A New Life:

Gibbs and Jenny are married Gibbs is in his same position and Jenny is director their kids are:

Tony Dinozzo Gibbs – 10 years old

Tim McGee Gibbs – 8 years old

Abigail (Abby) Scutio Gibbs – 7 years old

Ziva David- 9 years old

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CHAPTER 1: Change

"Jethro…will you come here a minute?" Jenny asked

Gibbs walked into their living room where Jen was sitting looking anguished at her computer screen.

"What's up Jen?" he asked

"I got an email today from one of my old contacts who I also used to work with back in the day Rivka David, wife of Director David of Mossad.-"

"Bastard" Gibbs cut in

"Yes I know…and I also know that she didn't want to marry him, she was forced, so don't blame her Jethro. She had two kids. And a step son who wasn't her kid. Ari, Ziva and Tali. Tali died in a Hamas suicide bombing a year ago and Ari is now training with Hamas under cover I believe."

"Okay and why did she email you?"

"She wants me to get her middle child Ziva, away from David. He has trained her brutally to be a Mossad assassin. Apparently she has been training ever since she was born and Rivka didn't know about it till now"

"How did she not know?" Gibbs asked frustrated

"Rivka only gets the summers with them in Haifa…it's a very confusing situation. Anyway apparently Ziva came to her this summer and she found bruises on her arms and stuff. Ziva was made to be a killer, but she also knows her childhood and stuff she's wants us to take her."

"And what's stopping David from coming to the U.S. and taking her back if we decide to take her?"

"Rivka has full custody of the kids the only ones who know its David's is us Rivka and David and the people at Mossad. To everyone else they are kids that he trains. They call him director. Hardly ever Abba unless he goes to Haifa which he does once in the summer for a few days."

"What do you want to do Jen?... I mean how do we even know she wants to come?"

"Well Ziva is scheduled on the next flight here so she will be here in two days…"

"And you're just telling me this now?"

"I just found out" explained Jen

"Well Hon I'm okay with it…but you have to tell the kids" Gibbs said chuckling

None of the Gibbs' liked change very much, but he knew they would all get over it in time. They were currently at their Grandpa Ducky's who had his niece Jimmy Palmer over. They were supposed to arrive back at any moment. Just then the doors swung open and 3 laughing kids came walking into the house.

"Hey mom, dad" said Tony in between laughs

"Did you have a good time at Ducky's?" asked Jenny

"Yupp it was awesome… we played hide and seek and then tag and watched a movie and had some Mac and cheese OH and dad you have to see what Ducky just got"

"Abbs! Sweetie you have to breathe" Gibbs said smiling at his daughters enthusiasm

"Hey guys can you sit down for a minute? We have something we need to tell you," Said Jenny

They all sat down on the couch together looking suspiciously up a there parents.

"We're going to adopt a little girl, her name is Ziva and she is 8 years old and she will be here on Saturday"

"Why?" Tim asked

"Because she needs a family and people that love her and so we decided that we were going to take her in." Jenny replied softly

"Wellllll do we have enough room?" Tony asked looking skeptical

"Yes Tony, we're gonna make the guest room that's next to Abby's room her new room. And none of you will have to share so don't worry about that." Jenny said again

Gibbs was silent through this conversation. He was thinking about how lucky he was to have such an amazing family and house that could hold that many people .Their house was white with olive green shutters. Their was an upstairs, main floor, and basement. The basement was Gibbs's work area where he worked on boats and no one was allowed down there without permission or without him being down there. The main floor, held a living room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. Upstairs was where all of the bedrooms were. There was a master bedroom with bathroom. Then 4 bedrooms, (one for each of the kids)… along with two bathrooms, One for Tim and Tony, and one for Abby…and now Ziva as well.

"So are you just asking us if we're okay with it?" Because I am fine with it…" Said Tony

"Me too" said Tim

Abby was silent…

"Abbs?" Gibbs asked finally speaking

"Why couldn't it just stay the same? The way things were?" she asked sadly

"Things are always changing Abbs. It's something you're gonna have to get used to" he said softly placing a kiss on her cheek.

She sighed and then said "I'm okay with it too" she said