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"Who?" We all asked at once.

"An old friend of mine, Annabeth Chase." Sophie replied. The name rang a bell for me, but I couldn't picture who it was. "Where does she live?" Nathan inquired.

"She lives in San Francisco, which is where we are going to have to find her, but where we want to end up is on Long Island." Sophie answered. Long Island. That also brought up a thought of recognition, but I couldn't remember why. Maybe Amos had mentioned it? "Well, you're the wise girl. It sounds like as good of an idea as any, and we don't have any other plans." Ariana decided.

"If we plan to travel by portal, which I highly recommend, the closest place that we can exit the Duat will be in San Jose, at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. I can't remember any better places to try and connect a portal to, and that is standard for the Californian Bay area. We'll have to get a taxi or something to San Francisco. I'll be really, really tired by this point, which sucks. You won't be able to hear my witty commentary, because I'll barely be able to stand. Anyway, do we have questions?" I informed them.

"Yeah, if Annabeth lives in California, why do we want to end up at Long Island? It's literally on the opposite side of the nation!" Exclaimed Nadia, who so far had been pretty quiet.

"Well, Annabeth isn't the only person in America that I want to see. Long Island is a good meeting place, and if we want to make this into a proper quest, we have to go see the Oracle." Answered Sophie.

"The Oracle? As in, the Oracle at Delphi? How is going to Long Island going to get us to that old ruin?" Asked James.

"No, silly. We don't want to see the ruins. I told you that the Greek mythos is actually not just a religion to put in place of the boring and slightly unimaginative idea of Science. Our science of course, will be looked upon as silly and primitive in a few thousand years, I guarantee it. Anyway, we want to see the actual Oracle,the spirit of prophecy, the reason the building was built in the first place. She's a nice girl. She should be able to help us." Sophie answered all of James' questions. Before we could ask or answer any other questions, the bell rang for the start of period 5. "Everybody gets packing once you get home. It'll be warm in America, and I don't know how long we'll be there. Meet on Wednesday at ten AM at my place." I instructed.


The weekend passed uneventfully. Oddly, though, everybody seemed to wonder where Miss Thornton had gone. It seemed that the Shroud had indeed stopped working properly, if people could remember a teacher that normally would be made forgotten by the phenomena hadn't. I was starting to get worried. Solstice was actually really quiet, which kind of freaked me out. This hadn't happened since before Apophis was slain by the Kanes. Ten o'clock came on Wednesday, we had made our imaginative sicknesses known to the school, saying that we had no idea how long that we would be 'out of action', and that the teachers shouldn't worry too much. I could only open a portal at high noon, so I had everybody double check that they had everything. They did, and they were fully loaded with weapons. In order to be efficient travellers, I had to teach everybody how to make a duat space. "Calm yourselves. You will need to concentrate a lot. What you need to do is imagine a container in front of you. It could be a box, a locker, a safe, a chest, or anything really. Now imagine opening the container. I would imagine it with a lock on it, like a fingerprint sensor, or a combination lock, or something similar. Open the container, and now get your bags of stuff, and put them in the container. I know it's hard, but trust me and trust yourself. Now, close the container, and remember exactly what it looked like and where it was. Okay, you are done! Well done!"

"How in the name of French the Llama did we do that?" Asked Sophie.

"Magic is mainly done in three parts. About forty percent imagination, thirty percent words and thirty percent actual magic skill. The words aren't even the important part, they just let you focus and unleash the other two. Words do have power though, in particular some more ancient languages." Explained Nathan.

"That's a pretty good explanation. The most powerful languages are Egyptian, Greek and Latin. Hebrew has a lot of power, but because witchcraft and magic were sort of banned by God in the days of the bible, in order to keep the people from getting bloated heads and calling themselves gods in their own right, it wasn't used as a magic language. Generally, the older the language, the more power it holds, as it is closest to divine speech." I explained.

"Okay then. It's eleven fifteen, and I'm starving. What have you got to eat?" Asked James. We ate a couple of pies each for lunch, because pies are delicious, and then it was time to get the portal open. In the house we had multiple artefacts that are good for getting people around Australia, but we would need something more powerful to get all the way to San Francisco. We had a large tablet of Egyptian Limestone that had a message carved into it. It was similar to the Rosetta Stone, except the whole message was written in hieroglyphics, rather than three different languages, and it was just a generic carving of the original story of Osiris. It would do the job, getting us to California via portal. I stood in front of it at about two minutes to high noon, and I imagined the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, and a set of large shabti in there. Closing my eyes, I simply say " W 'peh". Open. A swirling mass of sand appeared before me. "Everybody in. We are going to Cali." I said, before walking through. When we walked out of the portal, and it was almost sunset. The museum was closing, so we wandered out casually. No one stopped us, and we went on to catch a taxi to Annabeth's house."Argh! These street names are so confusing! Not to mention boring. Can't they think of something more imaginative than a number?" Ariana complained. "I guess it helps identify how far the street is from the centre of the city. A clever person would be able to navigate the place easily enough." Nathan stated.

"Sophie, have you actually told Annabeth that we are coming?" Ariana asked.

"Bugger. I knew I forgot something. I'll ring her, hold on." Sophie took out her Nokia and proceeded to punch in some numbers.

"I'm gonna go have a snooze. I'm stuffed." I said. Opening a portal to half way across the globe is tiring work.

