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Claimer: Max, Sophie, Ariana, Nathan, Jack and Paul are partly my friends and partly what I've re-written. I hope I've written you well. Durgham is not a city in Victoria, It represents my home town.

Hey. My name's Max. I'm a thirteen year old magician with the House of Life. I've been living in Melbourne for the past two years training under the guidance of the magic tutors there, and I am now a fully competent magician. I may write about my time learning in the future, but it's more important that you know the story of how my friends and I saved the world ... again.

[Sophie says that I'm 'waffling' so I'd better get on with the story.]

I woke up one cloudy summer's day in the 300th Nome in Melbourne. I was hungry (as usual) so I made up some corn flakes. I flicked on the telly (you in America might call it a TV, but you're going to have to learn to speak properly) and watched some cartoons (hey, a thirteen year old gets bored). Slowly, everybody else in the mansion trundled down the stairs to join me. Suddenly, a video message came through on our smart telly from the Chief Lector, Amos Kane.

"Morning, guys. I hope you all slept well, as usual. Today, you are getting a new assignment."

There was a collective groan.

"No, it isn't as bad as you might think," Amos said, sounding slightly hurt.

"You are going to all be spread out to different major towns across the country, posing as students. While frequenting the schools, you are to try to locate as many candidates for magic training as possible. Also, we've had reports of some strange forms of magic popping up all over the globe. If you can find any information on this, please follow it up." Amos inhaled deeply.

"Your assigned towns are currently on the fax machine. On the weekends, if you are not busy, please report back to the 300th Nome. That will be all. Pleasant hunting."

Obviously, the first thing that we did was stroll over to the fax machine (yes, most of us still use those in Australia) to find out where we were going to spend the next little while.

I scanned the list for my name, and there it was, partnered with Paul. We were going to a little town called Durgham in the West of Victoria (don't Google that). Suddenly, my Samsung phone went off. A notification had popped up, an email from the first Nome.

"Well done! Paul and yourself are going to Durgham! You are enrolled in a school known as St. Brigid's College. It is a Catholic Private School , so don't try to get expelled! Paul is going to be frequenting the public school. Between the two of you, please try to find out as much as possible about the area. You are responsible for not only the town, but also the outlying areas for up to a drive of half an hour. Please don't try to get yourselves killed or the towns destroyed! Accommodation and enrollment fees, as well as food expenses, have been taken care shall reside at 12 Major Mitchell Drive."

So that was that! One good thing about being a magician is the fact that you never have to really pack. All you need to do is grab everything you need and shove it into your little storage area that they told you to create in the Duat during initiation year. It was normally four hour's drive from Melbourne to Durgham, but if you travel through the Duat, it only takes about twenty minutes.

I quickly settled in after ... negotiating about who got which bedroom.

The next month seemed to fly by. We didn't really have any problems that are worth mentioning before school started. We just settled in quietly and made some friends. We now knew the town and outlying areas fairly well, and were all ready for school to commence.