TITLE: Does It Have To Be Pink?


ROMANCE: Faberry (Quinn/Rachel) and Brittana (Santana/Brittany)


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SYNOPSIS: Rachel drags Quinn to a sex store in order to 'spice' up there sex life. Santana and Brittany walk in and Quinn can do nothing but hide from them. Faberry with some Brittana

"I still don't see why we have to go in there Rach, there's nothing wrong with our sex life" Quinn complained looking up at the neon pink sign outside the lesbian sex shop Rachel had dragged her to. Yeah that's not subtle. Quinn looked around the street they were on hoping no one she knew was around

"I never said anything was wrong with our love making Quinn, I just said maybe we should invest in a strap on or something that may perhaps enhance our experience" Rachel tried to argue her case but the blond wouldn't let her have her own way so easily

"Well I don't know about you Rach but my experience is pretty good" Quinn said smirking at the memories of this morning's particular actives.

"Look we're just go in, look around and if there's anything that catches our eye we can try it out, it's not a tattoo Quinn, it won't be permanent, if we don't like it we don't have to use it again" Quinn was still unsure taking a deep breath, she never had a problem with the things they did in bed but apparently Rachel wanted a change, not that the brunette was complaining much when she woke up to Quinn's head between her legs only hours before. "If it makes you that uncomfortable then we won't go in, I just thought we could have some fun with a toy or something"

"A toy?" Quinn questioned with a puzzled look, did she mean like a toy airplane or what, she would have to be more specific with her explanation

"Like a strap on or something, I'd love for you to use one on me" Rachel had that reassuring tone, the one that usually meant Quinn was about to crack and do whatever the hell the diva wanted. And come to think of it Quinn was liking the idea of screwing Rachel with a strap on, but there was no way she would have her way with the colour. She would most certainly wanna go with pink and there's no way she will be letting Rachel get a pink one. She would definitely want to pick that out herself.

"Ok fine well go in" Quinn submitted to her girlfriend's request, no surprises there. Rachel gripped her hand tightly and grinned widely at the blond who just looked completely fucked but not in the good way.

Next thing Quinn knew she was being dragged into the shop. Once they were inside she cringed even more, there were posters of sexy women in underwear lining the walls, all of which had some sort of advertisement for a strap on or a lube or a sexy outfit that she bet if she asked Rachel to wear the diva would only shrug her off in disgust of her 'pervy ways'. Even the websites she used when Rachel wasn't around weren't quite as detailed as some of these posters.

"Holy crap" Quinn said when she saw Rachel walk over to a line of fake penises. She bowed her head in discomfort and followed the girl.

"Wow look at this one Quinn it would practically rip my open" Quinn barely had time to look up before a plastic cock was shoved right in her face. She knocked it back quickly and stared down at it as Rachel held it in her hands. "It's huge" Rachel stated the complete obvious. Quinn raked her eyes across the several different kinds, she had no idea they came in so many colours, maybe if real cocks had such verity she would have considered trying one or two more out.

"We are not getting that one Rachel its totally bigger than my head, and it has veins, fuck that, not literally though" Quinn rejected it, there was no way Rachel would actually want to buy that one to begin with but she had to make sure she voiced her opinion, she didn't want to come off as completely whipped to anyone who may be listening.

Quinn looked around the shop a little while she left her girlfriend to stare the fake dicks. She came across some chocolate shaped genitals, not the sort of chocolate she would like to have in her mouth but it was chocolate nonetheless. She picked up a disturbingly accurate chocolate penis, what is it with this place and cocks, girls have bits too. Quinn found herself laughing at the fact it fitted perfectly in her hand. She looked back over at her girlfriend "Hey Rach look, Finn must have modelled for this one" she chuckled a little too hard at her own joke, gaining a frown from the diva, good job Rachel is the one who wants to buy a strap on or she wouldn't be getting any tonight. Maybe some good was coming out of this after all. She put the edible penis back and continued her search.

Next she came across the clothes, yes those clothes, the sort of ones she would get a slap for asking Rachel to even consider wearing in the bedroom. She didn't really know why, Rachel was the one going on about spice and she was always looking for new ways to gain acting experience, well if she just gave it a chance she could be a maid or a cop for an hour or two, but no that wasn't Rachel's style, Quinn pouted at the thought. "Quinn are you planning on helping over here or shall I just do this all myself?" Rachel's demanding voice gave no room for argument.

