So I Have A Super Family?


"Come on Furry! Why are we here while the other kiddies get to play," Tony asked his feet propped up on the meeting table while his other hand was messing with Steve's hair. Steve gently slapped Tony's hand away, "Sir, What's the purpose of this meeting."

"Look here Captain. The therapists at S.H.E.I.L.D. have decided that you've assimilated well enough, and thanks to the Iron pain in the ass here you're in a somewhat stable relationship," he continued in a whisper, "God knows why." "Hey," Tony shouted in protest. Fury just waved Tony's comment off. "There are somethings that you need to know now," with that Fury slid a classified file over to Steve.

Steve opened the folder and opened it to see a thin, muscular teenager with brown perfect hair. "What's with the pale kid," Tony asked looking over Steve's shoulder trying to get a better look before he was pushed out of the way. "That is Kurt Elizabeth Hummel." "Oh no, Jarvis connect me to Blaine," Tony ordered.

"Just wait a moment Tony let me get through this explanation before you create some non-needed chaos," Furry spoke before he continued with the teens description, "18 years old, just graduated from McKinley High School, and…he is your great- grandson."

"You told me you were a virgin," Tony said accusingly. "I was," Steve yelled back. "God this is why I didn't want to do this. Listen lovebirds. Unknown to Rogers here a specimen was taken with out his knowledge by a nurse working on the project. She didn't come forward till a year after the child was born. She came forward to Howard for help after that."

"There was nothing in his notes about this," Tony spoke up. "They decided to keep it as a secret for the well-being of the child," Furry answered. "So why does it matter. If they've been living fine all along why tell me," Steve asked, wondering why Tony was pacing back and forth behind him.

"That's the thing there is no they. He's the last one, and he's not doing fine. A week ago he was cornered by five homophobic individuals, and the thing is they all ended up in the hospital. He seemed to have your powers Steve, and he seems to have a connection to the team anyways. Isn't that right Stark." Steve looked at Tony who was busy tapping out a message on his phone before he looked back at Steve.

"You remember Blaine right?" "You're son. Yeah, we talked to him a few days after we started going out. He seemed dapper, and has your genius," Steve narrowed his eyes at Tony. "Well it seems like my son is…going out with you great- grandson. And we're going to see Blaine tomorrow. You're going to need his help, believe me." Steve sat back looking at the file, a picture of his grandson that he didn't even know existed, wishing he knew what to do.

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