Chapter 7 : The Deception

The petty man is eager to make boasts, yet desires that others should believe in him. He enthusiastically engages in deception, yet wants others to have affection for him. He conducts himself like an animal, yet wants others to think well of him.

Xun Zi

Ignoring the slight uncomfortable incident, Kevin drew a deep breath and breathed out slowly. "Come on Kevin, get your head in the game. It's just one of those days you have to face a deranged lunatic who's obsessed in the game." Kevin thought as he regains his posture.

Lucky Star then began to jump with glee and he gave a very wide smile that showed his hideous teeth which he probably did not brush or floss for the past millennium. "RIDE MY BEAUTIFUL AWESOME SUPER DUPER ULTRA MEGA TERA GIGA COOL AVATAR! Or as they say, RAIDOO ORE NO BUNSHIN!" yelled a gleeful Lucky, slamming his card on the table.

At the moment where Lucky Star slammed the table, Blaster Dark, who was together with Phantom Blaster Dragon, felt a deep pain in his chest. He began to writhe in pain as if his heart was being ripped out by someone. Phantom Blaster Dragon tried to calm him down but to no avail as Blaster Dark's heart is literally being ripped apart.

"Dude, don't you care for your cards? He is after all, your beloved avatar." Kevin said while pitying the card that Lucky Star slammed on the table.

Much to Kevin's surprise, Lucky Star stuck his tongue out and pointed the middle finger at him. "What do you care? My cards! MY CALL! CAPPISSH?!" retaliated Lucky Star.

Blaster Dark's eyes began to emit dark rays of shadows, blacker than the room that Lucky Star and Kevin were in as only 2 lamps shine on each player while a hologram of the unit they summoned remained on the field.

"Blaster Dark, what is the matter with you?" Phantom Blaster Dragon asked, trying to shake his comrade back into reality. The dragon looked back into the battle between Lucky Star and Kevin wondering what sort of sorcery has been conjured.

"COME ON MY BLOODY AVATAR! ONWARDS TO VICTORY!" yelled Lucky Star, slamming his Blaster Dark card on the table, which causes the hologram of Blaster Dark to come out and then disappear. This slamming the Blaster Dark card occurred a few times before Lucky Star stopped.

In Kevin's mind :

"How the hell did I manage to get myself into this? I'd rather be smoking shisha and chillin' with my gay friend who's very nice to talk with at the Indian bar. Wait, was there an Indian bar in the first place?"

Taking a card out from his hand, Lucky Star proceeded to call the draw trigger that he got earlier and placed it behind Blaster Dark for his boost. Lucky then stared at Kevin's hand while counting his own cards by placing the cards from his left hand to his right hand, one by one in a shuffling style. Kevin's patience was growing thin at this, as this is no longer a Cardfight game but a game that is being played by a mentally retarded individual.

"You shippin' bastard! You cheated didn't you!? WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY CARDS IN YOUR HAND?" Lucky accused Kevin, while positioning himself in a pose that is very well known in the Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright game.

Kevin gave a loud sigh. "Dude, I only have 7 cards. Cause I searched for Blaster Dark when I ride Blaster Javelin on top of my startup Vanguard which is the same as yours? What cheat do you speak of?"

Lucky then shook his head, "No,no,no,no,no,no,NO,NO,NO,NO, NOO! I DEMAND YOU RECOUNT! COMPUTER! KEVIN M. HAS CHEATED!" Lucky yelled again while pointing the middle finger at Kevin.

The computer then changed the color of the hologram from blue-ish white, to Crimson red and began to scan both player cards and the field. However, after scanning Kevin's hand and deck, the computer changed it color from red to blue again. The computer responded, "NEGATIVE, PLAYER KEVIN. M. DID NOT CHEAT. TQ"

Lucky Star could not believe his ears and kicked the machine furiously. "YOU STINKING PIECE OF MANURE! I OUGHT TO HAVE YOU RECYCLED INTO A TRASH CAN!" For what seems to be an eternity, Lucky has halted his attacks at the titanium enforced protector of the machine and proceeded to play the game again.

"Harumph! I boost my draw trigger to my Blaster Dark to attack your pathetic Blaster Javelin!" Lucky ordered while turning the card sideways to the left to indicate that he is attacking.

Blaster Dark at this point has gone completely mad as he drew his sword to attack Phantom Blaster Dragon, charging at him with his full might. Phantom Blaster Dragon saw this and began to fly up the sky and away from the deranged Blaster Dark. "What could possibly do this? Is there something wrong with Blaster Dark's mind? Can it be that something is altering his state of mentality to the point of destruction?" asked the dragon, dodging Blaster Dark's sword as Blaster Dark threw it to the sky in hoping that it would pierce the dragon right in the heart.