"Coming dear" Quinn smiled she knew Rachel hated that term it made them sound like an old married couple and despite the fact it was totally true Rachel also hated the way Quinn made it sound like she was completely under the thumb. Rachel tapped her foot waiting for Quinn to come back over, throwing her a stern glare when she could have sworn the blond was humming 'The Rolling Stones Under My Thumb' a glare in which Quinn clearly ignored. "What do you want me to do Rachel?" Quinn sighed looking at her girlfriend like shed done nothing wrong, well she hadn't but in Rachel's world she's done a lot of things wrong in the mere ten minutes they'd spent in the shop so far.

"Which one should we get?" Rachel asked like she was honestly lost. Quinn had no idea she was only gonna be wearing it, Rachel would be the one having to take it.

"Well I don't know it's gonna be inside you not me, and your pretty tight so I'd just get a small or average sized one" Quinn prodded at a reasonably small dildo on display, then she turned to look at the brunette to find her glaring at her still

"Do you have to be so graphic, we do not need to discuss my tightness inside a shop" her tone was definitely the type that promised no sex later, Quinn knew she best watch it now.

"Yeah a sex shop Rach, one you dragged me in" Oh shit that wasn't watching it, that was stepping in it more so. Quinn decided to clamp her mouth shut when she saw brown eyes narrow at her, its time to start being more helpful Quinn decided, though she did think her previous advice was still valid "Can't we just get a normal one, you know one that doesn't have patterns or glitter, I know were gay but even Kurt wouldn't go for a glitter one, and I definitely don't want any detail, I mean I'm gay for a reason and that's just….ew just no" Quinn squirmed and shivered in disgust where she stood looking at the big one Rachel initially joked about.

"We can get a regular one if you want" Quinn didn't know what to say was that Rachel actually taking her opinion and agreeing with it. "But what about the strap, I mean you're gonna want some sort of friction as well" Rachel asked sincerely taking Quinn's hand. Of course she wanted friction.

"Yeah but the dildo is the most important thing"

"Well I like this one" Rachel said picking up a small pink one packaged up ready for purchase. Yes pink. The one colour Quinn didn't want to get but she knew Rachel would want.

"That looks fine but can we please get a different coloured one, does it have to be pink?"

"I like pink" Rachel said using that voice Quinn usually gave into again, Quinn just imagined it now, her having to put that thing on was bad enough, but having a pink phallus between her legs was not a thought she wanted to bare, but Rachel's face really was making it hard to say no. Just as Quinn almost had the courage to go for it, the shops door opened and Quinn immediately heard the familiar voice of one Brittany Pierce and usually where Britt went Santana Lopez wasn't far being, instead of humming 'Under My Thumb" again she grabbed Rachel's hand and yanked her down behind the shop shelf to shield them from her friends. She gave a second or two to realize maybe the song would have been more appropriate and certainly less strange but now she was practically suffocating Rachel with her chest whilst they lay in a heap on the floor. Totally normal behaviour for a sex store.

Once she realized Rachel was struggling to breath she sat up a little onto her knees and helped Rachel up who was now on her ass. "What the hell Quinn, as much as I love your breasts I do not appreciate them being thrust into my face when we are in public, what the hell is wrong with you?" Rachel demanded to know. Quinn kept them both low to the ground and pointed to the two girls that were currently looking at the vibrators. Oh great now she had that imagery in her head…ok so it wasn't that bad….Santana, Brittany, naked, oh crap she just turned herself on. Rachel on the other hand felt her confidence about being in a sex store diminish when she laid eyes on the pair, suddenly her cheeks where red and she really didn't want to be seen by the two girls.

At first they watched on as Santana and Brittany seemed to just play with the objects they were checking out, looks like they'd been here many times, no wonder they were Glee's most sexually active couple, they had a lot of 'spice' as Rachel would put it. Quinn, after a good five minutes of the girls not moving, realized there was no way they could go up to the counter without being seen by the other couple, so she made a decision she would leave, she started to make a move carefully stepping closer to the door being sure not to make any noise by tiptoeing, she looked back at her girlfriend who hadn't moved at all. Rachel gave her a frown and mouthed to come back but Quinn refused with a shake of her head, whose whipped now?

