The Story of Hellfire Kuro

Chapter 1

Prologue Pt.1

Crocas X780

The story of the Demon child begins with him in a day care center. The sound of a child crying filled the room.

"Kuro you have to calm down!" The day care woman said in fear of the child.

The little black haired boy looked at his hands, his fingers covered in blood and his bones aching. He then looked at the bleeding child in front of him. He had broken his nose and his arm. The child was calling for his mother in pain and in further fear of this continuing.

"Nii-san you have to stop! He's had enough!" A white haired girl said shaking the boy back to his senses.

The boy that had brutally beaten the child was named Kuro he was only six years old. He had black hair, he was slightly tanned, and was more muscular than any other kid in his age group. He turned to the white haired girl that had called him Nii-san.

This girl's name was Shiro, she was a pale girl and was not very muscular at all. She looked like she was sickly most of the time because she looked thin but that was the way she looked. The reason being that she called Kuro Nii-san was obvious, Kuro was the older brother and not only that … they were twins.

"He said that Okaa-san (mom) is a demon and that you and I were both demons!" Kuro said in anger to his sister. "He called us monsters that don't deserve life."

"Nii-san." Shiro said feeling pity for her brother's hurt feelings.

"Kuro!" a familiar voice yelled to the boy with blood covered fingers.

Kuro turned around to see his father Kenshin. Kenshin wore the black robes of a priest because he was in fact the head Bishop of the Cathedral in Crocas.

Hiro looked just like Kuro only he had white hair that Shiro got when she was born. Hiro had golden eyes. The father looked down at his son in sympathy at his son but in anger as well.

"Kuro look at what you've done. That poor boy is in pain because of you, what made you want to cause pain to him?" The white haired father said bending down to eye level with his son.

"He called Okaa-san a demon! He called me and Shiro her spawns!" Kuro yelled showing his father he had every reason to cause to the little boy on the floor.

"Kuro, you shouldn't hurt people that have caused you pain. If they are doing this that only shows that they too are suffering." Kenshin said walking over to the little boy on the floor crying in pain.

Kenshin moved his hand in the shape of a cross, and muttered words nobody but Hiro and the boy in pain could hear.

Then my father stood up again and to everyone's shock the boy sat up in no pain like Kuro had never attacked the boy. The boy got on his feet and looked over at Kenshin.

"Thank you so much mister that demon attacked me. That white haired demon is no better!" He said pointing at the twins.

Kuro clenched his teeth, he didn't care if he was called a demon but he would be damned if he would let anyone call his little sister a demon. Kuro looked over to Shiro and saw her tearing.

"I-I'm not an Akuma!" She cried falling to her knees.

Kuro lost all sense of reason. He sprinted fast at the boy who dared to call his innocent little sister a demon. Kuro leaped up and was about to kick him across his face but Hiro caught his foot.

"Kuro stop, this boy isn't worth it. Only those that are ignorant against something would cast their evil over it. Like him calling you, Misaki, and Shiro demons. I'll give him a talking to." Kenshin said placing his son's foot on the ground gesturing him to walk away.

Kuro obeyed his father and took his balling sister and left the room, but as he was leaving his father told him to face him again.

"Kuro, Misaki gets home today." Kenshin said hoping to cheer up his son and daughter.

"YAY! ~Okaa-san comes home today, Okaa-san comes home today. ~" The two siblings sang in joy that their mother would be coming home.

The two walked out of the room joyfully into the playground. Kenshin was so happy to see his children so happy, but then he turned his attention to the boy that made Shiro cry. He yanked his arm for to get the boy's attention.

"Listen if you ever cause my children pain I'll give all the pain I took from you right back!" Kenshin said to the boy in anger.

"Wha- you just said that-" The boy was cut off by Kenshin's continuous onslaught.

"Oh, believe me I know what I said. But I've meet too many people that have caused my wife pain. I was the only one that ever showed her love and compassion. And I would rather be killed than see my children go through what their mother went through." Kenshin said in an angry tone.

The child shuddered in fear of the aura Kenshin was giving off. The boy ran away in fear at how scary Kenshin had looked. Hiro got up and went to the caretaker of the daycare.

"I thank you for caring for my son and daughter for so long, here is my payment." Kenshin said handing the woman three thousand jewels.

The caretaker stared in awe at the amount of money the man had given her. The amount to watch each child was only about one hundred jewels. Why would he give her so much money?

"Use the rest of the money to refurbish this place. Children should only be around a nurturing internment." Kenshin said walking out the front door of the Daycare center.

Kenshin got his children and left the building and he would make sure he would never bring them back here again.

