DC-Kitty21 Presents, Helpless Romantic - An Ice Age FanFic

~Heyy fanfiction! Here's my first Ice Age Fanfic! Hope you guys like it!

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"Welcome to your new home, everybody!" Sid said as everybody got off the ice ship and onto the beautiful land. Manny and Ellie holding trunks, happy to see each other again. Diego and Shira walking side by side flirting with each other. Sid guiding everyone off the ship while Granny chew almost everything in sight with her new teeth. Peaches and Louis ran off and explored. They walked up a hill and looked over the horizon.

"Wow, this is beautiful!" Peaches exclaimed.

"Well? Want to explore it?" Louis enticed. Peaches laughed and jumped off the cliff and started sliding on a mud slide. Louis rolled his eyes and jumped off. Peaches was about to have a soft landing when Ethan and his friends started to walk by.

"Uh oh, " Peaches whispered. Then BOOM! Peaches moaned and started to get up but struggled in the process and fell again. She heard a light chuckle.

"We really have to stop meeting like this." Ethan said. Peaches smiled nervously.

"Here," He said and and helped her up. Then Louis landed next to them.

"Hey guys!" He greeted.

"Heyyy hero." Steffie and Katie cooed or as Louis likes to call it, flirting. Peaches would always roll her eyes at him everytime he mentions it, but giggle. Louis loved to do that to make her laugh. Louis smirked at the two mammoths. Steffie and Katie giggled.

"Hey um, Peaches?" Ethan stuttered.

"Mm?" Peaches replied glittering her eyes.

"I wanted to know if you uh wanted to hang out later." Ethan asked with a nervous smile on his face. Peaches' face lighten up.

"I'd love to!" She said. This was the start of a new life.

A few days later~

A large amount of land hit the side of Manny's new home. Everyone gathered around it waiting for the smoke to calm down to see what was on board. Then they saw shadows. Everyone got closer. Then Mammoths, birds, giant turtles(A/N No idea what they're called) and other animals walked out. The animals greeted each other and welcomed them to their new home.

"This is great! We're gonna make new friends." Sid said excitedly.

"Oh! Hope theres some girls my age to hang out with!" Peaches said.

"Peaches," Manny warned, "you have to be careful of the friends you choose because-"

"Yes! I know dad." Peaches said annoyed.

Sid walked through the crowd greeting and welcoming everybody when,

"Uncle Sid!" Someone shouted. Sid turned around and a big grin spread across his face.

"Alli!" He shouted back and raised his something ran into him.

"Its great to see you again, Uncle Sid!" The mysterious cave lion said in a soft British accent.

"Alli, this is amazing! Where's your parents? I need to say Hello!" Sid said excitedly. The female cave lion's ,now known to be named Alli, smile vanished. Sid furrowed his eye brows.

"You still have your parents...dont you?" Sid asked. Alli slowly shook her head.

"They got crushed by some ice." Alli said and looked up at him with tears in her eyes.

"Oh no, Alli I am terribly sorry." Sid said. Alli looked down. Then a smile spread across Sid's face. "You can join my herd!" He said.

"What?" Alli said softly.

"Im sure they'll accept you! Your practically family regarding me!" Sid said and led Alli to his herd.

Peaches POV

I really wanted to make new friends. I need someone to talk to. About personal stuff, girly stuff, and boy stuff! But there was only young adults and kids under 13. My hopes were decreasing, when suddenly Uncle Sid showed up with a strange cat by his side. She had light tan fur, but her tail and under her was white with black stripes on her back, a few under her, back legs, and tail. She had one saber tooth and her eyes were hazel.

"Hey guys! I like you too meet Alli!" Sid said. "I used to babysit her when she was just a cub." Alli smiled shyly. "Alli, this is Manny, Ellie, Peaches, Louis, Crash, Eddie, Diego, Shira, and Granny." I walked up to her.

"Hi Alli." I said.

"Perfect! Alli, go hang out with Peaches while I talk to Manny." Sid said and walked away.

"Welcome to your new home Alli." I said.

"Thanks, this place is beautiful!" Alli said in a weird accent.

"Cool accent." I said.

"Thanks, its British." She said.

"Awesome. Let me show you around." I said and motioned her to follow me. Yay! A new friend! Finally I have someone to talk to, well, aside from Louis. Speaking of Louis, here he comes now.

"Hey Peaches! Oh hi Alli!" He says. Alli smiles. "Hey Peaches! I just found an amazing hide out behind the waterfall!" He says. I love adventure!

"Awesome! Wanna come with?" I ask Alli.

"Sure!" She says.

Normal POV

"Absolutely not, Sid." Manny said.

"Aww, come on Manfred! She has no where else to go!" Sid added

"Come on, Manny. How bad can another herd member be?" Ellie insisted.

"Shes a teenager Ellie. The last thing we need is another trouble maker." Manny pointed out.

"Trouble maker? Alli is the biggest goody two paws I know! She's the best behaved kid I ever babysat!" Sid shouted.

"And since when did you babysit?" Diego asked.

"When, of course, Manny and Ellie had to do important stuff while Peaches was still in Ellie's belly, I had nothing better to do! So I babysat for some cave lions. Alli was their cub of course. I also babysat for some baby birds but they were always flying so I couldn't babysit them very well." Sid said remembering all those time he tried to fly. Manny thought for a while.

"And, she could keep an eye on Peaches." Sid added knowing thats what Manny wanted. Manny crinkled his trunk and rolled his eyes.

"Fine, but if shes any trouble help her find another herd." Manny said.

"Yes! Manny you will not regret this!" Sid said and went off to find Alli.

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