Quinn backed up before feeling something stab her in the ass, there's no way it could have been Rachel as she was still behind the shelf mouthing something about a restriction of boobs tonight, and it definitely wasn't Santana or Brittany as Quinn had made sure they were not heading over in her direction the whole time she was escaping. She spun around only to see a mannequin wearing frilly lacy silk lingerie. Quinn's heart pounded in her chest when she realized it was rocking from side to side, fuck, she'd assed it over, Quinn tried to steady the fake woman but it was no use once she slipped backwards in her struggle and landed straight on her back with a partially loud, there's no way Santana and Brittany didn't hear, thud. Quinn opened her eyes one at a time to find she was now being topped by this mannequin, if that wasn't bad enough both of her hands were cupping the woman's bra covered breasts, now what was that about a boobs restriction, no doubt Rachel would give her crap for this later, something from giving their presence away, to her touching another's breast even though the breast were fake but then again so were Santana's and they still did their job.

"Is that Quinn" she heard Brittany's voice, well this wasn't embarrassing at all, she moved her head to see the couple coming over to them. There's no way she's getting any from Rachel tonight now. Brittany was now standing next to her as she lay on the floor. Why wasn't the staff doing anything about this? Santana's feet were now on the other side of her head and she knew this wasn't gonna be easy. Santana leaned down to pull the mannequin off of Quinn who apparently couldn't seem to remove the model from herself and she steadied it back up straight.

"Fabray what the hell are you doing here?" Santana said with a smirk helping up the blond from the floor, she already knew the answer, the store pretty much answered that question, but she really wasn't gonna pass up the chance of getting Quinn to admit that she and Rachel wanted to try something new.

"Um I thought this was a…clothes shop, but I was wrong clearly and now I'm leaving" Quinn darted her eyes back and forth from the two girls and gave a quick glace back at Rachel still hiding, trying to also hide a giggle she was currently battling with, not trying to help her girlfriend out at all, just letting her sweat. Well Quinn herself did try to ditch Rachel so she guessed it was pretty much her own fault

"Sure, sure ok, totally believe you" Santana said clearly not attempting to cover up her sarcasm.

"Hi Quinn" Brittany chirped waving her hand frantically even though she stood only inches from the other blond.

Quinn smiled back "Hey Britt" before she was enveloped in a hug, she saw Brittany at school only yesterday but she hugged like they hadn't talked in years. Quinn hugged back, guessing the reality of being in a sex shop brought on Brittany's over excitement. Despite the fact this clearly wasn't there first time.

"So is Berry with you?" Santana asked once her own girlfriend had let the girl go, Quinn gasping for a breath before again darted her eyes towards Rachel who was shaking her head. Then looking back at the other two girls, totally not obvious Santana laughed to herself at the thought

"No why would she be, I told you I wasn't meant to walk in here, it was a mistake, me and Rachel don't need this stuff" she commented defensively as she gestured around the shop pointing frantically at whatever her hand led to, her cheeks continuing to heat up.

"Hey this stuff is a blessing if you know who to use it right" said Santana as if she was challenging the blond, in a friendly manner of course.

"It's amazing, Santana said shed buy me whatever I wanted, if I went down on her for a whole hour last night" Britt said completely ignoring the fact some of what she just said may have been deemed personal and confidential, but the blond just smiled at Quinn while Quinn eyed the Latina with a small smirk, she didn't need to know that but actually it was rather funny, and she could see that Santana too was just smiling from her girlfriends lack of filter when it came to this stuff. After all it wasn't that bad if Brittany wanted to brag about their sex lives.

Realizing she hadn't actually got anything but lies out of Quinn so far Santana spoke up again "So where is Rachel, hiding?" like she didn't already know. She should probably consider telling Quinn that just cause she darts her eyes doesn't mean she can't see where she's looking or maybe she wouldn't tell her after all it did often work in her favour. Quinn didn't reply right away so the Latina decided to play on this before ending the blonds torture. "Maybe it's a good thing she's not here in this sex shop with you, after all we all know how bad she is at sex" Santana smirked

"What?" Quinn questioned, she may be a little slow at times, she may not wear that freaking maids outfit Quinn really wanted to see her in and she may have taken like forever to let Quinn into her pants or rather short skirt, but Rachel berry was not bad at sex.

"Don't you remember Quinn, last week, you told us Rachel was really bad at going down and sometimes you have to fake it just to get her out of there" the Latinas smirk growing. Quinn looked horrified, Rachel most certainly heard that and she definitely never said such a thing, she liked it when Rachel went down on her, in fact she was probably better at that than using her fingers, after all Rachel is all mouth most of the time, that's why Quinn assumed Santana too was good at that particular task. Brittany also looked at Santana rather confused, she may not remember everything she hears but she was pretty sure Quinn had never said anything like that about Rachel. Santana gave Britt a wink, which she was sure Quinn probably saw but it didn't matter, Britt got the idea right away

"Oh yeah, and you also said that she was really annoying when trying to makeout ith cause all she did was talk and complain" ok that sounded familiar she did in fact say that one but not the first one, however she used slightly different wording than Britt reminded her of, such as 'frustrating' over 'annoying' and ok she used 'complain' but she didn't mean it in a bad way, it just got a bit boring when she was trying to make out with Rachel but all the brunette wanted to do was talk about Glee or some Broadway show she had never actually seen on Broadway but spoke about it like she had in any case.

