Thoughts: in bold.

Solar's Pov

(Location Back at my new home)

I have been depressed lately... I mean hell i was raped... But no matter now times I try I can't get out of this funk. I can never get rid of that scar in my physic, and it will haunt me, but it's my immortal now.

I slowly take out the small switch blade I bought. The blade is shiny like a piece of glass... My mind goes blank as is slide the sharp blade across my wrist... I love pain its what defines me, it always has. I watch with a twisted kind of pleasure, as the warm crimson substance slowly trickles down my sit wrist... I do the same to the rest of my forearm, and my other arm. When i completed my sick pleasure, I cleaned the knife, of my blood and put it back in its hiding place. As for my arms i went into the bathroom, and washed them free of blood and rapped them with gauze.

I put my usual black hoodie on and walked out the front door and in to the warm air. My hair was done in it's usual style, blonde hair with purple bangs, and black streaks. Clothes: All black, snake bites, black every this on me is black accept my eyes and hair. My eyes they were a deep purple, i never knew why they were that color but they suited me and i was happy with them.

When I was walking by the park, Trent was there throwing a foot ball to one of his jock friends... Me arms throbbed thinking about what he did to me. I hate him, forever and always... The other Jock who was throwing the football to Trent caught the ball and pointed at me. My eyes widened and I started to walk faster, I could hear them following me. Shit! Not now! I started to sprint, and they started to chase me. To be honest i have been ignoring Sam for the past few days so when i see him running form HIS car that surprised me more than you know. When he got back on mom's bike i ran next to him and kept pace with the bike.

Sam almost fell off, again when he saw me but he just kept pedaling, and i kept running. when we reached an abandoned warehouse,we lost the car, and saw a cop... But little did we know what we about to get ourselves into...


Okay Guy's sorry for taking so long but i have been going through a lot of shit, and i would usually go and do the part before this one but, i wanted to get something out and yeah so please forgive my lateness. So again I'm sorry. Thank you for all of your support and such. Hugs for all! \(^-^)/