs, Sid Barret, Strawberries, Bread.
Hobbies: Sleeping, reading, dancing, playing, running, and meditating.
Favorite Music: Hip Hop.

Powers: Transformation – She can transform into a large raven
Wings of justice – She can grow massive wings that extend from the lower back of her arms and stretch for five feet which allow her to fly and she can use these to slice and attack.
Wings of Protection – She grows massive steel hard wings from her back and uses them as a shield
Soul protect – ya, this is soul protect, ya'll know what this does
Energy Talons – creates large talons of energy from her hands which she can use to cut with, and she can fire the talons which explode on impact. Seer Powers: She can read omens (clouds, tarot cards, palms, tea) to tell basic things (ex. What the weather will be like, someone's personal future) but when she's mediating, sometimes she goes into full seer mode where her eyes turn white, and winds violently blows through the room, and she speaks in a deep, demonic voice, and she can see major events in the future.

Spell – Raven Craven Corvus Morbus

History -
Lily is the daughter of the witch who killed Anna's parents. When she was 9, Sid and professor stein cornered her for justice on what happened to Anna's parents. The witch activated lily's magic powers and a shield of steel-hard feathers encased her; she then detonated herself, vaulting the little witch out the window and far away. Sid barret and the others managed to escape thanks to Sid, but lily was lost, she woke up in the desert, exactly 100 miles away from her home. she was living in the junkyard desert (a tiny desert, about ten miles wide, full of old, large objects ((couches, cars, trucks, plane parts, barrels, any large metal object, old computers, various toys, guns, and other stuff.) the desert is in Montana). She wandered the desert for weeks, robbing stores and people passing through whenever she had the chance. After two years in the desert, she was living in an old green station wagon which had no trunk, no tires, and no rear window or steering wheel, which she had covered in old tarps and other clothes. And she was asleep in the back seat when suddenly, the door was ripped off and she was dragged out, there were these four guys (evil humans) one really buff red skinned guy with black leather pants, no shirt, and dark sunglasses, one scary looking punk green haired girl, and two sleek businesses-looking Asian guys with Tommy guns. they (the business guys) told lily that they would take her soul for their own profit, then the buff guy got all excited and started drooling, and lily insulted him, and he got pissed off, so he lunged at her, but then, a lightning bolt hits the ground right in front of him, they look up, and forty feet away, stands Anna and Jake, Jake had his hand raised at them, his eyes glowing and lightning flowing outta his hands. the buff guy charged at them, Anna smiled, and Jake jumped up a split second before Anna did, she landed on his head, and used her force to jump off and push him down, while Jake transformed, when she landed, Jake was in her hand, and he was getting up, but then she spun around, and sliced him in half. the green haired girl ran at them, rapid fire throwing knives, Anna spun, and on went right in front of her face, she dodged every one, she grabbed the green haired girl by the head as she ran at her, swung both of them around so she was on the ground and Anna was on top, pulled back her hair, lifted her up, then ran the sword through her chest. she collected her soul, then the other two guys started firing at her. Anna used soul resonance (lightning flash) and ran at them, she disappeared, and then reappeared right in front of them, and then cut both of them in half as she ran through them. She collected all the souls, and offered to help the little witch (after Jake's constant objections to her taking lily's soul)