The sun was going down now as they began walking home. Shiro got tired so Hiro put her on his back in a piggy back ride and she fell asleep on his back. She just looked so adorable it rivaled Mavis. Kuro walked on the ground beside his father, he really didn't mind.

"For now on you two will be at home, I will take care of you there and when I can't Misaki will take care of you." Kenshin said walking alongside his son.

"Tou-san I'm sorry about earlier." Kuro said in sadness.

Kenshin just placed his hands on the top of his head and stopped in place.

"Kuro, I'm not angry with you…I am very happy you did that but at the same time I am disappointed." Kenshin began. "I am happy for you because you defended not only yourself but your mother and sister. But I am disappointed that you would go to those lengths, that boy was crying and you wouldn't stop. You really did look like a relentless demon." Kenshin said scolding his son.

Kuro only looked down in disappointment in his self. He stopped feeling sorry for himself, but then began felling confusion as his father had embraced him.

"Kuro did you see the other children's faces?" Kenshin asked. "They were all terrified of you son."

Kuro had not taken account of this. It never crossed his mind in the least.

"Listen son, I want you to have so many friends that you can't even keep track of them all. And to have so many girlfriends all your friends will be jealous. And to watch over your baby sister, keep her safe Kuro." Kenshin whispered his son so Shiro wouldn't wake up.

Kuro began to smile the biggest smile he had ever smiled in his life. Kuro returned the hug his father watching out for Shiro. Kenshin had not seen his son so happy in so long.

"You really think I can do that Tou-san?" Hiro nodded his head at his son. "Then I will, I'll make friends all across Fiore. But I don't like girls yet." Kenshin couldn't help but laugh. He was overjoyed that his son would set such a goal.

Later the three found themselves in front of their home. It was a nice two story house, a stone stair case leading to the entrance, a fire place, a nice kitchen, two bed rooms, a spacious living room, and a small library next to the master bedroom.

When the two entered the house they were immediately embraced into a pair of large breasts of their black haired mother.

"Okaa-san we missed you!" The two yelled in joy to be embraced by their mother.

"Oh~. I missed you two so much!" Misaki said embracing her two blessings.

Misaki was like any other character in Fairy Tail, she had large breasts, she had an hourglass figure, and she had long black hair and slightly tanned skin. The only thing that made her unique from any other woman were piercing blue eyes that could see the intention of any person and extract any lie like if Shiro took a cookie without asking for one.

Misaki wore black skirt and tan button down shirt this time she wore it along with a white apron.

"Okaa-san can you tell us about your mission?" Kuro asked his mother right away loving his mother's stories.

"I will in a little bit okay Kuro?" Misaki asked her beloved son.

Kuro nodded his head in excitement. Meanwhile Kenshin moved in for a kiss from his beautiful wife.

"They weren't the only ones that missed you Misaki." Kenshin said stealing her from the children for a moment.

Misaki blushed at her husband and she wrapped her arms his neck. Kenshin returned the favor by deepening their kiss further by wrapping his arms around Misaki's waist.

"EEEEEWWWWWW~ Okaa-san and Tou-san are kissing." Kuro and Shiro groaned aloud.

"That's right and were about to do it again." Misaki taunted pulling her favorite priest into another kiss.

The two siblings turned their back to the two adults and began to fake vomit. After the two they the sound of the smoke alarm went off.

"Oh right, I tried making dinner." Misaki said sweetly.

Kenshin ran into the house swearing to himself while extinguishing the fire. They all looked at the … manifestation of purple goo on the frying pan.

"What in the sweet lord's name is that?" Hiro asked pointing to the object.

Misaki hit Kenshin upside the head in anger. Sure she was bad at cooking and the last time she tried cooking she put the kids in the hospital for three days.

"It's just steak Baka! I thought putting avocado and other fruits in it would make it taste fancier." Misaki said explaining her actions.

Kenshin face palmed at how … creative his wife was.

"I thought we agreed we would let me cook the meals after what happened last time." Hiro said looking for more steak in the packaging.

"I know but, I wanted to surprise you. Who would have guessed that my surprise would back fire?" Misaki said in anguish.

Kinshin went over and kissed his wife once more.

"The thought was good but let me do the cooking." Kenshin said getting to ruined steak into the trash and putting the new fresh steak on the pan. "It will be ready in a few minutes." Kenshin said parting from the kiss.

Misaki blushed heavily and took the kids into the dining table.

Everyone minus Kenshin were at the table Misaki looked at Kuro with curiosity.

"Did something happen today at the daycare center?" Misaki asked know Kuro couldn't lie to her.

Kuro turned his head away from his mother knowing that he couldn't keep a straight face in front of his mother.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you Kuro." Misaki ordered her son.

"Don't wanna." Kuro complained.

