Disclaimer: I own nothing about these people's lives, the fact that The Sound of Music is already a mostly fiction based tale makes it so I do not feel bad about doing this. I do not own, nor wish to own The Sound of Music rights, even though the music is quite enjoyable.

Interpretation: Partially script based, movie based, director conversation based, with a little bit of research thrown in.

A/N: As far as I know the mother died 4 years prior to the play.

"You are the wind beneath my wings." – Wind Beneath My Wings

Gretl (Age 5)

For Gretl as long as she could remember Liesl had been the one constant source of support in her life. All of the governesses she could remember eventually became occupied with Louisa, Brigitta and Kurt. No one it seemed could spare no time for little Gretl. Except for Liesl. It was Liesl that held her hand when she was nervous, it was Liesl who had praised her when she had finally learned her ABC's. It was always Liesl who hugged her when she cried, cared for her when she was sick, carried her when she was tired, scolded her when she was bad. It was Liesl that tucked her into bed at night and kissed her goodnight. Gretl never knew her mother but at the age of five she did not feel deprived of a mother's warmth. The one memory she had of her mother, if it was a memory, was of someone singing her to sleep. But she had never known her and being so young could not contemplate what life would be like with her. She wondered if she would have liked it having a mother, but would that mean that she would have to imagine a world where she would be without Liesl being there, watching over them in her own way.

So when the storm came that night, she had jumped into Liesl's bed in fear, only to find it terrifyingly empty. She pulled the covers over her head and told herself Liesl would be there to hold her. She flinched as lightning flashed and thunder shook the windows.

"Liesl," she tried to call, but it only came out as a terrified squeak. Liesl was just outside the door coming down the hallway, she tried to convince herself. Thunder boomed again, louder this time. It drove her to the next safe place she could think of, Maria's bedroom.

She liked Maria; she was different than the rest of the governesses. She, like most five year olds, enjoyed the attention that was being paid to her and she was fun. But she wasn't Liesl. In time, Gretl would reflect years later, that was a good change for them all.