Kevin M quickly responded to the attack by choosing not to guard his Vanguard. Lucky grew more excited and proceeded to drive check. "DRAW TRIGGER GETTOOO! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! IN YOUR FACE LOSER!" said Lucky in a gleeful manner. He then proceeded to draw his next card, which turns out to be the Dark Dictator.

Lucky then placed his hand on his forehand with his forefinger and thumb extended which symbolizes, 'Loser' at Kevin. However, Kevin ignored that and proceeds to damage check his card. "Draw trigger get! I draw one card!"

Upon seeing Kevin drawing another card, Lucky pulled another long face and sneered at Kevin as his cards grew more. While gritting his teeth, Lucky ended his turn.

"My turn! I draw a card!" declared Kevin as he anxiously draw a card from his deck. He drew a card called, "Nightmare Painter" and added it to his hand. He then took a card from his hand and placed it on top of Blaster Javelin. "THUNDER FORTH, BLASTER DARK!" roared Kevin as lightning strikes behind him, frightening Lucky Star from his stand.

"What the flock? Where did that lightning come from!?" Lucky Star asked as he gets up.

Immediately after Kevin ride Blaster Dark as his Vanguard, the real Blaster Dark, snapped out of his momentary chaotic seizure and fell to the ground with his hands on his head. "Argh….my head…why does it feel as if a thousand rocks have pelleted through my skull…." He murmured, curling himself up.

Phantom Blaster Dragon, realizing that he is no longer being attacked by Blaster Dark, flew back down and cautiously approaches his comrade. "My friend, are you alright?"

"Nay my king, it is as if the gods were at war in my mind. Why am I speaking like this?" asked a rather dazed and confused Blaster Dark.

Kevin uses Blaster Dark to attack Lucky Star's Vanguard but without boost from behind. However, since Blaster Javelin is in his soul, Blaster Dark gains a 1k constant attack power which would allow him to attack Lucky's Blaster Dark as both of them possess the same attack power.

Lucky Star responded to Kevin's attack by slamming a 10k guard to the guard zone and laughed maniacally. "Now you cannot pass through! O GREAT ONE!" snickered Lucky.

Despite that, Kevin ignored Lucky's useless babbling and drive checked a trigger. "I draw a draw trigger! The power may not go through this time but I can now draw a card!" Kevin responded while drawing another card. This made Lucky, very angry as his face is now bloody red with anger pent up in his mind and chest. "YOU LOATHSOME HEAP OF DUNG!" yelled the angry Lucky while slamming his free fist on the table.

Kevin could only smile at seeing a seriously mentally retarded individual slamming and banging his way in a cardfight vanguard fight. "Was that supposed to scare me?" Kevin asked while smiling. "I end my turn!"

Lucky Star was infuriated by Kevin's remark and proceeded to shuffle his deck for no apparent reason. This made Kevin very confused but without realizing it, Lucky Star shuffled a card from the middle of his deck to the top of his deck and drew a card. Upon seeing the card he drew, Lucky began to laugh like a maniac would have laughed if he was able to murder a lot of people by dissecting the mind and placing on a frying pan to cook it with garlic and black soya sauce.

"I RIDE! MY ONE AND ONLY BELOVED, THE DARK DICTATOR!" screamed a gleeful Lucky as he slammed the machine with The Dark Dictator card on the Vanguard circle with all of his strength. As soon as he does that, lightning and dark clouds appeared out of nowhere and struck behind Lucky's back, illuminating the room by a glimpse of light with each struck of lightning.

As the Dark Dictator appeared on the Vanguard circle, the real Dark Dictator also appeared behind Phantom Blaster Dragon and Blaster Dark. "Why hello rodents, I see that you're enjoying my Master's battle with another slave of his." the Dictator said while giving a cold smile.

Blaster Dark rose up with his wobbling feet and pointed at the Dictator, "HOW DARE YOU?! Your master is nothing but a cheat and has a major anger issue." He said.

The Dark Dictator only waved his right hand while his left hand was behind his back. "Silence peasants. My master is about to launch a final blow against that useless person." This caused Phantom Blaster and Blaster Dark to turn their focus at the match. Something bothered Phantom Blaster all this while. "If Dark Dictator came out now only after Lucky Star had summoned him, then am I….?"

Lucky Star then called out 4 units from his hands to the empty rear guards circle, the units that were called to the front row were Cursed Lancer and Triple Dark Armor (4k power plus to Vanguard) while the back was a heal trigger and the other is a Charon.

Lucky Star then checked the damage zone that Kevin has and studied the number of cards that Kevin has. A few moments later and Lucky Star gave a lunatic smile to Kevin and tilted his head to the left. He pointed at Kevin and declared loudly, "FEEL MY WRATH PUNY MAGGOT! FINAL TURN!"

-to be continued-