Misaki forcibly put her hand under Kuro's chin and forced him to look directly at her. Kuro couldn't handle it he explained everything.

"Kuro you may have been defending us but I don't want you to get into fights that often." Misaki told her son.

Kenshin came over with four plates of food the other two were placed on his four arms as he was walking.

"That's enough you two, dinner is severed." Kenshin said placing the dinner plates filled with food worth of God's consumption.

We said grace and dug in. This night we were eating steak seasoned and cooked to everyone's likings, corn and salad with a glass of water.

"Okaa-san you've gotta tell me about your last mission." Kuro said in excitement.

Misaki always had stories of the jobs she worked at the guild she was a part of, Fairy Tail.

"Well this job was an illumination type. There was a giant troll there that was the size of our house stacked on itself three times." Misaki said in a tone she gave when she told her children on her stories. It wasn't an angry tone more like going into detail.

"It was an ugly one alright it made me sick just looking at it." Misaki said making a disgusted face.

Kuro was just pay attention to every detail of the story as she went on and on about it. Shiro was paying just as much attention to her mother's story as Kuro. Kenshin loved how much they listened to their mom's story.

Misaki went into more and more detail pointing to spots the monster had hit her but reassured her children that she was alright.

"And then I raised my katana and made the final strike and man, was the village happy when I showed them that the monster was gone." Misaki said showing the blood on the blade of her katana.

Kuro asked to hold it and with moments haste Misaki gave her soon the blade. Kuro starred at it in awe. He loved this Katana so much, he loved the way the sheath was constructed and how it wasn't like a normal Katana, a traditional katana is only supposed to be three feet long this one was four. But what struck him with curiosity was the golden upside down Star of David an inch away from where the end of the sheath was on the top and bottom on both sides. He was smart enough to know how satanic that was but he didn't care about it too much.

"Oh gosh it stinks!" Shiro shrieked covering her nose.

"That's the smell of adventure." Kuro clarified for his sister with a big grin.

"Okay that's enough you're gonna cut yourself. Now eat your before it gets cold." Misaki said taking the sword back and taking a bite of her steak.

Kuro frowned in sadness, he really liked holding the Katana, sure it was a little heavy but he wanted to go on a job with his mom so he could see it in action. But his father would always say it's too dangerous. Misaki knew that Kuro loved that katana so she made sure to get him and Shiro something before she left.

"Kuro if you finish I'll give you and Shiro a present." Misaki said knowing that was just the thing to cheer up her son.

Kuro's eyes lit up with excitement and so he and Shiro scarfed down their food as fast as they could.

"Thank you Tou-san." They said in unison bowing their heads and washing their plates in the sink.

Kenshin and Masaki couldn't help but chuckle they were both so obedient when there was something in for them. Misaki got up and just as she promised her kids she gave them their presents.

"For Shiro because ladies first, a brand new doll." Misaki said giving her daughter a porcelain doll. "And for Kuro, a wooden katana no sharp of course."

The two looked at their presents in fascination. Kuro and Shiro both gave pecks on their mother's cheeks thanking their mother for their gifts.

Kenshin came from behind Misaki wrapping his arms around her neck.

"What do I get love?" Kenshin asked.

"The same thing you get for your birthday, out anniversary, and when I'm tipsy." Misaki said being vague for the sake her children's innocence.

"Oh, you mean that thing you do with your mouth and-" Kenshin was cut off by his flustering wife.

"NOT IN FRONT OF OUR KIDS!" Misaki warned leaving her children wondering but they just went on with playing with their new toys.

Kuro made super sure not to hit anything or knocking something over as he swung his sword pretending he was slaying he was slaying a dragon.

"Kuro I've got to introduce you to the dragon slayer in my guild. His name is Natsu, I think you two would be good friends." Misaki said.

Kuro paid no attention he had to deliver the final strike to defeat his imaginary Dragon.

Shiro was paying even less attention to everything undressing and redressing her new doll and playing tea party with it.

Misaki looked at the clock and saw it was an hour past their bed time.

"Okay kiddies it's time for bed pack up your toys and head to bed." Misaki said clapping her hands to get her children's attention.

Kuro raised his wooden blade to his mother.

"Kuro the Monster Slayer has no bed time with a world full of monsters." Kuro said defying his mother's order.

Misaki raised an eye brow seeing that her son was challenging her. She smiled at how much like Natsu he was. He was challenging a dinosaur with him being an ant.

Kenshin went into her room knowing this wouldn't end well for him.

"Misaki don't fight him just take the thing away from him." Kenshin said knowing his wife's strength.

"No he should know how strong I am from my stories. Just hand me my Katana." She said holding out her hand for her blade.

