As a little girl, Claudia Thatcher had been bright, her life set out ready for her. She had loving parents, and a sister who was her best friend. Up until she was sixteen, everything was perfect. Until the month of September. Now, she has no parents, a sister who doesn't know how to fix what's broken, and a future brother-in-law whom she despises. Her life has been destroyed in the blink of an eye, and she has no energy to fix the shattered. As far as she's concerned, life isn't worth living.

But, six months after the loss of her parents, her life is yet to take another turn, for better and for worse. She learns what the meaning of life is, but along the way, she also learns the true reality of the world she lives in.

And she has one rule: Trust no one but yourself.

I'm new to the world of Spider-man. I have only ever watched the movies, and am looking forward to the new one. I decided to take a bash at a fanfic for it, but I am so sorry if it's not completely correct. Please read, I hope you enjoy it :)

Fear. Every one of us feels it. Whether it be the fear of insects, darkness, loneliness, the breakage of a friendship of relationship. No matter how strong we are, how accomplished we are, fear is always our downfall. And fear leaves behind consequences. Terrible consequences. It did for me. But what should everyone be afraid of? The bully at school? The build up to the drop on a rollercoaster? That dog that always barks and makes you jump out of your skin? Or is it the stories of ghosts, demons and Hell itself? No one should be afraid of those. The real fear, the real enemy in our lives, is the human race itself.

Violent, murderous, selfish. The creators of the atomic bombs, the ones who relish the idea of war, the species who will no doubt end the world. We kill one another, hurt one another. We tell lies, keep secrets, make bad choices. Not a single one of us is a saint. We are all guilty. You. Me. Our families and friends. That old man across the road, and that kid on the bike with the dog. The only time we are innocent is when we cannot think, before we can talk.

But it is fear that defines us, makes us who we are. We rebel against it, try to be stronger. If you are frightened of a bug, you kill it. If you were bullied, you turn into a bully. If you feel threatened, you retaliate. We can't escape the reality of fear. And we also can't escape the consequences that follow. They say that if you kill a spider, you get bad luck. When you bully someone, everyone hates you. When you react to a threat, violence ensues.

I reacted wrongly. I froze, and they died. That was my consequence.

Now everyone is my enemy. Every human is the bad guy. That old man across the road, that kid on the bike with the dog. They were all my enemies. I hated them all. But not as much as I hated myself. I could have saved them, but I let fear get in the way. I could have done something to help, but my stupidity had them killed. And it was humans that killed them. Men, disgusting, selfish men. Monsters. I hated men the most.

Greif, nightmares and death left me damaged. Empty. Unloving, uncaring, unreachable. A hollow shell of hate and despair. That was another problem with the human race. We reflected our emotions. When happy, we smiled and laughed. When sad, we moaned and cried. But when left feeling only hate, you showed your hate. Insults, violence. Some, however, showed it through silence, others through illegal art. I was all of the above. I was an introvert, and outsider, a hater. I trusted no one, not even myself. My foolishness left me angry, and that opened up a world in my head I never knew existed.

I pushed everyone away. I locked myself in my room, shot my music up so that it shook the floor beneath my feet. I snuck out of the house to vandalize some of the alley walls, to show my hate to the world. I shouted insults at random strangers and started fights at school. I loved the violence, the pain I conflicted on others mentally and physically. It made me feel strong, unbreakable, everything I should have felt six months prior.

But then he came along. The man who went around running from the law but saving the lives of 'innocents'. The man who never showed his face, who never lingered. The man who swung from web lines, crawled on walls and showed every criminal who owned the city. I had hated him, too. He never came to help us, not when we needed him. I let them die, and he never showed. I resented him for that. But he ignored my hate, my anger, and pushed his way into my life. He caught me in his web, refusing to let me go until he ate all the spite out of my soul. For some ungodly reason, he believed in me, even when I didn't. In my mind, he was more like a cockroach: he never went away, completely indestructible.

You know who I'm talking about. The guy in the skin tight suit covered in web patterns, a blur of blue and red falling between skyscrapers, and the eyes that pierced your heart and soul. The man who never gave up, even when everything seemed useless. Like me, a lost soul. He never gave up on us, the species who caused so much damage to the world. But who said he was a saint?

My name is Claudia Thatcher. I live with my older sister and her fiancé, and am in my last year of school. I am sixteen years old, with no parents, because I'm the reason they're dead. I thought I was always to be hollow and unloved, hated by many for my hostile ways. But then I got caught in a web. Literally. And nothing was ever the same again.

This is my story of how Spiderman never let me fall.

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