++++++++++I SHALL CONTROL YOU! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


"Yes, Max?"

"What the actual llama?""We needed to wake you up; we are at Annabeth's joint."

"I'll let you in on a little secret, mate. Ya don't have to put a bloody big bruise on my right shoulder to do it. You could have just poked me in the ribs or something." My arm hurt a lot.

"I told you not to hit him too hard! Nathan you silly billy!" That was Sophie. I had been asleep in the back left hand side of the taxi. Wait. Hold on just a second. You can't hire a taxi for six people. What was this?

"Evening chief." said the driver. He turned to look at me. I recognised the voice, and his face. He had a well chiselled face like the sphinx in Egypt, except with a nose. He also had dreadlocks and a goatee. "Lord Ra? What are you doing here?" I was confused.

"Nah, mate. Not Ra. He's up there-" He pointed to the roof. "-Chilin' with the other gods on the other side of the Duat." The not-Ra guy answered.

"Then who are you?" I asked.

"I'm Apollo. I heard you needed a ride west, so I was happy to oblige. You heroes are hilarious." He said.

"Oh. Okay then. Thanks for the ride mate!" I called.

"No worries, man. Give me a call if you ever need another ride! Oh, and Sophie, don't be alarmed if you don't get much out of the Oracle. This quest will be a lot harder than you first imagined." He said before the car started to glow. I was looking at a Mazda CX-7 after I had gotten out, and some part of me told me to look away from the vehicle that was becoming luminous with increasing intensity. I heard the growl of a V8 engine. When I looked back, Apollo was in a black Maserati Gran Tourismo, with red spider web detailing on the doors. "Did you get an upgrade, Lord Apollo?" Asked Sophie. "Yeah. This one has a nicer engine, and just looks more awesome." He called loudly over the low hum of the engine.

"How do you run it? Fuel must be expensive." Queried Nathan.

"It's solar powered!" He yelled before driving off into the sunset.

"What? How does that work?" Nathan's puzzlement was written all over his face.

"He's the Greek and Roman god of the Sun, silly. It runs off of atomic fusion, I think."Sophie attempted to clear it up.

Nathan still looked confused. "Oh, I get it. The sun is basically a humungous self contained fusion reactor. The engine noise must just be a cool god-thing."

"Anyway, we have more pressing matters." Said Nadia. We turned around to the red-brick house that we had stopped at. It was glowing a bit. With four tall, skinny windows on the left hand side and a cream-rendered front portico, a messy front garden and an iron side gate, it reminded me of my parents house. Of home. I suddenly got a really nostalgic and sentimental feeling in my gut. I hadn't seen Mum and Dad in nearly four years. They were both magicians living over in Swan Hill. I had been posted in Melbourne because there were no teachers in Swan Hill, just mages. If we were Jedi, the academy would be in Melbourne, and the Knights would be posted all over the joint in small but awesome houses. My parents were the magical equivalent of Jedi Knights, in that regard. We weren't allowed to visit them. Sophie rang the doorbell, and the door was opened by a pretty looking girl. She looked to be about 15, with long blonde hair, with grey streaks in it, and very dark grey eyes, like Sophie's, but deeper. She stood with an air about her that was strong, confident and wise. She glanced over us for about three seconds, then practically screamed "SOPHIE!"She ran out the door to hug Sophie, who was obviously her cousin or sister or something.

"Annabeth!" Said Sophie. Annabeth ushered us inside to a kitchen table, and went to get us some drinks. This Year by The Mountain Goats was playing from somewhere in the house. "Sophie, you didn't tell us that she was your sister!" Said Ariana.

"Well... ah... surprise!" Sophie replied.

"What exactly is it that you guys are looking for? You've come an awfully long way during school, so it's obviously not just to see me." Asked Annabeth, as she walked out carrying a slab of Mountain Dew.

"We have found a problem. Have you noticed the Mist hasn't been working in the last week?" Asked Sophie.

"No, but there hasn't really been a problem in which the Mist would have been used. That is, for me at least." Annabeth said. It was weird talking to someone who had an American accent. When people do that at home, it's just to annoy the poop out of you.

"Well, you'd better know what happened." I told her the story of my being attacked by the evil teacher of doom.

" Your monster sounds like a Kindly One, or a fury if you prefer the proper but more dangerous term, although I've never heard of a fury called Amy, nor of one who would have their own agenda. They are loyal only to Hades. I've not heard of any artefact that controls and exudes Mist, but I haven't really studied it. I know someone who probably has, though. I'll see what I can find."She disappeared for a time, when she came back with a laptop that looked both ancient and modern at the same time. It had a delta written on the back. " Hmm... I was right, Deadalus did do some research on the Mist. It says here that there are three large celestial bronze balls that are hidden around the World. One is in Europe, on the top of Mount Olympus, in the Olympic Brazier stand, one is on Olympus, like the one on the Empire State Building, and one is in Japan. They are imbued with magical spells that makes them exude the Mist. They were refined by Archimedes, he made them more focused and had them scattered to where they now live. They have to be exposed to the air to work, and if one is taken away, the rest stop working properly. I have a bad feeling about this. If someone has actually stolen one of them and separated it from the air, the world could go into mass panic. They'd blame their governments for not telling the people about stuff, and politics would destabilise. The world would possibly go into anarchy. We have to stop it." Annabeth said.

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