Billowing clouds had obscured much of what normally would have been a beautiful night sky filled with shining stars. Tommy Oliver enjoyed spending many of his late evenings after school at the docks, next to the water is where he felt most at home. This night had been different as the air was cooler than normal and had ominous undertones. Tommy was a student at Angel Grove High for a few months and already went through quite an ordeal. Rita Repulsa chose him to become her Green Ranger, imposing her malicious will. Tommy grabbed Rita's attention after facing Jason Scott in a martial arts tournament that left Jason standing embarrassed in front of his community and team. That seemed like an eternity ago. Tommy had buried much of his warmer feelings deep behind a boiling layer of hatred for the Rangers. Somehow playing the Dragon Dagger made him feel at ease. The weapon was more of a short sword than a dagger as it was almost two feet long from hilt to tip. Intricate runes were etched in the width of the dagger, glowing brighter as his rage grew. Only two minutes of playing passedby when the subtle hum of some machine overhead caught his attention.

Nearly fifty feet above Tommy floated a craft the size of a standard sedan that was heavily armed with cannons and at least three other weapons. He had been sitting on a dock with his legs dangling out only a foot from the water. Oddly enough the engines of the craft made almost no sound and it produces absolutely no downdraft. Cautiously Tommy moved toward a nearby warehouse that had been closed down for the evening. The sun had already dipped well below the horizon giving the craft the perfect cover. Almost as suddenly as it arrive did the pilot start unleashing energy projectiles at all the surrounding buildings, one by one till each was sufficiently in ruin. Luckily Tommy had plenty of time as the carnage had begun nearly eight buildings away. If this was a planned attack by Rita then surely he would of been told about it. As he hadn't been informed, this must be something else entirely and clearly unallied with the rangers. Such a thing riled Tommy, the thought of some invading force coming to earth without his permission. An insult considering this was the green rangers claimed territory. Tommy outwitted Zordon's rangers at every corner only ever yielding minor defeats from time to time. Later he would then use his cunning and prowess in battle to come out ahead. He wasn't naturally cruel but somehow the suit and Rita's magic corrupted his very soul.

It wasn't long before Tommy morphed into the sinister Green Ranger the suit amplifying his power and heightening his emotions. The buildings on the docks had no need for wide alleyways which made vaulting from wall to wall simple. Tommy ascended easily to the top of a nearby warehouse, making sure to stay silent. His efforts paid off as the single pilot of the craft hadn't noticed his activities. Oddly enough the hovering vehicle had no canopy to speak of which left the operator vulnerable. Clearly they were made for maximum damage with little regard for protecting the pilot. There was only a short moment as it scanned for survivors before finally turning to descend. Pleased that for whatever reason the craft wanted to finish off the area Tommy could see the impending opportunity. The hover craft got low enough for Tommy to make a leaping grab for the bottom of a rear mounted gun. With the dagger holstered at his side both gloved hands began to sizzle. The cannon he chosen to grasp had been fired repeatedly and was still red hot from the continued salvo. Wisely he chose not to hang there for long and hastily launched himself up onto the deck just behind the pilot. The man piloting the craft was dressed in foreign military garb, all white, with shimmering bulky plating.

"The one place I come for a little peace. The one place no living soul cares about at night. Except me." Tommy had moved up just a few feet from the soldier who was only now coming to realize that someone had snuck up on him. "An now I've got to deal with all this bright fire stealing the beauty of the sky. Nah, not tonight." With that the soldier had time to pick up his rifle and squeeze off three shots. Tommy easily deflect the attack with the Dragon Shield as it was specifically equipped to handle energy weapons. A painful fact the rangers learned as Tommy could defeat them all single handedly until it escalated into Zord's being called upon. In this instance the projectiles felt like spitballs as they bounced about causing unknown damage to the craft. The vehicle seemed sturdy enough as it remained afloat in the air. Tommy used his footwork to bat away the soldiers weapon, sending it tumbling into the darkness and onto the rooftop below. Smiling under his helmet Tommy took enjoyment as he first plunged his Dragon Dagger into the left shoulder of the trooper. Crumbling to his knees the man could barely keep a grasp on Tommy's arm.

Enjoying every moment of muffled screaming Tommy finally said, "Now then little trespasser who sent you to this planet. Didn't hear of any scheduled visits."

Blood stained the breastplate of the soldier who's labored breathing got on Tommy's nerves. Annoyed by the sound he ripped off the troopers helmet, sending it cracking towards the back of the craft. The wind picked up and the clouds only just began to part, but due to the fires the stars were unable to be seen. "Stop... Sir... These are just my orders." The man's eyes where almost shut as he could hardly withstand the pain of the dagger which nestled itself almost five inches deep.