Hiro was hesitant at first but handed the blade to her knowing this would be quick. Misaki took the blade and threw it on the couch only holding the Sheath.

"Come at me Kuro the Monster Slayer! I am an Evil Witch and I have captured a princess." Misaki said making an impression of a Witch.

Kuro came at her swinging from the side, but Misaki deflected it with the side of the sheath and made a fake out that looked like she was about to stab her son. Kuro feel back in fear and fell clean on his butt. When he looked up the end of the sheath was at his throat.

"I win son time for bed." She said dropping the sheath and picking up her son and taking the wooden sword away from him.

"No! I have to show you that I'm ready for a real Katana, to show you that I'm strong!" Kuro said in protest reaching for his wooden Katana.

Kuro found himself in his bed with his mother kissing his mother kissing him good night and turning off the light.

"How did the match go Kuro the Monster Slayer?" Shiro said in sarcasm.

"One day I know I can beat Okaa-san, and then I'll join a guild." Kuro said reaching for the ceiling of his room like he was reaching for the stars in heaven.

"Yeah in like a billion years. Good night." Shiro said turning around and falling to sleep.

"Alright good night." Kuro said falling to sleep.

In the middle of the night

Kuro heard a loud noises coming from outside his room. This wasn't like the loud noises he would hear coming from his Tou-san and Okaa-san's bedroom, there was struggling and people crying.

Kuro saw that Shiro his beloved twin sister was still fast asleep so he figured he wouldn't wake her up.

Kuro walked out over to where he was hearing the struggle but froze when he saw a man pinning his mother to a wall with her arms above her head. His Okaa-san was clearly in distress.

Kuro looked over to see his father beaten on the floor with a big bruise on the side of his head.

Kuro began to growl and looked for something to pulverize the man with. He saw his mother's sword, this was his chance to not only save her but to show that he was strong. Kuro reached the Katana and pulled it out discreetly. He had a problem holding it with one hand because it was so heavy for him at his age and only experience was with using sticks instead.

"OI! Leave my Okaa-san alone! If you want a fight you've got one!" Kuro said pointing the blade at the man.

The man looked at Kuro with little interest. Misaki looked in horror as her only son was going up against a foe she was having trouble dealing with.

"Kuro go back to bed and hand mommy the Katana." Misaki said calmly.

"Kuro is your name right? I'm going to have fun cutting you up with that fancy little blade in front of your mom." The man said tossing Misaki to the side and coming over to Kuro.

Misaki cried out to Kuro to run back to bed but Kuro didn't listen. The man may have looked smelly and disgusting but to Kuro he was just another gross criminal. Kuro leaped into the air at a surprising height for a boy his age.

Kuro swiped his blade diagonally down at the man's face but he side stepped and stared oddly at the six year old.

"I'm five foot eight how can some snot nosed kid jump that boy?" The man looked at Misaki and yelled. "What the hell did you do to this kid?"

"Keep your eyes on me!" Kuro said back on his feet slicing left, then right, up and then brought it down like a hammer swiftly.

"What is going on? Kuro wasn't even capable of doing that stuff with a wooden sword, could it be that he knows that with a real Katana in a real fight you can't take back any moves and that each one counts?" Misaki spook to herself in awe at how well Kuro was doing for his first fight.

Kuro was bringing the heat to this fight, the man couldn't make any movements to counter. Kuro was just swinging the blade in all sorts of directions with the sword and kept making the swings faster and shorter.

But Kuro was getting tired, he had only practiced with wood and metal was heavy. He was getting winded.

Kuro made another over the head slice but completely missed with the man making another side step and kicking Kuro in the stomach to the other side of the room hitting the wall and landing like a rag doll.

Misaki yelled out in horror as her little boy was suffering severe pain. The man walked over to Kuro and grabbed the Katana Kuro had dropped. He raised it to strike the boy, but the unexpected happened. Kuro stated to growl very loudly.

Kuro gripped the man's leg to the point the man began howling in pain. Kuro got up and released the man. He swung the blade from the side, but Kuro stopped it with his arm alone. The blade left a bleeding cut on it but Kuro just grabbed the man by his shirt and threw him out the window. Luckily he dropped the blade before going out the window.

Misaki looked at her son in scared at what she saw her son become.

Kuro ear's had become pointed, his canines looked razor sharp, his nails looked like claws. He was growling like a wild animal. But the scariest part about what her loving, sweet little six year old had become was his eyes. Normally his eyes would only be filled with anger when someone threw or hit Shiro, but this…this wasn't like a rotten egg in Shiro's hair…This was complete and utter rage. His pupils had literally become slits.

"Okaa-san," Kuro began balling his fists. "that man hurt you and Tou-san! I want to kill him." He growled.

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