Chapter Five

They stopped talking and looked at me. Loki muttered something under his breath but quickly shut up when the shadow made a loud groaning sound. I had a feeling Loki was just as scared of this thing as I was. Which was actually almost a reassuring thought, except for the fact that from the looks of it he would happily obliged if the shadow asked him to throw me off the metaphorical cliff. Don't judge, it could really happen!

Mr. Shadow seemed to nod almost at me. I wasn't sure of this was a good thing but Loki sighed with...relief?

"This... Is it." The shadow whispered. He had turned to Loki in saying this but I was slightly confused. If he could speak english then why did he speak in... what ever that was before? ...I'm so dumb... Of course they didn't want me to understand what they were saying. For all they know I could be a spy or something. But what really bugged me was that apparently I was it.

"And what exactly is this 'it'?" I asked the shadow. As soon as I spoke I regretted it. Loki looked like he was about to lose his shit. Right... No speaking...

The shadow didn't reply but disappeared instead. I knew for sure that it was gone when I could take a deep breath again. The pressure seemingly disappearing from my chest. I exhaled deeply. All though I can breath to my full capacity once more I still felt the odd chill. It wasn't that uncomfortable anymore though... I turned my attention back to Loki and... Holy shit. Loki's expression went from afraid to seriously pissed off. I mean i've seen some seriously ticked off dudes before but damn...

"Are you insane woman?" He yelled. "I told you specifically not to say anything. ANYTHING! And you disobeyed me." I noticed that his fist were clenched tightly and his face seemed a bit paler. My theory was confirmed. This shadow dude had some serious hold on him.

I met his glare and retorted back. I get that the dude was pissed but he needed to chill. "I'm not sure actually. I don't think I am but the tests for some reason say differently. So its all about matter of opin-"

"Shut. Up." Loki cut me off mid sentence. Moving one step closer. His eyes calmed slightly but his stance was still stiff.

"And if I don't?" I realize this probably isn't the smartest thing to say but I didn't care. He was starting to get annoying.

Opened his mouth to speak then quickly shut it, brushing the hair out of his eyes as if to say i'm not worth the fight. I felt a small tinge of anger build up in me.

He brushed past me and began walking down the sidewalk as if ignoring me. My arm that he touched began to tingle a little I wondered why.

He got halfway down the block before sighing and stopping. Not bothering to turn around or raise his voice he spoke. "Are you planning on coming or not?"

I knew I didn't really have a choice but I chose to humor myself. "I'm still debating on that actually."

It was almost four am when we arrived at a white and green Tudor styled house that Loki called my new home. With that said I knew I'd be there for a while. No matter how beautiful the house looked I still felt uneasy. New home meant i'd be hear for a while. Being here for a while meant, well... that.

"You insignificant brat are you deaf as well as dull witted?" Asked the demi god impatiently.

I looked up with slight confusion washing over my face. I hadn't actually noticed he was talking to me until the point. I was too caught up in my own thoughts. "I'm sorry umm... Could you repeat that?"

Sighing as if I had proven his point he repeated himself. Speaking slower than obviously necessary. "Do you plan on actually going inside or just standing there gawking at the house until the sun comes up?"

I only now noticed that he was no longer standing beside me. Instead he stood by the deep brown wooden door staring at me. It kind of freaked me out that with such intensity his eyes could look at me but after a second of mine being focused on his own he turned back to the door and muttered something under his breath before unlocking and opening the door.

I followed behind him silently. Making sure to pay attention rather than fall back into my own thoughts. As I passed through the doorway a strong smell hit me. It took me a minute to figure out what it was. Oranges and a hint of... what was it, cinnamon? The two scents went well together actually, making the house almost seem more, inviting. The only seemingly sketchy thing in the house that I had seen so far was the god that brought me to it.

Loki began walking up a set of seemingly floating stairs that started a few feet away from the door. I followed a few steps behind as I looked around curiously. Every few seconds my eyes would dart back to Loki though. His steps were quiet and careful. As I watched him I realized something. Maybe sketchy wasn't the write word for Loki. I mean the guy gives me the heebie jeebies but I still don't think thats a good word for what he is. I felt that something was different about Loki, and I don't mean in a cliche way. Or even the fact that he's a supposed god but just his vibe in general.

My thoughts got cut off as I came to a stop at the end of the hallway the staircase had led to. Loki's voice jolting my awareness of my surroundings.

"This will be your room."