"You said what, Quinn Fabray!" Rachel practically shouted as she shot to her feet and came out from behind the shelf she was hiding. Still carrying that frigging pink dildo like a pet. She crossed her arms as she burned Quinn with her eyes and frown. "What do you mean I don't satisfy you, do you really fake it when I go down on you?" thank god she didn't question the whole making out thing, there were no lies she could come up with for that one. "Well I'm waiting?"

"Thanks San" Quinn glared at her friend "Rachel she's making it up. You know I love it when you eat me out, I would never fake it with you there's no need to" Quinn pleaded her innocent

"Is this true Santana, are you really making it up?" Rachel turned to said girl keeping that stern face

"Geeze Rach calm down, what got up your ass, I'm totes joking, you need to learn to chill, I'm sure Quinn loves when you tongue fuck her, isn't that right Quinnie" Santana mocks at the nickname Rachel has for her girlfriend. Quinn punches Santana's arm, crude sex talk suddenly doesn't seem to be as fun to say, she usually only does it to get Rachel rattled in any case.

"Shut it Sanny" Quinn laughs, seeing Britt smile at her nickname for her very own girlfriend, Santana shrugs Quinn off, Britt liked saying it that's all that really mattered.

"Well Quinn have you decided what we're getting yet?" Rachel said holding up that dildo she knew she'd eventually get her own way on.

"I told you we're not getting a pink one, just pick a different colour" Quinn gesture to the variations of the very same dildo.

"No I want pink, it's not going inside you, isn't that what you said, so I should get final pick, you can choose the strap" Rachel firmly stood her ground, as usual

"Oh you're getting a little friend" Brittany chimed in "Me and Santana have one of those, Sanny says she loves to stick it in me" Quinn could have sworn Santana was now blushing as the Latina looked away over at the straps.

"Got any suggestions on what strap is best to get, preferably one that has some sort of friction for the wearer too" Quinn asked her friends as the four made their way over to the strap section.

"Since when did sex get so expensive" Quinn questioned looking at some of the prices on the more advance straps, did people really spend that much on sex? Well with someone they knew anyway.

Santana cracked up laughing at a patterned strap, well Quinn wouldn't get that one that's for sure "You should get that one" Britt pointed at an average looking one, not too basic but not too, several months allowance. "That's the one me and San have and San always comes really hard when she fucks me with it" there she goes again with the lack of filter.

Quinn looked over at the Latina and was sure now, Santana Lopez was definitely blushing. "It really gets all up in there. If its friction you're looking for that one won't disappoint, trust me" Santana advised. Quinn really just wanted to get out of here now so she figured as long as it could do something to get her off shed get it, pay, and leave.

"Ok then I guess that one it is" she said grabbing a packaged one from near the display shelf. "Can we leave now?" Quinn whined at her girlfriend "We got what we came for"

"What about us San?" Britt spoke

"Right, I promised so, go ahead pick whatever you want, preferably under $100" Santana laughed. Britt squeaked in excitement and bounced up and down before glancing around the store "Let's go back to the vibrators" Brittany squealed like it was something that everyone needed to hear as she dragged Santana back over to the vibrator section by her collar, skipping all the way. Quinn and Rachel waited for their friends, they might as well leave the shop altogether, that way it would be far less embarrassing if Mercedes, Kurt, Tina and Mike or whatever group of their other friends were hanging outside the store, which going by her luck so far this morning would most likely happen without doubt.

Quinn eyed up the maids outfit again trying hard to picture Rachel's sexy little body inside that thing, Rachel just watched there friends as Brittany confused herself with the variations of vibrators that were available and Santana just trying to keep up with her girlfriend. "Hey Rach"

"Yes Quinn" she didn't even take her eyes away from the other two girls

"Can we…" Quinn was interrupted before she could finish her question

"No we can't, I won't, and don't ask" Quinn was shocked, the fuck did she know what she was about to say but before she could ask Rachel continued "I will not wear one of those sexually perverted attires during any form of love making" Rachel turned her gaze to the stunned and slightly disappointed blond. Quinn pouted her displeasure, should she even bother arguing, she best not or Rachel would probably try to find a pink dildo with glitter. And she just could not rock that look so she kept her mouth shut. Knowing she would eventually brake down the diva and get her to agree with her 'perverted fantasy'. Maybe on their honeymoon, if she could wait that long, probably not but she'd most likely get no choice.

