Guys, guys, guys! I know it's been a long time (2 years in fact), but due to the fact that the Amazing Spider-man 2 comes out TOMORROW and my inner love for the wall crawler is bubbling back to the surface, I'm tempted to come back for round two of Claudia Thatcher's story!

Here's my proposal; I go to see the film on this coming Friday, and I am beginning to come up with ideas for a sequel (scrapping the one I already started and will remove from this site unless anyone requests that it stays). What I want you guys to do is tell me whether you think I should go ahead and do it. In my head the story will involve the villains that are in the film, especially the Green Goblin because he is just my favourite Spiderman villain. Also, if you do want me to go ahead with this, drop in whatever ideas you have and I may just fit them in should they work with whatever plot goes ahead.

Two years and how long they have been, but I'm back and the Thatchers are warming up for round two! Drop in your thoughts and ideas in the reviews or private messages and I'll get back to you!

Thank you!

You can now read the sequel under the name of Beginning of the End, which will be available in my profile :) Thanks ever so much for the support you guys, love you all!