So is he our babysitter?

It had been around two weeks since Dr. Doom's failed attempt at breaking into the tower. Thankfully since most of the fighting was limited to inside the tower the public has still no idea of Vibranium or Stars and Stripes. Blaine and Kurt however still wanted to take no chances.

"Please you just want an excuse to redecorate," Tony said as he worked on his new safe room system. Well in this case it was a safe tunnel/loft room that would help protect the boys and any other guests that might be in the tower if the shit hit the fan. Tony and Blaine outlined an all new security system that included a secret tunnel that was located at the base of the tower that snaked it's way underground to a second story loft that was located across the street. Of course it just looked like a broken down building where squatters could have easily lived in. But still it seemed to be the only way that Steve would ever leave the boys if he was needed on a mission.

"You know that we just can't keep them up in the tower like some kind of modern Rapunzel," Tony said after the construction on the tunnel was almost done. The boys were currently in the loft moving furniture around making sure all the security protocols were up while Tony and Steve were resting on their bed. "I know, but Tony there is no way that they're ready to make a public appearance. You know that even if they shadow most likely whatever villain we're going against can find them. God forbid Loki show up, and take over one of their minds," Steve tried reasoning. He slouched down further against the backboard of the bed. "Well we're just going to have to increase there training, and actually start doing a boot camp type thing for both boys." Tony rolled over onto Steve resting his head on his stomach. "Do you really thing that Blaine would join in," Steve asked carding his fingers through Tony's hair. Tony smiled and pushed himself up, pressing his lips against Steve's. Steve gave a small moan and pulled Tony even closer. "I know Blaine would follow that boy anywhere. Now shut up, and make the time the boys are a way useful."

"Guess what boys," Steve said walking into the living area the next day. Kurt was researching the history of Napoleon's battle at waterloo for this online history course. Blaine was playing a game of holographic chess with Jarvis his shins propping up Kurt's computer higher on his lap. "What's up Steve," Blaine said moving the rook to take a pawn. "You and Kurt's proper training starts tomorrow," Steve said a smile wide on his face. He may have trouble relating to the young kids of this generation, but one of the true things he did know was how to train others. He was captain America after all. "What?" "What?" Was echoed from both boys, Kurt's own response seemed to hold some hesitation to it. "Yeah Tony starts with Blaine, and I've got Kurt then after lunch you all are switching up. Since we know you're limitations and abilities better than you know yourselves."

"Blaine go make sure you're suit is up to specs," Tony said as he came down the elevator and went to the kitchen to get some water. "Kurt you wanna finish up and we can go check on those Sai swords and new mask that I finally designed for you." Kurt just sighed, "Jarvis when you have time can you get me a quick synopsis on the battle to read when I'm done with this training." Then turned to Steve, "I'm serious Pops, if this new design has wings on the side of it, I'm not wearing it." Steve just rolled his eyes and ignored the sound of the elevator opening assuming it was one of the other avengers.

"What the hell is patchy doing here," Tony asked as he walked out of the kitchen. Steve turned and saw Fury standing there. "So we heard there were two untrained, unknown masked teenagers going up against Dr. Doom, and that makes me anxious." He made his way over to the two boys, Kurt already stepping in front of Blaine. "Not to mention that spider vigilante that seems to be in the bugle everyday," he said under his voice. "Hey now. We're going to start their real training today. Both Steve and I are on top of this," Tony said squaring his shoulder. "No, I don't think you do have a handle on this. You both have an emotional tie to them and that could and will get in the way of their training. So we brought in a specialist."

The elevator opened again and in stepped Agent Phil Coulson. "So is he our baby sitter," Kurt asked in a hushed tone. "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS," Tony yelled. Kurt or Blaine had never seen Tony this livid. "Coulson here will be in charge of training Kurt here while Blaine's training will be left up to Clint. There will both know what will be the best training especially for Blaine to understand close hand to hand contact." Steve was just standing there in shock. "We thought you were dead. You're cards were covered in your blood," Steve said this brows furrowed in confusion. "What," Coulson said. "Well I'll leave you here to it," Fury said as he quickly made his way out of the tower. "What's going on Blaine," Kurt was confused by this point, and what did cards have to do with it.

"Remember when I told you that I was bummed because my uncle Phil died. Well apparently he's not dead," Blaine said kind of lost. "Ok," Kurt remembered that time, and Blaine had taken it pretty hard. It was pretty tense in the room for a while till Clint walked in. "Well this is awkward. Come on brain boy go get changed, and we'll warm up with some boxing." Blaine just sighed then stormed out. 'I need to make sure he and Rachel don't spend too much time together again'.

"Kurt you too. I'm timing you so no funny business," Kurt rolled his eyes. Klaine was able to exchange a quick kiss as the two passed each other in the hall. Kurt gathered his Sais and began twirling them to try and revive some stress. He was not about to rub his hands over his face or through his hair to try and relieve some stress.

Over the rest of the week it was still just as tense. Any down time that Kurt had was spent working on his online classes, and Blaine was busy designing his own suit. Blaine's training with Clint was going ok expect for the complete exhausting that he had been experiencing, but Clint just said that that was normal. Kurt on the other hand well….he was beginning to regret coming to New York.

"Come on Hummel one more rep, we're moving back to laps," Coulson said. Kurt was bench pressing 150 pounds in the Tower gym. "Master Kurt there is a phone call coming in from your father," Jarvis said. "Answer it," Kurt said. "Ignore it. Focus Hummel you're in the middle of training." "Answer IT," Kurt yelled. There was a tense moment before Kurt threw the bar off his back and walked over to his phone to answer it. "Yeah hey dad one moment," he covered the phone before looking at Agent Colson. "This is my father. A government representative that had no problem with taking down S.H.E.I.L.D will with a little information that would be no problem to get from Tony. Not only that, he is my father. The next time you try to interrupt a call from him you better hope that Steve is in the room or the hulk because anything less will earn you a punch to the face." With that Kurt stormed out of the gym, and up to his room.

After the call Kurt spoke up, "Jarvis block my phone signal from everyone, and substitute all the video feed back in the area for a walk to Central park with something when no major events were going on. Just tell the rest I'm out, and tell Blaine I'll be back soon. Give me half 'an hour before telling him."

The sun was beginning to set by the time someone found Kurt. "I know you're there. I have super hearing you know." Coulson walked out from behind the bench Kurt was sitting on, and was standing on the far side from where Kurt was seated. "You know the first time I heard about New York was from my mom. She had come up here one time during her senior year in high school. She always said that Central Park was her favorite place. She used to say that she was going to bring me here one day." Kurt was quiet looking over the man made lake in front of him, but Coulson knew he wasn't finished. "I just didn't know that the first time I would be here would be without her."

"It was always just my dad and me. Sometimes it feels like it still is, and sometimes it feels like I'm alone in all this." Coulson spoke up then, "You know Blaine's in a panic." Kurt gave a small smile, "I know." "Well I'll send him over here in twenty minutes, and why don't you both take the rest of the day off, and I'll tell Clint that the lessons will start after lunch tomorrow." Kurt turned to Coulson then, "Thank you." Coulson sometimes forgets that Kurt was just 18, and Blaine 17. These kids didn't have to have this hard life, they still had a choice. "Be prepared for a real work out after lunch then, Mr. Hummel," he said before turning and walking away.

"Well I made it Mom, and Blaine's here with me. I guess that's all I could ask for."

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