Hey! So, I'm brazilian, so forgive me if something is wrong. I hope you enjoy.

Jade POV

I got up with the noise of the cars in front of the school from my house.

Glad I did not study there with my idiot neighbor, his name is Beck.

I get up from my bed and go take a shower. And finally I put my whole outfit black.

You know what's worse?

The Beck's bedroom window is in front of my window!

I have to look at that asshole all day.

Ugh, now he's looking at me!


I close my curtains black in his face!

I go down the stairs, a coffee, by the way my parents have been working.

And I'm going to Hollywood Arts.

Beck POV

Jade woke up with arranging the books she has to take to school today.

She closed the curtains in my face black.

I fix up and go to my school in front of the house.

Jade does not study with me, she is a performing arts school, Hollywood Arts.

Jade POV

I arrived in the HA and Cat has come running towards me shouting excitedly.


-Hi Cat...

-You know that today my brother ...


-Ok ...

The bell rang and we went to class.

You know, the Cat is a sweet, but sometimes annoying.

She is my best friend.

Beck POV

I arrived at school with the girls looking at me and giggling.

Ahh how I love my life!

My friend Andre came running to tell me that this afternoon we had soccer practice.

The bell rang and everyone went to class.

Finally it was time for training.

Jade POV

Today when I got home and my parents were in an interview I decided to go read a book on the football field in front of the school.

Before going to put a black tank top and jean shorts with black combat boots.

When I got there the boys were training school football.

The bleachers were full of girls with short clothes flirting with the players.

When I sat in a corner half empty, the boys stared at me with his mouth open.

How ridiculous!

DRUG! Beck was there too!


He saw me!

No, no no no ...


-Jadellyn West.

-Get out!

-Look, you need not be so rude all the time!


-Hey ... what's that?

He took the book from my hand before I could stop ...


-Give me that!

-William Shakespeare? Awww ... Jadellyn are reading a novel?


And I took the book from his hands.

Stupid Boy!

I sat with him still in front of me and started reading again.

He stood looking at me.

I hate that boy!

He sat beside me and tried to make conversation.

-So, you study Arts in Hollywood, is not it?

-Go to hell!

-I'll take that as a yes ... Jadellyn

-Do not call me that!

-Okay, okay ...

He raised his hands in surrender.

-Get out!

-I will not leave until you talk to me ...

So I got up and took the coffee from a girl who was talking to her friends and played stupid in his head.

Well done!


-What is the problem?

-Played in me that coffee!

-Well, you were annoying me!

With that I went to the house.

I took a shower and went to sleep.