Tony Dinozzo Gibbs – 10 years old

Tim McGee Gibbs – 8 years old

Abigail (Abby) Scutio Gibbs – 7 years old

Ziva David- 9 years old

Hebrew: Underline

CHAPTER 18: Rivka David

Ziva looked up when she heard her name being called and was shocked to see her mother standing a few yards away from her.

"IMA" she yelled and ran towards her hugging her.

"What are you doing here Ziva? Why are you not with Gibbs and Jenny?"

"Hadar came and told me that Abba missed me and wanted me to come home"

"Ziva I thought we talked about this your father is not a good man."

"I know Ima but they threatened you"

"Shalom Rivka" said Hadar stepping into the conversation.

"Let her go Amid, take me back to Israel instead" said Rivka holding her daughter firmly at her side.

"I am afraid I cannot do that, you see the Director gave specific orders to take Ziva home"

"I want to stay with Gibbs" said Ziva

"Shut Up!" said Hadar and then turned and looked at Rivka "Although, I am sure we can get you and extra seat on the plane" said Hadar looking at Rivka.

"NCIS NOBODY MOVE!" yelled Gibbs and Jenny who had just arrived guns trained on Hadar and the agents.

"Ahhh how nice of them to join us" said Hadar sarcastically. "Really the guns are a bit excessive….all of our weapons were taken at security."

"Uh-Huh" said Gibbs skeptically.

"We are just having a friendly chat Gibbs"

"No I believe you kidnapped our daughter and tried to take her back to Israel with her" said Jenny

"Prove it"

"Oh I intend too… Ziva come over here" said Jenny

Ziva looked up at her mom. Rivka nodded and then Ziva ran over to Jenny.

"I'm sorry Jenny, Gibbs. He threatened Ima and I couldn't let anything happen to her and he said that Abba missed me so I said I would go with them. I didn't want to though. I love you guys and you are my family now I am so sorry"

"It's okay sweetie, we got you back now" said Jenny hugging her.

"Now here's what's going to happen" said Gibbs walking forward and invading Hadar's personal space.

"You and your Mossad friends are going to get on the plane and head back to your director. And while you're at it give him a message for me. 'Ziva and Rivka are off limits'. Alright!" said Gibbs glaring at him.

Hadar just stared at him.

"You know Gibbs this whole in your face thing may work for some people…but not for me" he said. And then nodded to his agents they pulled out their guns and pointed them at Rivka.

"If we don't take Ziva back with us….she dies"

"NOOOO! IMA!" Ziva yelled trying to run towards her but Jenny held her back.

"It's okay Ziva" said Rivka looking at her daughter.

"Now I suggest you take a step back" said Hadar

Gibbs not knowing what to do took a few steps back and trained his gun on the Mossad officers.

"Now give us Ziva, and no one will get hurt."

Ziva unsure of what to do yanked with all of her might, and pulled out of Jenny's grasp and ran to her mom. Then 4 shots were heard. The two Mossad officers dropped having been killed by Gibbs and Jenny. (AN: Gibbs and Jenny each fired two shots at the agents…so there are two agents besides Hadar and they each ended up with two bullets in them). But before they could turn their gun on Hadar two more shots were fired. Ziva screamed and fell to her knees. Blood started to pool out of her shoulder. Gibbs's gun found Hadar and shot him right in the forehead and then ran over to Ziva while Jenny tried to figure out where Hadar's second shot had landed and then looked at Rivka. But found that she was no longer standing.

"Rivka!" she said running over to her old partner but saw a bullet hole in her skull. Jenny stared at her for a moment before whipping out her phone and calling for an ambulance. Once she was done she ran back over to Ziva and Gibbs. Ziva was crying into Gibbs' shoulder as her wounded shoulder was on the outside where Gibbs was trying to keep pressure on the wound.

"Ambulance is on the way..." Said Jenny. As her hands moved to keep pressure on the wound while Gibbs held Ziva in his arms comforting her

When the ambulance arrived Gibbs hopped into the ambulance with her while Jenny stayed to tell the police officers what happened and arrange shipment for the four bodies to go back to NCIS.

In the ambulance Gibbs had called his father to let him know what was going on and to tell him which hospital to go to. When he hung up he looked down at his daughter .She had been given drugs for the pain and was lying on the cot.

'Ziver I am so sorry"

"She's dead isn't she? My Ima is dead?" she asked her eyes welling up with even more tears.

"Yes, I am sorry Ziva." He said grasping her hand because he couldn't hold her until her bullet wound was dealt with. She laid there crying for her mother and when they got to the hospital she was whisked away into surgery.

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