Canada woke up after hearing a beeping noise from next to him, a slight frown on his face. It was his "birthday," or July 1 – Canada Day. How old was he now…? He no longer bothered to keep count.

It only reminded him of bad times – England after the America's Declaration was written up, the War of 1812, being ignored by every other nation in favor of his narcissistic brother.

Who even cared about him anymore? The only person who saw him on a regular basis was Kuma-something, and even he always asked, "Who are you?" every time Canada tried to speak to him.

The thought was nearly enough to make him cry.

Canada finally managed to pull himself out from the warm comforter to look at his cell phone, the source of the sound that woke him up in the first place. Unlocking it, he saw a new text message from America. It said, hey, bro! :D wanna help set up 4 my party 2day? ill have hbs! :3

Oh, yeah. His party. America's birthday was three days after his, July 4, but his parties were always huge and crazy and took forever to set up. Not wanting to seem rude, although America only seemed to remember him when it was convenient, he replied with a, Sure, what time?

His brother sent another text with surprising speed. um, maybe 2 or so? c u then! Canada sent him an OK and swiftly changed into a red T-shirt with a white maple leaf in the middle and some denim shorts. Looking at his clock that read 9:32, he sauntered downstairs with a yawn to make some pancakes foe himself and Kumamura.

"Kumajura," he shouted, "breakfast is ready!" The polar bear slowly walked into the room and sat in a chair, eating a couple of pancakes and then going back to where ever he came from. Canada eats his food, too, and watches some hockey until it is time to leave the house. He and Kumajiro get in the car and, one at America's house, are not surprised to see multiple cars outside the home already. One he recognizes as England's, another as France's.

It is strangely quiet, Canada muses, before opening the door and walking into the living room, polar bear in hand. Not five seconds after he steps in the doorway, he sees seven or eight people pop out from hiding places behind things and shout, "SURPRISE!"

He jumps, startled, and says, "What is this surprise for?" America walks up next to him, slinging an arm around his shoulder. "Your birthday, dude! Don't you remember?" Canada just nods, feeling happy and glowing. He looks around the room – Ukraine, France, Prussia, Netherlands, America, England, China, and Russia are all here, for his birthday. Not America's. Not a meeting. For him! The realization has him beaming.

As he mills around, thanking people, talking to people, enjoying their company and the kinship they offer, he thinks, Maybe being me isn't too bad after all.


A/N: Well, this, my lovely readers, is the end result of boredom on Canada Day.

Oh yeah. So, happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there! :D