(3 person POV)

Optimus Prime held his new born sparkling with pride in his optics. *She has my optics* he thought. At this moment his sparkmate Elita-1 recharged peacefully on the hospital berth. Optimus whispered into the little sparklings audio, " You are the next generation or primes young SolarFlare."

SolarFlare shuttered her tiny optic covers in under standing. Just then Elita came out of recharge.

"Optimus you sir should be recharging."

"I know Elita, but SolarFlare has not gone into recharge yet."

*sigh* "Let me see her Optimus."

Optimus handed SolarFlare carefully to his sparkmate. Elita soon had the small sparkling in a deep recharge. She put SolarFlare in her carrying hold. Then at that moment the wall chose to explode. Optimus dropped into a defensive stance in front of his spark mate.

When the dust cleared it reviled Megatron the leader of the deceptions. Elita sprung off the berth and drew out her canons.

"Ahh! The dynamic duo." Megatron sneered.

Then Megatron lunged at Optimus. "Elita RUN!" Optimus shouted.

Elita ran until she reached the alspark. Elita wheeled around Megatron had followed her. *Slag* she thought. She began to run again. Megatron looked at her and thought, *nothing better than a moving target.* Megatron fired. The blast hit Elita mostly in her carrying hold. The sparkling rolled out. Elita reached out to ward her sparkling, but then her optics went out… forever.

Optimus who had been knocked unconscious come back online. He felt like something was missing. "No." Optimus muttered to himself. He could not feel his sparkmate, but he could still sense his sparkling. Optimus tracked energon signature, and found her crying on the steps of the alspark, along with his offline sparkmate. He put Elita's helm on his lap and held SolarFlare close. Things were going to be different without his sparkmate by his side.