Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight the only thing i own is Hayley.

My name is Hayley Cullen I am 17 , I lived with my brother Carlisle Cullen and our father. One night our father send us on a vampire hunt. We got changed that night, it was the night he dissapeared.

Now I am moving to Forks, Washingtion. Iv'e been moving non stop for over 300 years. Iv'e never bitten a human, and Iv'e never wished to ,so I eat animals . Some vampires have powers, I do also. I can talk-to and control Incects. When I was human bugs facanated me. Now I have a connection with them.

I never found my brother, I wonder if he is still alive. Every day I miss him more and more. His blond hair, Blue eyes. I wonder if he found a wife, or a family.

I have long dark brown, hair topaz eyes, and a mind of a child. I have never been one for looks, so i keep it symple, long dresses or skirts, short or long sleve shirts, a necalace every once in a wile, and no make up. I have a new name it's Hayley Gonzalez.

I live alone, I alwase have. I live in a small single floor home in the middle of the woods. It's a 2 bedroom 2 bath with a indoor pool and Home theater. My room has green carpet, blue walls, with butterflys all over the place.

Today is my first day in High Scool, again. Iv'e been to School over 100 times. Every time is diffrent and the same. New people, freinds and teachers. I drove in to the School parking lot in my red punch bug, with black spotts. I love that car it's like riding in a big Lady Bug. All eyes turned to me in aww. Then I saw five of them, I didn't know who they where, but I did know they where Vampires, and not just anny vampires, there veggy vamps, like me. But I reconized one of them, I never thought I will see him again. Jasper Whitlock, I havent seen him sence Miria kidnapped me all those years ago, he helped me get away, and I havn't seen him since. Why was he here? Who is with him? Does he remimber me?

( What will hapon if Hayley went to La Push? Will she find love? I will update as soon as I can. Sorry for spelling errers or mispunctuation.) (Haziebug)