Tony Dinozzo Gibbs – 10 years old

Tim McGee Gibbs – 8 years old

Abigail (Abby) Scutio Gibbs – 7 years old

Ziva David- 9 years old

CHAPTER 19: A New Life

~~~2 months later~~~

Ziva sat in her room staring out the window. She couldn't believe only three months ago she was still living with her mother in Tel Aviv. Her mother, who had died two months ago, and whose funeral was just two weeks ago. Ziva rubbed her right shoulder subconsciously. Her cast was gone now and there was nothing except a scar left from the bullet and surgery.

She thought back to the day, the pain she was in from the bullet, and then the grief she felt coming out of surgery and being reminded that her mother was dead. Gibbs stayed by her side the entire time consoling her. He knew what it was like to have lost a parent at a young age and he had helped her through it. Gibbs… her father, Ziva never called Gibbs dad, she knew he didn't mind it and she knew that Jenny didn't mind the fact that Ziva never called her mom either.

Even though she had always called her mom (Rivka) Ima she still felt a little weird about calling Jenny mom. Her siblings; Tony, Tim and Abby were thrilled that Ziva was going to stay with them forever. She loved them and knew that her Ima had been looking out for her when she made the decision to send Ziva to the Gibbs'.

Her Ima wanted to give her a fresh start. A new life and a new chance to be happy, somewhere safe where she didn't need to worry about the wrath of her Abba, Eli David. Ziva thought about that. A New Life. New people, new family. After a few more minutes of thinking about the fresh start she had been given she heard someone on the stairs. Gibbs knocked on the door before entering.

"Hey Ziver"

"Hey" Ziva said softly

"You alright?"

"Yeah…I guess I was just thinking about the gift my Ima gave me"

"Oh? And what was that?" Gibbs asked

"She gave me a new life"

"How do you see that?" Gibbs asked

"Well she took me away from my old life with Eli and Mossad and had me come here, where you and Jenny became my parents, and Tony, Tim and Abby became my siblings. She wanted to give me the opportunity to have a normal childhood."

"We love you Ziver, and that's never going to change" Gibbs said

"I know"

"Jenny says dinners almost ready."

"Alright… I'll meet you down there in a sec."

"Okay…don't wait too long or Tony will eat everything"

Ziva laughed and Gibbs turned to leave. Ziva thought for a second and then called

"Dad?" Gibbs froze and turned around, a big smile on his face realizing what he had just called him.

"Yeah?" he asked

"Thanks" she said.

Gibbs smiled brighter. He was so proud for her to call him dad and she could clearly see that etched in his face. Gibbs gave a slight nod and then headed back downstairs.

Ziva looked at the pictures of her with her new family and smiled. This was her life now. Her Abba and Ima were still with her in her heart, but she had a new mom and dad now and she was so happy about that. Looking up at the ceiling she closed her eyes.

"Thank you Ima. I miss you and I love you, thank you for giving me this new life." Ziva said before running downstairs to have dinner with her family.


Authors Note:

I hoped you liked my story! I can't believe it's over! But now that one is over, Secrets and Lies is over and my new story "The Assignment" That is a Callen and Ziva story, the first chapter was also uploaded today! Thanks for reading and sticking with it