Soon enough Brittany had narrowed down the choices she liked best and eventually picked the one she wanted; yes it had a poker dot pattern. The couple came back over to Quinn and Rachel who were still waiting patiently for them. "Ok ready to go?" Santana asked looking from the two girls to her girlfriend who was now hugging her new toy, nothing odd about that. Nothing whatsoever. Well nothing until Brittany does it then it's totally cute and has Santana grinning wide at the girl.

The four girls headed over to the cashier at the desk to the side of the store, the same one who seemed to offer no assistance during all debating; then again it wasn't like there was any other staff around to help either. Brittany and Santana went first, Brittany placed her object on the desk and the cashier rung them up, Santana paying for it and receiving a kiss on the cheek from Britt after they'd taken the bag with the object in, that seemed easy enough, no judging, no smirking, no comment, from the cashier at all or Santana for once. Quinn felt at ease as she placed the strap on the desk and Rach placed the box upon it also. The cashier took the items one by one and rung them up, before popping them into a bag the same she had done with Santana and Brittany's purchase, wait a second, did she just smirk, oh my god is she laughing, now Quinn feels embarrassed she could swear the woman is full on judging her right now, making up little stories in her head about her and Rachel, mostly her though. Quinn refused to take any notice when Rachel nudged her to pay for the objects, she pulled out her wallet and…wait a second why the hell is she paying for this, this wasn't even her idea, she was quite content with how they had sex already….oh right totally and utterly WHIPPED! Quinn handed over the money and picked up the bag, oh great now she was also carrying this stuff, what next, fanning down Rachel while she feed her grapes and rolled out the red carpet, or should she just throw herself down so the diva could walk on her instead, not that she wasn't already doing that.

Quinn knew it would be worth it though if Rachel got what she wanted, she was happy and if Rachel was happy that meant no unnecessary sex bans. Quinn smiled at her girlfriend and Rachel smiled back as she walked past Quinn towards the exit door. She didn't even get a kiss. Quinn quickly followed the brunette and her two friends as they left the store before the cashier woman could give her anymore of those 'judging you' looks.

Once outside the four girls stopped to go their separate ways "Well me and Britts are gonna go have some fun with this thing" Santana said nodding down to the bag.

"Ok we'll see you at school on Monday" Rachel said to the pair. Brittany taking Santana's hand in her own.

"Bye Quinn, Rachel" Britt smiled teeth on show, clearly it was Christmas for Brittany with that bag in her hand.

"Bye guys" Quinn and Rachel waved at them, Santana shot them a nod and followed Brittany down the street as she was already half way to Santana's car skipping all the way. "Ok so you wanna go back to my place and test this thing out" Quinn said hopefully, turning to her girlfriend

"Oh no you don't Fabray" Rachel was stern once more

"Wait why I did everything, I got this thing, I agreed to pink!" she said like it was the worst possible scenario in life, maybe it was

"Yeah but you still gave me that attitude and there was several sarcastic comments in there for good measure not to mention a bit of sass, and if I remember rightly you made reference to my tightness and said that I was bad at giving oral" Rachel recalled

"Santana said that not me, she was totally joking, the only thing I actually said was what Brittany said in there…no wait crap I didn't mean that!" Quinn panicked instantly

"Wait that was true?"

"Only a little" Quinn voice small now as she looked down at her feet. What was she gonna do or say next to make this worse, if possible.

"Ok you are so on a sex ban, one week and don't even think about trying to grope my breast at night, I can assure you they will be completely smothered by a thick argyle pyjama top" Rachel voiced as she began to walk towards their own car, Quinn's car, of course she was the one that drove here. Rachel walked the few feet to the vehicle, before stopping at the door; Rachel insisted they park right outside of the building, most likely to maximize all chances of actually being seen by as many people as possible. "Quinn it's locked"

Making her way over towards her girlfriend and car, dragging her keys out from her pocket, Quinn huffed "Coming dear" Quinn muttered, knowing full well she wouldn't be for at least a week, not from the assistance of Rachel anyway.

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