Tommy wanted desperately to laugh in this fools face but decided that he had better things to occupy his evening with. Twisting the dagger ever so slightly, he snickered, "The question was, who are you and why are you here?" His mood switched to deadly serious and lost all of its previous melancholy tone.

"AH! Alright! I'm just here to cause a distraction. That's all I can tell you. Please no more." The soldiers face turned a sickening pale as if he had been bled dry.

Tommy could hear it in the soldiers voice, the meaning behind his words. Very well then. "Fine by me. I'm sure there will be others around here willing to give me a little information. Someone as dumb as you wouldn't of been sent in alone." Slowly he began to increase the downward pressure on the dagger, causing it to slide deeper between the kneeling man's left collar bone and back shoulder blade. The trooper could only grind his teeth and grunt as the blade slipped deeper and deeper until it reached its destination. After piercing his heart the man's gurgling moan ceased. He made no sound or movement as the blade was withdrawn, it only took seconds for him to die. Wasting no time Tommy threw the corpse overboard like a sack of garbage. Looking down he took stock over the crafts controlls, trying to assess his ability to pilot the craft. Luckily it was very simple to at least fly, figuring out the weapons would take time and he figured learning them would be simple while hunting.

A full quarter of the docks burned bright as warehouses filled with fresh goods awaited shipping trucks that would never come. The water was an impenetrable blackness, dark as oil, reflecting the dancing flames off of each crashing wave. Western winds had only just begun to pick up off of the water and sought to carry the blaze far and wide. Tommy took stock of all of this and smiled with sickening pleasure because even though he enjoyed his quite sanctuary, he knew this day would have to come. Somewhere deep inside he was glad it didn't have to be him that destroyed this spot. Anything or anyone else, just not this place. His joyous laughter carried off into the night as he lurched the craft upwards in preparation for takeoff when suddenly his legs gave out.

Standing behind Tommy, who had crumbled all the way to the floor, was a blue skinned alien dressed almost like a cowboy. Clutched tightly in his right hand was a blaster pistol who's barrel still smoked. Two ribbed pipes protruded from his cheeks and coiled back someplace behind him. The eyes of this creature were a solid red that gazed out cruelly. They never moved from the green lump that lay before him. "Already caught me one of them, this things green. Wasn't on the itinerary but the price should be the same." The humanoid alien spoke into a communication device stitched into the collar of his jacket. "Let 'em know they'll have one more mouth to make sing."

The voice responding was barely audible even through Tommy's helmets amplifier. He was only able to make out, "Each will give... -illion credits... or alive doesn't matter." What had been a jumble of questions in his mind quickly uncluttered as the situation became clear. It was still foggy as to what part the soldier had to play in all this but the figure next to Tommy was a true professional. Unfortunately intergalactic news didn't reach out this far so the weight of having such a celebrity was lost on him.

Tommy Oliver was still in shock, his legs felt as though they had been crushed by a boulder. Only pure rage kept him from succumbing to the pain and passing out. Crouching down the blue-skinned figure said, "Look at you all tough and full of fight. Saw you earlier, killin that poor fella. Oh sorry, the names Cad Bane." Cad extended his hand as if expecting a returned shake. "No? Well don't worry. I'm sure you'll regain feeling in your body at some point but by then I'm not sure you'll want to." Standing up he took a step over Tommy and began working with the controls. The craft responded almost immediately by leveling out. Cad turned back and looked down at Tommy who was still somehow awake, "Look fella, you might as well sleep. Not like that sword over there will do anything for you now. We're a bit past all that."

More than once Tommy tried to muster all of his strength and reach for his dagger but couldn't even wiggle his fingers. Only his eyes responded as they remained fixated on the bounty hunter who had taken him by surprise. Looking down Cad Bane could see Tommy was about to pass out, "Don't worry Ranger, your brothers and sisters will be with you soon. Each of their heads will pay for a new ship to add to my growing fleet." Somehow the words felt like a hollow joke only Cad Bane would find amusing.

Nothing but guilt and frustration consumed Tommy's thoughts as he slowly lost his strength. For starters he had no idea who the invaders were as and now another yet unidentified combatant took him captive. Rita wasn't at the root of this, clearly, no captain under her command even came close to equaling Tommy's abilities. The only comforting aspect of this is that Cad clearly thought Tommy to be with the Power Rangers, a laughable notion to anyone with knowledge of current events. Cad was no fool however, many considered him to be the greatest bounty hunter of his generation only second to the fabled likes of Jango Fett. with all the uncertainty swirling around Tommy's head it was clear that Cad had the evening well in hand. Somehow it felt as though a viper had just been captured and throughout the night little rabbits would be added to the cage.