I hear my phone ringing I looked down to see who it was, I didn't recognize the number but I answered anyways.



Hi, um.., it's Seth we.. met the other day at Sam's.

Yes I remember, is there something you need. 'I haven stopped thinking about you' I thought

Yes I was wanting to ask you if... you want to come to a campfire with me Saturday night.

I'd love to go with you. Ill call you back later, and tell Sam and Emily I said .

ok ill talk to you later, Bye.

Bye 'well that was a bit award

I quickly memorize the number and got in my car and drove home.

When I get home I see Alice freaking out about something,

sorry for the short chapter, I really don't know how to talk to a boy on the phone, and My dad banned from fan fiction.

Please tell me what you think of my story, and sorry for the long update.