I just realized my plot line is really similar to the Majestic, Oh Well.

The sun was beginning to shake off the dust of the previous night and was painting the woods with a delicate golden hue. As the nocturnal creatures had since retired for the day and the light dwellers had yet to rise the world was deathly quiet. This brief still held a delicacy that was too easily disrupted and as a result the young man could be tromping through the forest a long way off and his profanities could be heard much farther off.

"Fuck 'um, fuck every last one of those numb plastic whores. They feigned emotion and developed there persona's for so long they don't know who the fuck they are. I barely know who the fuck I am."

He continued on like this for mile after mile through the forest hour after hour until the sun began to make its presence felt. He was undoubtedly lost but found that too be one of his lesser concerns.

"I might as well jump right off this cliff and be done with all the superficial bastards, let 'em guess what happened to me, of course then they'd all be at my funeral and I'd turn over in my grave."

He wasn't happy to continue his walk this way but he was content so he marched on quickly losing track of his surroundings, then he heard a rumble. Part of the cliff that was worn way came loose and he was sent tumbling down hill. He attempted to flap his wings and get air borne or at least slow the fall but something struck his head and he blacked out.

As the sun began to tickle the outskirts of town a pink manned Pegasus rose at her usual early hour to enjoy the solitude of her morning walk. This was Fluttershy's favorite time of morning, the calm quietness of nature at this hour was a good reflection of herself and her strolls served as a therapeutic prelude to a hectic day of tending to her animals. She walked to the edge of the Everfree forest which, though it would arouse her deepest apprehensions at any other hour, seem welcoming and amicable in the calm hours. She was nearing the end of walk enjoying the musical chirping of the early birds when another sound caught her ear .It was painful sounding grunts and moans a sound that would normally alarm her, but realizing some animal may be injured she instead decided to examine the noise. She made her way to a patch of thickets about 200 meters from a cliff side and to her surprise found that the sounds were coming from a pony. He was about average height and very sinewy, a Pegasus with a light blue coat that was somewhat silver and a dark blue mane that was somewhat black. He was sitting up and rubbing his head but appeared to be out of sorts for some reason. Having her better judgment over ridden by compassion she decided to inquire if he required assistance.

"Uhm a…are you okay"

Startled he jumped back at her words and she similarly recoiled to his reaction. She fell down and her face was almost fully concealed by her long pink mane prompting him to chuckle slightly and give a small grin.

"I hope I'm alright but it looks like I should be more concerned about you." He gave her his hoof which she took with much apprehension and helped her to her feet.

"What's your name?"

"I'm Flu..tt..er ..shy"

"I didn't catch that." She took a deep breath and with as much conviction as she could muster told him.

"I'm Fluttershy, what's your name." At this he gave a very puzzled almost disturbed look as if she had asked him some very odd question, she was about to repeat herself when he spoke up.

"Well as it turns out I've been trying to recall my name or anything about me for the past several minutes, all I can recall is hitting my head and waking up. I figure I have some kind of amnesia from the blow because I don't know who I am, where I'm from, what I do, or how I got here it's just blank. You wouldn't happen to recognize me would you?"

Actually his face was vaguely familiar but she couldn't place it so he was probably just someone she saw at flight camp.

"I'm sorry I don't know you."

"Shoot, I probably ought to get on trying to remember myself but I have no idea where to start or where to go."

Fluttershy was accustom to openly taking in sick and injured animals for a time until they recovered so she very unconsciously offered him a place to stay until he could remember who he was. It wasn't until immediately after that she realized what she had just said and wished deeply that she hadn't. He told her he couldn't ask her to do something like that, but fearing that it would cruel to rescind her offer she insisted and having nowhere else to go he accepted.

She had several questions for him as they made their way to her cottage and she asked most of them but being of a very introverted nature they were spaced out with several minutes in between.

"So can you remember anything from before you hit your head?"

"No events or anything about myself, but I remember a lot of books I've read songs I've listened to and movies I've seen and based on that I'm a rocker with dry intellectual tastes."

"Are you nice, I know it's a silly question but with all my animals I need to be sure?"

"Well I hope so, but even if I wasn't I've forgotten how to be the mean me."

"What should I call you if you don't remember your name?"

"How about Stills."

He likewise had questions for her but of a less serious nature.

"Where are you from?"

"Well uhm, I'm uh from uhm Cloudsdale."

"What do you?"

"I uh t..take care of the uh a…animals that live around here."

"What do you enjoy?"

"Well I uhm I love music and uh n…nature."

She had relaxed somewhat by the time they reached the front door but was still very nervous when they opened the door; she was never certain what reaction her animals would have to a stranger. Her nervousness was assuaged however when she saw the mainly positive reaction that her animals had towards Stills.

"I can't thank you enough for you hospitality, but I think I need to sleep I'm dog tired."

"Oh, well you can sleep on the couch for now."

"Thanks Fluttershy you're really a life saver, good night or good morning by now."

"Good night."

She began tending her animals with a strange little smile written on her face.

I had no intention of writing this but the idea just kept nagging me and I pretty much have the whole ides mapped out. Stills is a reference to Steve Stills the great acoustic guitar player for Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, and.