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When we got back to the avengers tower I was already bound, gagged, and stuff I didn't even know was legal, they quickly dropped me in a room and went on with their lives, when I finally I got comfy enough to think of my plan Dr. Banner and Agent Romanoff decide to walk in. "Hello Alex would you like some tea?," asked the doctor who was holding two steaming cups.

I tried to reply but only grunts came out. Oh yeah they gaged me..

"Sorry bout that." He replied and set the coffee a table I hadn't noticed until now. "You know you got Stark really upset right? Your the first to hack into his system when he thought it couldn't be." He walked back to me and untied the gag I chocked on air as he removed it.

"Thanks" I coughed again before speaking. "Dude was that thing washed before you put it in my mouth?"

He shrugged and I took that as a no. Note to self boil mouth when I get out. "Well Ain't that just peachy kein..."

Banner raised an eyebrow at the expression but I ignored him. "Anyway why are you here? And when's Patchy the pirate getting back?"

This time he snorted." I don't know when the director is getting back. Until then your stuck here, on the brighter side I came to keep you company."

"But aren't you afraid that I'll like, make you go green or something? I've been told that I can be a bit much for some folks."

"I can handle it. If I couldn't handle myself I wouldn't be here. You on the other hand, it seems thats how you got here in the first place." He gave me a shy smile. He opposed to Stark wasn't on my bad side. "I'll be bak in about an hour but until then, please just stay here. You and I both know you can escapee, just wait until i'm not on guard ok?" With that he left forgetting about the coffee thats smell filled the room. But knowing Bruce as a smart man, probably left it here as punishment.

I slept. What else did I have to do. They didn't even leave me with a messily stereo. The chair they tied me up in was hard and uncomfortable, I groaned. It probably hasn't been very long since Bruce left but I had to pee. "Helloooo? Avengers dudes? I got to use the bathroooom." I got silence in return. Good for nothing super heroes.. The door opened slowly, it creaked as one of the team members opened it. "It's about time you got here. You know if your going to hold me captive at least give me something to entertain my self with!"

"So the avengers arn't saints after all, I'm not surprised." I was a bit freaked out by the mysterious speaker. None of the avengers sounded like that..

The person walked into the light I had a total brain fart. He looked around twenty. With his black jelled hair, green eyes, and- ok what's up with the dude's cloths? But other than that he was totally drool worthy. "Who are you?"

"That my dear is for me to know, but you may address me as your new king." I took me a minute to realize who it was. But I remembered a news report I listened too a couple of weeks ago about and alien attack lead by the god of mischief, Loki.

My eyes went wide and he smirked. The rope that kept me in place fell to the ground as he spoke. "You have two choices you can be my hostage, or you can die."

Just when I started to get used to the supers I get taken by the villain, just great... I sighed before replying. "So were are we headed?"